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tv   13 News 530  ABC  January 29, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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much gratitude but still much concern that virginia should bear association is two hundred and fifty plus members companies that are here very much appreciate everything the navy's attempted to do under the plan the navy will expedite repair work on the uss gettysburg uss toward tuba and uss winston churchill and it will outsource to submarine maintenance availability to the private sector that churchill is going to the magi that ortega and gettysburg haven't been awarded yet and the subs would go to newport news in a letter to senators mark warner and tim kaine assistant secretary of the navy sean stack lee road than a b shares your concerns about the reduction of fiscal year twenty six game workload and resulting layoffs announced in the hampton roads area the development comes at a critical time with general dynamics nascar looking at possibly three hundred and sixty layoffs over the next several months newport news shipbuilding announced in december it will lay off seven hundred and thirty eight workers on february third on top of the four hundred and eighty
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september and be a systems is facing up to five hundred thirty job losses around march eighteenth but ba did get some good news this week when it was awarded a fourteen point one million dollar contract to repair the uss normandy regarding carl johnson told thirteen news now it's good news for the port of norfolk we applaud the navy's efforts we don't know what the impact will be but virginia ship repair association president bill crow warns there will likely still be some pain to come it looks as though there's still no possibility of of those layoffs. senators warner and kaine in a joint response said these changes won't stop all the layoffs but they said they believe the navy's action is a testament to the value of the hampton roads shipyards and world class shipyard workers reporting live by getting thirteen is now busted and charged with robbery happened police arrested forty five year old samuel smith last night
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a woman at gunpoint inside her house on michigan dr smith we're told left with the woman's cash but he didn't get far police arrested in that same night he's in the city jail right now facing robbery and gun charges in the race for the white house donald trump kept his word and skipped last night's gop debate hosted by fox news the news channels earth rob offered to sell walk if fox donated five million dollars to trump charities instead of the debate trump held his own rally in iowa that run campaigns as the rally raised six million dollars for veterans. the other republican presidential candidates targeted top and last night's debate in iowa i'm a maniac and everyone on the stage is stupid fat and ugly and then you're a terrible certain now that we've gotten the donald trump portion out of the way the political experts in usa
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onstage at jeb bush's seemed more a nice push given talents to marco rubio on the issue of immigration the candidates also targeted republican presidential candidate hillary clinton more than in previous debates the usa today and was also a notice of rubio repeatedly talked about his faith the iowa republican caucuses have long been known for the role evangelicals play in boosting their favored candidates. the trial and virginia's voter id law may take longer than expected right now there is a week set aside for the trial next month but democrats challenging the law say they have so many witnesses lined up that they will need two weeks the law in question requires voters to show a photo id at the polls some say the law is unconstitutional because it suppresses voting rights the former school bus driver who dragged a first grader down the road in north carolina is now facing charges back in december the six year old girl got her arm stuck in the bust or while getting off the bus in kerrville. the driver seventy
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just drove off dragging the good girl was able to walk away with scrapes and bruises hass resigned two days later he's now charged with careless and reckless driving and could spend forty five days in jail convicted killer george handley wants his conviction overturned. he filed the petition and charlottesville circuit court today saying his imprisonment is a violation of his constitutional rights the petition also claims that the jury instructions were flawed and that he plays attorneys were ineffective the former uva lacrosse player is serving a twenty three year sentence for murdering his girlfriend back in twenty ten i hearing has not been sought the boston bombers lawyers are putting up a fight that dzhokhar tsarnaev i have lawyers are filing a notice of appeal a judge denied sinai has been for a new trial earlier this month he got the death sentence for the twenty thirteen bombings have killed three people and left more
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injured. his lawyers also want to release the doors makes the governor is reversing attorney general mark herring is controversial gun control decision is part of a deal with republicans find out what the gop controlled general assembly gave up an exchange and remember when google's domain name accidently sold for a minute. last year we now know how much that mistake cost me talking about some very
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i a texas woman is a warning for others after she nearly died while simply removing a nail polish back in april we told the story of brittany smith. she caught fire when vapors from the nail polish remover ignited a candle in flames jumped on her clothes by the time she got that fire out britney had third degree burns covering thirty percent of the body. she went through months of painful recovery recurring nightmares and shane now she's speaking out to inspire other burn victims see if recovery is hard then
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actually look at myself it's mine because of year and still i am healing and every day and celia and britney's not planning to become a nurse in a burn center she's also expecting her first child later this year a consumer alert to nissan is recalling thousands of twenty thirteen to fifteen ultimate cars for a third time for the same problem the page on the hood latch can flake causing the metal to ross once that happens nissan says the land can break and they can fly open while you're driving. the automaker says and two previous recalls the fix wasn't permanent google is revealing how much it paid to get its domain name back after the company accidentally put its homepage up for sale back in october sam a dead snag the main for just one box that owned the domain for about a minute before google realized the mistake and cancel the sale. google rewarded him paying him six thousand six dollars and thirteen cents
