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tv   13 News Noon  ABC  February 25, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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bustamante them on for easier lives in sussex county essex county rather waverly with the damage is widespread there clouds overhead and still windy that we should say the cleanup is underway but it certainly isn't anything close to that right now in singapore when the worst hit areas here and we really this is a hole that was completely ripped apart when that tornado moved through the owner tells me the resident tells me this about two thirty yesterday afternoon she and two other people and their three dogs were inside this building when the tornado moved through and ripped it apart to build this happened not too far from here just a couple of blocks away in a laundry mat. this building was made out of work and the tornado ripped apart you could see some of the laundry but they're exposed to the elements certainly not what it's supposed to be. now back out here live. we have been talking to the residents who live out here who experience this tornado went through yesterday elise brown she's been out here since about two o'clock this morning speaking to residents
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the three people who live in this home where they tell you about that experience as aiden they're just devastated to figure out how to put the pieces honey move on from there today was the first time in their home since the storm struck. take a listen to how they describe those handy when the first thing that came to my mind was oh my god is a tornado with the kitchen with one of the dog coming right at them for me to lisa jan when in pomona in to cover all i can think about was iraq but he lives in this thing every was the nine year old i'm going to think about it. this she write here just exploded backwards and all the stuff came into the house and i was standing right here. she was screamin also there to calm down calm down within mere seconds the shaking stopped and went past the damage coming to light this is something of a movie this is
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this disaster is all too real nearly a day later the shock is still just as powerful as buddies and watch her reaction as when it brushes against her face an eerie reminder of the traumatic experience. listen to the label as a very high and low end just like flashback now you can add your heart just goes out to the smelly also trying to pick up the pieces as they move on when we really elise brown thirteen isn't nearly so spoke to that one earlier the only thing that she had was he was actually a picture of her son and the clothes on her back. they're all out she's actually heading over to local supermarket just down the street from here that is where she's told that the red cross is going to be offering help get to sleep at a friend's house last night because he had gorgeous day
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would tell you more about what's going on here virginia just emergency the governor issued a state of emergency last night governor terry mcauliffe has scheduled a visit this area at one o'clock today were not exactly sure where he's going to start but there's a good bet that he'll be coming to this area to survey the damage because it's so bad here. in fact just a short distance where i'm standing right now that is where three people died yesterday including a toddler a two year old thrown from hundred feet away from the reader can tell you that i am told that the trailer where that happened is completely gone. this new now back to the governor his trip here that's scheduled to happen to one o'clock. he's also expected to visit the max today. in other areas slammed by storms are well. the governor's declaration for state of emergency now allows them to a building resources to storm recovery in the various areas like here in waverly and
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from the scene here what's going on here weekly coming up a little bit later listen back to you or a hundred people see you in just a few minutes while we are getting more reports of storm damage take a look at this picture that is the shelter of the acts on a north lynn haven road in kings grants workers at the gas station tell us that the whole thing toppled over during yesterday's storm but that gas station is still open for business. several spots in newport news suffered extensive storm damage downed trees and power lines made it difficult to maneuver around cedar lane. that's in the holton section of newport news center parker was there live this morning on daybreak and found out there were some very tense moments when that storm hits. read hank says he's been to plenty of storms but nothing like the one that hit his newport news neighborhood late wednesday afternoon he says it was the scariest thing he's ever been involved in talking to my wife on the phone because we've got some warnings on the phone for some storms come in and all the sudden
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come off so we quickly hung up with his wife tabitha eye doctor and the cover i did not know who it was over he was concerned about all the large trees that surround his home trying to find a place that would be safe the trees are coming down on how it sounded like it came through my backyard ten second thing that knocked down both of our trees just like that. it also took down a power line in the process but luckily he was safe his wife on the other hand was at work frantically waiting for him to call it that he's like oh my gosh i guess i gotta go i gotta go so i was like ok ok so we hit the fan and i'm like frantic at work and i watched myself and mike appeared and then not any time later he caught me that i think that it was over with anyway me to come home because of the storm it took awhile to get home and the destruction and damage she saw on the way especially down cedar lane was overwhelming at times. now it's just like i hope everything is ok the house so i was very heavy ball down the thread and see my having
