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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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fifteen occasionally gusting twenty mph pushing our temperatures back up close to sixty nine right now it's fifty five and oceania you can see it's also fifty five at langley their hand to doubt the coast guard air station elizabeth city reporting forty nine degrees and we have a pair of fifty four sound wakefield and in franklin will take a look at the satellite radar images we are dry across syria skies are partly cloudy right now that's what's going to be for much of the day i do expect partly sunny skies but there's a frontal boundary at their cold front that is going to push through the seeming a once that comes through when i only see chances for showers but cooler a are settling in for tomorrow so i'll be back to let you know more about that as we take you through the day by lunch up to sixty five after the highs right around sixty nine to mention that we should hit by three o'clock i'll be back full forecast temperatures a lot cooler tomorrow highs expected in the low fifties we'll talk about that another warmup and a chance
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the week right now which in newport news years actually all right craig a couple of construction projects in newport news still working at this point in the morning one of them sixty four westbound just the way that the four used to so that's headed toward yorktown eventually out to williamsburg maybe right now the left lane is blocked a quick live look at that seems you can see here that's the chairman going to be watching to see when this clears up right here the truck is going pretty well passing the scene but it might slow you down just a little bit so be cautious of that about the traffic network mass will talk about a couple things we mention the last half hour that are still working in parks lee baca county an accident northbound on hoped in between matthews and dennis traffic stopped in both directions will take another route this morning watching the road works up to newport music sixty four northbound at the monitor map one lane is blocked there and then in those six sixty four south i should say it's sixty four west the left lane is still blocks a few things to project on sixty four newport
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up at five ten or after they selected one five o three today is the day political junkies the media and the candidates have all been talking about for months by wilcox was right after months of campaigning the candidates for president are getting their very first test at the ballot box or both sides brought out the big guns yesterday their families. he would be unbelievable of the bas do me the bass master negotiator end walker may i hope our next president the latest poll numbers show donald trump leading the gop race just five points ahead of ted cruz on democratic side the race is also tight between hillary clinton bernie sanders. now everyone is focusing on the people to push hard to get them to go out and caucus kong's people even called over and over and
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that and you get the colors the way the public reasons he will caucus thing starts at seven o'clock pm central and won't stop until all the delegates are picked we should start getting results within a couple of hours keep in mind caucus isn't just nominating conventions for delegates. the iowa caucus is our first of several across the country after teh focus shifts to new hampshire for their february nineteen primary that's followed by the nevada caucuses and south carolina primaries later next month. good morning america will have more on what tonight means for lower polling candidates after daybreak it's an art that's when obey slumber like winners will be sentenced in norfolk federal court today in october the hardwood flooring retailer pleaded guilty to one felony and four misdemeanor charges and agreed to pay thirty million dollars the charges are related to environmental crimes in which the company illegally imported hardwood flooring from eastern russia i follow for new information
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the norfolk man charged with murdering his mother were getting a first look at the suspect twenty two year old shawn hunter their history behind bars right now with no bond set yet. after police found his mother sonia hunter shot inside a home on west cliff drive saturday she got boss bill detectives haven't determined a motive for shooting this morning police are investigating after two people had cell phone stolen from them last night virginia beach dispatcher say that someone assaulted a person on north mall drive that's just off of lynn haven park way before seven thirty last night by the mall. the suspect took the victim's phone we are told that a short time later a gunman took someone's phone on adventure court police have not said if the two incidents are related. a deadly amtrak crash in philadelphia still under investigation a year after it happened the other development expected today that could help investigators piece together what went wrong. i first need to try
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your best and turning the tables a woman driving on the highway pulled over a police officer hear more of
