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tv   13 News 5  ABC  February 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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of things then to the evening and by nine o'clock over top of the metro area and moving out by ten so that's why the watch for example is only until nine o'clock so that's the timing and this next line just a massive amount of warnings what it will have to pinpoint what parts of the cell stay the strongest as it moves toward us of the next several hours but for now things are unfortunately going to get worse after they've gotten here better in the very short term guys are a thank you we need to get to waverly now and that's where we are told two people died during the storm or seller robertson joins us now on the phone and marcellus at the scene for us there right now you know i remember when i got the waverly over downtown on and what we saw was a lot of devastation i mean i when you first come in down town to get behind the brick had been called off of the storefront there were tens of tons of
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the street on the sidewalks are either leaving a ton of debris hanging in the power line item you want the power of our yearly really what we had a first call that that was it was kind of fury the sun was shining everything can be ok in one hundred items of this further into waverly is that when you start to see all of the dna and a massive amount of first responders our job like that which we knew people we know where that comes with the result of a dork i can tell you it isn't so thinking that we want to live in frederick. we were told we are now at pushing where the mold halfway i can tell you right now look at a larger batch that is completely ripped off by just looking at washers and dryers better. here's a trailer that completely ripped off and on the right by the rail light rail route hwy just fallen over power lines are down a departed standing in shock
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the damage is just really devastating that i and ii dan marcella i mean what are people pitching in trying to help at this point or they just standing around trying to assess just how widespread the damage is on taking apart the right and they're right you that i think a lot of people are in shock right now on and so as you know it happened just a couple of hours ago if nobody really think much on their departed came during the long arm on what we are seeing it in a lot of work to find exactly what we went downtown to kind of like an army of them with this kind of file into downtown heading to different areas in waverly. but as far as the resident that i focus less on how they describe the sound that is something like playing a loud boom on every kind of in shock after they come out of the whole day kind of devastation and a very small how you know well
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really children were so lovely on the latest information from waverly this afternoon let's move to newport news here's a look at some storm damage from that city the fire department teted a picture we have four of a tree down on a hold on eightieth street offer a low cabinet were told the damage is so bad that home is condemned. so six people who live there will have to find a new place to stay tonight arianna herald wrote he's director of codes compliance is on the scene there joins us now by phone harold understand that that home is condemned as unforced way we can get the call to all the years how would you describe the damage there. he
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the plot that was left was the next step this point the house has been good and i guess the family now has to find another place to stay what is the next step for securing that area of low to my knowledge that at all that this is all we all know that the night saying that the era of age five and for the sake of defending the use of an effective counter to give us an idea how big that tree is looking at a picture looks really new here as i would say that ron paul before
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the year before he was always was. if only it didn't amount to miss this week and called for the twelve judges the good news is that no one has been heard and people should avoid that that is eightieth street near roanoke avenue albany med out a thank you very much carol roach my husband of the pitching in to help us with our storm coverage. our team coverage continues in awe for christina's or jake who is live for details on the biggest concern with the storm and that is the way christine windy out there now yes it is really windy out here in city officials tell me they have learned that he really does not take much to bring down trees especially with how saturated the ground has been now on wednesday morning the calm before the storm inside norfolk emergency operation center all eyes are in the weather radar we're anticipating what could potentially happen
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take actions the protective possibly occur. jim reddick is the director of emergency preparedness and response department in your face while he said city crews have been preparing for the severe weather. it's important that all the people it due to what would happen if we were faced with a tornado coming our way on so if nothing else comes of this is an opportunity to exercise but potentially happen the more you do that the more repetition the better off we'll be because trying to think we need to do during the heat of the moment isn't always a successful endeavor but that the more you train an exercise for it to be a lot better off now live in constant contact with folks mossad city of norfolk in virginia beach and they ask the public's help they ask that if you come across any damage to go ahead and report that reporting live in norfolk for now can see her take on thirteen years now right christine thank you because of the strong winds power outages are a big concern right now. we checked in with dominion virginia
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more than two thousand power outages in hamptoton roads right now doesn't sound like a big number listed your house if your power goes out reported called dominion at one eight six six dom help and don't assume that some of the neighbor neighbor has already done that do it yourself you can also reported on line at tom dot com meteorologist greg muller is out in the elements tracking the storm he's on his way to waverly lead right now we want to check in with him and so fred what are the conditions like where you are now exactly where are you guys this is the calm between the storms literally they're looking a lot of rain from heavy downpours earlier really know what tree damage just when i can see any nine as the war right now coming out when we travel for sixty two words waverly. we
