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tv   13 News 530  ABC  February 25, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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police they are out here they've been directing traffic so many people here trying to rally behind and rally around waverly to get things back to normal if that can happen a lot of stories out of waverly as you can imagine people say wow i can't believe i survived on her senior who was out here most of the day he shares one of those stories with us right now looks alike to lose everything. all your belongings right there on your front lawn of the houses the main front door. this is the roof over the top of the house just crumbled into a ball here. this is all powerful the wires so be careful. this is where i was standing when the tornado hit i just looked out of that window and i came in here and his girlfriend had moved back into this corner and this she write here just exploded
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came into the house and i was standing right here. she was screaming all summer to calm down calm down. it was pushing this way but it wasn't pushing me it was descending flying around because i miss our state back something told me that she would like at something that flows at a time when paul logan needs comfort the most backside a miracle so this is tiny. i did as you can imagine social media a very big as well votes telling their stories through twitter and on facebook a leash the guys and now here in waverly in a backyard off of main street you know it's just been truly devastating day to see all of the damage that's been caused by last night's storms. you can see trees behind me. word from the ripped up fences from home. this house right behind
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broken into. i mean there is just a lot of damage here and it's gonna take awhile to clean this up we've seen the doctor is out here removing some of the debris from the broken homes on and i've been out here all day live tweeting and facebooking giving you guys updates you can truly see just how much damage there is not here for one side starts again i'll continue to keep you updated on facebook twitter and of course as always i'm thirteen years now don't come back to you the light when the governor was here a little while ago he said that although there's a lot of damage here in waverly that this was a statewide event there's damage scattered throughout the state including in newport news we know that a lot of trees are down there some power outages joe flanagan joins us now with more on the recovery effort in newport news that's right jack thanks so much going on the phone all
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dominion virginia power. she tells us they have restored power to ninety eight percent of their customers now not this house in newport news it's not going to happen anytime soon but for the rest this couldn't happen soon enough to restore power. we found pockets of damage around to purdue's on this thursday. this one on orkut avenue near seventy four st strong winds brought down a branch that in turn fell on the support of the power pole was on the twenty five years of trying to figure out what went where and how to pull the broken half and they just basically tells it that way for dominion power and or their contractors to come in the morning a few blocks away on media street another tree fell on this yellow house barely missing a man lying on the bed in the back bedroom cleanup efforts today were all about clearing the tree and out so they could get a tarp over the exposed area of the house next door neighbor
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look the way home noting some of the garage and got a lot of people were saying that and douglas avenue near the help section of newport news. trees snapped and power was lost in this area and it was hard hit the main line coming through here with the doggies out this is on the ground back then that the crew has lived here forty eight years our magnolia tree is at least that'll make section feller house and get some serious damage and then it was just like an ocean of love all my windows and then a big big boom sale was over with power had not been restored apart the house when we were there in fact her whole block was dark. lots of these residents have power back on now did not seem too worried about all this world knowing repellant of the sudden you know newton is an ample and the roads in
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mousavi and am back here live now but he has to tell us that less than a thousand customers without power half of those here in the pants larry up the wins were going the other half in northeast north carolina reporting live in newport news joe flanagan thirty news now we have some other news to report the navy's top leader visited va a shipbuilding were asking him about the recent mass layoffs and tonight the gop presidential hopefuls will face off once again in their latest debate to focus on when watching tonight massive storm system that hit the east coast now pulling out colder air rushing in behind it you know how cold it gets the next couple of days and a little bit of warm upper part of your weekend and i'm still watching wind advisories across the area and some traffic trouble on the interstate as we head to our purse camera in chesapeake an oil spill for sixty fourth out of dominion still blocking the exit ramp there and are still a half mile backup in place and as we head to virginia beach a
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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oh. dna
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and a cold cases in virginia be one of those cases has already resulted in a conviction the jury found fifty four year old benjamin the donkey guilty of rape prosecutors say mcdonough assaulted a woman in his car back in nineteen eighty seven police also arrested julian romero for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman in nineteen eighty eight he was arrested and north carolina on unrelated charges. romero will soon be extradited to virginia beach and a third case fifty two year old charles connor brown is alleged to have grabbed his victim and the street and assaulted her at her house and house has been charged with rape and abduction a portsmouth man faces at least seven years in prison after he pleaded guilty to a series of armed robberies twenty four year old sharon can enter that plea in federal court today he admitted to holding up three seven eleven to chesapeake and portsmouth
