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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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that was wrapped up in power lines and there's one structure that had its roof had impaled by another structure you literally launched into the roof where you have this very unsettled debris and stuff laying around especially some of the lighter aluminum roofing in some of these other things with gusty winds that stuff can still shift around so we really want folks to be very very careful with the cleanup effort at around waverly and up in newport news the trees down it's just a mass and you can still get some shifting debris rjc the wind still gusting at thirty to forty mph to ten augusta thirty nine there and oceanic temperatures mild that the coast a little cooler upper forties and one sunshine will break through the clouds today it's gonna be pretty nice with partly to mostly sunny skies here today temperatures topping out officially close to fifty six maybe fifty seven. let's get a check of the downtown tama here's a great kicking off the morning rush hour i do have a little bit of traffic trouble to report at
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take a live look at thirteen years now track the camera just minutes ago i mentioned that this was just you can see your traffic was stopped at the downtown total to sixty four westbound at is headed toward portsmouth into a breakdown at the tube now that stop it only lasted for few minutes as you can see traffic is now moving with a decent amount of damage has been done at this point so we are backed up to about the tidewater starting to thin out a little bit to keep up to city hall but if you're about to head out the door you may encounter this and so you might wanna take another route this morning and rolled her out to midtown the george mcgovern in the high rise the all clear. if you need to get to portsmouth this morning on the traffic network maps here's what else you need to watch out for the dot issued high wind advisories at the jr be the coleman bridge and the monitor merrimack also watching standing water in your county in isle of wight county argued that in just a little bit but since we're at the monitor merrimack and you live look at you right from newport news to suffolk coming up next our ashleigh they so much with our severe weather coverage this morning
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through that town yesterday killing three people including top the entire town has been under curfew overnight as authorities try to assess all the damage left behind. lisa brown is live in waverly this morning with a look at the aftermath. good morning andrea lo see a lot of damage out here i'm holding looks to be a part of the roof and another part of it is actually holding on. on top of this poll right behind me. it's laying on the pole in part of the wires is very windy windy out here so that is dangling looks like it could fall at any moment again a lot of damage out here looks just like this across we really were told that around fifty or fifty or more soldiers are on their way to this area to help with some of the clean up effort to do an overnight residents were told today they were how to be on a curfew so that people here could first responders could check on them make sure that they were okay and that they can also check on not using those
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do know unfortunately three people did pass away as a result of this storm out they were told they were in their mobile home as the storm hit that they were found three hundred yards away from that home again we're told the governor will be here this morning and we will keep you updated as we get more information on these cleanup efforts live in waverly elise brown thirteen years now all right thank you so much lisa for giving us that information with are still thousands of people across our area still without power this morning. dominion virginia power says the storm impacted about eighty five thousand people across virginia and north carolina but crews have been working throughout the night to restore a right not hear the latest numbers on the outages we can see right here out of two point five million customer service if there are screens eleven thousand six hundred and sixty eight six hundred and eighty six rather are without power right now the heart a series of course the princely see it here is the only areas
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thirty eight don dot com doesn't have any estimate for when the lights will be back on losing. thanks andrea hardly a day goes by when there isn't an armed robbery shooting or violent crime happening in hampton roads so where do the guns come from thirty news now anchor jane roach joins us with a look at her investigation into that side of the issue most criminals don't just walk into a gun store and buy a gun so it's an underground market that's keeping them supplied and in some cases gun theft in two thousand and fourteen the atf trace more than seven thousand guns in virginia that were mostly recovered from violent times about a thousand the bowls came from out of state once guns are legally purchase many find their way into an underground market that criminals know how to access if i had a bite to eat you enough that it had a play is the president got beat up a motion within five phone
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he and for the firearms that reach this underground market is almost impossible for police to follow the trail coming up tonight at six we take a look at street crimes where the guns come from the no six o six a head head lice my two little words that can strike fear into any parents but now there's an