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. five o nine acquired started a cross and road just a way to get into an early monday morning as we can see right now the temperatures pretty mild across the entire region even our own gnocchi it up think i'd be alot cooler really isn't that much cooler with temperatures in the forties and fifties widespread hatteras a little bit milder right now at sixty degrees. currently we have temperatures in the fifties for most areas but elizabeth city down to forty nine forty seven up enrichment. i'm ashley what's going on here we have an area of low pressure that is spinning just to the east of lake huron and that is going to continue to move off to the east northeast of dragging a front that front will push to our area and
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little cooler than other system out here to the west is going to draw closer ahead of that one. temperatures will surge again on wednesday so warm today cooler tomorrow warm again on wednesday with a chance for showers and storms as another front come through and then it will cool down considerably for the upcoming weekend temperatures across the country cold enough to support some snow in denver their thirty one beautiful on the west coast a little bit of fog and around the big easy sixty seven in atlanta and we have temperatures in the fifties for new york and boston across our region and temperatures will range from about fifty four for the afternoon high at the dc low seventies downer on new bern everybody else pretty much somewhere in between here's a quick look at the next three days we are going to see the temperatures down tomorrow highs in the low fifties and back up to seventy on wednesday after that another push of cooler air will talk more about that with my next update them for
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out there with ashley grew up in watching a decent list of overnight construction projects i wanted to go over what still working and what in newport news and the private we have not yet talked about sixty four eastbound passport uses boulevard the left lane is still blocked the project we talked a few minutes ago with action on the westbound side just a heads up there still watching the crash scene in mackinac county the parks the area northbound on hope in between matthews and dennis traffic is still stopped in both directions to avoid that area. the rest of our overnight road work has clear that includes sixty four west before fort eustis in newport news six sixty four north at the eminem and supple and six sixty four south at sixty four in hampton so we're starting to improve out there doing a give you a heads up similar to prevent the coleman bridge talk about that when i come back. all right ashleigh thank you and we're dedicating this week to one of america's favorite foods is pizza we need a break highlights from some of his
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conviction and death sentence be overturned. the request comes based on the claim that dzhokhar sinai and could not get a fair trial in the same city that the bombing happened. a jury convicted him last april for his role in the twenty thirteen bombings his brother planted two pressure cooker bombs near the finish line of the boston marathon killing four injuring two hundred and sixty others injured time federal investigators are expected to release new evidence today in last year's amtrak crash that killed eight commuters and her two hundred others among the key ministries. why did that read tiger shark curve near philadelphia twice the speed limit. the ntsb has already said speed played a factor in the crash within days of the derailment and track installed automatic speed control at that kerr was still no arrests after a deadly biker club brawl outside the denver coliseum over the weekend police say gunfire broke out at the colorado motorcycle expo killing one person and hurting several others
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station k usa that one of the two motorcycle clubs has members in law enforcement the other club is listed as a major gain by the fbi the department of corrections says that one of its employees was involved in that fight in georgia three innocent people are dead after suspect tried to elude police crashed into their car and the suspect is still on the run police say they got a call about a stolen car in atlanta that ended up leading officers on high speed chase a man driving a black suburban ran a stop sign hitting another car the seventy six year old grandmother twelve year old grandson and a six year old girl inside that car they all died. the suspect ran a scary new video to show you this morning from a snowmobile or who got buried under an avalanche in canada take a look at that avalanche killed five people officials believe that people triggered the slide but they're not really sure how mr siva hundred and fifty snowmobile
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survive because of their experience level and they managed to dig their way out of the snow incredible talk about window shopping at another level cameras cut to california rolling through the store employees at the hoist or say the glass with a customer walked in as the prep to close this god is going really want to look at that you know we should say the sea lion made business too he climbed up one hundred and forty five stairs up a tunnel from the cable world to get to the store employees say they chased the little guy around for awhile got tired eventually use salmon to get outside as a leader is funny is that is out there it's not completely that her alligator show and an employee or member of the same francisco we were there they had some docs is just the rule of law to see why they come in and take over the voters right now
