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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 25, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the thirty three mths our cost of actually seeing some gusts pushing forty and their ego at the pier forty one mph gust to thirty two there hampton general is in the city columbia hills ca us closer to thirty and back in line as well. wakefield esophagus close to thirty mph so my concern again with some of the damage at towards the waverly and up around the peninsula we've seen s se down. you know if you have some debris that stuff can still blow around cleanup efforts can be a little hampered by the really breezy conditions so the last folks to be super careful today the fifties close to the coast via forties and one and as we take a look here you can see the winds west southwest at fourteen mph. we will see those occasional hired the skies are clearing the day will see temperatures dipping into the upper forties before getting back into the mid to upper fifties this afternoon when the full forecast more sunshine to a temperatures are going to be
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in a rebound early next week let's check in now with ashley for a look at the ride all right craig when to do a quick live look i should say the midtown tunnel just want to give you that live look now as we had our camera here's the fifty eight eastbound traffic we can call it a couple of cars out there right now making their way to the midtown tunnel and into norfolk beers are westbound lane heading to portsmouth were very common terms of traffic we don't have any advise was at the midtown we do have advisories elsewhere selected back to the maps now and talk about where the james river bridge the coleman bridge and the monitor merrimack all under v dot issued high wind advisory. we don't have any lanes closed just take your time proceed with caution leave home in enough time to become a global bit slow. if you're taking eyed any of those bridges or tunnels of standing water as well. a report in york county said the fed eighteen the spanish and say it will trap road and another one isle of wight county six twenty six eastbound at burwell bay roads are few things still to watch out for this morning over to keep you posted. i'll
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sure that doesn't add or take off and coming up in the next few minutes we'll check traffic norfolk hampton sixty four westbound at the time bt all right thank you ashley we continue our severe weather coverage this morning in waverly a tornado ripped through that town yesterday killing three people including a toddler yet the entire town has been under curfew overnight as authorities try to assess all the damage there. lisa brown is live in waverly this morning with more on the aftermath the lease leasing the morning and really seeain hour at a tire shop and look at all this damage right behind me i don't even know if this was attached to the building or for was a freestanding iran to back you can see there's tires. there's a garage opener here tools would all on the ground is actually what looks like is the chair right here mean this is just extensive damage that hit this town yesterday people right now are just trying to deal with all of this tenant or taking a look at this
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just ripped open mobile homes you know you get the breaks everywhere people just got hit really hard here yesterday. overnight people were on a curfew our first responders started the cleanup safford efforts went door to door making sure people are okay as you guys mention the corner virginia state police a fifty year old man at twenty six film in a three year old boy were killed in this disaster now again we will be here in waverly all throughout the morning keeping you updated. why believe really elise brown thirteen years now all that. thank you elise and i will clean up efforts will begin this morning on the peninsula after yesterday's storms left behind this is a live look at some of the damage that were seen there right now they go a lot of reports of downed trees and power lines sandra parker is working to get updates on a cleanup efforts there she's got a full report in less than fifteen minutes the same line of storms that triggered tornado warnings in north carolina with a scene with the lease on virginia's the triangle area under
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there are still thousands without power this morning in that area in granville county the storms damaged several homes people described hearing loud noises and seeing things flying around no one was hurt there. well the store cause some delays and cancellations at norfolk international airport in newport news williamsburg international airport last night. if you're flying today check in with thirteen is now thirteen is the flight tracker that some of the traffic tab on our website that is not a calm well but someone had less about their ten little words that can strike fear into any parents but now there's an even bigger scare going on super lice are sweeping the country. no joke and it could soon be right here in hampton roads. bernie sanders has been a teacher a writer a carpenter and a congressman
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers.