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. i will take a look right now this guy's a much much prettier than what we saw yesterday skies going to be partly sunny to mostly sunny times a day will certainly take that still windy out there though and we checked the wind gas for you in a moment let's get the kids ready for the bus stops again partly sunny skies and breezy conditions call a windy with some gusts still up around thirty to forty mph temperatures pretty close to fifty little cooler for the inland areas it's been in the low fifties at the coast but in general we're going to find temperatures getting close to fifty ies were taken to the lunch hour fifty four afternoon highs close to fifty six degrees as i mention we're still looking at someone's gusting up thirty to forty mph gust to thirty eight mph in four days and you guessed it thirty seven that's it at norfolk international has had a gust to thirty nine in virginia
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windy this morning and we want folks to be super careful out there on the roads to hands on the wheels of some of the bridges still do some pretty strong cross winds with these westerly high's we take a look now the highs today in the mid to upper fifties you could see up on the peninsula generally low to mid fifties sci get to williamsburg a bit warmer there cooler on the eastern shore and up to the northern neck for the northeast part of north carolina temperatures generally upper fifties with slightly cooler conditions but more sunshine at the outer banks art of the next few days we will see cooler conditions settling in friday and saturday look for a rebound sunday into monday let's check the monitor merrimack with ashley already credentialed and give you a live look around the monitor merrimack were focusing on traffic leaving the peninsula and headed to the south side so here's a live look at six sixty four southbound traffic the tunnel just there in the distance you can see everything is moving well six sixty four northbound traffic headed further into newport news. also in very decent
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the downtown tunnel as we take a look into sixty four westbound traffic i mention a few minutes ago that traffic was stop to believe it was before we even got into the morning rush hour due to a breakdown at the tunnel things are now moving toward port it and the delays are thinning out but it's still going to be very heavy at the berkeley bridge so you don't wanna deal with that use one of your alternate routes instead of coming up at six twenty we do have a little bit of traffic to discuss on five sixty four west of the naval station norfolk and it will do that in just eight minutes rationing fuel as we continue our severe weather coverage this morning we're heading over to the peninsula yes that's where sandra parker standing by live
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. we continue our severe weather cover right now with a look at some of the damage on the peninsula and you can see willis pictures right there just what the damage cause their tree topple on top of the home there. sandra parker is on the peninsula in newport news with more of the storm's maximum winds and mm mm. the guys were at another location or on douglas road just off of cedar where they had a lot of damage in this neighborhood is going to help the village area of newport news let me show you look at the time you can see this is the one trait is actually picked up a piece of it this is a a cedar tree this obviously this neighborhood. cedar lane in
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trees as we came down the road you can see a lot of the trees were planted from the ground. i mean like completely taken off this one obviously broke but you can see right here if it fell down here on the other side of history and rick if we can see a little bit over this way. behind this tree and under the table seat maybe next half hour we'll show you better but there's another scene a tree back there that was one of those up rooted trees i told you about. and guess what that one fell onto a power line downed power line and knocked out power to this area many people were hearing generator so that's helping them out but a lot of people still without electricity in this area all around here seem to be a lot of trees down and talk to folks who live at this house who the gentleman was home when it happened three hanks and he said it to sound like a freight train coming through and it only lasted for ten to fifteen seconds but it seem like a lifetime when he looked out the window because he took shelter he saw all this damage and there are a lot of trees. it's dark out now that we've seen on our way and a lot of damage we're going to show you a little bit more throughout daybreak so be sure to stay
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this is some pretty extensive amateur guys apart or thirteen years now. i think this and that we want to warn you the next story's little bit gross but sometimes it's not something that many pairs of had to deal with were talking about lights and it's not just any lice apparently there are now called super lice and are coming to hampton roads this particular lie says resistance over the counter treatments but there is apparently a new fda approved treatment called air away. it is fda approved once again it's going to cost you though one hundred and seventy dollars on new this morning markets in asia closed mixed this morning with some investors buying stocks after crude oil prices take today will get a report on employment applications an average mortgage rates plus sears will report earnings before the market opens at impact. traders are due to the market the gap will
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closes a new survey of customer satisfaction in the us gives high marks to nordstrom costco and amazon despite its low prices wal mart ranked second to last in the survey america's least favorite retailer that would be abercrombie and fitch and finally the us is no longer home to the most billionaires in the world how that distinction now goes to china the new lists as ninety new chinese billionaires moved china into first place thirty three more than the u s beijing is easy with the most billionaires. new york the second interesting to come back to ri so craig joins us now they're going to be a lot of surveying that happens on the part of the national weather service today to determine if what we actually saw was a tornado the select picture from waverly love for people died in that area lisa brown is there and that's what the damages their craggy what they do they go on a survey the damage site and there were some pretty good witness accounts that they do believe this was a tornado but what happens the survey team goes