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neighbors are just checking out the damage in south now to clean up and say no to take a while in newport news center parker thirteen years now i have seen wind damage with the storm if you need to file an insurance claim the federal office of insurance is that there's some things that you absolutely have to do file a claim as soon as you can check that deadline it will make a huge difference. also keep copies of receipts and other paperwork that includes any medical documents in case someone got hurt and before you meet a claims adjuster get an independent estimates on how much the work will cost him all the storm caused some delays and cancellations at norfolk international and newport news williamsburg international last night so if you're flying today or picking someone up from the airport. please check with a thirteen years now flight tracker for the latest status you can also find it under our traffic tap and the virginia department of emergency management is urging people to sign up for a statewide tornado drill
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held on tuesday march twenty second at nine forty five in the morning emergency management says tornadoes as we have seen can strike at any time any time of the year asking schools businesses and residents to take part in this trail if you need more information on how to sign up your organization visit our website thirteen years now dr donald trump finds himself in a new war of words but it's not any of his fellow presidential candidates are going to tell you what happened after he left virginia beach at new
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. i it is debate night for the republicans the first this is the nevada caucus is the final one before super tuesday so this new gop frontrunner donald trump is an annual battle this time its former republican
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romney who suggested there is a bombshell hiding in shrubs tax returns. abc's kennett mo and is in washington with the latest on the race to the white house hours before severe weather ripped the region overnight. donald trump was on the ground rallying supporters talking running mates once it's political because i want to get lots of great legislation that we all want passed a truck with a no show for republican town hall on fox news hosted by megan kelley who had a very public feud with the gop front runner janet is lined up as they work to take down top we're not going to allow the conservative movement to be defined by a nominee who republicans promise to release their tax returns this week after mitt romney we twelve gop nominee even said he believes there's a quote bombshell entranced access when people decide they don't want to give you the taxes because they're so
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one on the attack the billionaire tweeted mitt romney who totally blew the election that should have been one of those tax returns made him look like a fool is now playing tough guy alpha kappa alpha the viewer fireworks from the democratic side hillary clinton made a case of the sr them aka ahead of saturday's south carolina primary. bernie sanders who is struggling with black voters there moved on to super tuesday states drawing nine thousand people to his rally in tulsa oklahoma as a props taxes he says there's no bombshell other than he pays a lot. the republicans will debate tonight on cnn and the super tuesday state of texas where the governor just endorses senator ted cruz both abc news washington thirteen is now continuing to follow the latest developments out of waverly here's andre with a look at what's ahead. the women were more but those who were
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the three coming up next here one of the quincy who know one of the victims had to say about him that's coming up next and this morning a fish or from the national weather service that was in fact a tornado i have the details i show you where it started it where it dissipated along the path was how wide that
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about i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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i know them well welcome back i'm audrey see or hear live in the waverly iowa talk more about this house right behind me real quickly here they can see how damaged it is an early release browns backers you saw that she was actually in the house of all
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well that is because she got into the house before going for. we got out here. it was condemned to just a short time ago that means for right now the family will not be able to go to the home and get anything from that house not just down the street from here that is where three people died a toddler a twenty nine year old and a fifty year old i will bring elise brown in it she spoke to a co worker of one of those victims least one of them and tell you about the victim he said known as victim was a hard worker a good person and that his own construction company is really going to miss and they're going through a lot today and uh interesting tie in here. his co workers are now out here trying to help with all those damages labonte that for the community is really just trying to come together andre they made them very small town everyone wants to help out one another so they're out here on stacking some of the metal that had actually moved on from our roof as they took that they put that much i've also been some wood and glass so that they're to
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her to live a long long few days ahead because there's debris everywhere thank you so much alicia know i can tell you right around here it is definitely a disaster zone the governor declared a state of emergency for the series so many people here should be eligible for some state and federal funding here at least help them rebuild for the time being i can tell you that hope with those of three people died there are reports that the actual trailer where they live they were tossed from the trailer is actually gone the other is nothing to see but we can't get back there because police and the record off right now they're not allowing anyone to go back there and filling a video of what is happening back there will be talking with folks who live around nearby other efforts to clean up lucy back to you all right andrea reporting live from waverly and sussex county are appreciated anew at noon while working to get more information about what caused this particular car to slam into a house in norfolk this morning thirteen years now was on princess anne road where we caught the sedan going right into a home or waiting to hear back from officials to see if anyone
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seventeen year old student without incident. there are no reported injuries right now the student is being questioned by detectives charges are still pending. a mother charged with murdering her own son appeared in court in hampton this morning tanya slaying was charged with killing quincy davis after the boys decomposed body was found in her car last year prosecutors told thirteen news now that the charge sleeping with murder after a lengthy autopsy concluded. davis died from a manner inconsistent with natural causes. slings attorney says that she loved her son and that there's no evidence that a homicide happened according to court records davis died between
