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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  January 26, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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. the a i am missing millions of dollars a new report says virginia schools are losing out. all because of an issue with the match was a famous faces making a stop today in hampton roads the contribution he made to keep police dogs say this is certain is now at day break will come on daybreak it is tuesday morning thank you for joining us on top of the south half hour. ashley's watching the road for any trouble spots legacy with a check of your forecast before you head out the door such a great day it's gonna be awesome guys temperatures warmer today have a high near sixty. doesn't that sound great. looking forward to it right now rhodes drive visibility is very good of course some of the areas farther north and west had heavier amounts of snow little wet up there and you may still encounter a few years with some freezing on the road we'll show you where just a moment take a look petersburg and richmond
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thirty two dan ronan thirty one husky system those in the ears and a little more snow still colder and there could still be some icy spots out there were certainly aware of that and ashley will continue to watch the roads out that way for most of this though it is beautiful with temperatures right now forty eight in virginia beach forty in hampton forty three in williamsburg thirty nine in chesapeake and thirty six in norfolk. much much milder and it's going to get even warmer today as we have an approaching front that front will likely trigger a few showers tomorrow ahead of the front of a warmup today will take it at the airport were seeing the winds from the southwest right now will continue to see the southwest winds and they will blow about ten to fifteen mph later today pushing that high up there near sixty. so partly sunny and warm dry and the rest of the forecaster tuchman of the cool down and look ahead to what is going to be a fantastic weekend that puts a smile on ashley's face are desperate to watch
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smile on my face and really great traffic flow right now to take a look behind me nothing major to be concerned about the most part the traffic is picking up and we will be talking about that this half hour but for now what is going to traffic and sixty four in chesapeake with the live look there. the shot right around greenbrier parkway westbound traffic headed to indian river moving nicely and here you see traffic they're headed toward battlefield. also in fine shape so nothing to worry about out in chesapeake. at least on sixty four right around the battlefield in greenbrier and head back to the mass though you give you a heads up a lil bit further down on sixty four after making the way eastbound coming from battlefield the high rise bridge was open at nine o'clock this morning something to watch out for after the morning rush hour and a little bit after that and also even though it does not look like it here traffic is certainly picking up one five sixty four west into naval station norfolk i'll give you a live look and update at the delays when i come back. all right ashleigh thank you. we are
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delays across hampton roads a lot of people have been questioning the decision to close schools again in response the york the coasts in sheriff's office posted these pictures to facebook with this message for anyone who is questioning the decision to close schools please look at these pictures. the post goes on to say that the school administration is looking up to the safety of all of its children. alright now gloucester york county surry county and williamsburg jc schools are closed. isle of wight in northampton county north carolina schools are starting two hours late. all the closures are running on the bottom of your screen you can also visit their teen years now dot com for up to date closings and delays at five o three new this morning details on an issue that could affect your child's education a miscalculation could be causing virginia schools to miss out on millions of dollars the washington post reports that during the recession the state cut school funding adjusting the formula is used to determine how much money
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the same and researchers at the commonwealth institute found that schools are missing out on about eight hundred million dollars a year. this comes as governor terry mcauliffe proposes increased education funding your information this morning about an investigation at the citadel into controversial pictures that sparked nationwide outrage school officials just completed their investigation they say that the cadets had no racial intent when they wore white pillowcases on their heads leaders say they are disappointed that no one recognize the possible misinterpretation fourteen cadets have been disciplined later today cnn anchor anderson cooper will be a norfolk speaking to a sold out crowd at chrysler hall cooper's donating today's speaking fee to help by hampton roads police dogs ballistic vests. thanks to cooper and the group spikes a k nine fund all norfolk newport news in portsmouth canines will have s. some folks will get one at chess before and virginia beach
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the push for k nine vests follows the death of an orca police dog a suspect shot and killed. krieger earlier this month two people are being treated for smoke inhalation after house fire in virginia beach overnight. it happened on glen field corner first colonial road dispatch got the call just before three this morning. these are pictures now firefighter sent into us. fire officials say there was heavy smoke in a second floor bedroom you can see the damage their screens they got the fire under control in about fifteen minutes late you know when we get new information on this another overnight fire its report to this one in chesapeake it happened in western branch near woodland drive in reef knot court just after midnight. fire officials tell thirteen years now that the vacant structure was fully involved when crews got to the scene. it took more than twenty minutes to get those flames under control. nobody got hurt but officials say they're still investigating what started the fire and some little victims to show you after a