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which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together. a stronger country. . good morning it's five o nine and i just
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two thirty yesterday afternoon and this was the cell this is the signature on the radar with the tornado that did hit waverly so that's what it looked like as it was pushing there and again it was a very serious storm unfortunately three fatalities with that and it continued to move off to the north it weakened shortly after passing waverly that that's that's what it looked like on the radar at the moment it was moving through waivers right now take a look at the winds that are gusting still across the region our tae the radar is sweeping clear now so we don't have any storms anything like that to worry about but it is going to be windy today. winds will continue to gust between thirty and forty mph. we had a gust just moments ago to forty one mph it got a thirty two mph gusts up in hampton so up in the peninsula pretty windy there as well cross country very quickly things quiet for the south and really we've got a gorgeous weekend upcoming it is a little unsettled for the northeast us had a boss or even new york me want to take the umbrella with you now while there's a chance
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across parts of west virginia and kentucky here in hampton roads in for the eastern part of the commonwealth. we're going to enjoy a pretty nice day partly sunny generally temperatures mid to upper fifties across the media area and off to the north you might see fifty seven at williamsburg that the eastern shore little cooler low to mid fifties or low mid fifties for a hampton and newport news down into north carolina temperatures a little bit warmer for her for dinner even kindle is the city around fifty six take a look at the next few days cooler weather but more sunshine upper forties friday and saturday temps will rebound warming back up on sunday ashley alright sounds good craze right now with a quick live look at traffic leaving norfolk and headed to hampton sixty four westbound not too far from the hr bt area westbound lanes just past fourth q streets were probably about three a half miles away from the title of this point everything moving well. also my sister headed eastbound further into
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at our car travel times right now due in a couple of those right now in chesapeake won sixty eight north also moving well that's just the expressway normal ten minute ride from dahlia posted north carolina all went to mt pleasant. you can see also in williamsburg we are in fine shape between kroger road and the merrimack trail if you're headed up to sixty four eastbound taking the normal twelve minute ride there as well so no issues report no spots at this point in keeping an eye on a high wind advisories any standing water reports and coming up next we'll check traffic on sixty four in chesapeake. all right ashleigh thank you all as we continue our severe weather coverage this morning we had to the peninsula. yes we do that for santa barbara standing by the storm damage
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i do. we continue our severe weather coverage now with a look at some of the damage on the peninsula get the picture you're looking at their tree down on top of the house in newport news said parker's live with a look at the storm's aftermath said the guys it's a little difficult to see all the damage in the early morning light but you can still and we've got a little light shine on you can see
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street took out the back half basically one understand this was a a bedroom at one point up for this family. this house has now been condemned i went around back since last time you saw me just to get a different perspective of what this looks like you see this i write here this tree has basically covered it looks like the entire back of the house it's come down all around to the other side of the house. it's pretty extensive damage obviously enough to condemn the whole human person who was inside when they heard it happen they heard a snap and they were like what's that noise and understand when around thinking it must be the shed door popped open a pop top and came around back to see wow this tree has hit our home and taking out the portion of it. luckily no one was hurt that's the good news now this was not the only damage here in newport news there's also some downtown cedar lane at the hilton village area to understand the of the trees there have not had all come down to the tree on the street causing some damage and also making it really difficult for folks to
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that out a little later on but definitely some doubt another problem they suffer here on the peninsula power outages. i checked tom dot com and saw that there are more than three hundred people here in newport news right now without power one understand looking at tom dot com it looks like because of that i salvaged some of them may not get power restored until later today possibly even tomorrow still feeling the effect of the stone guys ever think you only want to warn you this next story is a little bit gross but it's something that many of had to deal with parents and kids alike are talking about lice and not just any lice but apparently they're now calling it super lice weather here in virginia. this particular lice is resistant to over the counter treatments but a new treatment has been proven to be affected. it's called era allay its an fda approved treatment but it's gonna cost you that price is about hundred and seventy dollars five seventeen is a time in the countdown is on for hollywood's biggest night
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awards are scheduled to take place sunday at hollywood's dolby theatre. yesterday's crews rolled out the five hundred foot long red carpet for the star studded event see right there. it will be surrounded by reporters in more than seven hundred fans hoping to get a glimpse of some of the world's biggest stars and if you need a place to watch the big show can watch it with us. you're invited to a thirteen is now viewing party to the cinema cafes pembroke meadows location on independence boulevard in virginia beach doors open at seven forty five it's free. we will have games prizes and an eight foot oscar statue yet for all the self as you can take seating is limited so you might want to get their little early. also watch the oscars live right here on abc thirteen when a correction though show the wrong graphic about please do not shop at bailey baptist church to watch the sun the fact that those are guys that that cinema cafe that is going to be where the watch party is and that's where you show up on