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and july two thousand and five that is ten years before a trooper found his remains in the trunk of her car the trial has been scheduled for september. switching gears a bit now to the weather and a big shift in the forecast in waverly has a different story museum is still very windy out here about my clothes on because it is still chilly outside we do have a break in the clouds right now it's been cloudy all day the sun's out. craig is here now with more on the weather across our area still very windy andre and you could see the picture is better than what we saw yesterday you could see some clouds breaking across the sky right now invariably cloudy but generally to the afternoon it will become partly sunny once again i want to go ahead and share with everybody. the official report from the national weather service's was released around ten thirty this morning on the waverly tornado and yes after surveying the damage out there and taking a good look
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the ground really analyzing the destruction the national weather service has determined that this was an ef one tornado with winds of about one hundred to one hundred and ten mph so very strong as far as the general wins relative to other areas that were seeing winds up around fifty sixty mph you double that and that's what she had with this ef one tornado. now the path was about nine miles in the with up to about three hundred yards you think about that the maximum area of destruction expanding out to about three football fields so again a wide at the base but you get some of these tornadoes the really big ones they can be a mile or more wide so i certainly this one in the f one kind of smaller on the grand scale but certainly powerful enough to do the damage and unfortunately as we've been reporting three fe county's eight injuries with that. it was on the ground for about ten miles and you can see it passed over the western side
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sixty and then eventually lifted as it moved off to the northeast so that is the history on that tornado yesterday between two thirty one and two forty one as it was on the ground. here's what's happening right now we have winds still gusting up around forty mph at newport news thirty six mph gust their current at augusta thirty seven in norfolk also oceania with a thirty seven mph gust of forty mph gust in elizabeth city and any notice of the series in with a lot of time to get stronger us at the coast but it won't be very windy and when not the case today we've got some higher gusts even around petersburg so it's windy across syrian folks cleaning up from yesterday's storms really want to be careful if you've got a tree or some these may be knocked over i think about some of the sheet now we've seen caught up in some of the power lines and other things out there around waverly be very mindful of your surroundings as a strong gust could loosen some of that or get some of the debris to ship so i know they're being very careful but if you're out and you
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be careful as well. high temperatures are down quite a bit from this time yesterday right now at fifty eight year four fifty five in virginia beach forty nine in newport news wakefield and fifty so he is a little chilly out there skies generally partly cloudy to invariably cloudy west winds at fifteen mph i did the next twelve hours or as the temperatures actually getting back in the low to mid fifties and then falling off later early this morning we were warmer with temperatures in the mid to upper fifties but as we get to the afternoon it won't get much warmer than mid fifties forty eight for tomorrow's six forty seven on saturday that look ahead we do back up in the low sixties as we go sunday into monday so you some warmer days to look forward to for now. very windy will continue to have more updates on that keep you updated on the situation with torrey craig thank you so much. the battle is brewing in hampton roads but it may not be what you think of people from the mariners museum and the park are here to tell us about an event that's coming up that
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i talk about a week and that combines family find in a significant part of this area is important history the mariners museum and park is organizing the battle of hampton roads we can here to talk to us more about it is and marie miller and eric general thank you so much for being here. thanks to so tell
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all about well the weekend and it's march and six k and that is some close to the date of the actual battle which took place in eighteen sixty two and was an important battle because it really ushered in the era of ironclad and then evolving into steel ships as opposed to wooden warships which had been the norm up until that point cannot be such a huge industry to this day knowing that in our area tell us exactly what you're wearing is actually wearing of this is a uniform that they add a union sailor would have worn a time of the civil war and its pretty starkly correct and it's a really hasn't changed that much to add to your sailor today is wearing her in our area are saying earlier that he is a great chef of food from that to the palace what else will they will people get to experience during that weekend. well one thing that eric is going to be doing
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having a cumbersome coffee with coffee with the cut because the conversation where he'll be talking about the food that he's preparing on the deck of the monitor which they did back in eighteen sixty two they actually went up on the top tackler on the deck and her feet so he's going to be the very period correct food and we will have coffee for anyone who's interested in partaking in that and they learn a little bit about what life was like for the sailors on board the monitor to give us just a little snippet of information about what that life was like and some of the fun they were talking about battle omitted draw people to have this weekend is that the apps on the food i will be preparing the site's caulfield i will be making coffee the way they did in the in the civil war but i'll be making them since the weekend also deals with picnics and recreation area i'll be i'll be making scotch eggs flour will make the fritters and doughnuts