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week. these ducks got covered in oil so volunteers in spca staff have been working around the clock to save the birds the virginia beach spca says that they desperately need towels to care for these birds along with dish gloves now working to get this information on a website so you can go there to find out how to help them we are less than a week away from the iowa caucus is in the presidential hopefuls are really feeling the pressure
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the good morning five o nine right now downtown norfolk looking good certainly a milder start to the day across the region the water how about now for acts more in the mid forties forty forties fill little cooler up rob parsley. so here is that to the west also in the upper thirties but many here is now creeping into the lower forties so it feels great out there yorktown and seperated forty three happy to report forty
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forty eight forty six forty three in up in williamsburg southside temperatures lower to mid forties as you move across parts of virginia beach though she and a little warmer forty eight forty six the cape henry right now portrait credit reporting thirty eight forty one at large not thirty six in western branch and thirty seven deep creek great bridge a little cooler and thirty five temperatures in the low thirties run husky in green's cross forty elizabeth city and upper forties for the outer banks of the storm system coming in that's going to produce a few scattered showers tomorrow. it's just going to drop temperatures tomorrow so enjoy today with those temperatures very mild up close to sixty officially give or take a degree or two either side across the region he will be cooler to the north temperatures in the upper fifties but still well above normal and very warm down to the south here's the next three days will see that chance for a few showers tomorrow temperatures in the mid forties and staying
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slight chance for spidey sweat snowflake or two in the next but i think for the most part pre sip will be very very light and we are looking at temps are staying in the mid forties on thursday. time check mail station norfolk with ashley are a gravelly the use of this traffic pattern had a table station norfolk now for a couple of weeks where things really start to back up well before we get to the morning rush hour you can see here the delays are already kicking off by sixty four westbound as you pass chambers field about halfway down by sixty four west really told us there in the distance and that's where the delays began to expect those delays and stay with us throughout daybreak i'll keep you posted on your ride into the base rallied back to the traffic network maps which is to report a williamsburg on sixty four are headed for newport news passing kroger and seventy five which are taking time out there if you're headed westbound passing newman also at seventy five at this point in the morning. so again the people you're writing to naval station norfolk and will check traffic at the g or b coming up next. all right ashleigh thank you all
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. breaking overnight a north carolina college spent the night on lockdown after someone displayed on the winston salem state university campus when a monk in just before ten last night which were no s sts were fired and no one was hurt the police spent the night sweeping that school looking for the person who showed the weapon after an incident at the campus student activity center at the locked and we understand was just lifted a short time ago in campus police say there is no longer an ongoing threat authorities reportedly believe that the alleged gunman has left the area we are going to keep monitoring that situation. three more details as soon as we get them sent a parka thirteen is now ice and a thank you for that later today. the race of the white house is going to focus almost solely on the iowa caucus we are less than a week away from every pore in your candidates are spread across the country trying to drum up last minute vote hillary clinton bernie sanders had a town hall last night but that's not slowing them down. sanders will speak to a union today while clinton will hold three get out the vote events. ted cruz
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ben carson are also in the state campaigning for republican support only been throwing the word caucus around alot and wanted to explain what that means for people who don't know yet. a caucus is the way some stage choose their presidential candidates instead of using a primary vote caucus is differ based on what party were talking about so for example republican caucus worksike this. voters will gather and hear speeches from different campaigns then people write their choices on a piece of paper and hand the man democratic caucus is a little bit more complicated voters will show up at their precinct gather in different corners for each debate each candidate. now after some lobbying to sway each other's boats heads are counted delegates are assigned to a candidate and good morning america is going to have the latest from the campaign trail live in iowa right at seven o'clock and new this morning. this is bill the goat. maybe you've seen
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real you know bill he's hijacked all your friends your bead and probably sick of them. there's also a bill mean generator maybe you've seen this too it's basically a passive aggressive way to call out the way people act on social media there's no high tech algorithm here the creator just kind of came up with phrases but now some people are users submit oh right. craig is over here now to talk a little about the weather that we've been dealing with and it's getting much nicer cos eric mun and lucy are talking about the screwy here from all the way we get most of the ghostbusters don't cross the streams with the same rocking from over there about it the er at the what if anyway it's all well things would mention the thing is those dance yes it was owen anyway the weather had yet you know when to be out singing and dancing in the streets today again temperatures up close to
