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tv   13 News 11  ABC  February 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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making a major announcement about filing tax returns electronically. what spurred some problems today and how it can affect your refund the more people and anyone in history the world and the story of one of the biggest cons in history airing on abc thirteen a local man says he was one of bernie madoff's victims the news starts now. nasty weather across hampton roads tonight it was tough to dodge the rain and wind out there tonight. jeff has been tracking this cold front of jeff you're saying we should expect more rain overnight and even tomorrow and certainly not going to rain at all hours of tonight and tomorrow the farther north and west you go the lower your chances at some point of rain tomorrow but we're definitely in for a very wet twenty four thirty six hours notice first we had the line of showers and thunderstorms with some very heavy downpour
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forty mph and now just moderate rain with occasional if he occasionally a few heavier downpours filtering and and that's going to continue here for quite awhile you can see it does get lighter the farther up the princely ago and that's going to tend to be the same sort of a setup as we go through later tonight and tomorrow but we still had almost an inch in hampden last several hours less lists the six hours a five hundred to newport news one of thirty inches in wakefield than one point four here in norfolk one in virginia beach and everything slide south and east were starting to see these numbers in north carolina feeling a little bit as well. we're going to continue to watch this rain again the heaviest rain during the overnight and then i think will get a little bit of a break in some spots the first lets a half or third of the day tomorrow but the analysts attempt or sixties and then i'll start to drop through the fifties the rain will fill back in
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comes in by afternoon talk about that how that could lead to changes some snow tomorrow night we got a lot to talk about when i come back a few minutes i think stephen you tonight surveillance video of an armed robbery in portsmouth the robber burst into the dollar tree deals on victory blvd tonight police say he was armed with a handgun. the clerk opened the register and then was forced to the floor as the robber got away. the cork was not heard. police say they are still looking for that suspect and there's a new push to remove norfolk city treasurer anthony barr a foot from office last month the feds charge were filled with eight counts of public corruption. he is accused of using his influence as a member of city council to help a private developer in exchange for hundreds of thousands of dollars in kickbacks while this morning a group named the citizens recall committee re filed a petition to recall bradford councilman barkley one was
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says the recall could be pointless to understand people saying you know i'd ask for his sake and for the people say that we do a lot of discomfort as they're waiting for the court to certify the petition before they circulate and they still need to raise more than four thousand signatures to run a tv mini series people to look at the life of bernie madoff the man known for pulling off the biggest financial scheme of all time. the bill billions of dollars from people. annie le beau tells us about a man right here in hampton roads who lost millions at the hands of madoff's ponzi scheme wednesday night on abc thirteen seed use fifty billion dollars. people gotta look into the life of bernie madoff the man behind scamming investors out of the audience and causing people to lose their life or chicks pc regret more people than anyone in history
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what that site. he lost millions in a made up a ponzi scheme he now teaches last refinance at old dominion university for nearly ten years in work from a boston investment firm he says everyone loved them and here are some of the people looked up to and for the most part it is very well like very well respected he was shocked when he found out made us had been arrested at the time he no longer work for him madoff is now serving hundred and fifty year prison term but as abc aired a tv mini series documenting may also life. one hopes the focus isn't too much on hollywood glitz and glam shows the victim's pain in perspective the to be destroyed the going to be destroyed forty nine in you both thirteen years now the second half of the bernie madoff story will air tomorrow night eight again right here on abc thirty s but delays tomorrow during the navy solid curtain citadel shield exercise
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shooter drill at naval support activity northwest annex in chesapeake. the goal of the exercises to help train sailors to respond to threats officials say there may be traffic backups near the base nearby residents may also see or hear security activities related to the store a tough day for many workers in newport news shipbuilding more than seven hundred people lost their jobs after their shifts. this is just the latest round of layoffs last fall nearly five hundred jobs were caught and were told more job cuts could become a shipyard president says the cuts were necessary because of a slowdown in the shipyards workload now reports the total number of layoffs could reach fifteen hundred meeting another three hundred jobs still are in jeopardy. several food drives have been set up for workers who were laid off on february twenty four the drive is scheduled at the united steelworkers office in newport news. there's also another food drive on march