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good for any generation i went hiking the thankyou guys for being here with us
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the three people dead. a community change for ever after deadly storm moves through the small town of waverly virginia and now neighbors are digging through what is left as we continue to bring you the latest on the destruction in waverly thank you for staying with his noontime was monday and i won't receive your love live in waverly here i can say that now we just got word that the governor is indeed going to be driving by this eerie run along main street just in downtown waverly part of the heaviest destruction
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bring back said that you can tell what it really is. cut a path and right now their houses just like the one you see behind me and there are homes that are completely untouched know the last twenty minutes so we did have a national guard arrived here on the see what they're going to be doing is helping chop down trees and fallen houses are covered roads and removing them from the area that might come around here so we can show you the national guard could see to cruise right over here and there around an area where a tree felled and helping clean that does limit what they want to show you this aerial video drone video that was not given to us here and that's actually showed the whole though standing in front or from above and the extent of the damage as it stretches across this area in downtown waverly. this is also heading to the general direction where that laundromat was also hit completely ripped apart and
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standing there right now the larger machines that were inside and also in that road video you will be able to make it out but that is where that trailer was blown apart killing those three people the two year old twenty nine year old had been fueled by the way the stroller video courtesy of central virginia aerial solutions want to thank them for sharing with us showing us the extent of the damage throughout this area at this very moment you can hear the chainsaws you might be only hear them right behind the tree that fell yesterday during the storm will work is underway to cut the trip right now. remove the debris from this area will have a little more rushed going here from a crew that's out here working donating her time to help clean up the damage in this area loosing we see the good samaritans pop up in situations like this thank you so much for your children aren't well yesterday storm not only produce a tornado but also the damaging winds in the rain can crack it is incredible how random the past can be. yet when you
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you develop and then the damage pattern out there on her senior year of homes are destroyed next to homes are not pricing that's one of the things i can recall o one of this place that was enough of the pencil that was eight years ago there was the from the house demolishing trees down in the back of passers a cup that was untouched on a table. so again the traumatic twins a swirl around to talk about war widespread when the situation across year we had the damaging winds up in newport news and remember there were some other tornadoes as well tap the handle again hit after maddox also getting hit so there's a lot of destruction across the region from the tornadoes were focusing alot on the one in waverly but i want to tell you the wins in general still very very strong in some areas newport news. augusta forty one mph thirty seven mph gust in virginia beach and nothing really damaging right now but enough to certainly blow around lease a yard items like chairs on the deck or maybe trash cans
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mph down there in elizabeth city let's talk about the wins in general and this is the future cast with the winfield and what we're going to find across the area the winds coming in from the west southwest right now we're still getting some of these guys to see the yellowish colors are thirty or more mph near the coast especially sinners still up around forty. as we take you four to the afternoon into the evening. you're going to see the winds continuing from the west still pretty strong but overnight as we go through nine in ten o'clock start to see the blue shading here indicating the lighter winds on this particular map overnight into tomorrow the winds will start to ease up. still gonna be gusty near the coast overnight and tomorrow morning we could still see some gas to about thirty but i think today tomorrow the winds easing up intervention and about twenty five mph with those customization in lighter after that a beautiful weekend in store and on it a lot more about that coming eric i thank you so much just into our newsroom. two
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robbing someone inside the car the police tell us that three men were inside the car on white chapel road near tidewater drive around ten o'clock this morning when two passengers robbed the driver. the victim was able to escape unharmed the suspects took off in the victim's car officers found the car but the two suspects were nowhere to be found and we're continuing to follow the developments in waverly as we take a live look at the destruction left behind by this deadly tornado the national weather service the damage we can have another live update from andre senior in just a bit plus he's been every day from the last couple days and his wife asked him and he said he was tired. the family of the overdrive are accused
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. i we're back right now with the latest on the deadly rampage in michigan we're learning what the suspect jason dalton was like in the days before he allegedly killed six people and wounded two others the attorney for his family is now speaking up for the first time and only to abc news. here's elizabeth her grace and i first want to express the family's utter shock and sympathy for the victims through their attorney whom are driver jason jones' wife and parents are speaking out for
