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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  January 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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have a great tuesday.. . a crackdown on prostitution what we know no undercover detectives day leading up to raids on six chesapeake massage parlors plus a former norfolk pastor caught spying on a woman and her daughter as they undressed now you have to pay for those crimes. it's tuesday morning this is their teen is now at daybreak and lucy bustamante time on tracy here we begin this tuesday morning with the first of your forecast here are just regular tracking a warm up and the temperatures today good morning craggy welcome you. yes yeah i think it's gonna be a great day with temperatures climbing up into the upper fifties we're starting off with trying very peaceful conditions guys mainly clear across much of the region this morning outside as we go to the day it's gonna be a partly sunny day we've got some great stuff to look forward to and the temperatures will be warming into the upper
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degrees and the windsor south southwest and nine mph the south and southwest winds will drive our temperatures up. it is cool and when but instead of seeing temperatures in the teens at around petersburg and richmond this morning upper twenty s to low thirties we do have mid forties in virginia beach upper thirties rocker attacking elizabeth city chess peak right now thirty nine forty three in williamsburg as we take a look at the satellite radar images are some clearing right now cross erie but there are more clouds out to the west and eventually you're going to see increasing clouds in the showers out there they're going to move in later on tonight we could see a few showers breaking across the area. there's a front out there it is going cool things down a little bit for tomorrow but in the meantime let's enjoy a warm up some areas it may reach sixty degrees. i think it'll be very warm all across regions you can see through the afternoon fifty eight norfolk sixteen chesapeake sixty one in virginia beach clouds starting to push a little bit more late in the day so that's what we're
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chance for a few stray showers late tonight and a better chance for showers tomorrow i'll be back talk a lot more about that coming up in just a moment but how about an early look at the ride around your feet can only say good morning to ashley smith. all right good morning craig and good morning to you as well just taking a look at traffic in norfolk and specifically some road work that we have come in the clearing stages but he will still see some remnants of the sixty four westbound at fourth views about four miles away from the hr bt now initially the right lane was blocked with give you a live look at what's still working now actually looks like everything is cleared up so we did have some activities the working of the hour right shoulder. i'm not saying anything at this point so we may be completely clear out there as you head to the hr bt i'll double check and a latino in just a bit for now back in the traffic network maps we had another part of norfolk to sixty four eastbound just past the berkeley bridge can see here are the right lane is blocked nothing major delays even these a spot of red here it's not a substantial delay
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down a little bit as we approach the road work and continue through norfolk. so have the latest in a row we're coming up next and will check traffic at the high rise bridge. all right ashleigh think you have some breaking news to report a multi city car chase with police ends with the suspect running away yet please tell us it started when an officer tried to stop a vehicle at the intersection of berkeley avenue and crystal avenue in chesapeake but the driver just refuse to stop the officer pursued the vehicle onto i two sixty four norfolk. shortly after the driver hit the side of a townhouse near stony point north and john hancock wayne and took off on foot were told no one was injured chesapeake and norfolk police are currently searching for the suspect early sprout is heading to the scene right now. look for live report later on daybreak the peninsula still feeling the effects of the weekend winter storm. york county gloucester county surry county and williamsburg james city county schools will be closed again today school was
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county north carolina are a two hour delay. crews are still working to clear the roads of ice and snow those closures are scrolling on your screen by the way you can also find them on thirteen is now dot com students could soon have a voice on the norfolk school board board members approved new rules last week which will allow a junior or a rising senior to participate in the board meetings the committee at each school will select two semi finalists after they apply then the superintendent's office will interview students from that pool and make a recommendation to the board. the student however will not be able to vote attend close meetings or have access to confidential information we're learning new information about how police cracked the case of six chesapeake massage parlors that allegedly offered up to legal services thirteen is now first told you about the raids earlier this month according to partners of the virginian pilot before the raid five undercover detectives went in for massages. court documents
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the detectives were touched inappropriately fourteen women face charges including committing a prohibited act on a soft establishment now on to a crime alerts police say the man in a surgical mask robbed a credit union in pecos and here's a picture of the suspect inside of the langley federal credit union yesterday the areas on with creek road witnesses say that the man handed the teller a note demanding cash and once he got it he ran. police say the suspect never pulled a weapon and he drove off in a dark green card if you have any information that helped track him down. call the crime line that numbers won eighty eight lock u up building now working to get more information about a shooting that sent two men to the hospital in portsmouth the police ellis both pickens walked into my review hospital around nine last night. officers believe they were shot in the cavalier manner section of the city trying to figure out what street that what happeneond till both men will survive there is no word yet on a