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are giving away a five hundred dollars visa gift card every single day this week watched a break during the six o'clock hour for that keyword and over thirteen years now. com click on the features tab for a chance to win. that's also where you can find all the contest was an adventure walk with the home on the back of the content on a sure shot without you know put up to ashley's house they are of the godzilla the day ashley robert a bbq to the senate anyway that's yet to be a great time looking forward to it you know the oscars are a late night. i know to get up so early to get there early for a while i am to five p m the wind ii is beginning its gonna be fine right in the red carpets out to be some soapy opportunists can be fun. i use over doing right now we have better weather animals it's picture perfect and still breezy out there. in fact if you look at
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indices across elizabeth river. you can see something we'll see a lot in the morning that some rippling on the elizabeth river because it is still breezy out there so even early this morning on still dark out i can see windy enough that it's creating some wave action on the elizabeth river temperatures today dipping back into the upper forties and climbing into the mid fifties later this afternoon we've been warmer than that already this morning but tend to drop all the afternoon highs right around fifty six maybe fifty seven for some the inlet areas snow pack across the lower great lakes region back down to the ohio river valley west virginia kentucky and a lot of snow stuck to my siblings at yesterday's say was a head for five inches of snow in st louis and going up so this is on the backside of this storm system the one that produced the severe weather across our region the severe weather is gone and now you don't have to worry about snow sweeping in getting us on the backside
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stay north and west of our areas have no problems there here's a future cast you can see these guys are going to gradually clear to me partly sunny to mostly sunny still breezy though so temperatures more comfortable a little bit above normal with take that and then as we go over next couple days of cooler air will move in we're looking at temperatures that will top out in the upper forties plenty of sunshine later today again no precipitation expected over the next forty eight hours so we're not worried about that. we're going to find the temperatures mild this morning near the coasts cooler in line and as you get the afternoon temps will top out mid to upper fifties just a little bit above normal i like the wind still gusting now for a new phone is thirty now prowl guess we just had a gust to thirty there in chesapeake and closer to occur attack as we checked a few more locations hampton at thirty two mph gust in augusta twenty eight at virginia beach and most of the islanders like wakefield the last point also seen some high gusts and just a little bit of shading here back in
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windy conditions back over the mountains as well for our area west southwest winds fourteen miles per hour that's sustained highs today close to fifty six maybe fifty seven with partly to mostly sunny skies thirty eight the low tonight and forty eight tomorrow mostly sunny still breezy tomorrow but not as windy. looking ahead to the weekend saturday forty seven fifty eight on sunday that sounds great and low sixties on monday our dash to turn your attention to chesapeake any problems out there right now traffic in chesapeake and we're focusing on sixty four around greenbrier and battlefield actually still in very nice shape and we're creeping up on five thirty so very minor pickup in volume as well for to be close to five thirty so let's give you a live look of course wouldn't go to the camera there but here's a westbound traffic the inside lanes and outside at greenbrier parkway still there for a very quiet up there just be eastbound also doing very well to begin his report right there back on the traffic network maps we take a look now at
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tunnel which i thought was going to be under some sort of high wind restriction or anything like that. i checked any restrictions that were out there before i have cleared the clear hours ago so right now just keeping an eye on traffic flow coming from the eastern shore making a way to the south side taking in the normal twenty minutes to cross over the bridge and head to both have to worry about that coming up at five thirty will things are shaping up one sixty four around the high ashleigh thank you today as we continue to revisit those resolutions were talking
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it's art it's a last chance to sway voters before super tuesday republican presidential hopefuls will participate in the cnn debate tonight operations are already underway at the university of houston texas donald trump ted cruz marco rubio john casey and ben carson will all take part to check this out if you are a fan of bernie sanders will know how is your chance to meet your standards
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arizona state university created that web site for singles in search of love who also happen to like bernie sanders called bernie single dot com. then i get this the site gets more than a million views a day. the site has about eight thousand members as well i guess what's arguably potholes and oh my goodness the butts of males learn we are live at the scene of a terrible tornado a deadly tornado this morning as people start to clean up police will tell us how people are dealing with this tragedy shows up in waverly inn in newport news the storm left behind damage there too and knocked out power to thousands of people will touch base with sandra parker about fifteen minutes