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abc news a fairly gregarious character a good father a well known in the community while light and there was nothing to indicate that something like this w/uld occur and married father of two only began driving for over just two weeks before the shooting now he's in jail facing six counts of murder they're faking like everybody else why the motive is a mystery even to his family but according to the attorney in the days leading up to the rampage dalton's wife didn't sense a change in his behavior but after a day for the last couple days side his wife asked him and he said he was tired just his demeanor that he seemed to be depressed and down which was not his normal character on the day of the shooting dawkins family without running errands when he visited a gun store a scene in the surveillance pictures by tactical jacket the attorney also revealing don't know when to his parents' house after the first shooting telling his family at his chevy
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and he needed to switch cars then headed back out with his parents shed the h h are they in turn also denied reports that the was having financial troubles at the time of the incorrect again stressing the family is also desperate to learn why this happened it was with her abc news new york rescue on the water takes a turn for the worse after the coast guard crew
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a coast guard ship looked over while trying to rescue the crew of a fishing boat in new york this is off the rockaway beach in queens the crew of the fishing boat called for help after ran aground when the coast guard both went to help. it ended up overturning several coast guard members got the beach back to the beach on hard so far though no word of any injuries. engineers at apple are starting to develop new security measures that would
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for the government to break into a locked iphone if apple succeeds in upgrading the security company will create a significant technical challenge for law enforcement even if the obama administration wins its fight over access to that data was stored on phone use by one of the killers in last year's san bernardino rampage i live coverage of the destruction in waverly virginia continues the sun is out the clip is underway national guard troops are out here removing a tree coming up we'll hear from another
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i showed this last half hour but i want to do it again we have a lot of folks just tuning in
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from waverly on the tornado confirmed an ef one tornado touched down to the south west of waverly and pass crossing over forty and then for sixty just on the west side of the waverly at that intersection there cut over there was damage to the laundromat are several businesses that were damaged storefronts and then continued on its path moving off to the northeast and eventually lifted there after being on the ground for about nine miles down the maximum width of that path of destruction about three hundred yards and it was an ef one with one hundred to one hundred and ten mph winds the time it was down on the ground to thirty one two to forty one so just a really sad situation around waverly of course you've been hearing now the reports of three fatalities in the eight other injuries so that's the official word from the national weather service the good news is as cleanup efforts continue the weather will continue to get better
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that's a little bit of a hampering issue out there you gotta be careful when you've got debris strewn about with some these gusty winds and some of that stuff doesn't go airborne but we haven't seen some gossip around twenty five to thirty or even thirty five mph. for those in when there is andrew wakefield in waverly. generally the strong winds even close to the coasts he's seen some wins up around forty ml check the ones for you here just a moment tomorrow and saturday will see the winds gradually easing up in is going to be mostly sunny but it's going to be chilly with those temperatures down in four days a gust of forty one mph there you can see an emporia augusta thirty one rich man with a gust to thirty eight the same ron peters person still some very gusty winds wakefield which is very close to waverly about ten twenty four mph so the grass. most recently reported. i guess also to forty dental is missy and upper thirties and oceania. right now virginia beach reporting fifty five degrees most air is pretty close to fifty that's where we are at the airport west
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the coming twelve hours to enter the old city and then fall off skies will clear you can see we don't and any precipitation rain storm in a story about here there are some areas of snow back over the amount going out to the last for today the temperatures again from the mid fifties partly sunny will see mainly clear skies overnight chilly with lows down into the upper thirty still breezy tonight and tomorrow gust to about twenty five win season tomorrow night. here's the set seven day forecasts for temperatures they will be climbing back up sunday up to fifty eight and sixty two on monday but the next couple days pretty chilly. ok we're going to go back out to waverly right now before i leave you wanna check in with andre who's been there all morning under a loose who just got some new information we just heard from state police they tell us the governor is going to get briefed about one o'clock this afternoon and then after that he's going to make the trip downtown waverly here right along main street where you see all the damage here. he's also going to be meeting with residents
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become over this willoughby who are standing outside their hope is going to want to talk to them hear the national guard on the way to bring up the mess left behind by the storm also take a listen to this baby works for the construction company were one of the victims were where the men who died list now he's getting back here we don't have that some ght tell you about what his name was mr ow he works with construction company were one of the victims who died yesterday works. castro is out here today publicly up this mess that was left behind here yesterday when these things happen lucy said earlier when tragedy strikes we do see the best people about what's going on here right now many people coming and helping clean up the debris of the people get their lives back to normal lucy back to you all right andrea thank you so much in a place to be sticking with all of the reports coming out of waverly working to take the governor's report in just a few minutes as well but for now just keep an eye on those wins. yes going to be a slow recovery as they continue to
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hampering things a little bit the wind still gusting up thirty five maybe forty mph
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