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have seal park down the only idea i think i was a huge area during either way other than that if we go from that does the line that i think we should get some ice cream you we've been talking so much about pizza we journey home which was oh i got a chance for you when he'd suffered entire year all its great will be tony a lot more about how he can do that's a lot of fun right now things are looking good across the area this is a live sky view over town point park a one focus on her spawn forecast yesterday was warm we were calling for highs yesterday to be thirteen degrees warmer than saturday so saturday as lucy put a little chilly for her to his that was actually pretty close to normal and fifty three but we did make it up to sixty nine yesterday and obviously that verifies to the spot on street now at five and today we're looking for some areas of fuel in spots to hit seventy degrees were offered official high right at sixty nine so i think that once in a pretty
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seventy percent of the spots out to the last little bit of what whether that's out west virginia right now we're dry were gonna be dry for you right in to work through the middle part of the day late afternoon there might be a couple of stray showers but even at that point most of it should be still out to two degrees in the windsor southwest at eleven mph so today that high close to sixty nine degrees skies going to be partly sunny with increasing clouds late the winds are going to blow from the southwest ten to fifteen mph gusting to twenty mph i'd see the better chances for what weather though really coming during the evening hours look for scattered showers and i think most of it will occur through the metro between say eight that's when we'll see our best chances for those showers and they moved through overnight lows near forty four so not looking at snow tonight as rain showers and then tomorrow mostly cloudy early becoming partly sunny high near fifty one
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eight and have a lot of temperature variation during the day tomorrow. mild for early february is the wind shifted the southeast will get one more warm one on wednesday another system pushes through a cold front that one strong enough to produce showers and some thunderstorms i think on wednesday into early thursday a few showers possible highs near forty eight on thursday and look at the cooler conditions staying through the weekend friday forty four upper forties saturday and sunday i was checking in on the ride that the coleman bridge will see how things look and there are a crack right now traffic conditions calm and steady at the coleman bridge but later on today a couple of times later on today. the coleman bridge is set to open one to eleven thirty and then again at noon but as i mentioned is with the camera right now traffic moving very well as what one tractor trailer they're headed toward gloucester and a couple of our cars are headed toward york towns other than that were defined by the coleman
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two less one eleven thirty and another at twelve this afternoon at noon i should say that rapid network maps we had the chesapeake the symbol turnpike bridge out their opening at seven thirty this morning right in the middle of the morning rush hour so make note of that in terms of the other things i'm still watching still watching that accident scene and parsley that side northbound on hold in between matthews and dennis right now traffic still stop in both directions of mackinac counties are just right of way that you can and in newport news sixty four east just passport used as the play is blocked as you head in the direction of jefferson avenue the famously down just a little bit. also traffic now picking up five sixty four west into naval station norfolk. details of the ride into the base when
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at five twenty four new this morning motorists in miami to the law in her own hands pulling over a police officer she says was speeding to post the video to youtube to the apology on her today and ask him tomorrow and the conversations because
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when your first jumping on to the palmetto a you arar pushing ninety miles an hour before the police officer told claudia can feel that he didn't think he was speeding but he did apologize he said he pulled over because he thought she had an emergency alright every woman right there on out. alright the panthers and broncos are in california today getting ready for the super bowl one of the big highlights panthers quarterback cam newton kansas and is known for his unique sense of style with everyone talking to social media just in case you're wondering they are made recently by versace and i'm hoping been seen that out here and they will set you back eight hundred and fifty bucks if you want here you'll have to wait they're already so high up fifth for is the signature celebration move called the dam and now everyone is getting into it. these are
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senior citizen home in north carolina and you can see the crowd members of the panther nation they're taking a cue from the star quarterback and that was part of their chair exercise class soo cute i will this week are so excited to keep going here and a break so we are highlighting some of the best spots in hampton roads and we're giving you a chance to win free peanuts out for a year to just watch the six o'clock hour of daybreak for the keyword to enter their teen years now. com or use aztec thirteen pizza we forgot about this the back to the grind night is monday morning and we've got temperatures in the seventies oh yeah you may want to grab an umbrella though craig is tracking some afternoon showers details and add in