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that's gonna make a lot of folks very very network of cameras dancing the new reality series on toward the song over a year which includes you my hip shows at the good stuff i never did i hear zoe and play right now but his bill we will get this back together i promise it forecasts right now how much of the kids ready for the school bus stops were going to see temperatures very mild out there relative to what we've had temps in the thirties and forties across the region mainly clear when south southwest at fifteen mph taking you through the day how about temperatures in the mid fifties by lunch fifty eight for the afternoon break really looking good temperatures this afternoon should top out close to sixty high we do have a storm system i hear really interesting stuff to check out what we're gonna find this area of low pressure which is actually up from the great lakes region right in here. ok this is where the low is the knee of a front that extends out and down and that front out to
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going to keep sliding eastward ahead of it. we have winds coming up from the southwest and this is going to push temperatures up today with that southwest flow behind the system cooler air comes in from the north and the northwest so will be a cooler day as we get into ones in the colder air comes in temperatures back in the mid forties enjoy the warm up with temps near sixty today will certainly take it as a daily the future cass ruskin be watching the radar for a few spotty showers i don't think we see anything today. very very low risk of something may be done around the outer banks today but skies will become partly sunny to you invariably cloudy by this evening overnight will see increasing clouds and there will be chances for showers overnight still above freezing to talk about rain chances with the scattered showers especially north and west as we get into wednesday a few more scattered showers across the area. i think thursday still a chance for a few isolated showers and is going to be a little cooler. even
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really depict a lot there there will be that chance and with it being cooler near thirty two early on thursday morning. there might even be a wet snow flake or two but anything we see based on what i'm looking at right now it should be very very light so don't worry too much about that temperatures thirties italy a forties near the coast a pretty broad range temperatures will jump up quickly right now thirty six at the airport to look for the tenth rebound. highs today around sixty one to find the temperatures tomorrow in the mid forties and staying that way on thursday so isolated to scattered showers wednesday isolated showers possible on thursday and maybe a wet snow flake or two as we did a friday tenth rebound in a nice warm weekend with mostly sunny skies. ashley alright sounds good or great much better than last week and write a will take it right in traffic now a couple spots on his number one spot and still doing very well in terms of traffic volume of give you a live look at the james river
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are kinder than our normal traffic pattern here at the jr be northbound traffic pretty much what we used to seeing just a little bit of volume out there. southbound even quieter and again things are the g or be moving well no bridge lift reports just yet but keep an eye on things that changes i'll let you now back on the traffic network maps though again the focus will be naval station norfolk traffic at least until things are to pick up across the area. so right now what kind of holding steady on our delays they started chamber's bill halfway down five sixty for the drop down there from fifty five ez pass terminal to fourteen as you approach the runway tunnels expect those delays if it starts to creep back to sixty four and on to sixty four analogy now become the next few minutes we'll head to for sixty four will see a proper shaping up to the jordan bridge and headed to south norfolk state and nine ashley thank you i have good news and bad news this morning about your federal tax is the other good news for you procrastinators
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new information this morning about the water crisis in flint michigan people are
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water that they cannot use less water supply is tainted with lead from corroded pipes the levels are so high that lead is now in the children's blood streams the national guard is distributing clean water. the michigan attorney general's office is now reviewing what can be done to keep residents from getting billed for that day he'll have a little more time to fire twenty fifty taxes the deadlines been moved to april eighteenth the normal deadline is april fifteen but it's a holiday in washington d c and that is where the irs is headquartered not forget if you got insurance through the federal marketplace you'll need to file a ten ninety five form lucy worry about that several months ago the penalty for not having health insurance goes up considerably this year it will be three hundred and twenty five dollars or two percent of taxable income whichever is greater this week is flu or false week on daybreak are breaking down fact and fiction when it
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while we do that we want to give you a chance to win a five hundred dollars visa gift card. keep watching the breaker in the six o'clock hour and we'll give you a keyword the goodall website thirteen years now com enter the keyword for a chance to win are giving away one of those gift cards every day this week at five twenty six the mother nature can see the make up her mind around here. well we had two snow fall days and then today is going to be a lot warmer nice price forecast just ahead and who can forget this video new developments today against him is a professor who caused nationwide controversy and here at home elise brown is live outside as police search for wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right?