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from wakefield where the national weather service right anderson i take a short ride go out there and spend time taking a look at the damage that is out there to look for a few things they look for there is no clear lines of destruction you razor sharp cutoff between areas that were hit hard or is it a much broader wider area that's one thing kind of a difference between straight line winds or outflow in a tornado a tornado will cut a path a lot of times. another thing to look for is the debris is that kind of uniform in all like let's see trees down telling the same direction or the throne in different directions kind of like dropping a handful of pickup sticks if you remember that he will fall in different directions and then the third thing they look for is signs of excessive force is there anything really weird like a straw in the side of a building or something that you know it would take really you know incredible winds to do weird things so they look for those and then they take a look at the overall destruction and they try to say ok this storm front was this part of building came down it was a
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building whatever that's how they determine how strong and quick question because a lot of people are going to be filing damage claims. pray that the insurance company will cover with or see the assessment going on today is for historical and statistical purposes has nothing to do with how much are correct this isn't provide to combat this isn't like a hurricane where he had no name storm has this verse is that you know when damage is wind damage and stronger storms obviously everybody is looking to their own insurance policies but the reason they do the survey is so that the national weather service has an accurate record of weather the storm produced a tornado for their own research and to refine their forecasting practices going forward and for statistical reasons as you know we continue to constantly put this information to the computer models that helped us make better forecasts in the future. so a lot going on around waverly and the national weather service will be issuing more reports on that will pass along right nicer weather for today but
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you can see the hour by hour forecast for the season on a this afternoon back in the mid fifties after dipping a bit a little later this morning. it is cooler forties the coast rushing attempts out to the west snow. now we don't have to worry about that we're actually going to enjoy the sunshine here. this is on the backside of the system we had the front come through last night to now get to enjoy a much nicer weather through the weekend but it is a wintry scene from parts of kentucky and west virginia to ohio indiana michigan dealing with snow and some more wet weather and even a few storms up across parts of maine very interesting system here you can see the storm has cleared our area and with the west wins we will see a decent amount of sunshine but cooler weather will eventually move in the snow stays back on the other side of the mountains so we don't have to worry about that here we will enjoy the sunshine to clouds from time to time overnight that mainly clear conditions overnight and then tomorrow another mostly sunny day saturday looks nice as
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rebound a bit sunday into monday so the mansion temperatures are dipping down into the upper forties around norfolk we were in the fifties and i came in mid fifties in our dropping will see temperatures kind hanging in the upper forties and climbed back in the mid to upper fifties this afternoon it is cooler and let the winds are still gusting we just had a gust of thirty seven there at norfolk international a thirty eight mph gust at the newport news thirty nine mph gusts reported oceania and one to thirty five the dock temperatures right now are going to be held in check with those west southwest winds but pushing back up to a high of about fifty six maybe fifty seven degrees partly sunny windy and cooler temperatures cooler tomorrow and saturday and then we'll see a rebound sunday into monday. i'd ask you what's happening around naval station norfolk. oak ridge's the little pickup in traffic volume out there let's head to our camera to show you exactly what i'm talking about five sixty four westbound this traffic is
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all drivers passing the itch exchange it and it went into boulevard you can see it is going to be a little bit slow here coming from the runway tunnel i am starting to see that slight delay before the run lee tunnel five sixty four westbound is clear so just give yourself enough time to sit through this slow down if you're headed toward him to boulevard. our second camera we head now to another part of norfolk to sixty four westbound at the downtown tunnel something heavy traffic at the berkeley bridge as you head to the tunnel and out to portsmouth due to an earlier break down this morning isn't the only to delay the watching right now we're coming up on six thirty to give you the latest in just eight minutes. i actually think you will today as we continue to revisit those resolutions were talking about one of the hardest
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hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. at hillshire farm, there's a reason our slow roasted turkey taste so fresh seconds after carving, we not only seal every slice, we double seal it. the results are something to savor. hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. told the tornado just going through races as the sunrises were alive with a better look at the damage in the town where four people were killed when a tornado