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former norfolk pastor who secretly videotaped a fellow pastor's wife and daughter will spend four years behind bars. a court sentence forty five year old michael jones on two counts of taking nude video and two counts of burglary prosecutors say jones broke into the victim's home back in twenty fourteen and install the camera in their bathroom installed two more cameras a few months later jones was the pastor at norfolk up a stall at church well you might remember the story of a communications professor who try to have a journalist covering a protest removed it right the university of missouri's educator is now charged with get this assault. but next we're going to tell you one thing that university officials say they will not do for now the spirit planned
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all right you take a look right now add the central part of the country were to spend some more time talking about developing system that will bring us a chance for showers years ago along let's start with a live look outside right now the downtown norfolk area looking pretty good this particular angle showing us a little different view back towards e via mass at the eastern virginia medical school in over twenty age katie things very quiet math section or fake as well ramble ten and cali right now looking very good across the region temperatures are cool but not as cold as has been watching for nice and warm up. roanoke still very chilly out that weighed twenty six twenty nine in petersburg thirty six a west
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temperatures in several locations upper thirty s to low and mid forties forty three of them in a win for forty six now in virginia beach and down the lives of the city's forty with thirty eight iran expanded view and talk about that next system and the colder air behind it we give the system that is going to push eastward ahead of that a surge of warm air that's what we're going to find today temperatures topping out in the upper fifties to near sixty and then with that front coming through we will see chances for showers again coming up tomorrow so we knew that the forecasts here's a quick look at the forecast over the coming seven days went again to spend a lot more time in just a little bit basically scattered showers cooler tomorrow chance for a white spotty next a little bit on thursday morning early but not looking like a real big deal there than a chance for a few showers later nice for weekend again it's been a lot more time on that was she the teacher cason a few minutes. here's ashley with the high rise. all right craig can zoom in out of the high rise bridge because
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but the high rise bridge is set to open this morning at nine o'clock so something to make no doubt will take a look at rather high rise bridge right now though you can see your eastbound headed to george washington west accounted for sixty four not much going on either side so again you're a nice shape let's head for a second here right now because i've been watching the berkeley bridge we did have kind of a surprise lifted the berkeley kind of got the report that was going to happen a couple minutes before it did happen you can see your traffic moving nicely here at at the bridge on both sides i should say expect very minor delays at this point and other than that you should be a very decent shape a tool to traffic at the midtown tunnel coming up next are i think so especially time now is our four forty one and a warning about the virus causing birth defects in pregnant women around the world that's right
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. we have some breaking news reports there's a multi city car chase with police that ended with the suspect running away yet we told about this in the top of the hour here please tell us it started when an officer tried to stop a vehicle in chess people to drive or just refuse to stop the officer pursued the vehicle into norfolk and shortly after that the driver hit the town
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point north and john hancock lane and took off our lease brown joins us live from the scene with new information elise lucy andre here at the scene police just laugh they were searching his neighborhood for a couple of hours they had the help of the norfolk police k nine from that unit as well as the virginia state police as you guys mention the driver refused to stop at berkeley avenue in crystal avenue in chestnut know are told that officer chased the vehicle onto interstate to sixty four in ten north and the driver then hit this town home right here that you see but there is no advantage again police are still looking for this suspect they did wrap up their search here but say if you have any information for you to call the crime line live in norfolk. elise brown thirteen is now thinking so much elise will check in with you shortly. new this morning a university of missouri assistant professor is now
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is staying on the job for now despite new criminal charges alyssa click confronted student journalists during last year's protest on the columbia campus the video shows click asking for quote muscle to help remove a reporter. now yesterday prosecutors formally charged her with misdemeanor assault. this is interim chancellor says he's not ready to make a decision about cliques future just yet developing right now the leader of an anti abortion group that secretly recorded video inside planned parenthood clinics is facing felony charges a grand jury indicted a day intended to lighten yesterday the secretly recorded videos targeted the handling of fetal tissues in planned parenthood clinics a grand jury cleared planned parenthood of any wrongdoing the light in is charged with tampering with government records and buying fetal tissue. responding to charges they lied and said quote buying fetal tissue requires a seller as well. at four
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rescue at sea after a yacht sinks off the south florida coasts were talking about a one hundred plus foot luxury vessel with more than a dozen people on board the u s coast guard rescued thirteen people overnight when the ott began taking on water. coast guard officials say the odd went under just twenty minutes after the rescue and investigation into what caused it to sink is now underway. a blizzard is over in the cleanup is well underway but for millions of americans life is not to get back to normal for at least another few days cruise around dc continue to clear the roads lane by lane with the heavy equipment that you're seeing here the storm is being blamed for forty people dying. the cost is expected to climb into the hundreds of millions of dollars. travel also remains a problem as ten thousand flights have been canceled causing a ripple effect that could still be felt for a couple days look for much more on the cleanup in the travel issues ahead on good morning america returning to our local