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hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past.
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patients with bone cancer. patients with bone cancer deserve a specialist too. "the advantages of being treated at cancer treatment centers of america is that we have all the specialists under one roof to take care of every aspect of that patients cancer care. we want our patients to survive their cancer but we also want them to maintain independence and quality of life is so important. there are four twenty nine we're following this breaking news story of police chase through two cities this morning and with a crash. we have a late breaking details just ahead a live report and a crackdown on prostitution we now know what undercover detectives did leading up raids leading up to raise on six massage parlors. this is daybreak and
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seater will have more on that breaking story in just a moment but first we went to check your forecast and meteorologist greg muller is tracking a warm up and the temperatures today track temperatures that can really get across the region if you like the warmer weather you're gonna love this i will say just in casual conversations and neighbors other folks i've talked to the grocery stores were ever on some new folks kind of appreciating the colder weather finally feels like winter while today it's going to feel more like spring is temperatures get back up to sixty it will turn cooler again tomorrow and thursday though you have a front coming through right now skies are partly cloudy with wind south southwest at eight mph down a thirty six we were and forty for a while so we get a little bit temperatures will get back up into the forties pretty quickly. forty one just before the lives of the city and how about virginia beach right now reporting forty eight is currently forty three in williamsburg thirties for many of the inland locations we will see the clouds increasing
5:27 am
the west it's going to bring and maybe a spotty shower or two leftover on thursday again temperatures will rebound as we get into the weekend they go partly to mostly sunny for a while it is passing clouds and partly cloudy this afternoon and into the evening i had more detail and a look at our future cast coming up in just a bit actually are it sounds good craig now we're about thirty minutes from the kickoff of the morning rush hour and a beloved been issued report out in hampton will give you a live look at her thirteen years now track the camera. this just popped a couple minutes ago. it is a breakdown sixty four was found just before you get to king street to westbound is headed away from the hr bt making weight or six sixty four. you can see here the left lane is blocked at this point that the delays which will experience are very very minor so nothing really to be concerned about as i can to prepare for that be cautious as you pass the scene you should be okay the second camera. we have great tropical this morning
5:28 am
little bit over the jordan breaks of your head between chesapeake and portsmouth here's a westbound traffic making its way to airport and so if you use that of the jordan bridge to head over to the shipyard will see some slight delays their little butt to the camera but nothing major at this point as you head to portsmouth that we do have those delays on five sixty four west naval station norfolk. talk about that coming up next. all right thanks actual breaking news a multi city car chase with police and with the suspect fleeing on foot were told this while scene started when an officer tried to stop a vehicle in chesapeake the driver refused to stop the officer in hot pursuit of their vehicle into norfolk police brown joins us live from there right now with new video of andre police say the driver slams into this town behind when we get out of the way so you can see there's no visible damage in police eight nobody was hurt. as you may imagine it must've been a pretty scary experience for people inside now police just wrapped up here on scene it was all
5:29 am
this morning in chesapeake bay state officer trying to stop a driver or an equipment violation at the intersection of berkeley avenue in crystal avenue police say that driver wouldn't stop so that officer chased him onto sixty four in ten north but ended up here at stony point in chris' lap we were again that driver slammed into this home and they police said the driver ran off in the search through this neighborhood for him for a couple of hours with the help of norfolk police virginia state police. even a canine unit from norfolk police again they're out here for a couple of hours searching but they had no luck and are asking for your help to save you know who this person is or have any information that you call the crime line in norfolk elise brown thirteen years now so much it's five thirty three were all that snow we got in the last few days of the peninsula still feeling the after effects of that weekend snowstorm york county gloucester county siri county williamsburg james city
5:30 am
close today. schools now why county and northampton county in north carolina on two hour delays crews are still working to clear the roads of snow and ice. those closures are scrolling at the bottom of your screen by the way you can also find a complete list of thirteen is not calm the stairs can soon have a voice on the norfolk school board board members approved new rules last week which will allow my junior or a rising senior to participate after board meetings the committee at the school will select two semi finalists after they apply and then the superintendent's office will interview students from that pool and make a recommendation to the board of the student representative will not be able to vote attend the closed meetings or have access to confidential information or learning new information at five thirty four about how police cracked the case of six chesapeake massage parlors that allegedly offered up the legal services thirty news now first told about the raid earlier this month according to our partners of the virginian pilot before