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home cleanup begins after strong wind and rain pummeled the peninsula and kicking the habit how you can quit smoking cigarettes for good daybreak starts right now good thursday morning and lucy bustamante i'm under a cedar to six thirty right now that storm system we just showed you will is moved out right now but it caused a major problem for area circa one thing that is sticking around is how windy it will be today meteorologist craig mohler is tracking it today yes things looking much better now that the storm has cleared the coast and this is a live sky view the dq down at seventeenth and atlantic so much nicer today but it is windy down there to be true had gusts to near forty mph this morning. here's a quick live look from our camera not a case some clouds here over norfolk were looking at the skies are partly cloudy
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enjoy more sunshine i think at times later today let's focus on the winds right now gus just reported a thirty eight mph at newport news and thirty seven mph gust in norfolk. that's at the airport gust to twenty nine mph occur attack and thirty five mph there just a little bit farther to the east out on deaf ears as you can see our virginia beach augusta thirty nine so wanna see some gusts close to forty eight times today definitely a windy start of the day it's going to be pretty breezy through the afternoon is while forties in when we have upper forties to low fifties near the coast and as we take a look of the sustained winds when windsor west southwest at sixteen mph. the pressure is low but rising and that will continue to be the case as high pressure builds for a beautiful stretch of weather through the weekend. today receive a high close to fifty six of the back the full forecast in just a little bit will focus on your weekend and looking ahead to another rebound in temperatures here's ashley. all right craig with thirty minutes into the morning rush hour and right now wanna take a
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news because i notice a delay on the traffic network maps and we have a little button the camera but his work with me here. sixty four eastbound just before you get to do in the boulevard. this is what kind of wonderful was on right here it's off to the right shoulder. i'm not sure what exactly this is it could just be a breakdown or a car pulled over not entirely sure at this point but i do know behind this point the two and a half mile back up to fort eustis alaska calls a bit of a headache to check on this see what this is right now let's head to our second camera and take a look out in hampton on sixty four e's as you pass that was winning road around the corner and make your way to the hr bt we are dealing with a one mile backup now headed toward the south side so that's two more delays to add to the lift already watching heavy traffic of the downtown tunnel and naval station norfolk and coming up next a live look at your delays around the midtown tunnel actually think the time now is six thirty three virginia is still under a state of emergency right now in response to the severe storms that slammed the state
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people dead. governor terry mcauliffe plans to visit waverly and mathematics today two of the areas that got hit the hardest and the governor state emergency declaration allows state agencies to devote resources to the storm response and recovery and that severe weather left a path of death and destruction so cleanup efforts will resume today in waverly after the tornado tore through and killed three people including a toddler and left extensive damage. elise brown joins us there live with more on the aftermath and the efforts right now to clean up the lease the morning and realized this storm causes serious damage look there's the pieces of wood like this everywhere and breaks all about. there's a grudge or hang on this live right here but the most serious crazy scene of all is this a large piece of metal on that these wires are right here in bc that pull edges hanging on for dear life right there
6:33 am
know when i can possibly fall right now we know there's more than fifty soldiers on their way to this area to help with the cleanup efforts overnight residents were placed on a curfew so that they had to be home early at night so that crews and first responders can start those cleanup efforts and check on people to make sure that they're ok unfortunately we do now to man and a toddler were killed during the tornado yesterday. their bodies were found three hundred yards from their mobile home that they are and you will be here and we are really all throughout the morning and here as the governor is set to come later today live in we really elise brown thirteen years now. alright that damage there just whites for right now the virginia department of emergency management urging people to sign up for a statewide tornado drill next month will be held on tuesday march twenty second and nine forty five in the morning emergency management says tornadoes can strike at anytime of the year really. so they are asking schools and businesses and
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in this large drill for more information on how to sign up for it you can visit our website or to use now dot com with the wind damage from the storm if you need to file an insurance claim the federal office of insurance says there are some things you must do so first you file your claim as soon as possible because there could be a deadline. also keep copies of receipts and other paperwork that includes medical documents in case someone's been heard even a scratch and before you meet a claims adjuster get an independent estimates on how much that work will cost well the storm also impacted the peninsula leaving heavy damage in its path. that's right we're going have a live look at the conditions there as daybreak continues. then he's accused of shooting his mother in the head that fleeing the state ahead of
