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tv   13 News 11  ABC  January 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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there's a message for the people at the center of the takeover could be college in southlake. one group is pushing for downtown the swat team is on the scene of a barricade situation and tell so big right now police have blocked off streets around wildwood road and george washington highway this has been going on for several hours within the last half hour there has been some new activity at that scene thirty news now was the first crew on the scene. dr carroll is there with these breaking developments brian. yes indeed i can tell you right now you'll see a little bit of that scene behind me for safety purposes because this still is an active scene with officers involved and for safety reasons we're going to stay here you'll be seeing anything closer than that when i can show you is from earlier this evening when some of the swat team members were arriving i also can tell you within the last twenty minutes or so we did hear and see a flash bang down around
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now what is taking place police are telling is the start at five thirty with some kind of a family dispute or argument apparently on wildwood it since he moved over to where green drive and george washington highly that seems to be where everything is concentrate right now we do understand is a man who was holed up in the home there. we have heard often on throughout the night again we're a good distance away but we are hearing throughout the night. the communication all that's been taking place as negotiators have tried to talk to that person inside and then again we heard just that flash bang within the last twenty minutes or so we don't know what's going on at this point very quiet now since then george washington highway is closed right now blocked off pretty much rigor of victory boulevard on the portsmouth side which we will take a live picture now i show you that some of the back up here at victory boulevard on the portsmouth side alive. it's also walked up a can now drive on the chesapeake sites again a good stretch of george washington high we are right now people are being re read throughout the area years earlier when the portsmouth
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one of the hotels that are here but again lisa been out here now for almost six hours since the start it will bring you updates as we get now we are live in chesapeake. right now thirteen years now i knew tonight surveillance video shows an armed robbery inside a pizza hut in newport news police tell us that happened saturday night at the restaurant on warwick boulevard near bland boulevard employ say two men came in pointed a gun and forced one of the workers to open up the register the robbers ran away with the cash and no customers were inside at the time. also new tonight newport news authorities are looking for a man who they believe started three dumpster fires one right after the other they released this video of one of the incidence of fires were started earlier this month on vocally place behind the youngs boots and also behind a rent a center on new market drive. anyone with information that might help to identify the man in the video right there should call the crime a frightening story to share with you. a woman stands up to tune would
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police tell us she was vacuuming our car around nine thirty last night and the kuwait car wash and large boulevard when she saw two men approach are retold and twenty seven year old woman pulled out a pocket knife and told the man she would start screaming if they approached are well one of the suspects had been gone the other also had a knife. they demanded her money but she refused to hand over anything and stand she got back in her car and took off the suspects are still in the win tonight. new tonight a group called friends of suffolk met to discuss bringing a community college to the city the group says the school would help to revitalize the area and boost the local economy and oladipo has more on this initiative and or some say a college would have the biggest impact there's a group here in south and trying to garner
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college in downtown on this route now as part of a group called friends of southwick who are pushing for community college in downtown. he presented the idea to several citizens and council members hoping to get their backing ideally he'd like it to be a part of tidewater community college because the impact they've had in other areas of the hampton roads. he's confident that college would boost the local economy and make higher education more accessible. some are medium to low income their children didn't have transportation and if you have a downtown it's easier to get to unload the adults now want to take courses and so forth to have a college in some faith in people or have to try that far for commute would be very great movie very vintage is dead was part knows all too well about that commute he would have to travel to virginia beach from sept eight to attend tcc having a high education would definitely revitalize
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possibly even grow it further by on us we clean out the neighborhoods around the area in our says idea would still need city state and financial support but he's confident it would be an investment that would benefit the community beyond the classroom to have a downtown we can revitalize the entire area is our goal in seventy nine in a bow thirty news now major traffic alert this weekend involving the midtown tunnel a smith river tunnels and the not say the midtown will be closed so crews can remove the pedestrian bridge and two other repairs related to the tunnel project. this means the midtown tunnel will be closed from eight friday night until five monday morning we're told nearby residents may hear noise from the construction work overnight friday into saturday morning residents in something say they've had enough with the train holding up traffic. they told thirteen news now they get held up by trains more than thirty minutes several times