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be there just a little before five twenty five twenty six been very very well and that's created some real issues. earlier we pass the way station on ga approaching something we captured some video of a car that slid off the road and actually crashed on the side of the road to the tree and interesting. this card for whatever reason whether it is hard to play near the driver lost control whatever on it the car was positioned there was no serious injuries. some people up and moving around but still pretty impressive the woods so the situation we passed other cars on the side to the root of other issues right now for sixteen on that as we drive along towards way
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something you remember back twenty two thousand that was the scene the last time i really look at the tornado damage seems that something tornado was coming her ear of remembrance for me not passing that site and we are going out to waverly now to get a look at that dance was over my career to meteorologist and out we will be there shortly. exactly what we see and of course are also bracing for the next line which will be in the series up to the west center on the watch that will keep you updated with lab reports i craig thank you stay safe out there now. here are some warning signs that a tornado was coming kl or heavy rain followed by either dead calm or a fast intense when she is also a loud continuous rumble which doesn't fade in a few seconds say like thunder and whirling dust or debris on the ground sometimes tornadoes don't have a fun or you may be
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tornado hits if you're at home get to the basement a lot of folks don't have basements in hampton roads so go to the smallish center room like a bathroom or closet stay away from windows and be sure to cover yourself with something like a mattress or blanket if you live in a high rise apartment complex go to the lowest floor possible interior style where stairwells are i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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thirteen is now is in store mode we are in the calm after the first storm waiting for the next round. our team of meteorologists is tracking the rough weather and jeff is standing by with the latest
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couple of things we need to address one of which is a new course the entire region we mentioned under a severe thunderstorm excuse me under a tornado watch and watch a geisha haven't been watching we've been telling you that let people get that and warnings confuse the watch means something is expected to potentially form that comes out long before storms actually form and then you get warning so watches the first level a warning means you really need to take action. something has form so until nine o'clock our entire region is under a watch meaning that expected conditions could be favorable for frenetic activity and for severe weather but now we have a couple of different things going on. one storm moving at us from the south the main line moving in from the west as i add on all the different warnings you can see maybe not as many as earlier but we're still looking at a number of tornado warnings out to our west and then there's another
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this is brand new in this is again just sort of out of the viewing area but i think some people can pick us up down here in washington county next to terrell county we have a tornado warning out for you. so there's this weird thunderstorm moving out of the area's little bit south of that around hyde county and now from hyde county up into washington county. if you can pick us up on the air down there you need to be taking cover that storm expected to move into your location here probably in about the next fifteen minutes. meanwhile tornado warning as well for acting that county that that strong storm is gone for mackinac county so that's why we haven't focused too much on that. it was put out earlier just for one island that technically is in mackinac county out to the west and closer the kanji are really and now what we're talking about again is this line of new strong storms bearing down on us the good news is the first line left the bad news is i mention is that it's giving us some sunshine
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conditions for this time of year up around seventy. a lot humidity out there as well so you can see temperatures up into the seventies right now in most locations south side to get back here onto the peninsula. if not seventy close to it. same thing to the north although it's a little cooler in the sixties and then down the south i'm sure we're going see a lot of seventies as well so that's the heat and humidity that is setting the stage for this next line of storms to move in. so here we have the stuff coming up out of the south over the next half hour to hour. that tends to move offshore fat mainly northeast north carolina. here comes the next line and that one has the potential in fact it'll definitely be bringing a large amount of severe storms out west of us we just took another power head and keep talking in hopes that we are still on the air because i think we may be you probably can't see a whole
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again a line of storms out to the west that is continuing to move in our direction and he gets here by a little bit later on this evening on a go at the evan allen hope you guys can hear him and tells more about the storms came through earlier drudge ever going to take a look at that storm that was moving out in areas of north carolina and moved to parts of waverly says we take whether to show you what was going on with that storm this is the velocity mode showing that wind direction and also as we zoom in on notice right here around the waverly as we got was around two thirty right in here you can see that red next to the green in that little hole right in there where they're both coming together that's where we first had the first signs of that tornado touching down long for some officials reporting a tornado on the ground near four sixty we got an alert coming in that line continue to move off towards the north and east end of the damaged some trees down when she got north and western areas in james city county off northward and we had another line of thunderstorms moved to