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we have auto-tune, right? oh, yeah. that's a hit! all: yeah! . good morning and welcome back it's partly cloudy right now we get some clouds drifting through we've seen some clearing and we will continue to see partly sunny to mostly sunny skies are times when good is to be a quick heads up on what's gonna happen the day with the wins will talk about that moment for the bus stops this morning weather's fine you have to worry about rain or storms or anything like that but it is still windy and the temperatures going to be in the upper forties close to
6:38 am
couple of hours as far as the lunch weather goes mid fifties and staying in the mid to upper fifties so much cooler than yesterday's high of seventy two but again the big issue this morning just those wins and the still between thirty five and forty mph in several locations in the newscast strong round doctor around virginia beach even the inland areas were seeing gusts to thirty mph so if we want to hang onto your hats dentures mid to upper fifties for the afternoon again partly sunny looking pretty good for us as we head into the weekend it will be a little cooler tomorrow and saturday upper forties temperatures will rebound on sunday and early next week things are looking good as well as getting back up into the sixties and low sixties for monday. now today again the weather looks good we do so and those winds will continue to watch and we'll talk more about the ad about the tornado damage that was out there waverly pretty amazing storm system coming through yesterday but
6:39 am
this now the weather's pretty good for the commute but ashley posted to be careful around those bridges absolutely i'm still watching high wind advisories coming from the dot they have not yet lifted and will talk a little bit later on the show about which bridges are still under the high wind advisory that person would head back to newport news showed a few minutes ago very heavy traffic on sixty four east of newport news i checked with police and those flashing lights we saw just moments ago in our last trip to port that was an accident off to the right shoulder. the accident has cleared the backups are trying to clear the shot his mother an industrial park just a one to be jammed between fort eustis and in the boulevard was about to have three miles of heavy traffic out there that are heading eastbound toward jefferson avenue watch out for that on a second camera we head to the midtown tunnel traffic nearly as bad here fifty eastbound ports within to norfolk but it is going to be slow pretty much the usual rush hour delay to give yourself enough time to sit through that and make your way out of norfolk delays rather downtown tunnel naval station norfolk the hr bt have the latest in a binder
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high wind advisories all that coming up here in just a few minutes ignoring you. she's also in his office about the uh very hard habits to break yet not so simple that would always talk about smoking cigarettes ahead on daybreak are ashley smith spoke to an expert about how
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high winds and driving rains pummeled the peninsula leaving a mess of downed trees and debris for lots of crew members to pick up today. take a look at this picture of just the extent of the damage up there in the peninsula this is a tree toppled over on a house in newport news are said to parker joins us now with more on the aftermath here in our area. sandra wheezing and mm mm yeah guys in the sun's come up so you can really see the damage we talk to neighbors to find out what happened exactly and then you can see the damage the show you what i'm talking okay. the tigers might see this tree right here ok this is a big tree they said what happened is something came through sheer to that tree off okay and then it came over this way a little bit further and knocked off that
6:44 am
you look closely you can see the top of it is not off the transformer is right down on its side right there ok and then it came over blue over here and this is all within a ten to fifteen second span will over. not this straight right here down this is a big cedar tree here it's huge broke this one and half but as we walk around this tree you can see the damage i mean this is an extensively. this is a large large tree came down ok we clearly have lost the signal there but we are held on to power line knocked the power line down so we've got power in this area were out on folks are without power in this area the damage extensive this is just one section where trees that this storm one tree further down cedar lane here as we came and we were seen trees along the side street some fleshly bodies on the clean up the folks here said that they can have to bring some folks out here to to get the street but the damage here really
6:45 am
tell me it was all within a ten to fifteen seconds of the mat last long but the damage obviously left behind is extensive guys reporting live in newport news center harker thirteen years now said thank you so much she's on a tv system using cellphone tower sets was shot was glitter all right well on the docket today hearing is set for mother charged with murder after a state trooper found her son's decomposed body in her car. a judge will set honestly his next court date at today's hearing court records reveal sleet and killed her son quincy davis between july two thousand four in july two thousand five ten years before trooper found his remains. during a traffic stop last year hampton slate remains in custody while he faces second degree murder charges. also on the docket today a bond hearing is set for a man who was extradited to virginia after he allegedly shot his mom in virginia beach and then took off displayed the state police in los angeles caught up with the monte williams two weeks
6:46 am
