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tv   13 News 6 Weekend  ABC  February 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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seven one. we pushed all the information on facebook and twitter and ask that you share that if you do see moses and haven you can call state police at one hundred and eight to two forty four fifty three that's one hundred va child while the marines have been kicking up on what has been a great day across hampton roads area saw a drop or two of rain others had some sleet coming down and store has a look at how long that less than ideal weather will be with us o'brien it'll be with us as we go through the evening hours things improving after midnight. and here's an area of low pressure spinning off the north carolina south carolina coastline a great view from the satellite picture the visible satellite spinning right through here intensifying as it does so and that's what's causing all the very gusty winds winds gusting over forty mph and notice as we mentioned yesterday mainly north carolina coastal sections would see the rain today that has been the case. we also mention if we got some heavier bursts indicated by
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and one manufacturer's own cold air and change some of this over mix with some sleep we've been saying that as well as numerous reports of sleet to parts of virginia beach chesapeake announced a north carolina as well especially on the pembroke section of virginia beach airport sports story now towards the oceanfront some sleet likely mixing in here even as reports from ocean view if you sleep palette mixing and continues down here across eastern parts of north carolina around hartford and down across the outer banks now this rain and sleet will continue to spin as this area of low pressure moves off the coast line by nine o'clock still dealing with the two coastal areas as we head towards eleven o'clock and into tomorrow morning things will start to clear out and look for partly sunny day tomorrow but another chance for some winter weather by monday night and tuesday i'll have details on that in the seventy forecasts coming up a few minutes police are looking for the person or people responsible for a deadly shooting this morning in hunters hill norfolk officers found a twenty one year old shot outside a home
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there to her talk to neighbors who called nine one one as well as relatives of the twenty one year old u s re write our first loss show you what the scene is looking like right now you can see the police officers still hear the area still taped off i spoke with the victims cousins they were here at the scene earlier trying to figure out what could have led to his death he told me they were too upset to speak on camera but they're hoping to find answers soon investigators say calls came in about the gunshots just after ten o'clock this morning when we got to the home here on anderson street they found a man dead on the scene just moments ago his family talked to neighbors who called nine one one neighbor says she was frightened and saddened when she realized who the victim was nice to see him in the sun that as sin on the porch than his own business you know he speaks in everyday will mess with no
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me after hearing the gunshots and calling i won one they saw a gray or silver carp peel away from the streets right now police are still investigating so they don't have a suspect description or releasing the victim's name of an orphan to her thirteen years now. a person had to be treated for smoke inhalation after a fire started at home in hampton this morning crews got the banister drive off of deerfield boulevard around ten forty am and although they had the fire under control within twenty minutes flames and smoke caused some heavy damage to the house people who were inside the home when the fire started. got out of it before firefighters arrived. medics took one person to the hospital for smoke inhalation. investigators are working to determine the cause of the fire two days before the new hampshire presidential primary republicans and democrats are hitting the granite state hard for some gop members that means building on their success in the debate last night for others it means
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the missteps here's abc's martha gonzales container tone today on the trail drove one hundred miles of running a time while following a fiery night on the gop debates each moment of quiet the brother donald trump moving up even more in the polls today standing by some of his most controversial stances on this week so as president you would authorize torture i would actually authorize something beyond waterboarding to lose weight by being more like them. yes i'm sorry you have to do it that way. another headline making moment of the debate let's dispel once and for all of this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing he knows exactly what he's doing. let's dispel this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing he knows exactly what i've never ice point five second speech today some mocking marco rubio for being repetitive i didn't like
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this twenty five seconds of smell which means work toward george bush for jeb bush as far as that message i hope they keep running abt keep saying it because it's true that some members of getting a lot of buzz today after his appearance on saturday night live psalm that socialism to be the democratic socialists of the campaigning in new hampshire today the old hillary clinton visits with michigan discussing the water crisis there. what happened in flint i i mh movement i before the primary gonzalez abc news manchester new hampshire and about twenty minutes from now it is kick off time in california football fans across the country and around the world will be watching the panthers go up against the broncos and includes a former pro bowler in hampton roads has been watching the super bowl since it
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begins for a story that has been (phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it.that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong.