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numerically by the way google double the money once they found out the money went to chair a gun law a compromise between democratic governor terry mcauliffe and republicans and reverses a controversial gun measure final but the new law means for you and the truck to go through a guardrail and often wrote bursting into flames here from the man who rescued the people trapped in the flames and coming up at
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about the tragic murder "many patients and their doctors unfortunately are not aware of the options available to patients with bone cancer. patients with bone cancer deserve a specialist too. "the advantages of being treated at cancer treatment centers of america is that we have all the specialists under one roof to take care of every aspect of that patients cancer care. we want our patients to survive their cancer but we also want them to maintain independence
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. i more information about the breaking news we brought you at four o'clock one of the escape california inmates is in custody but two others are still on the run abc's martha gonzales is following the latest developments. one of three escaped inmates in california back in custody i contacted a civilian on the streets of santa ana and stated i wanted to turn himself in police saying nothing else about bachchan john's capture as they continue searching for hosting dearie and jonathan to all available resources to capture the additional two escapees. investigators say the three accused of violent criminals broke out of the central men's jail last
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woman who taught english as a second language at the jail tonight it just might hear from you this shot. police arrested a new sch fer an hr of aki yesterday saying she gave them in maps and other information essential to their escape which investigators believe may have helped the inmates get to a specific address or giving them a better understanding of surrounding buildings and the jail's roof authorities say robot he denies providing anything beyond the maps we don't really know what a mind set was provided some information that other information she has an on again we are still still pursuing pursuing that in trying to obtain more information from police say they are still searching for this white van they believe the men may have been driving and living in sin strong stolen saturday in south los angeles and authorities believe the other two men are likely still in that area because they have close ties to local gangs there is a two hundred thousand dollars
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leading to their capture martha gonzalez abc news new york governor terry mcauliffe and republican lawmakers have announced a new gun bill the law reverses an order from attorney general mark herring. the attorney general's measure canceled mutual concealed carry agreements with twenty five states he said those states had weaker laws in virginia today the governor and republicans and did that mcauliffe acknowledge many gun control groups are unhappy about the decision i have to do what is right for the citizens of the commonwealth of virginia well we now see here today will make virginians say for the new law also allows state police to perform background checks at gun shows and keep guns away from people under domestic violence protective orders a plan to bring pro back to virginia seems to have a lot of support virginia commonwealth university recently conducted a poll on the issue seventy six percent of virginians support for reinstating for
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nineteen ninety five last year governor mcauliffe established a commission to study the effects of bringing a parole system back new developments in tensions between the us and iran iran claims to a flaw in a drone over an american aircraft carrier and have taken quote precise pictures. the drone flight was allegedly part of an iranian navy drill in the persian gulf the drone footage reportedly shows fighter jets on aircraft carrier deck right now the norfolk based uss harry s truman is in the persian gulf the u s and iran have had several run ins recently in december iran reportedly launched missiles near a us ship and this month iran briefly held american sailors and this week there were reports iran told the u s ship to leave the straight a for moves to die for men are safe after spending thirty six days trapped in a collapsed mine crews pulled them down one by one today in china the mine collapsed on christmas day killing one
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from that mining accident are still unaccounted for doctors are evaluating the rescue to prepare for another change in temperatures in hampton roads with some warmer days in the forecast jeff is tracking that warming trends have to get there we have a cooling trend just for tonight. then it starts up so tonight's gonna be colder than what you found this morning and then temperatures will start to increase nothing on radar we were tracking starting of two or three o'clock this afternoon a couple of isolated showers came out to center virginia been mentioning it but it appears as if i'm certain most of it maybe then all of it never reached actual ground might have been a couple of sprinkles on the eastern shore some the far northern areas at least all the reporting stations said that they are when it passed over it never did make it down the arts of forty one degrees this evening with clearing skies breezy and chilly conditions. currently we're looking at temperatures that are down from these highs. we had fifty six earlier today in virginia beach almost the same number
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fifty fifty one fifty two a couple spots are still in the forties mainly on how well north of us closer to richmond knows that captures then they drop back through the forties into the thirties as we go to the evening by nine fifteen maybe you're going to a late dinner out of water going to the movies many that jacket because it will fit in even heavier when it that it'll be down into the thirties at that point dropping to the mid thirties in most spots and without windchill it's going to feel like anywhere from the mid twenties to upper twenties tempers even colder than in the morning some mid twenties inland it will feel colder than that right near the shoreline might stay around thirty ish but it's definitely going to be a little bit brisk out there during the am the sun come up campers will start to rebound little notice there's not much wind that sly think the biggest difference tomorrow versus what we saw today today and tomorrow have similar temperatures but different wind chills so not a whole lot of wind and by afternoon. we're looking at a