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been parkway and will roy rode the train moves through slowly because it is a residential area backups reportedly can stretch up to him i'll be seen online and reading time. oh you know it or they go ballistic on here they go crazy but the bad part about is there's nowhere to go to get around the city has been developing a plan to build a turn lane to redirect traffic they're hoping to get things finalized within ninety days and start construction by the end of this year but officials admit they're worried about the backups from the construction of new developments tonight in oregon following that deadly confrontation between law enforcement officers and an armed anti government group and the federal wildlife refuge one person is dead and others were arrested. abc's reva monday tells us the leaders in the standoff
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down and go home it's time for everybody in this illegal occupation to move on. that doesn't have to be bloodshed in our community lawn for some officials speaking out on the deadly shootout with anti government protesters let me be clear it is the actions and choices of the armed occupier to the refuge that has led us to where we are today. actions are not without consequence we're told members of the army who were on their way to a community meeting when gunfire erupted during a traffic stop. investigators say the boy finnegan and ryan bundy refused orders monday the brother of group leader and man was wounded victims family says he was killed i just unloaded on him and just shot and like a whole bunch of time in a kilt and eight protesters are now in fbi custody. seven of the eight arrested was in front of a federal judge in
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the fbi says all are facing federal felony conspiracy charges. jason patric is one of the occupiers they told us that we could safely leave well the group that was leaving as a dead man and there's another man who left and was in arizona is in custody said peace resolution whole time so depends on what you believe lawn force officials say they will continue to empty the refuge of those who illegally occupy it. the goal is to remove them and the safest way possible so that we the community can heal. ray ray monday abc news new york the arrests following a robbery outside a mcdonald's in virginia beach. dante sally daryl mccoy and marcus turner are in custody and investigators say the trio met the victim in the parking lot last night off on the road i was breaking news last night of the leaven the victim reportedly wanted
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say one suspect punched the victim in the hand and dropped and police say the victim then pulled on a gun and fired no one was hence the suspects took off in a car but they are again in custody tonight. now virginia beach police say this is a good reminder of why you should find a safe place to buy and sell items they say police precincts are available the community is welcome to use the designated spaces for that purpose from nine in the morning until nine o'clock at night any day of the portsmouth mother accused of knocking out an assistant principal is out of jail tonight tracy lawrence's bond was set at ten thousand dollars today she will not be allowed to have any contact with the assistant principal or anyone else who witnessed the alleged attack yesterday at lakeview elementary lawrence went there for a meeting about her child police say lawrence reportedly was unhappy with what the assistant principal said during that meeting and hit her in the head briefly knocking her unconscious more information coming in about a
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the oceanfront please tell us nicole rene scott turned herself in today. she allegedly stabbed a man on atlantic avenue outside the old belvedere hotel at thirty six st. that man is expected to be okay. scott is charged with assaulting a family member and the university senior is recovering he was robbed and shot on his way the class last night this happened near linwood avenue in bury st. a bullet at the twenty two year old in the arm today he spoke only to thirteen years now about the attack. shawn graham says he was headed to india when he had a ball that will look into the road he stopped attacking on and that's when a group of guys came up to his car and grabbed his wallet and says he tried to get his wallet back and then try to drive away the soul of the peripheral view that there was a gun there and he just fired as i sped off graham says he thinks that
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purpose police are still searching for those suspects tonight authorities in california announced arrests in the search for those inmates who escaped a maximum security prison will tell you new details about the threats and how police are trying to track down the inmates more talk from donald trump the latest drama on the campaign trail just one day before the final gop debate before the iowa caucuses things clearing out temperatures cold the whole lot colder than they were earlier this evening when