5:31 am
detectives went in for massages now court documents reveal each of them the detectives were touched inappropriately fourteen women face charges including committing a prohibited act at a massage establishment and now on to a crime alert police say a man in a surgical mask robbed a credit union and coasts and here's a live picture of the suspect or a picture of the suspect in the langley federal credit union yesterday on with creek road. witnesses say that the man handed the teller a note demanding cash and once he got it he took off police say the suspect never pulled out a weapon but to drive off in a dark green car. they're asking you if you know anything or any information about this particular crime call the crime line one eighty eight lock u up at five thirty five an assistant professor of university of madrid missouri is charged with assault a university of missouri educator is now charged with actually a misdemeanor assault but next we're going to tell you the one thing that university
5:32 am
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inland areas but much milder at the coastal checks and temperatures for you here just a moment let's get ready for the ride to work in the ride home green lights for both commuting times that's good news. partly cloudy this morning thirties and forties across the region partly sunny much warmer this afternoon on looking for a hike close to sixty degrees in that something right now thirty four in emporia thirty two at enrichment thirty six in norfolk we have milder conditions and mention you because forty eight evo xi and forty elizabeth city is forty one right now in williamsburg fourteen hampton mid forties around now for but it is cooler in like a hot skin franklin low thirties their thirty seven right now in suffolk storm system pulling off to the northeast dragging a front down to the south that front will pass our area tonight and we see a wind shift a chance for a few showers late tonight chances for scattered or at least i seem to scatter what weather tomorrow so we will get ready for some changes coming up to our weather
5:36 am
with the warmer conditions if you're traveling down to new orleans chances for rain they're much cooler behind that front st louis today staying in the upper thirties to that cold air is out to the west there will be chance for showers from dc to roanoke back down to asheville and knoxville as you can see close to the coast we will remain dry today temperatures getting warmer though get ready for that. really looking forward to and i stayed a little cooler for the peninsula middle peninsula northern neck of the eastern shore little warmer down into northeast north carolina i had the full weekend coming up and you. i think are really gonna like it here's ashley jacket after that it's going to be great but what about in just a few minutes right now or talk about something that might be nice if you're headed toward naval station norfolk and looking over my shoulder saying what's nice about bunch of brake lights making its way to the base but this shot is five sixty four west just past the runway totals about three quarters of the way down a bit further than that as you approach the gate for him to boulevard
5:37 am
began so we're not seeing that big backup to terminal of the chamber's field just past the railway tunnel and as you're approaching the base gates. that's where you where you can still see delays at this point so i'll continue to watch it let you know that change is right now looks like traffic is improving at the naval station norfolk on the latest for you come in a tight good news latest flu are false week here on daybreak and we're debunking the myths behind by red door knobs that computer keyboard at the office an elevator buttons next we'll tell you the most common way to catch at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life. that's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly. so you can coax out great flavor effortlessly. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. at hillshire farm, there's a reason our slow roasted turkey taste so fresh
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. the new this morning at five forty four university of missouri assistant professor is staying on the job for now despite new criminal charges now yesterday prosecutors formally charged melissa click with misdemeanor assault video of her confronting student journalists during last year's protest on the columbia campus went national. click can be heard asking for quote muscle to help her move a reporter whose interim chancellor says he's not ready to make a decision about cliques future just developing right now the leader of an anti abortion group that secretly recorded video inside of planned parenthood clinics is now facing felony charges a grand jury indicted david delight in yesterday that secretly recorded videos targeted the handling of
5:40 am
parenthood clinics a grand jury cleared planned parenthood of any wrongdoing the light is charged with tampering with government records and buying fetal tissue now responding to the charges the light and said quote. buying fetal tissue requires a seller as well. new this morning a close call for several people on a luxury yacht off the coast of south florida thirteen people were on board the one hundred plus foot vessel began to take on water now the coast guard said that the yacht went under just twenty minutes after those on board were pulled to safety investigation into what caused it to sink is now underway. the blizzard is over and the cleanup is well underway but for millions of americans life will not be getting back to normal for at least another few days chris around dc continue to clear the roadways lane by lane with heavy equipment the storm's being blamed for forty deaths. the cost is expected to climb into the hundreds of millions of dollars. travel also remains a problem as over ten thousand flights have been