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will help to again bring some moderator and little bit for later tomorrow but definitely will see the trend tomorrow night and into sunday as the lows will stay in the thirties for the most part. saturday night into sunday with even a few forties near the coastline and then during the day on sunday we rise up quickly through the fifties and end up in the lower sixties a lot of us big system to the north continuing to bring in a little bit at reinforcing shot of colder air the leading edge of that next little sort of trough of low pressure so into the area offshore right now so for tonight mainly clear twenty nine diminishing winds will be brisk during the evening hours but then by morning the mighty be almost light tomorrow fifty with sunny skies a typical chill for this time of year late january to march a thirty nine mainly clear and not as cold winds of the southwest and eighteen mph seven day forecast sixty four by sunday sixty seven on monday and fifty six on tuesdays week
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readings a little before we get a warm rush of air out ahead of the next system on wednesday and that all set then probably will bring some scattered showers will cool off in sort of steps couple days after that back to you all right a truck is red cent into a guardrail and off the side of the road truck landed on a busy interstate and caught on fire in san diego yesterday three people driving by saw the wreck can read how those bystanders pulled a woman from the burning truck then a man just after the rescuers got the people to safety the truck exploded their father and the black out the fires are related to the gas to get him to be ready in record time of it is kind of another word to make sure they didn't get stuck in there. the rescued people had minor injuries police have not said if the driver who rear ended the truck will face charges. almost four hundred people reported killed this after a noro virus outbreak and a dinner theater in kansas city kansas
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reported the cases yesterday is investigating the source of the illness which is a highly contagious disease goddess of spread easily symptoms include stomach problems fever and body aches the health department said that peter is cooperating with the investigation helping the people of flint in the middle of the water prices more local local groups are stepping up and we'll tell you how you can help and our coverage into the murder suicide continues we now know that the lee family had not been seen for days before wednesday swat standoff. what would cause someone to kill the entire family. i'm thinking into the light that cameron to leave and i'll tell you what
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michigan's governor signed a bill authorizing twenty eight million dollars in aid for flood today right now volunteers from hampton roads are in flint delivering clean water. the group partners in the community took a truckload of water to the city are not the only ones trying to help her out william's mother is one of the latest temper rose residents donating water to the people dealing with the toxic water crisis the home because it could be your family could be your relative it could be your friend you just never know when we want to make sure that we do our part now sunday pastor john moore of the experience church in suffolk will hold a water drive that said three o'clock three o'clock in the afternoon of course at the church on to draw six hundred million dollars that is how much substance abuse problems cost virginia each
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recent virginia commonwealth university study state and local governments and spend a lot of resources on public safety and health care services the cost is expected to rise because of a growing heroin problem in virginia thirteen years now has investigated this issue closely for months to learn more watch our documentary hooked on heroin on thirteen years now. com a lawmaker behind national i d is for veterans is upset because officials are still months away from issuing any of the new carts congress approved legislation sponsored by representative last summer to create the identification cards are designed to give veterans an easy way to prove their military service earlier this week va officials said they likely won't issue the first cards until next year virginia delegate has proposed a bill to reduce the amount of required physical activity per day for
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pe teachers are arguing against the bill saying not only does physical fitness have a positive impact but it correlates with higher test scores if it passes the changes would go into effect beginning with the twenty eighteen school year. that's all we have now for thirteen years now at five thirty thirteen s our six begins with breaking news a body found in a body spotted floating in the lafayette river an orphan now a death investigation is underway. police pulled the body from the water near twenty sixth street and villa circle. she knew her as their gathering the latest details straight game in regina police still on scene here at villa circle and twenty six here in norfolk they have come from the body is a man side streets are still taped off as investigators are still on see who's got the call from a concerned citizen just before four
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floating in the river right now police say the death is undetermined but there was some blood on the man's face those around here say they hope there was a fall play or anything suspicious because there are kids in this neighborhood is mommy's save more and more like a marine was a man lies get a lot of time i see anything i and i was just heartbroken by the police still have not identified them and yet the chief medical examiner will determine the cause of death right now still unsure how much longer investigators will be out here but they have been here for several hours live in or fax to her thirteen years now we are getting new information tonight about that as a big murder suicide. today police positively identified doris tilly as one of the victims she was the grandmother of suspected shooter a camera dooley. we also note no one had heard from the family
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also return to the scene in chesapeake today searching for the most arcane has more on the investigation of the deep creek community left flowers and teddy bears at the crime scene in a show of support for the dooley family police also returning here today as they try to piece together a timetable for this tragedy. chesapeake police a monday evening was the last time anyone saw or heard from the dooley family killed by older son cameron and multiple sources tell thirty news now cameron on monday called the virginia beach dive shop or his dad were telling them tied would be in the next day because his wife had a heart attack on wednesday afternoon officers responded to a welfare check found cameron's younger brother landon shot in the head at the family's home on wildwood road cameron leaving the body just feet from where the brothers cemented their childhood love in the driveway this all of us have some problems in the a few hours later police
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standoff with cameron at
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