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. i major developments tonight in the manhunt for three escaped jail inmates in california officials in orange county say they've arrested five people and they plan on making additional rest overnight and tomorrow they say the people arrested are familiar to the prison system but the suspects themselves remain on the wrong told the inmates escaped a maximum security prison by sawing into the plumbing system and rappelling down using a rope made from bedsheets south on south lawn for a summit is focusing on a vietnamese gang right now they're also trying to figure out if the escaped inmates had any help from the inside. they've been on the run for five days in police considered an extremely dangerous. there's more encouragement for fourth district congressman randy forbes to run in the second
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will announce he's leaving washington. we received a copy of letter today sent to forced by a dozen local business and political leaders who support forms making the move include virginia beach city councilman bob dyer delicate jason the irs and retired admiral jack cavanaugh letter points out for his experience is too important for the region to lose if the congressman's district is redrawn favorably to the gop you can read their letter on forbes two on thirteen is now dot com. there is of course districts the congressman is said to be considering the idea when our day special prosecutor will handle the criminal case against the portsmouth american right private attorney verbena ask aaron wright is charged with felony eluding after he led the sideline in brief chase earlier this month only thirteen news knock on the entire episode on camera right now. a hearing is set
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portsmouth say the charges against the mayor are among the issues they're concerned about citizens in last night's packed city council meeting say they are also worried about the increase in violence last month mayor kenny wong said he'd come up with a plan to cut down on crime and let it all out in a few weeks was installed as they haven't heard anything at the city managers said they're trying to get input from experts. we are looking for not just a bandaid something with a lot and hand out from a knowledge is and how sociologists who are experts in working with communities across the united states to meet with us and help us to develop our play in residence on earth and all towns are moving forward they match what the police chief recently to talk about increasing security following the deadly shooting this past thanksgiving this week at portsmouth city officials are reaching out to the community
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year's budget city manager and the superintendent will lead a public meeting the goal is to get public input and set priorities for twenty seven teams first meeting is saturday at nine a m at woodrow wilson high school. there are two more meetings next thursday and next saturday the final republican debate before the iowa caucuses is tomorrow and donald trump is refusing to back off of his promise to boycott the prime time face off his campaign is continuing to criticize moderator megan kelly of fox news the other republican candidates have held practice sessions with and without someone playing donald trump abc stephanie ramos as more on the campaign drama democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders got a little taste of the white house with a few staffers and his wife sanders met with president obama in the oval office more than an hour later sanders emerged from the west wing telling reporters he had a constructive and productive meeting with the president's
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domestic issues. occasionally a little politics but did he ask for an endorsement the cost of a new abc news washington post poll shows his rival hillary clinton leading sanders nationally fifty five to thirty six percent sinners though has cut her lead to the smallest it's been an abc poll today clinton is in iowa rallying support in a bowling alley just days before the first votes are cast you get the first chance to speak out in the entire world about what you're looking for on the gop side very public rift between gop presidential frontrunner donald trump and fox news is boiling over again trumps campaign says he is skipping the gop presidential debate on fox this thursday will be doing to debate the real estate billionaire took to social media blasting debate moderator mike and kelly and sam fox news anchor you to bed after the first gop debate from chief rival senator ted cruz now challenging from one on one
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stand on the debate stage with the other candidates that i would like to invite donald right now to engage in a one on one debate with me anytime between now and the iowa caucus season says trump is still welcome at the debate tomorrow night stephanie ramos abc news washington. some clearing across the area this evening temperatures though haven't dropped a ton since i was talking earlier during the dinner hour. as you can see still nice of you out there as we look over downtown. nothing on radar we're tracking some showers obviously throughout the day and then as we got in the evening the little bit that we had out there died out. still one or two showers early this evening across areas right near hatteras really more like a sprinkle temperatures right now compared to yesterday they are down and down in a big way. sixteen eighteen twenty that newport news reading they've had trouble with or
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were showing it was seventy something today and everybody else was like forty now colder so i think we can get rid of that one but everybody else is you can see almost twenty degrees colder or in some cases over twenty so right now while we're talking about temperatures that were thirty eight degrees at six o'clock. they've been steadily falling around the peninsula right now generally just above freezing while of silence just below freezing. was that city and norfolk are still both in the upper thirties and the drop down more like the mid thirties i think little bit later tonight so let's take it to the overnight some of the inland areas where it's a little bit more clear and there's a little less of an effect with that wind coming in off the water will be below freezing but then you get here anywhere where the wind can come off the water and keep it more like the mid thirties will see a difference in terms of the amount of sun tomorrow from north to south. there'll be not a whole lot of sun south of us will still be