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loaded m riders will use this the tornado registering for the four six the forty s and this morning picking up those pieces from a deadly tornado we live in waverly with more on the aftermath and then closer to home cleanup begins
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pummeled the peninsula thursday morning this is thirteen years now at daybreak and lucy bustamante time under a serious five thirty on the dot right now that storm system slammed the south was moved out now the one element that is still lingering it's been pretty windy neurologist regular is tracking all the weather today. good morning guys you know what i wanted to start with this shot very intentionally here you see this. that's the moon the sky is clearing out we give a little bit of cloud cover still down to the horizon as you look down that way this is looking off actually to the southwest so as we go through the day we're going to see partly sunny to mostly sunny skies at times it is still windy though and we are going to be tracking those winds gusting close to thirty mph several locations from the eastern shore to the peninsula to the south side of the outer banks many errors reporting those winds up from thirty to thirty five mph earlier we had a gust of forty one mph dock pier and still an occasional gust thirty five to forty it's possible so be
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the forties fifties at the coast generally though it is a mild start the day so let's check the airport conditions where the windsor west southwest at fourteen mph. you can see there's no storm in a story about today so we made it through the storms last night and is now out here what we will find windy conditions again in breezy through the afternoon high temperatures in the mid to upper fifties and that's about it said temps will dip a little bit this morning and get back up to about fifty six maybe fifty seven nicer weather with a weekend it will turn a little cool talk about that just a moment right now and talk about high rise bridge in your traffic years ashley and greg is keeping a close eye on the bridges and tunnels this morning we do have a few that still are under high wind advisory that issued by the dod will check those in just a moment but first we take a look at the high rise bridge a little bit of a glitch in the camera there are no advisories at the bridge right now and traffic volume still very light unsteady legs and back to the traffic network maps now look at the spot you do need to watch out for this morning. those high wind
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the doctor at the jr be the coleman bridge and the monitor merrimack so we don't have any lanes closed ask you to proceed with a lot of caution as you cross those bridges and help to those tunnels out there know your county am still watching a standing water reports seventy eight eastbound and was trapped in another one isle of wight county that six twenty six eastbound and for will's bay just a couple of things to watch out for a few traveling to either of those counties this morning and coming up here the next few minutes we'll head over for sixty four. we'll see if there's anything to be concerned about herself norfolk state and ashley so much time lost by thirty two virginia is still under a state of emergency response to the severe storms that slammed the state yesterday which left four people dead governor terry mcauliffe plans to visit waverly and mathematics today two of the areas that were hit the hardest. the governor state of emergency declaration allows the agencies to devote resources to the storm response and recovery and that severe weather left a
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cleanup efforts will resume today in waverly after that tornado tore through the town and killed three people as we just said and left extensive damage early brown joins us there live with more on the aftermath and the efforts now underway elise good morning andrea you see this tornado did some serious damage to look at all of this right now are at a tire shop you can see just took whatever one above is maybe a garage me was attacked we don't even know what the freaking form eyes can see there's metal hanging down his tires all over the place would there's a garage door right here in the series didn't look at this chair i mean people here are going through alot right now we're told that soldiers more than fifty soldiers are on their way right now to the area to help with the clean up after people are on a curfew while first responders started from those cleanup efforts and went door to door making sure people are ok we do know however unfortunately the two men in
5:33 am
mobile home and that's when police say the storm hit their bodies were found three hundred yards away that you're looking at has been even see all the expected damaged mobile homes homes just worn ripped apart mean these people are going through alot right now again we will be here throughout the morning keeping you updated on the cleanup effort to know the governor is supposed to be here a little little later on today live in waverly. elise brown thirteen years now heartily second so much there right now the virginia department of emergency management is urging people to sign up for statewide tornado drill next month will be held on tuesday march twenty seconds and at nine forty five in the morning emergency management says the tornadoes can strike at anytime of the year they're asking schools businesses and residents to take part in this trail for more information on how you can sign up visit our website at thirteen years now we've seen wind damage from the storm if you'd follow an insurance
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insurance says there are some things you must do first file your claim as soon as possible there could be a deadline to do so. also keep copies of receipts and other paperwork that includes medical documents in case someone's been hurt before you meet a claims adjuster get an independent estimates on how much the work will cost we should do happen they believe will the strong wind and rain also pummeled the peninsula leaving behind heavy damage in its path we're going to have a live look at conditions in newport news as daybreak continues then he's accused of shooting his mother in the head than fleeing the state had