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hampton. both are from ten until noon in all thirty two drives are planned one on february eighteen to another on march seventeen thirty at the iron workers union hall on virginia beach blvd we have all of these details you want to check them out again on thirty news now a major overhaul is on the way for one of the oldest shopping destinations and hampton river goes shopping center and coliseum central is getting a massive face laughed along with it a big name in the grocery business that promises to be a draw for shoppers is crying foul dark and empty even if it were night time that's what you would find in much of riverdale shopping center once bustling more of a bust in recent years not much to all of the year to fifty luthor sprinkled him and he can really do too much michelle buchanan finishing a run to one of the stores wednesday when she found out about some big changes on the way outcome in our lab bailey come in this area but
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kroger store coming in this area a sprawling kroger marketplace on its way to the aging shopping center the store will be similar in size and one in midtown portsmouth and will include eighteen gas pumps city of hampton said earlier in the day a georgia based developer will be putting sixty million dollars in the riverdale it needs a new look. other new businesses be psych rover and a new name river point the president of the development company says it wants to make sure that river point blends in with other developments in the area as part of that will make certain the businesses here complement other established businesses including those at nearby peninsula town center improvements expected to begin quickly with at least one person anxious to see what's in the future still longing of it for the past i want their feet the combat they if they bring their fight that i will have to say now we're talking about a business stuff about me coming every day in hampton brian carroll thirteen years now. other news a mother and
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more than a half million dollars from the government today in federal court the daughter of cindy hall pleaded guilty to fraud. hall and her mother stephanie all men are accused of lying about the number of children they helped through their suffering nononofit called send the community outreach program is designed to feed low income children prosecutors say the pair got away with more than five hundred and seventy four thousand dollars she was here today to accept responsibility make amends we hope that the judge will take that into consideration when passing of a great sentence host mother stephanie allen pleaded guilty last week both are set to be sentenced in may a day in philadelphia today i scored a legal win against bill cosby in the committee and sexual assault case a judge refused to throw out the charges instead ruling that the case will be allowed to proceed because his attorneys had argued that the previous da had granted immunity in exchange for
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case the prosecution still has to prove there's enough evidence for trial that hearing is scheduled next month. cosby is accused of assaulting a woman at his philadelphia area home back in two thousand and four also new developments tonight in the weeks long standoff an oregon federal grand jury has indicted ammon bundy and some of the activists who joined him in the armed occupation of a federal wildlife refuge indictment remained sealed and it's unclear what charges are listed a federal prosecutor in portland says the indictment is against eleven people for holdouts remain at the reserve charges are withdrawn for a virginia beach woman a case of stabbing her boyfriend to death today a prosecutor said twenty year old an egg a day has is killed her boyfriend in self defense cases was extremely emotional but silent as he walked in the courtroom today as a free one in five months ago her boyfriend terrence covington
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their home off the court coming to his family and friends told thirteen years now after the hearing justice he's all mine and she gets to go about her life her she gets the recently after covington to death today hey seuss went to a mental evaluation but was found competent to stand trial. she spent the past five months the irs dealing with computer problems tonight how a system failure could affect your tax filing and your refunds police officers ditching their cars in a snowstorm they say swapping four wheels for four legged animals helps them stay safe on the job and super most
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i knew tonight the irs says it has stopped accepting electronically filed tax returns because of problems with some of its computer systems the outage could affect three four c agency experienced what it is calling a hardware failure of the e file system and the where's my refund the service are among the areas affected. some systems will remain out of service at least until tomorrow in the race for the white house