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in northern areas and then the clouds begin to thicken there's a chance of showers any point during the sort of midday early afternoon but the best chance is certainly going to be the moisture starting to really organize down across carolina during the afternoon heading to the northeast are most likely period would be tomorrow between the round six or seven and let's say ten at night at least and the best chance of seeing the rain and i think that rain line maybe a little farther west than it is being shown on future cast so let's add some shower possibilities into the metro area but still keep the best chances down to the south and east and then on friday temperatures actually make a rebound back up into the forties hears that system slowly organizing along that on the stalled frontal system we actually have a front that's going to come in and carry the storm more out to sea then up the coast sort of acts like a snowplow and sort of pushes it away so tonight thirty five breezy and cold very low risk of a shower
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the outer banks seven day forecast some isolated term may be scattered showers again the heaviest and most significant coverage will be late in the day and four across north carolina and forty eight on friday a nice day fifty two saturday that the normal one on sunday with sixty two on monday and we don't really see a big drop for couple days after that either. nice looking we can make stuff. if you are right these days former nba star brian stiff as an assistant coach with the eu. he loves his job especially the part
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bryant stiffness spending a lot of time with his kids when they were younger. he's doing a pretty good job of making up for lost time. his steadily improving as a power for four cu basketball ryan was one best players in uva history a story in the nba and for the last three years
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and who you know i love these because of me ever since i was little kid and started in the league football when i was about to say eight nine years old so he closely throughout move the football he was a close all four years my high school when any other way. born of a missed a lot of those precious moments when he was little when al stewart robin plan in va and for me have an opportunity to come back whole and be able to be infested. you know in their of their lives and their careers. it means alot to me especially brandon spends most of his time in the paint his father can teach him a thing or two about working close to the basket or anywhere else for that matter. he was in the paint he was a predator he was even using them a raise he could he do a little bit everything so you know have an nba or nba veteran as a as a father and coach. this has huge upside to feel like
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sometimes i'd even though he teases you. we always reminisce to talk about how big he was back today and i like to say the size of rye and what is the best advice that he's given you all continue to work or know of you know even though you're sometimes not the most skilled player on the court or work hard work will be skilled in every day. don't try to be you know who you fall that is don't try to live up to those expectations because as been unfair to him i think that if brandon just learns how to be himself then all of those verses the lord who will be nonexistent was in hell for age or what to do and be the best brightest and yes there is another stiff in the pipeline. brandon's younger brother is red turning it over you and working on being the best bj
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the last time at virginia tech put up a great fight against number two ranked north carolina and win but that and the schedule than what is your tonight number sixteen louisville came to blacksburg tonight and more than one best defensive teams in the country that had little trouble scoring tonight exactly day had twenty they were up by eight the first half virginia tech was a barrage of three pointers put louisville ahead jail in hudson with the three had twenty seven seth allen a great ride to the hoop ear he had twenty six they can never close the gap close enough to make a difference in this game and louisville hit twelve three pointers on the night ten of them coming to players and the cardinals
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eighty three. cat barber and north carolina state against georgia tech tonight of course at hansen high school number twelve got the ball driving the group he leads the acc in scoring per game twenty two points a game at thirty six tonight as the fourth time this year has been over thirty points in a game best in the acc but north carolina state no one in seven is a loss to the jackets ninety day dream a cab over some kind of player i think some are quick word on the way our little chilly tomorrow a chance of rain mainly later in the day in the heaviest coverage in north carolina so probably get most of the day and if you're on the south side of peninsular prices will continue unless that's what situation it just a big overnight is happening on wildwood road off of george washington highway. this one team has been on the scene for several hours thirteen
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and now, abc's "jimmy kimmel live"!
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