that williams shot his mother and had at their house in ocean lakes earlier this month are going to update you on this story as soon as that scheduled hearing is over new this morning. apple is said to be working on a major security upgrade your report say the companies developing a ways to make it impossible for the government to hack into a locked iphone using current methods such a move could set the stage for more legal battles in the future looks like syria could soon be coming to your mac on line reports claim that the app that apple will unveil the new feature in june as part of the company's next software update. syria's already been rolled out for all of apple's mobile devices including phone and the apple watch over users could this be a sign of things to come. however just launched a new motorcycle service allow uber moto gives customers a chance to select a two wheeled vehicle to ride on the program is currently available only in thailand
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requirement will likely never be available here in the us because i doubt a lot of people will use it as the battles up on bass for the viewer i'd say the law think they speak about being a good quick shout out to lucy bustamante aig's haha but they wanted it like six hours and was truly a double shift and you get caught up in and again you think about what folks do with the waverly sixteen hours is not yet trust me we appreciate what you're going to have been out there you know you get a feel for it that that being said it still was a long and pick me up is santa bringing cuban coffee lucy thanks for making good on that promise. we also have been given away five hundred dollars gift card and on top of all this was uncovered i had time to meet charles gray for this great trials of view he was on monday when with the five hundred i get car but not so cool. he's a retired fire fighter pilot
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be a professor at one the eerie universities in just a great guy i really enjoy talking with us. we've talked a little better whether it's him and second bad the setting of the pilots very much in tune with the weather so i thoroughly enjoyed talking with him one of our five hundred dollar winners hopefully you're a winner when you get that a word of the day we continued to do that i what we have for you right now and i start to the day we are fighting still windy conditions and it's going to be that way yesterday's high seventy two spring like temperatures we had the spring like storms and we had about three quarters of an inch of rain at the airport normally work fifty three friday today will be a little bit above that obviously much closer to normal guys going to be partly to mostly sunny. we will remain dry today and that's good as we have cleanup efforts at the newport news we just saw the tree damage the center parker's live shot in and around waverly the area hit so hard had a chance to go out and survey that yesterday in a lot of folks will be cleaning up from that mass
6:49 am
tornado what we're going to find today. skies mostly to partly sunny. it will be when the wind still gusting thirty five to forty mph in some spots look for more sunshine tomorrow and right onto the week it's a very straightforward. it captures now low to mid forties for sin and what areas but most places upper forties to low fifties and again the winds are really blowing dust thirty five to forty mph in several locations including virginia beach down it does appear as well right now at the airport with a west southwest sustained at sixty mph. highs today around fifty six the low tonight in the upper thirties it will be breezy and cold tomorrow forty eight a little cooler but temperatures will come back after a chilly saturday upper forties back in the upper fifties for a really nice and to the weekend. are there she got a look of trafficking she's going to fill us in right now. all right we'll take a look at our delays ever since about five forty five or so we have had a few spots where traffic is certainly slow this morning so let's head to a couple updates here now around
6:50 am
four westbound a shot at the brooklyn bridge. we had earlier breakdown that stopped traffic at the downtown tunnel as you can see it is moving but the delay start again around her are at harbor park i should say to expect that as you're headed toward the tunnel and out to portsmouth on a second camera we had to another part of norfolk by sixty four westbound headed to the base here's exchange of the left hand side right now traffic is moving pretty well you seem very minor delays at this point starting just past the runway tunnel and asking to go to the traffic network maps on ahead there really quickly because i want to take a look at rb not issued high wind advisories we do have three that are still in place that is at the james river bridge the coleman bridge and the modern era back we don't have the lanes closed. we just ask you to be really cautious around those bridges and tunnels this morning as they to not have the latest on all the delays for the morning commute coming up at about six fifty five but right now we are revisiting your new year's resolutions this week on daybreak the goal this year
6:51 am
have already had an unsuccessful attempt or two it's only february the nicotine in cigarettes is an addictive substance a lot of us know that many smokers may need just more than a hefty dose of willpower to break that habit now because his appeal a proven link between smoking and several forms of cancer the american cancer society has really taken a vested interest in helping people quit and community manager richard police said. it's not just about putting the cigarette down but fighting the constant desire to light one up doing tons and tons and tons and tons of water and if you get a craving to get a headache or feeling moody due for a walk and take really deep breaths of fresh air every key stay hydrated was a big thing and stay active is another big thing so here are some other tips from acs you can start doing today to help you quit smoking the first thing. tell your friends and family that are trying to quit they hold you accountable then if you normally have a cigarette
6:52 am