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continues to shrink tonight rick santorum ended his bid and said he would support marco rubio meanwhile donald trump was in nashville this afternoon but he wasn't doing any campaigning trumps private plane was diverted to nashville international due to engine trouble in the staff were put on a different plane so they can make it to a rally tonight in arkansas. abc's martha gonzales reports the candidates are all staying focused and on the attack tonight the republican field narrowing again rick santorum dropping out and announcing on fox news he's endorsing the new video is a trend is a gifted young man today rubio adding to the criticism than ted cruz after the cruise camp sent this e mail to supporters on caucus day suggesting doctor ben carson might be leaving the race the donald trump accusing claims of fraud over a meeting ted cruz didn't win iowa he stole it he said to
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did to ben carson that was a disgrace. cruz apologizing calling into question whether hillary clinton isn't really a progressive. some days yes except when she announces that she is moderate clinton calling it a low blow and saying she can overcome sanders double digit lead in the new hampshire polls as if it's about our records. hey i'm going to win by a landslide on tuesday clinton sanders will face off in a debate tomorrow night then the republicans will debate here in new hampshire saturday night right here on abc. marci gonzalez abc news manchester new hampshire more details on that that next republican debate again saturday night on abc thirteen eight o'clock it will be moderated by world news tonight anchor david
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martha rabbits a storm blew through parts of north carolina this afternoon dumping heavy amounts of rain and blowing down a few trees this is a look at some of the damage from charlotte were told there were several reports of downed trees and power outages many areas were also flooded after the downpour police officers and minnesota have learned this after a recent snowstorm they can get around on horses much easier than in squad cars officer is what st paul is not to patrol are still in control despite the weather were told they check for any traffic violations and pulled over a few drivers back windshield needs to be cleaned of obstruction of a free kick off on the road which is the safety thing a squad car can step on the gas and go faster going to spin out somebody on foot is going to slip just as much the officer as tall as the horses had extra grip on
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around on the snowy streets we showed you the amounts over an inch and a number of places across the area and we're not done yet we're going to get more times tonight little bit of a break maybe worse not as concentrated tomorrow and i think we'll see another batch moving back in during the day tomorrow and into tomorrow night. talk about that earlier our thought future cast was bringing the precipitation fine up off the coast or up the coast is starting to do that now some things working out as planned some of you think that's good news i've heard some people say we really need probably not too happy if you're out dodging raindrops this evening like a number of people i saw him get temps are sixty two right now that's really warm for this time of year and that's what we have fall into after being up in the mid seventies southerly winds are going to keep it very mild during the overnight hours and everybody is in the sixties here with very few exceptions spot right near the water like a cross watch a pre and some of the other eastern
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the only ones on this entire map in the fifty still that's still way above normal spot a forecast for tomorrow is it will be at least thirty degrees colder in the afternoon high temps or was this afternoon a huge swings up and down the forecast for today for example was afternoon temperatures at least twenty degrees warmer and we were twenty four degrees warmer as of three p m soar up to eight forecasts in a row try to match that twenty one st we had a week or two ago. memaw look at some of these are rainfall totals going forward i showed you the amounts we've already had and now these are additional now so some significant rains across the region later tonight tomorrow and even on into tomorrow night as we could see another couple of inches theoretically in a few locations after already seeing over an inch. so here are some the breaks that we start to get times during the day tomorrow but things are definitely going to fill back in as well with some
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and notice the temperatures they go from sixties in the morning to fifties we should be that of pop the broadcast again a second ago now they slide during the afternoon back to the forties and this is what i was talking about earlier earlier on a future cast by two thirty in the morning had this rain well down south and east of us i said i thought it needed to be brought back up close of the coastline or even over us. well it's shifting and trending that way i would expect it to probably make it even farther and cover even more of the region thursday night and i think we're going to see again cold enough readings a loft that i would expect the potential for some snow to mix and especially in some of the northern spots a little bit more the north and west and temperatures a rather cold friday night saturday morning before we see a rebound saturday afternoon back up in the mid forties fairly close to normal. look at this band moving through and how we don't see a whole lot of