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. a memorial today for the family kill in a murder suicide in chesapeake as the mystery behind it begins to unravel. he walked out of prison a free man but now a navy sailor convicted in connection to his friend's
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the same case it is monday morning coming up at five thirty right now this is thirteen years now daybreak i'm on three senior allison bustamante another warm day on tap me on just regular and actually tracking a cooldown for tomorrow morning tracking al it's gonna be warm again today will be cooler tomorrow but to say and we warmed up again on wednesday so the weird and wild temperature swings continue across syria. note the flags yearlong settlers landing up in hampton on right now breezy with southwest winds are blowing about ten to fifteen mph down to north looks good and the pressure is holding steady but there is a cold front that is going to push through later this evening that's going to touch up some showers this evening and i sure in a cool down for tomorrow ahead of the front with the south southwest winds blowing it is going to be quite warm and we're starting off mild keep in mind forty nine is normal for a high this time of year so we're already above that in
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are partly cloudy to all of these dry here now out to the west we do have some showers pushing across west virginia see some of those north of beckley and around charleston. this is a sissy with that from the front come through here this evening i here's a look at the forecast said over the next twelve hours you can see the temps getting up close to sixty nine degrees i will have the full forecast coming up much cooler tomorrow warm again wednesday cool again after that plenty to watch is ashley with a look at the naval station north twenty nine minutes a session hour and we do have some can certainly make it out westbound into the base before we head to that notice your little bit of heavy traffic around the midtown tunnel as well that was closed over the weekend for right now is open you might see minor delays what i want to focus on though is that will give you a live look now you can see here it's not as bad as it looks on the maps
5:26 am
span of five sixty four is backed up just past the runway tunnel and that using the delays at the hampton boulevard and making its way to the base gates as well before this point we are clear heads naval station norfolk so keep an eye on that on the traffic network maps are roadwork has cleared in newport news wanna give you a heads up one that it was sixty four eastbound they wrote down here just passport uses boulevard but again i have to worry about that now and traffic is also moving very well so as we zoom out a couple of things are still kind of working across the area. i'll give you details again on your delays are still working and some trouble spots you to know about when i come back all right ashleigh thank you so much later today people will gather to remember six members of the dooley family who died in a awful case of murder suicide in chess shirley was they were murdered at the hands of camera do leave before the twenty six year old took his own life are lisa brown joins us with how people in the community plan to honor their lives on three lucy the dooley family was loved by so many people indian
5:27 am
department to church this family touched a lot of lives in the community. chesapeake police eight twenty six year old cameron dooley shot and killed his family then himself last wednesday police found cameras younger brother landon at the family home on wildwood road couple blocks away pleasee cameron was armed and barricaded inside his grandmother's home police tried to negotiate with him for several hours eventually swat went into the home. in addition to cameron's body officers found his father todd mother lori sister broke in grandmother doris since this tragedy family has been to the community for its outpouring of love and support that support will continue tonight at deep creek baptist church in chesapeake. the community is invited to remember the family at a memorial service. according to the chesapeake police department scheduled to begin at seven p m if you'd like to attend the address is two fifty mill creek parkway were told a free shuttle service
5:28 am
creek high school to the church starting at five thirty will not be handicapped accessible. elise they release it is coming about five thirty four now a new this morning the navy sailor connected to the two thousand thirteen or for murder is expected in military court this week austin greeting is scheduled for an article thirty two hearing on friday. similar to preliminary hearing a civilian court convicted him of second degree murder for killing his friend and is part of a plea deal served six months in prison. well now the military has charged him with a crime again but this time of the federal level and now on to a crime alert and chesapeake were shooting left two people hearts. police say it happened just after eight o'clock last night on booker street that is just off of reprints boulevard officers found a man and a woman medics rushed both of them to sent aaron off the general working to find out much more from the police about their conditions and also what led up to that shooting involving a state troopers are working to find out how an injured
5:29 am