5:41 am
effect that could be felt for days and coverage of the cleanup continues on good morning america catch a live report from northern virginia at seven o'clock right after daybreak and all those problems have created an emergency need for blood and platelet donors the american red cross as the snow and ice canceled more than three hundred blood drives across twenty states this month alone including eleven drives in our area. if you're able to donate you urge to make an appointment we can walk you through that process on thirteen years now. dot com new this morning all day breakfast is apparently a really big deal for me down oh yeah experts say that and more demand in china has given the fast food giant better than expected quarterly sales mcdonald's introduced the all the breakfast concept back in october the support is the first reflect the many changes and a new study shows near a whole foods or trader joe's can actually boost the value value of your home
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values increased once those stores moved into your neighborhood real estate experts say that if you live within a mile of either one your home is worth twice as much as median prices in the rest of the us and get the shots in big bucks if you wanna see the carolina panthers take on the denver broncos in california for super bowl fifty nosebleed seats a levi stadium run for get this ready eight hundred and fifty bucks to a thousand bucks upper level tickets are twelve to fifteen hundred dollars lower level tickets fifteen to sixteen hundred dollars and club tickets or two to three thousand dollars at face value dollars watch on the couch when you have to charge into a butterfly side parting and lose its glow of daylight before speaking of food now before the end of this we saw that story on breakfast throughout the day we adults. you said yesterday you're motivated to do
5:43 am
course back to what i do know that spaghetti me on every side the right is the dinner the bustamante said. but i was thinking. here's a refined today temperatures this morning pretty nice out there actually is certainly much milder knew the co still very chilly and one thirties away from the water we had temperatures in the mid forties to upper forties right now she and i will say in general just a good number close to forty with partly sunny skies obviously not as chilly as it has been the waves are coming in from the south the southwest about five to fifteen mph midday temperatures mid fifties keep in mind only forty eight the highs so we're already playing with house money temperatures up into the upper fifties to low sixties this afternoon one today partly sunny warm for this time of year i will break down what's going on out to the less you see somewhat weather out here since noah from the great lakes area of low pressure
5:44 am
watch move closer to our area and then push through later tonight bringing about a wind shift ahead of that we have southwest winds behind it the colder air wrapping around the backside of the system so we will see much cooler air moving in tomorrow. today's highs close to sixty tomorrow mid forties and will stay in the mid forties on thursday to get into the future cast here and you'll see a few showers down offshore for today it's going to be partly cloudy and dry so looking forward to a pretty good looking day to day notices showers increasing had that phone out to the west as we go through the overnight there will be a chance for showers late tonight mainly north and west although shower to possible just about anywhere as we look ahead to wednesday is better chances for isolated to scattered showers probably not much and certainly nothing real heavy coming through but isolated to scattered showers good idea to keep the umbrella with temperatures much cooler tomorrow in the mid forties but still warm enough that we are talking about rain chances tomorrow as we get
5:45 am
kisses really produce much here but there will still be a chance for a shower too especially early on thursday many see some of the clouds breaking later so little chance late today but chances early thursday as well we just need to watch a slight chance or could be a couple of wet snowflakes in the next if we do get their showers thursday morning's lows close to freezing so can a very borderline i don't think we have much to worry about their thursday but it's just something we'll keep in the back of our minds. high temperatures right now is an ancient upper forties run as she and a forty eight hampton mid forties it now for it is cooler in one forty three right now in williamsburg temperatures today will reach about sixty degrees and after today it does cool down chances for showers tonight and then tomorrow i slid the scattered what weather chance for isolated showers thursday the tenth rebound though friday and how much a week in mid fifties and mostly sunny looking good is the traffic moving nicely around the monitor merrimack
5:46 am