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that's why i think it'll still are the reason i think i'll still continue to affect the soul in the morning occasional rain temperatures of sixty degrees on the call that windy and warm certainly very warm for this time of year but by tomorrow temperatures falling to forty four with periods of rain heavy yes that the coast and turning colder obviously in the seven day forecast some snow quite possible to guarantee at the very possible thursday night and then friday we clear out chilly forty four saturday normal and forty eight and sunny and probably just some north carolina precipitation on sunday to get closer to us would have to deal with a little bit of a brief next pope will watch that for the next few days i have some breaking news to tell you about a car hitting a building in norfolk and right here you are looking at a live picture on east princess anne road this is near church street and east virginia beach boulevard again live picture right there no word
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but were told one person was taken into custody will continue to follow the developments out there and bring you the latest tomorrow morning during day parade coming up later in sports it was national signing day for student athletes around hampton roads
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they got to rancher and colorado is a very busy right now she is a knitting broncos sweaters for all her kids were talking about the baby goats on a farm right the girl goat skin and orange sweater the boys get blue one and her husband are expecting to have one hundred and fifty goats on their farm this spring she says her ranching and knitting duties take up every second of her day. ah well the colonial williamsburg foundation will unveil its first ever super bowl ad this year. this is the opening shot of the ad officials with the foundation told us they did not have any clips available just yet the ad features moments of
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american history. former tv news anchor tom brokaw narrates the ad it will only be broadcast in new york philadelphia and washington d c bought an extended version will be posted on the foundation's website be sure to check out the awesome happy times for some families around the area busy time in hampton roads when it comes to national signing day we took a peek at several football players who were moving up to improve on some prominent college football programs begin in a beach a specific goal of aka taylor ocean lakes quarterback is headed to florida state taylor five eleven hundred and eighty pounds he's listed as the best corner in the country and overall top twenty five recruit crazy news media down here so it was a moment to ski with the donner lake taylor wayne davis made it official hill joineneurban meyer in
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davis will likely be a quarterback as well in columbus he joins former titan jail and holmes is currently at osu a great day overall in general for the types of agreements with the visit of the bees in the death star is a great academic program one hours to wind down in the coaches will include them in a while it is is that the home of the van so we did the life of all the pasta water enhanced benjamin cohen is now virginia tech hope he'll join up with new head coach justin fuente was a quarterback for the crabs will likely go to the other side of the ball possibly a free safety there's only enough to plan no experience the cars i've known here this is his cousin clan also landing whiteout philip patterson a pace i die
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the cookies over duke wake forest north carolina penn state and tennessee the site includes is the most is that this is the closes the israeli side has the biggest signing had nothing to do it soon athletes is actually richard morgan to let oscar smith back onto the scene as a football power he's leaving to take a head coaching job in marietta georgia high school football morgan confirm that with me this afternoon a record of one hundred and sixty four and twenty in fourteen seasons they were thirty one this past season. once two state titles in two thousand eight and two thousand eleven. he's one of two now prom it southside coach is leaving the other chris scott who last month left. ocean lakes to be the head coach at
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the ninth ranked uva and their fans pretty stoked about is the host boston college and with good reason i had to do with malcolm problem with that in the first half versus three pointer then london for that is adding to the barrage back to prague to get seventeen first half points twenty seven a game high for the game as a lead big at halftime. anthony gill off them is there with the slam the a ten points they would grow from their final sixty one to forty seven virginia now has won five in the virginia wesleyan at home tonight to host a grand opulence struggling the first half before thirty three percent did get the puck in a foul from kicking ten scale and ho. it took a one point
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clearly more for the flashy added twelve to lead twenty eight fifteen at halftime the plug away from their poll with fifty they win fifty two forty two. christopher newport needing overtime to beat saul's berry sixty one fifty nine there now nineteen and one a perfect thirteen o eight in conference and i would hear the rain still and will be able to hear a lot later tonight tomorrow not all day tomorrow and not all places the farther north and west to get the less you'll see that definitely was quite wet at times and temps are falling from sixties in the morning and sixties now still sixties in the morning only forty four in the afternoon light and shadow about is thirteen years now an eleven day break starts at four thirty tomorrow morning to make it alive is next followed by nightline and this is always
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live."
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"jimmy kimmel live"! tonight --
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