the interstate off ramp police found the woman yesterday on the shoulder of the rebel eating from westbound i sixty four to northampton boulevard. medics took her to the hospital she is expected to survive investigators say witnesses saw a red pickup truck driving away from her and headed in the direction of north military highway. if you know anything call state police a thirteen year old and two other people were shot after a drive by shooting a basketball court in norfolk. now police are looking for the shooter witnesses told officers that someone inside of a blue suv opened fire while driving to the north view neighborhood officers found two victims nearby the thirteen year old and a sixteen year old a third victim a twenty year old man showed up at a hospital. if you know anything at all about this call the crime line police are investigating what led up to a shooting that killed a man in virginia beach it happened early yesterday
5:30 am
road officers found the man shot in the chest it's not clear if the arrested anyone not the victim he died at the hospital. if you know anything about the shooting call the crime line a tragic end to a days long search to virginia tech students are not charged in the death of a girl new details about the crime that stunned the campus and comedian bill cosby returns to a pennsylvania courtroom this
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good morning welcome back right now things pretty quiet up on the peninsula it's looking very peaceful there on the south side as well no issues with the weather the kids get ready for the school bus and this morning when he partly cloudy temperatures in the lower fifties right now is a ticket today temperatures will be warming up sixty five by one sixty eight for the recess this afternoon so it is going to be a very warm day today temperatures all across the region really warm right now and we will continue to see these temperatures staying above normal on the sunni start off with temperatures higher than the typical high as some of you know it's going to be a warm one across the country temperatures a little cooler for the north central u s and show you this because there's a front that is going to push through tonight that's going
5:34 am
moves in for tomorrow highs tomorrow will be in the low fifties so there you go on wednesday back up to near seventy another chance for showers and i think some thunderstorms on wednesday as that front comes through thursday into the upcoming weekend it will be cooler so that's what we're looking at right now to see what ashley's looking out over the hr bt want to meditate or bt this morning craig focusing on the ride. hampton to norfolk. i will tell you now though traffic moving nicely eastbound and westbound around the hr bt or they're leaving hampton and making its way to the south side this shot is of mallory street where a half mile away from the hr btn were seeing no major delays also nice if you had a westbound toward six sixty four now on our other cameraman head over to naval station norfolk i mentioned the last time we checked traffic on five sixty four west. i just naturally told that for those delays began. right now though things have started to kind of creep back a little bit further to the shop here is
5:35 am
delayed about half way down five sixty four west high's me to eat with the basics but those delays going to build a little bit. keep you posted on that for now back on the travel network map the rest of the area doing pretty well but doing a live picture right in chesapeake sixty four on the high rise bridge that's coming up in just eight minutes. all right ashleigh thank you liz officially be so weak and thirteen is now at daybreak they were highlighting some of the best spots to grab a slice here him throat plus how you can enter to win free
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five fifty four g time later today the world health organization will hold an emergency meeting to discuss ways to battle the z virus the virus has now been detected in twenty five countries throughout the americas first appeared in the western hemisphere in may. zeke a virus is linked to birth defects among those effects it's been linked to babies born with abnormally small of nominally small heads in complete brain development is well it's believed to spread through mosquitoes are more the story hello good morning america that it's seven o'clock right after daybreak and later today the new trial for the alleged gang members charged in connection to the murder of virginia police captain is supposed to begin now a judge approved moving the trial from charlottesville to roanoke back in august the judge also
5:38 am
jury the first trial ended in a mistrial for suspects are charged with killing waynesboro reserve police captain kevin quick police found his body near the linn county line in february of twenty fourteen. later today to virginia tech students are set to be arraigned on charges in connection to the death of a thirteen year old girl investigators believe the coal of l disappeared from her blacksburg home late tuesday for family thinks she climbed out of her bedroom window the police from her body in north carolina on saturday eighteen year old david eisenhower's now behind bars is facing first degree murder and abduction charges and nineteen year old natalie keepers is charged with improper disposal of a dead body which is a felony based on evidence collected to date we have determined that eisenhower and a coworker pointed part of their her disappearance as now use this relationship to the ranch to go out and then killer state
5:39 am
searching a pond near the virginia tech campus they haven't said what they're trying too find though that for more on this developing story ahead on good morning america that it's seven o'clock right after daybreak. all eyes will be on a pennsylvania courtroom tomorrow as a judge weighs whether to throw bill cause these criminal sex assault out or go to trial the comedian is facing felony charges for allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting a woman at his pennsylvania home in two thousand and four. now defense attorneys claim that the former district attorney made a deal several years ago not to prosecute him in exchange for his deposition in a civil suit and you can look for much more on this developing story ahead on good morning america that is at seven o'clock right after daybreak new video shows to escape california inmates being taken back to prison after more than a week on the run authorities captured hussein nigeria and jonathan to saturday after finding them in a stolen van officials say they've already tightened security at the prison with more charges