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. our iq morning and today we're looking at a pretty interesting day with our windy conditions still but much much nicer no storms or anything to worry about when she our lives skyview again as we check things out you could see some clouds drifting past the movie was a beautiful shot absolutely gorgeous and it's still quite windy now show you this look at how the clouds are now moving across them and just been here you can see how quickly those clouds are blowing by and that's because
5:38 am
west wind still gusting up close to forty mph for some areas that we've had a gust of thirty seven mph dock pier was taking a look at waverly and the conditions now much nicer but still little breezy out there when that tornado came through yesterday around two thirty. you know the cell just so impressive to watch tc little hook echo on the tail end of that and you think about the lives impacted the things changing so quickly out there fortunately all the strong this is out of the picture but we are left at the windy conditions were still gonna see some rose higher when gas in our guest just recently to thirty eight mph that's docked here is we take a look across the country temperatures are going to be chilly air for the great lakes region. i want to focus on our region though here immediately you can see riley around fifty seven if you're headed that way hatteras a fifty four fifty one at wallets and locally i expect temperatures to dip a little bit this morning in the upper forties and then back into the fifties this afternoon
5:39 am
of the region to the north a little cooler for the eastern shore you see that we'll see partly sunny skies for the peninsula northern neck middle peninsula these areas and then down to the south temperatures there in the upper fifties her for vandalism the city even ten fifty a little cooler at the outer banks temps will drop a bit tomorrow and saturday upper forties more sunshine though that's going to be nice beautiful through the weekend and temps a rebound sunday into monday take a look now it's outdoor good shape otherwise. i was going to say that great actually almost verbatim that the roads really good this morning at this point were twenty minutes from the morning rush hour. we don't have any major delays to discuss been keeping an eye on the area. i'll let you know if that changes for now take a look and south norfolk for sixty four southbound just before you get to freeman avenue just a few cars out there and sing story northbound if you're headed in the direction of two sixty four and now is to call the travel times on seventeen couple different spots and said uh seventeen starting in chesapeake were headed northbound up to sixty four
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i know. high winds and driving rains pummeled the peninsula leaving a mess of downed trees and debris for crews to clean up today you'll get a picture from storm damage in newport news you see the trees are toppling onto a home are said to parker joins us there live with more on the aftermath will lose their home areas and are we seeing other guys we met locations we are now in at basically the hilton village area. mrs r douglas it's right off of cedar and check out the damage that would counteract my mother tyra show you this one tree that's damn it right here this is a neighborhood that actually believe or not with the folks who are up via a homeowner here read hanks i found a mob outside and
5:44 am
were home when when this came through what was then i was a high pitched whistle sounded i was on my phone to my wife tell her to stay at work because they were forecasting a bad storm and i told her i just had to get off the bone and ducked for cover because i've never heard a thing it sounds like the roof with some of the house. gosh how long did this last visit in winter when it felt like it lasted a long time and i talked to one of the neighbors in the said ten to fifteen seconds because i was taken minutes but it was about ten seconds probably the scariest ten seconds the light the rain yesterday and then you look at the window finally can you see want to trace my backyard down and really think i can come up with positive is my wife told me for the last two years she was to get rid of the strays. this was the way i wanted to do it again definitely not because when one of them and the one that
5:45 am
it is the one receiving your tummy there's another huge one behind it that's creating problems with the power which is why the street is closed up. yes that that will knock down the power line and its lane on right now that we've got folks are without electricity. yes you likely have a generator but we got a lot of it so that one yes votes. i don't know how many it's probably just the ones down the line yet but definitely for the electricity and i mean you can have a lot of games that we have here is actually up and down a bit out of the theater ready to see a lot of trees are uprooted and here. yes last night they had the fire department the police out there in some place that much ago but they were out there cleaning everything we think about is did you ever think you'd see something like this you never know. actually i moved here because it's quiet enjoyment of the trees actually ended up in the neighbor's yard yes kinda scary though but glad luckily no one was hurt
5:46 am
and i'm just thankful that we actually came out for a couple trees that lay toppled trees are thank you very much just a couple of trees and and a lot of damage here guys so we're going to be out here out throughout the morning bringing you more pictures of some of this damage but is definitely expensive out here are a thing so once and for that are new this morning homeowners hope to get a better look at the damage later this morning in virginia's northern neck was very severe weather rolled through tap hannigan essex county around seven thirty last night more than two dozen injuries reported there ranging from minor to serious emergency responders report the storms destroyed fifteen buildings and damaged at least fifteen others. many roads in the area remain closed because of the storms debris also on the docket today a bond hearing is set for a man who was extradited to virginia after he allegedly shot his mom in virginia beach and then fled the state police in los angeles california arrested dante williams two weeks ago virginia beach police say