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and an accomplice were later captured in charge he said to navy admiral answer some tough questions about the layoffs that have rocked local shipyards what is planned to give workers more peace of mind and assess our coverage of the destruction in waverly continues hear
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he's working to improve communications with hampton roads private shipyards i wrote john richardson's remarks follow a visit to be eighty one of the arts hit very hard by layoffs like gooding has more on the admirals be laid off one hundred eighty five workers on november twenty first with another hundred sixty on december sixteen with attrition the yards total reduction in force was three hundred ninety five with more cuts likely in the weeks ahead and they're not alone newport news shipbuilding laid off seven hundred and thirty eight workers on february third on top of the four hundred eighty jobs it eliminated in september there still could be another two hundred and eighty job cuts and general dynamics mask osf more letters to workers about the possibility of three hundred and sixty layoffs this year that base of workers that does that repairs for our ships and they are the foundation for
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critical to you everybody there understands how valuable they are to me being a contributor to national security. admiral john richardson had what he called a terrific visit with b a he promised to make sure the navy communicates as clearly as possible with the area shipyard leaders who have complained that the problem lies in continuing uncertainty over predictable funding for ship construction and repair contracts. richardson said the navy is still recovering from sci quest ration and twenty thirteen. our navy business thrives and does much better and stable and predictable and adequate that then there's this level of confidence for everybody involved in the public shipyards the private shipyards of the ship builders that they can make make make the adjustments they need to make my getting thirteen years now. other news the grand bay high school student is in custody accused of bringing the gun
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school security search the team this morning someone tipped them off at the seventeen year old had a concealed weapon. no one was hurt here no word yet on the exact charges for this to a delay in the bond hearing for a man accused of shooting his mother in the head in virginia beach police in los angeles arrested dante williams two weeks ago he was recently extradited to virginia beach williams appeared in court today but the judge didn't rule on bond because williams is working to get a lawyer he spent days on the run after the shooting in ocean lakes before police caught him in california williams is charged with attempted murder. severe winter weather slab than it was heavy snow stranded dozens of cars and trucks on the road in illinois drivers got stuck in snow drifts as tall as three feet. christmas hours trying to dig out the vehicles the transportation crews are still working to clear the snow from the road five coast guard members are ok after their boat flipped
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boat ran aground at a new york city beach this morning the coast guard sent a team to get the fisherman to safety but the waters were too rough and that coast guard boat flipped before reaching the fishing boat eventually helicopter crew came in and took the fisherman to see the sun yesterday we were dealing with dangerous wet and heavy rain a much different picture tonight as we take a look at downtown norfolk from our sky view but the temperatures also a lot different let's check in now with jeff yesterday seventies today much all afternoon we were in the fifties we had sixties very early in the morning and then it was downhill after that quite literally to show that picture from a nice sunset setting up a few locations through some of those clouds should get some decent ones is in reds out there i would think meanwhile for this evening temps are dropping back to about forty nine. very breezy inland areas a lot of us are closer to windy conditions especially close to
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it windy and chilly again some a lot of these numbers almost all of them were at some point between midnight about four am and then continued to fall after that so very warm in the sixties but during the daylight hours we popped out in the fifties in our dropping back to the fifties and continuing to look for most the evening attempt is already into the forties and then by morning we're going to be looking at near forty for the coastal locations areas that are anywhere at all in one will be at least upper thirties probably some mid to upper thirties and then very much lower to mid thirties for very very inland locations. i'm talking the most rural of spots out west or north of us law morning sun comes up temperatures don't come up much though only in the lower forties by nine pm or nine am and then we're looking at temperatures by afternoon also only in the forties mid to maybe upper forties in some spots at the most that
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to a very chilly afternoon during the day on friday and then even chili or evening as you're heading out as i mentioned earlier maybe going to a late movie or just gone over to friend's house you just want to bundle up as it will be in the thirties and feel even a little colder than that by saturday morning temperatures a lot of spots in the twenties right near thirty through the lower thirties at the coastline again a little bit of a wind chill i don't think the wins will be too strong but during the day saturday will look for temperatures to maybe creep up a degree or so for the inland areas but state level to even drop a couple degrees near the coastline and you can see why. here is this huge wind field just swirling around this area of low pressure bringing that cold air from canada back to the midwest and right into hampton roads that tonight anywhere from the lower thirties out near the interstates and i'm talkin' the central virginia interstates not interstate