the simple answer is yes craig looks really nice around the monitor and that whether you're traveling to some book or making your way toward newport news six sixty four north and south of the eminem a great part of the route for the morning commute for you today of the live look now to see can see for yourself. there are traffic coming from supper i headed up to the title of making its way out to newport news everything moving well and for those folks are ready through the tunnel making their way toward suffolk also a very nice ride so very minor pickups in volume everything moving steadily there on both sides of the brain cell that traffic network map update on a couple of things here. naval station norfolk traffic finally after a few weeks that just backups well into the seven o'clock seven thirty hour we are finally seeing improvements on five sixty four west delays began past eight three a really bad minor at this point so it's all laid down here where i'm starting to see a little slow down the rest of this even though it doesn't look like a year on the maps it clears a
5:47 am
still have that breakdown in hampton sixty four westbound is before you get to king street right now the left lane is blocked. not seeing major delays with something to watch out for and don't forget the high rise bridge opens at nine o'clock this morning slept there in terms of traffic issues as of right now to tropical to sixty four in virginia beach coming up already they so much as five fifty two it's flu or false we care and thirteen is now a regular looking to debunk some of the myths about how the flu spreads the journey before it can spread through a door knob or maybe a community keyboard work and that's because people often cough into their hands instead of their sleeves but medical experts say your best chance of catching the flu virus isn't from either of those things but rather a fellow human being a respiratory virus is usually most colleague dropped the transmission is all mean it's all gross but here's what the doctors talking about those droplets from someone else's cough can land
5:48 am
possibly be inhaled into the lungs. another common myth. can you really catch the flu from the backseat well i have an answer for you in the six thirty edition of daybreak droplets to yes ahead of the words i did slow or false week like we just sat on virginia's needed a break. we're actually breaking down all these random facts that you hear when it comes that nasty virus so while we do that we also went to give you a five hundred dollars visa gift card every single day this week so watch daybreak during the six o'clock hour to get the special keyword then you can go over your website thirteen years now back on and ensure that we're done to the features tab. we're going have that coming up what's the point in another forty minutes like the droplets still the controversy when it comes to diversity or lack thereof at the oscars try to find out what changes the academy is making and how soon they could be implemented as still become so self for the kids got a big surprise after neighbor
5:49 am
it's a taste so bold, yet so smooth, it could only be called, black silk, from folgers. a taste you could enjoy, fresh brewed, or one cup at a time. black silk, from folgers. . you are new this morning the academy of motion pictures arts and sciences has addressed the membership questions which have arisen following sweeping changes announced by its board of governors the group has voted to double a male and minority members about a double may female minority members like twenty
5:50 am
those no longer active in the industry. those members will receive an emeritus status and will have the right to vote. i am the middle of the eurozone all my god will see that this time of mourning. the seller that's the teaser for super bowl ad for bud light starring comedian amy schumer and seth rogan anheuser busch bought three and a half minutes of ad time during this year's game it will run ads for bud light budweiser shock top and piccolo all tried to put in perspective just one thirty second spots five million dollars unless we get third for all that money to the naked the seth rogan like the american morning america as much more the road to the super bowl and the ad showdown that will commence come every seven that is ahead by seven o'clock right after daybreak here except for well they probably seen this video by now your twitter feed or
5:51 am
police officer blocked from florida went viral last week after he received a noise complaint about kids playing basketball. well instead of shutting them down he joined them. well tequila neil was among the fourteen million people who view that video over the weekend he met the officer and surprise the group of kids with a basketball game. awesome yet is this a go soaring sax said it's his way of praising the officer for what he did how cool is that a premature twins and australia are inspiring people around the world this is video of christian and christiana they were born eleven weeks early while getting skin to skin time with her daddy recently the pair reached out and held each other's hands. well sorry this video has been viewed more than ten million times since it was posted just two weeks ago on pace but cute and easy highlight of this year's snl season was larry david steam rolling everyone else's president candidate impression with his next level bernie sanders. it
5:52 am
to feel the burn can feel the burning yes for an entire episode as it doubles in the script as adele announced that david will be the guest host on february six and finally for those of you don't know larry david was a guy that created seinfeld i ask is is bernie sanders is good as i asked her face to face pale and white together with their families definitely a lot that's when certain that just tears your heart is a mile hiking at hand. they still reach out like that and offers all the other just bunch of the stories are trending the theme for this important news weather traffic and cars sans any fisticuffs here no six missing and millions of dollars a new report says virginia schools are losing out. all because an issue with them at the famous faces making a stop today in
5:53 am
the contribution he made to
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