5:47 am
had at home in ocean lakes epidemic boulevard earlier this month will be sure to update you after the scheduled hearing our time thus by forty eight switching gears to the weather now a great hero chasing the storms yesterday evening leading to the guys really an interesting situation we are out there we saw some of the rotation when i never saw an actual tornado or funnel but we did see some rotating clouds and recording things with jeff and evan and i should back here we are able to kind of pinpoint some locations where we needed to be. we got out to a way really to kind of survey the side a little bit and one things i notice initially you know my initial reaction i saw i didn't see anything that really necessarily said he absolutely tornado but there are some areas back where the evidence is pretty clear you know when you took a look inside a house ripped off and some of the different eye damage patterns i know they're going to go out and continue to survey that i really put together a full report to look for that should come later today i will say twisted bits of
5:48 am
up in power lines and there's a lot of suspended debris and in what i mean by that you know you have different bits of building materials that are kind of art may be caught in trees or on roofs are kind of unstable and with the gusty winds this morning there's some concern that there could be some more shifting of some of that material so really if you have trees down in your area or you are at one of those years were maybe there's some building damage to stay alert to some gusty winds still today is that can be an additional problem we do have skies are clearing no more strong in its roads are dry all of this is good i will say the almanac yesterday showing you can see almost three quarters of an inch of rain and one things i notice is i was driving fifty eight out to woodstock they cannot back to parts important even when we're driving to portsmouth and then eventually we got out to a waverly lots of standing water and there were some very heavy amounts of rain for some of the locations so
5:49 am
on some of the cider is so very very heavy rain with some of those downpours fortunately we're going to dry out not just today but for the next several days we are pre set free so what we have right now skies partly cloudy temperatures will top out in the mid to upper fifties very simple forecasts west wind still blowing today still gusty but you can see we're going to remain dry through friday and into the weekend mother some snow showers back over the mountains here locally we're going to see mostly sunny skies so a good weather pattern to the weekend four days in one right now fifties near the coast is fifty seven in virginia beach still quite mild their wind still gusting right now between twenty five and thirty five mph several locations duck head reported forty just updated to augusta thirty six there we continue to get those when death reports and will keep you updated when going to be west southwest for much of the morning and then shipped to the west later today still those guys could reach forty mph temperatures today mid to upper fifties this afternoon lows tonight and thirty eight
5:50 am
upper forties with lots of sunshine through the weekend more sunshine saturday and sunday temperatures will rebound sunday in them ashley alright crazy about nine minutes before the typical morning rush hour kicks off right now traffic volumes are still very light and steady. the focus this morning is going to be keeping an eye on any alerts or advisories that comment let's take a look right now in virginia beach on to sixty four. not much to be concerned about here around rosemont road westbound and eastbound traffic look pretty good at this point we don't have any major delays out there to report so now expecting our second camera because i do want to take a look around naval station norfolk you can see this is by the sixty four westbound right around eighty three a word appears that there was some activity off of five sixty four that was causing a slight delay look what i was out there just wrapped up so at this point we don't have major delays on five sixty four and it looks like any issues that may have been off of i sixty four are in fine shape right now so stay with us and will check traffic at the top of the morning rush
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minutes right now we are revisiting your new year's resolutions this week on daybreak we been doing all week long and today i'm talking about one of the toughest resolutions to keep our goal for twenty sixteen is to quit smoking you know it's a habit that may be easy to start but extremely challenging to break all heard about the impact smoking can have when you're helping your hygiene stains on your teeth high risk of gum disease and a proven link to cancer just to name a few people of all of that in mind you may have tried to quit several times in the past only to pick the have it right back up again nicotine is addictive so it's hard to give up an addictive substance. we've actually discovered that only four to five percent of folks who try to go at it cold turkey without any kind of nicotine replacement therapy counseling support our successful four to five percent that means the vast majority are not successful
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can you do to make sure that this is the year you quit smoking for good. a community manager you just heard him pull me up from the american cancer society is to break it all down for us and that's just ahead in the six thirty edition of daybreak thanks so much water might be a better day for a contest or team is giving away one five hundred dollars visa gift card every day this week. here's how you can enter for a chance to win that money watch daybreak during the six o'clock hour to learn today's keyword to go to thirteen years now dot com click on the features tab and enter the keyword for chance to win and there you'll also find official contest rules on our side of the new batman versus superman flick is almost
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my school reunion's coming fast. could be a blast. can't find a single thing to wear. will they be looking at my hair? won't be the same without you bro. when it's go, go to the site with the right room, rewards and savings up to 20% when you book direct.