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i walked out this worry lucy no disguising you but it's still cold doesn't sting not it was colic it was this weekend but they'll fare in the thirties even feels really nice now we're actually pretty close to forty here are pics i'm not going to be sunbathing today it was the butt later this afternoon i'm sure a lot of goals will be at least on the temperatures getting close to sixty and you know we were just out with social media the last commercial he has put up on facebook mentions little idea kind of behind the scenes that will post on facebook and a job there are sinners and can split hairs about a couple things in the forecast i have my decision the right it's actually better news for the checkout aisle on his own dealer tag and said sure i'd put up a symbol you debating how much snow shower chance you know we have a little bit later on a lot to think about this forecast are really not all that bad but just want to be really spot on high yesterday fifty was the high we average forty eight were a little bit above normal today will be well above normal
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sixty. no pre set for the day yesterday so for the year and it's only what three weeks three and half weeks in now where about one point eight five inches above normal and that's a calendar year so you know you remember how we were going into the end of twenty fifty and that's really where we are but take a look right now you don't have to worry about rain this morning or anytime real soon today and enjoy a nice one fifty eight by two o'clock bumped up the high they will say right around sixty some models going low to mid sixties other saying uh upper fifties i think will be close to sixty. it's gonna change now and here's why you see what we have a storm system is pretty good looking area a low pressure and i'm trying to draw out right here on the select my drawing tool we have this area of low pressure right here and out to the less we got a trailing front that extends down that is going to push through our area ahead of it a surge of warmer air that's what we get
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conditions as we get into wednesday so temperatures go from sixty to date to mid forties tomorrow and temperatures will stay cool on thursday before warming up again into the weekend. today we start off the lot of sunshine the clout to push in will be watching the radar few showers back out over the mountains. locally we should remain dry through the afternoon in the evening overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. chances for a few showers especially in one looks like rain chances as temperatures should stay plenty warm above freezing as we go through the day on wednesday though there's a chance for some isolated may be scattered showers. it looks like most of that will pull way but there is still a chance for a lingering shower or two on thursday especially down to the south will continue to watch a season the moisture streaming back out to thursday maybe a couple of isolated showers are mentioned at least a chance. temperatures right now in the thirties in when we do have low to mid forties near the coast virginia beach
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nine mph. highs today close to sixty partly sunny warmer enjoy it. increasing clouds chance for showers late then scattered showers more seven day forecast our temperatures are calling for the cold and the continued thursday with mid forties their chance for isolated showers we might see me all wet snow flake or two in the mix i don't think that's going to be real big deal right now is math facts of the models really drying us out for thursday so keep an eye that more sunshine and warmer to weekend i checked the midtown with ashley are a critical head now between biggest racket between norfolk important to check that right now we should be final run fifty eight and you can see here even on the maps were still seeing the green around the midtown tunnel so let's give you a live look now at thirteen years now traffic camera and we can say traffic is moving very well i don't expect traffic to pick up at the midtown and toll of about six six fifteen that's where we start seeing a steady stream of
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we look good on both sides to let him back in the trap of network maps and keep the good news going we had to overnight road work in norfolk. we have cleared of that roadwork sixty four west with you as well as to sixty four east just past the berkeley break so we don't worry about road work anymore or just tracking traffic flow and coming up at five o'clock. things are shaping up one sixty four in chesapeake. all right ashleigh thank you so much time now is for fifty two it's a mosquito bite that can cause expectant mothers to be boy child be born with deformities such as scary virus how how much you should
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. know a health alert the world health organization is warning that the z virus is likely to spread to every country in the americas where the mosquito that carries it can be found that one included everywhere except for canada and parts of killing the virus is suspected of causing birth defects few people have immunity to it in the western hemisphere some u s travelers have been infected abroad abroad with the z virus but there have been no cough cases of infection in the wes look for more on this developing story ahead of good morning america an un health news the american heart association has published new information about women and heart attacks they say women it may have
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men and women have chest pains during a heart attack but women also tend to experience shortness of breath nausea and back or jaw pain experts say understanding gender and racial differences can help treat and prevent heart disease and it is flow or false week on thirteen years now and a break in were actually breaking down fact and fiction when it comes that nasty virus so while we do that we want to give you a chance to win a five hundred dollars visa gift card every single day this we only have during the six o'clock hour to learn that special keyword they go to thirteen years now dot com click on the features tab and enter for chance to win four fifty six and if you aren't sick of the cold even a love cities forgive me rather drag the little break down the rising temperatures next and financial strain force the commonwealth to cut education funding. ahead how the short change has impacted students with iowa caucuses a
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battling it out for supporters ahead what to expect s presidential
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