made with a cup of coffee in the morning or during your break stop doing those activities change the routine the third thing tell your doctor they can provide the medical assistance and nicotine replacement therapy among other things and finally stay away from beeping and e cigarettes has become a big trend right now but many of them still contain the nicotine that makes it addictive and the american cancerociety is really worried about the fact that it's becoming very popular and that could normalize smoking again to make it the cool thing to do so we have to stay away from that one thing i do want to add the american cancer society has eight eight hundred number eight hundred to two seven two three four five you call that number any time of the day or night they have support and assistance for those who are trying to be smoke we have a craving that would just call them and they will help you with eight weeks into the new year's eve to start again if that was exactly starting and keep trying keep trying. yeah very very sick little mind is still right ear i hear so much more ahead on daybreak including a live look at
6:53 am
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hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it
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down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love i could rise above . more now on that severe weather that left a path of death and destruction cleanup efforts will resume today in waverly after a tornado tore through that town killing three people including a toddler and left extensive early
6:56 am
more on the aftermath and the efforts now underway to clean up beliefs the morning andre lucy is just a mess out here there's breaks like this everywhere mean there's a wood stove right here that's turned over their side garage door hanging out right here and but take a look at this site right over here this looks like it was part of the roof that's now just dangling hanging on on top of those wires pulling that pull down and looks like it could go down at any moment again this is what lots of waverly looks like people here today are just trying to clean up and pay cap after what the storm did family do no more than fifty soldiers are on their way to this area this morning to help with the cleanup efforts overnight people were at eunos are told to stay home while first responders checked the door to door to make sure people were okay. we do know the governor is on his way out here today to speed people and to see just what the damage looks like and personnel we will be here
6:57 am
all this damage will keep you updated. why do we really elise brown thirteen years now that democrats take us so much i'd actually watch for the roses. yeah let's take a look of the delays we've been watching alot of traffic this morning but now of course ran to the rush hour naps we need to focus on so this is hampton sixty four eastbound at king's treatment of a two mile backup if you have the hr btn out to norfolk on the traffic network maps or delay the base we fanned out around newport news sixty four eastbound due to an earlier accident might be slight delays between fort eustis and in the boulevard we can keep going here at the downtown tunnel headed to portsmouth still slow due to an earlier break down into norfolk at the midtown tunnel just the normal rush hour delay there and a little bit left around naval station norfolk but it's not as severe as it looks there on the mass of course another big issue this morning has been those b dot issued high wind advisories and very windy still some gossip run forty miles from the bench we've been focusing alot on waverly because the fatalities and important is the proximity one of
6:58 am
but up a tap handle tornadoes here with multiple injuries last evening as well so we are mindful of that we continue to hope that everybody gets his recovery as best as possible the weather will help skies partly sunny we will see the gusty winds right now looking at sustained winds around twenty gusset close to forty mph and samir is a gust of forty five their newport news. so very windy still across the region today but the storms are gone. plenty of sunshine through the weekend that's good fantastic mistake is to attract. well good for us here on thirteen is now at daybreak we'll keep tracking the damage in the cleanup up before you knew to good morning, america. state of emergency. 53 tornadoes touch down from texas to virginia. at least eight dead as the
6:59 am
winds hit 83 miles an hour and a coast guard ship overturns trying to rescue a fishing boat. last chance, marco rubio and ted cruz fighting to stop donald trump's momentum ahead of tonight's big debate. >> if the donald wins the general election, who the heck knows what he'd do as president. >> as mitt romney goes after trump hinting a bombshell may be coming. abc news exclusive, david muir one-on-one with tim cook, the apple ceo answers questions for the first time about why he won't help the fbi break into the san bernardino shooter's phone. >> this case is not about the phone. this case is about the future. >> his message for victims' families and this morning, new reports isis supporters may be threatening facebook's mark zuckerberg. and charge. the elephants caught on camera heading straight for a u.s. senator.
7:00 am
call. and good morning, america. pretty scary moment for senator jeff flake. you kept the elephants calm. sflt slowest elephant can outfast the fastest man. thankfully they can't outrun the safari jeeps. >> welcome back. great trip. a lot of news to get to including this rescue unfolding right now. a live look at rockaway beach. a fishing boat got in trouble and a coast guard went in to get it. see how rocky the seas are and the coast guard ship actually overturned. so far everyone is okay but the rescue is going on right now. we'll stay on top of in this morning. >> take a look now at waverly, virginia, where a state of emergency was declared. 53 reported tornadoes in just the last 48 hours stretching from texas up to virginia and at least eight weather-related deaths and more than 70,000 people without power this morning. we have full team coverage tracking it all and we begin with abc's gio benitez in


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