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damage to parts of hampton and newport news an hour watching that next line adjustment and out towards the west we have several tornado warnings there from farmville to just west of richmond and then once you move into areas they are from lunenburg county and brunswick county opposed in witty and not a wake county and back down towards the raleigh area to watch the next line are still seeing those warnings not as numerous as we were little bit earlier we're still going to be watching that second line job already and here's a much wider view that evan was just talking about with this line of showers and storms three different tornado watch boxes out watch boxes again mean something may form be on the lookout in case it does work stretching all the way from not too far from york city really closer to philly probably back down to around the dc area another one from there down into northeast north carolina and yet a third one down from raleigh in the south carolina the back edge of that one
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and even the back edge of ours they started to chop the edge of that one off so that's the second line the first line came through now the second line is moving in so the strong storms ending late evening when the with clearing a little bit later on tomorrow mostly sunny at least becoming mostly sunny after a slight risk of a shower early in the day it'll be quite breezy or even windy and mild winds out of the southwest switching the westerly high's only in the upper fifties compared to today where we're in the lower seventies might mainly clear blustery and chilly forty seven for the overnight low and then we really cool down quite a bit as we head into friday saturday. very cool on friday forty eight degrees one of the normal high temperature over here behind me there is fifty three is where we're supposed to be and it goes up pretty steadily from here on out his meter logically speaking next tuesday in terms of our average i think it's next tuesday or wednesday when the first is
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can see saturday though and up the last gasp is the gasps of winter cold forty six degrees is about seven eight degrees below where we should be and then sunday we start to climb up. monday should be pretty nice now we sort of settle and pretty close to a typical temperature for tuesday and wednesday so again right now sort of a calm between the storms with two different areas approaching one from the south that will be watching crossing of the albemarle sound up in the areas of northeast north carolina and the other one moving in that line from the west with numerous tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings still looks really bad. those are
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i and i we are in store mode hampton roads is under a tornado watch until nine tonight a big concern is wind
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outages of anita harris with dominion virginia power's on the phone with us right now in grenada thanks for joining us as always i mean what's the number down to now in terms of outages in hampton roads. my last check of our crews had restored power to all but fifteen hundred customers so far so it's still quite a bit of customers out but if you think about it at four thirty we had about thirty eight customers without power so they make a lot of progress and they're willing to work as long to take this storm this this big in this brought across the viewing area those two to three thousand power outages at a pretty good number. yes it's a pretty good number you know anytime you have customers without power in these kinds of conditions is always important lesson we take very seriously and of course we haven't seen is weathering the storm yet so we have extra crews out all of our local offices and they're just not prepared to be able to respond as quickly as possible this side dish you
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the preparer that more outages could come. that's right more out of it could come today disappointed that we could be a lot worse and that partly because we invest in our electric system in terms of maintaining it and and and upgrading it year round. we don't wait until the weather gets here before we go into action. i so if someone gets a power outage and they need to call davis the number i may call one eight six six down to help the low and eight gop or the quickest way is the corrected down dot com from your computer or smartphone you can report and keep track of the outages are like the need is it possible that some folks might be just getting home right now and they're just discovering that their power is out or do you know with their powers. we don't know that's why jay is right we do need them to call us contact us as soon as they recognize their power that we can make sure they're on the list to be restored soon as possible and always we have to remind people to please stay clear of power lines become are right now the falling tree the pulling
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be very dangerous. absolutely thank you so much spin a dial up. check back in with you little bit later i we are in store mode. we are tracking this powerful system is bearing down on us for most
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. way remain in store mode until the threat of severe weather passes and right now in hampton roads is under a tornado watch the line of storms that just passed already being blamed for three dance more on the way and another round of severe weather is again on the way it's for that reason we want to get started with geoff lawson has been tracking the storms all day. yeah unfortunately the first line as we mentioned is gone and in its wake we saw a little bit of clearing right now law to low clouds but by now the damage is done in terms of setting the stage for the next event because we ll have the heat in that we can get a line to come through and really cool things off a lot of that chili or air from aloft to come down the ground then maybe we would have mitigated the entire region again under a tornado watch which means
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so you will get warnings issued well that watch was put out just after lunch when there wasn't anything at all in the area and it was with good reason. we had set for the past couple of days we'd likely see a watch is issued and so we have that tornado watch until nine pm this evening for the entire area now on the add on the warnings the warnings are way worse than a watch a warning means something has formed in the case of the red boxes it's a tornado warning which means either a confirmed tornado or on radar that we have a likely tornado the yellows which are sorta hard to pick out that there are fewer than the sprinkled in here as well those are areas where we have severe thunderstorm warnings. one other piece a good news. up until a couple of minutes ago we had a tornado warning al four areas of washington county just to the west of pearl county and we have some viewers down there that storm is getting ready to cross the albemarle sound in the next fifteen minutes or


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