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across hampton roads bars restaurants and living rooms are filled with football fans among those watching the superbowl oakley a former nfl player who has been watching the super bowl since its beginning. here's joe flanagan he may not inflate in a super bowl the roger brown was there from day one super bowl won free tickets for the pro bowlers like brown who are practicing on the same field with the green bay packers defeated the kansas city chiefs in nineteen sixty seven tickets are twelve dollars the money was no where near where it is today. so brown started the chain restaurants. seven time pro bowler left the game early but my first errand national football league in
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thousand seven hundred dollars sold to get fergie was pretty good month but it still wasn't enough of the restaurant so i decided no matter the super bowl seen by a hundred and fifty million people now with commercial stealing the show some years this year the story of two quarterbacks may steal the show peyton manning the veteran and cam newton the op uncommon carolina panthers only have to hold a microphone in hampton roads to find fans of the panthers and fans of the broncos a medical career with the chapter day as though he under john elway sabbatical i know i'm a big peyton manning fan now just hoping that he can cough because he's calling in their tanks inside like i'm the gal at the bank to get him new superman he's been unstoppable he's mvp this year so for me to bring home the colonial williamsburg we even get into the act airing this commercial in new york philly and dc narrated by tom
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roger brown things cam newton is really good. i think he will. i wish i was on the danes are to get a paycheck in portsmouth joe fanning and thirteen news now it looks like the gloomy even messy weather is here to stay that includes the possibility
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. i world war two veteran from virginia beach is on his way to australia to see his long lost love. it's a reunion story we began falling months ago. norwood thomas enjoy easter i fell in love before he parachuting into normandy as part of the d day invasion and separated by oceans only seen each other recently for the first time in decades using skype. we were there at the airport today is thomas and his son left for the trip and the union that is seventy years in the making is getting closer and i really am anticipating meeting another soldier for whom the action will be norma tells us he most is looking
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and quote giving her squeeze the two will reunite the airport in adelaide australia the romantics out there they also will share a valentine's day date course will keep you posted on developments in this love story. just a raw blustery day today across hampton roads even if you are one of the areas that didn't pick up the rain the sleet that still falling out there right now to take a look at live radar showing what's happening in your neck of the woods right now everybody sing the cloudy skies in the blustery conditions for continuing to track the rain with some sleet mixing in across coastal areas of virginia too much of northeastern north carolina as everything has been rotating around that area of low pressure off the north carolina south carolina coastline tuning in across parts of the south side right now we're seeing these yellow colors. that's where the radar is picking up some strong returns are likely sleet mixing in and around them all out towards the ocean front we have had
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around the ocean view. even here to parts of chesapeake with a radar is indicating with this purple color some sleet mixing in with the rain continues down through parts of north carolina as well around in ten mins villain gates county in pockets around elizabeth city and downpours current county through the evening hours will continue to look for this rain with some sleet mixing in everything continuing to push off towards the northeast with that strong area of low pressure and the winds will continue to gust over forty mph through coastal areas this evening as we head towards the eleven o'clock hour everything finally starting to push eastward as we get into tomorrow morning clouds will start to exit the coastline. maybe a few lingering showers across the eastern shore to look for partly sunny skies through the day tomorrow still breezy in the morning hours by the afternoon temperatures generally in the mid forties some spots up near fifty degrees as we head into tomorrow evening another weak system approaches. thus a few showers rain showers primarily tomorrow evening as we head into the day on
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today even though air temperatures will be above freezing upper part of the atmosphere will still have some very cold air so it's possible even on tuesday we can see some rain showers possibly mixing with a little bit of sleet or snow to the afternoon something we'll watch very closely. minor key relations will be possible in some of our far northern areas in awe looking at a significant issue on tuesday a solid chance that some rain or snow showers as we head to the middle part of the workweek cloudy skies out there right now we've got a light rain off international forty one degrees was coming on the north northeast at twenty three mph thirty seven hartford twenty two in newport news in gloucester forty one wall of silence forty two in portsmouth and forty three virginia beach but look at these wind gusts here. winds gusting up forty five mph many of thirty one in office thirty five incur cut even up towards virginia beach thirty to forty nine mph wind gust out towards the pier index of these gusty winds will continue as we had here to the evening and overnight hours when the cloud and precipitation ending as we had after midnight thirty six for an