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you don't. batman versus superman is almost here and amanda play superman is making waves online yet henry campbell went around asking kids to choose between batman and superman and the answers were pretty adorable to see like superman batman flies back and buy me any five people just something about it this way the man who steals attempts to sway the most of the kids still take that narrow your lessons uprising of generational theft that little darker but the clip is part of a fund
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to donate a non profit organizations. the recall of the batman versus superman movie isn't out just yet there's already news about its home video release of forty four film ratings dot com and are rated ultimate edition could be in the works the website say sequences of violence as a reason behind its theatrical release from ears march twenty and is rated pg thirteen. two years fans of the way for this amazing and much anticipated aren't there just eight days left before season four house of cards premieres on netflix to let people be doing soon and one of the show's characters frank underwood you know and is being recognized alongside u s presidents at the smithsonian museum on bill underwood portrait gallery monday kevin spacey plays a role of president under wooden house of cards of all that we display were dark days of stress on the unmistakable icon a west may have saved idol sources tell tmz that
5:57 am
only available on title has more than double subscribers to the streaming service was nice virus but after fifteen add up to fifty million dollars in additional revenue a life of pablo albums been so successful kind nice team is discussing plans for another release which may include a physical cause it's huge. no surfing titles into debuted serious about getting me guess is that the three million dollars exactly what i have a michigan darken think his job for making him famous. piper is a canine who works in a while of control in traverse city michigan this video five are looking pretty cool us off in the sunglasses oakley to see that uniform went viral the job is not without its hazards though the popular puppet is on a three month break from work after factoring in its whole affair was jumping out of both his and his vehicle don't worry we'll get his cast offs in the other is yet another dash
5:58 am
gorilla doing very well this morning after being born by c section in england zoo decided to perform the prayer operation after its mother showed signs of a very dangerous pregnancy complication. thankfully he and mom are doing well but get this they called it a few men gynecologists to help deliver the wall relief as opposed to the gorillas and i mean the designer for this that remind me of benjamin button comes out with what little old man that's true yeah that's cool with going with a really cute i like it that interesting because a short memory lot of things so incredible about the team's the three standing now with more news weather traffic right now at six o'clock storms roared across
5:59 am
apart homes businesses and lives the small town of waverly hit the hardest things on the news is that i'm not going his way and on the peninsula strong winds brought down trees and power lines a look at the damage left behind. this is thirteen years now at daybreak and six o'clock we have team coverage for you this morning as the cleanup efforts begin elise brown is standing by in waverly that we have sandra parker in newport news crack in the studio as always andre night right here although the center of the top though it's windy outside right now supposed to be cleaning up the damage you have to deal with that rag this morning. yeah and i think the cleanup. you know for most places it's gonna be just fine we have nicer weather in terms of the sunshine temperatures are going to be ok as well be in the mid to upper fifties this afternoon but the one thing i'm a little concerned with this is after getting out to waverly yesterday with our storm coverage i saw
6:00 am
that was wrapped up in power lines and there's one structure that had its roof had impaled by another structure you literally launched into the roof where you have this very unsettled debris and stuff laying around especially some of the lighter aluminum roofing in some of these other things with gusty winds that stuff can still shift around so we really want folks to be very very careful with the cleanup effort at around waverly and up in newport news the trees down it's just a mass and you can still get some shifting debris rjc the wind still gusting at thirty to forty mph to ten augusta thirty nine there and oceanic temperatures mild that the coast a little cooler upper forties and one sunshine will break through the clouds today it's gonna be pretty nice with partly to mostly sunny skies here today temperatures topping out officially close to fifty six maybe fifty seven. let's get a check of the downtown tama here's a great kicking off the morning rush hour i do have a little bit of traffic trouble to report at


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