5:40 am
surrender to police on friday and you will have much more on this story coming up here in just about an hour fifteen minutes from now. i credit the salad we are in for quite the rollercoaster we had temperatures up and down up and now we really started our ascent yesterday with the high of sixty nine were going to come to stay up there today for a big dip tomorrow on the wednesday that it has been in this as one of the year to me asking me over the next couple days that waitress it was a miracle that i will hopefully that's why you're tuning in right now i can say a green light to both the morning ride in the evening ride his little more detail partly cloudy right now very mild out there this evening increasing clouds for the ride home and as a low risk of a shower that's for the afternoon drive i expect showers later this evening but probably after most of the sorority off the roads as we take a look right now you'll notice it is dry across the immediate area out to the west so we are already
5:41 am
parts of west virginia going to continue to watch as i pull the map over here you'll notice scattered showers to charleston back down a little bit farther to the southwest more back up into parts of ohio we've got the wet weather out there that's all associated with the frontal boundary that will push through our area later tonight so let's get into the future cats and spend little time talking about exactly what you have to mention very mild this morning captures low to mid fifties for most folks as we partly cloudy for most of the morning into the early afternoon. later during the afternoon and here we are for thirty five o'clock start to see those clouds increasing in thickening up the wet weather most likely still out to the west just a low risk of a shower later this afternoon. by evening though seven eight o'clock to see the rain approaching to richmond and petersburg by nine o'clock i expected over the western half of the viewing area pushing through the metro and then as we take it through eleven thirty most of the wet weather clears the coast may
5:42 am
the beach or up from the eastern shore but basically our best chances for the metro to see the wet weather between eight thirty and eleven thirty after that we should dry out and skies will be mostly cloudy for much of the evening or overnight hours. now tomorrow skies going to be mostly cloudy to partly cloudy not a bad day another push of warmer air after a cooldown on tuesday tuesday will be cooler but wednesday we warm it back up as we had yet another from beyond reproach in the area ahead of that next front good southwest wind blows and were back up temperatures very warm close to seventy degrees on wednesday but look at the showers in some heavier rain we could see a few thunderstorms rolling through especially later in the afternoon on wednesday and wednesday evening. once that line crosses later wednesday night things will improve thursday into friday will drive out in temperatures actually a little bit below normal low
5:43 am
will turn a lot cooler late in the week as energy that smile this morning low to mid fifties as we take a live look than ten or if it looks great winter south southwest at eleven mph. highs today will stay close to sixty nine degrees with partly sunny skies slight chance of a shower late better chances for showers this evening that i expected overnight lows around forty four that is obviously well above freezing so just rain showers tonight while fifty one the hive much closer to normal and forty eight tomorrow night after that we warmed up again once acc that temperatures to cool down again thursday forty eight hi there and then into the mid forties on friday more sunshine temperatures staying a little bit below normal saturday and sunday to look at the high rise bridge right now ashleigh smiling hopefully the traffic still moving nicely every strum high rise bridge great track actually moving pretty well and we'll get to live live just to prove it. sixty four eastbound and westbound traffic no delays at the high rise bridge again traffic flowing very freely if that
5:44 am
but for now i would dig into what you do need to watch l fourth let's head back to the mass and talk about that the strapping five sixty four west slows about half way down which chambers be less reason to see those delays right around here. traffic drops down to seventy miles an hour coming from fifty five still watching a crash scene in park lit courses mackinac county northbound on hoped in between matthews and dennis the road is completely closed in both directions of trouble with that area don't forget the suitable turnpike bridge opens at seven thirty this morning and the coleman bridge at eleven thirty this morning and then again add new and coming up on six o'clock been really fun nine minutes away from that traffic onto sixty four at the downtown tunnel. all right ashleigh thank you well it is officially pizza week here on daybreak on social media we ask you to finish the names of your favorite pizza places from all around our region and you definitely delivered. so we checked out a virginia beach staple tony's pizza on