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tomorrow with partly sunny skies breezy conditions especially in the morning and then tomorrow night and into tuesday will look for a few low showers popping up in with some cold air in the upper part of the atmosphere chance for some sleet or snow mixing in the tuesday forty five degrees forty one on wednesday thirty seven thursday and some really cold air comes in as we head to the week especially for valentine's day sunday we might not see temperatures above freezing as we head into next sunday's big changes we head into next week. pick up a scarf or maybe a hat for your there you go exactly right thanks a lot avid philadelphia eagles to win that many weight now and i'm here to announce that or washington or washington on an air strikes or come back we'll recap an impressive come from behind win by the eau de marks in college hoops last night against charlotte and some last thoughts before super
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we're just minutes away from kickoff for the golden anniversary of the super bowl the fiftieth edition maybe we're hoping it will be great one between the broncos and panthers it's no secret story lines about the quarterbacks peyton manning admitted to betting is this a swan song is trying
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title meantime cam newton the panthers. oh this is kind of the changing of the garden is trying to get this franchise's first ever title was talking has been done and it does work elmo pregame speech to help us get over that awful sunday. i think we've got prices have gone real well in our game plan is not real good so coach kubiak usually appoints somebody i have enjoyed being on this team is i really feel like we have lots of the use of this tv each year of everything leading up to two low rbc is at the bronco conversations all this hard not to just take it all and so does ours keeps in this country in the hope we get some. we offer here comes another along with super bowl fifty there's the announcement of yesterday's eight new members
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football hall of fame heading up that lists quarterback brett farr who goes in first ballot farm a three time mvp the nfl all time leader in completions attempts yards and passing touchdowns and won a super bowl title with the green bay packers not joining them would be wideout marvin harrison formerly of the cold say yeah just over eleven hundred catches in his career over fourteen thousand receiving yards hundred and twenty eight touchdowns. he won a title with peyton and the cold snap his former coach tony dungy also joined the old linebacker kevin greene and offensive lineman orlando pace. i also amongst the group the snake of the lake and stable quarterback with the raiders win two super bowl title in nineteen seventy seven runners dominicans up on
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my childhood hero. dallas cowboys nineteen minus nine who still too tall jones says lose like eight he's actually talking to me extremely thankful for the group will soon feel like barley grew less and colleges will be more next on the road in charlotte they were in control first half trey freeman to his ninety first half was they took the ten point lead the niners took a late lead only rally bred in stats were consigned to his fourteenth goal of ten boards that forced overtime where freeman the former cal knight career high thirty eight points they hold on for seventy four sixty nine with nba hoops this afternoon here on abc thirteen crisp on the l a clippers taking on miami pick things up in the fourth miami down on chris bosh lazy day and he trailed seventy nine seventy two down seven bosh added again slow fade away jumper good that cut the margin of five watched one of three
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l a now of three paul will drive and dish out to jamal crawford on the wing and he's going to knock down the three given eighty four seventy eight lean yet twenty off the bench now just over five minutes left crawford the blob the deandre jordan clips way now six and a finish off all with twenty two carries a three l a a winner one hundred to ninety three saw the knicks and nuggets carmelo anthony back in action for the new yorkers danilo gallinari the former knick half court shot the whole nuggets up eleven after a period and then it was more about kim for reed hit a floater he had fourteen first half points and it was all nuggets in this one as they want a twenty one o one to ninety six over the new yorkers and last night what a nice high school game packed house at green run high school norfolk collegiate plenty of big win over green run fifty eight fifty five
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from the ranks of the bun b c can ask me who's going to soak in what was going to go to carolina thirty one twenty one but abele at least push by the carolina panthers to win the super bowl for the right things we do want to follow up on some breaking news that we had at the top of the show that amber alert that was issue now has been cancelled that was for missing three year old. he even knows is against the police have canceled that much are the reason that will
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welcome to "world news tonight". just two days till the new hampshire primary, and that fiery republican debate. tonight, the aftershock. can rubio rebound following that bruising night? >> he doesn't have the experience to be president of the united states. >> and trump trying to silence jeb. >> let me talk. quiet. >> who will survive this critical primary? all out. the democrats on the move. hillary clinton in flint. bernie sanders, live in new york. terror scare. the double-decker bus. and the explosion on a london bridge. who didn't get the warning about this movie moment? senior scam?
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