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been in business for get this almost forty years they were the first ones in that strip mall owner and first generation american george georgie who credits his greek families work ethic for being able to survive the highs and lows of the volatile restaurant industry accustomed to men with this for me with hope and now we're serving not only the children but their grandchildren which i'm not sure that that's a comfort in the fall coming out in our six thirty half hour of daybreak the nice kind and very very welcoming people at tony's tell us about exactly what i want to hear their special ingredient. what goes into making that perfect pizza pie so make sure you also do a hashtag thirteen easily afford that like we just told it's pizza week on daybreak so all week long we'll be showing you some of the best spots in hampton tomorrow and have a place that's been around for fifty nine years wow this month yes how are by the aviator
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will get free pizza for e air here's how you can enter watch thirteen years now and they bring her in the six o'clock hour learn the special keyword then there are thirteen years now com click on the features tab enter the keyword there for a chance to win also find official contest rules right there in sight. new this morning stocks in china lost ground overnight while other asian markets were mixed that follows the biggest u s single day games in five months on friday. today will get commerce department reports on personal income and spending as well as construction spending well there's a new leader at the box office the animated sequel kung fu panda theory took in forty one million dollars this weekend. second and third place belongs to movies at theaters for a while now. the rabbit came in second place while star wars finished third in ri to southern food taste test all the food this morning all the fancy one and was in a group of people from
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. seoul west coasters get a trial basis good ole southern food toy and there should be no surprise here. they loved it because lucy sets you to tell the voter originals had six people from california from the carolinas through the carolinas a fee before they hat tea ginger beer mustard barbeque and
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over watering the greens were by far the favorite to take a listen to one of the reaction of smoke is better than having a large truck. i think we know that you use the trust fund to buy more shoes at the two series lead love a good i think it is that bill said check this out hardliners like with peanuts as well as they did not go over so well though most of them continually spit them out now what does soften the pain of the way to how much meaning and the allies knew he was mean and the no one big hospital well we've been watching the last measure that is the al paso county colorado sheriff huff is going viral on social media for this video the man in the orange shirt is that
5:50 am
this past weekend. this is why feel so free the twenty nine years have spoke to the video shown in his retirement ceremony host of issues to walk about and has been shared thousands of times once to let him take a look of this story about crashing. there's a new drone that flies itself the don't ask do the three d robotics solo drone flies itself with the need to worry about this frame of the camera. as for the coast will set you back for the costs travel say back about fat o thousand bucks to enter the give up some pretty cool with that you will not make the false hero takes photos of the alternate they are really the ups and i've really been cool enough to warrant he was out with the starbucks yes this spring the blanket or otherwise the pentagon that's the sorta
5:51 am
honor of the day was turning the day with a sober news weather traffic right now it's it's because the stakes in this election could not be higher on wind blew all the iowa caucuses today the candidates are a tight race it is the first real test in the race for the white house and facing the music lumber like waiters had to court to find out the consequences of breaking federal law. this is daybreak ashley is watching the road for any trouble spots for you and craig is here he's going to talk about the forecast and we always say it's a rollercoaster ride is literally going to read the thread for the next few days the correct yet were still higher today tend to be back up around sixty nine a lot like yesterday but a big dip tomorrow and then we sore back up again on wednesday and we dipped again after that so will be an up and
5:52 am
temperature forecast over the coming days right now we are very mild. we think about this you're ok fifty three degrees at sa right southwest wind fifteen mph. normally the high this time of year is forty nine so we're starting off. morning temperatures above the normal highs for this time of year and it's only going to get warmer through the afternoon so the warm up comes that out ahead of a cold front that front will push through later this evening bringing with it the showers and behind that the winds will shift to the north and to the northwest and then the cooler air moves in so today temperatures will get up close to sixty nine degrees at around three o'clock note your noontime temperature mid sixties just a real nice and very comfortable afternoon but temperatures will be alot cooler close to normal tomorrow i'll talk more about that talk about chances for storms on wednesday in another cool down later in the week. here's ashley r craig we have just kicked off the morning rush hour officially a few spots need to watch out for for the morning commute was
5:53 am
though his traffic around
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