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us or to sixty four about your id five nine ninety five meanwhile most of us will be in the mid upper thirties with upper thirties at the coast by mostly sunny quite breezy so not as windy as today quite breezy occasionally some gust of twenty five verses today they were forty temps around forty six degrees and then the rest of the forecast looks like this forty six tomorrow forty four saturday fifteen i know on sunday and monday sixty two says the two nicest days on monday or tuesday's pretty nice too. up near sixty and then wednesday some rain moves and so it stays mild out ahead of that rain and then thursday we get much chilli are once again behind it and by then of course will be in march. i just couldn't inmate be your soulmate you can find out with a website made specifically for lowly inmates looking for companionship made an inmate dot com is catching fire at a local prison in chesapeake several inmates at the indian creek correctional center have active dating profiles on the site anyone
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connect with them by writing the letters we interviewed received countless letters one thing to meet some of the stream by now that they were in prison as opposed to meeting someone in prison in taos light water there's no telling what kind of people and are tracked with this well tonight at eleven are jimmy lee will have the story of an inmate who says this website helped him find true republican presidential candidates take the debate stage is their last debate before voters including virginians cast their ballots and we're learning more about the victims of the deadly tornado in waverly with loved ones are honoring the lives lost while the time to rebuild thirty news now is
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i hillary clinton and marco rubio are headed to hampton roads both presidential candidates will campaign here before our primary on super tuesday. well that announcement comes as the republicans pressed for a high stakes debate tonight in houston texas a b c's boss economic brings us the latest on the race for the white house in the last debate before super tuesday frontline or donald trump who could take fire from both sides. senators marco rubio and ted cruz both questioning trumps conservative credentials and a fox news form last night who the heck knows what he does press. we are not going to allow the conservative movement to be defined by a nominee who isn't a conservative a new poll shows thomas sixteen points ahead of marco rubio in his own home state of
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to get tougher on trying to spite from stress this week to hit back harder. every attempt to take on cultural has failed spectacularly in the problem that rubio and cruz have is that they're each other's enemies every bit as much as they are donald trump's bought but billion dollar question could be about rhymes on unreleased tax returns after mitt romney accused of hiding something about them. i think we have good reason to believe that there's a bombshell in donald trump's texas runs angry reaction on twitter or on the blue election that should have been one and is now playing at the tough guy the democrats now just two days away from their next contest in south carolina before there was obamacare there's what we used to call hillary care while hillary clinton hold onto a double digit lead in the palmetto state. bernie sanders is moving ahead to other states attracting thousands to rally today in cleveland. together we're going to try four republicans john casey and
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is an important opportunity to silence calls for them to drop out of the race. bostic nani abc news washington hillary clinton is coming to hampton roads her visit is set for monday marco rubio will be here sunday before then ted cruz will speak and regent university tomorrow and then carson visit st and on monday and that is that for thirteen years now at five thirty. our coverage of the waverly tornado continues at six. picking through the rubble trying to put their lives back together by people or waverly are recovering after a deadly tornado ripped through their town. that twister just one of many reported in virginia last night the governor declaring a state of emergency as the community rebels studies now will be there every step of the way tonight we haven't seen in waverly anchor jenna roach is in the field leading our
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and she's live with more on the destruction in waverly david and regina the hot most heartbreaking part about this entire thing the deaths of three people one minute everything is normal and then the next minute just widespread destruction and and and just tragedy in their town of waverly is really doing a good job trying to rally behind this large family i got a chance to speak to a couple of family members. earlier today but is really really tough family members tell us that fifty year old larry turner is one of the one who is deceased twenty six year old divide springfield and two year old ian lewis jimmy lee is on the scene and she has calmed some family members about those victims who joins us now the page and this is much left of the victim's home it is completely destroyed
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here you see part of the bed frame. o corn flakes box their personal belongings are just scattered all over the place and the bodies of married an indian were found some three hundred yards away from the mobile home family members tommy the mayor terry and ian were so incredibly close they were inseparable in fact we're so close to family plan on pairing them together in this scene kept the baby evil and noting the cemetery family members over well with a devastating scene of what use to be a mobile home three hundred feet in the new terminator movie larry turner his two year old stepson hearing and ian's uncle devon string field brawl killed when a tornado ripped through the town of waverly debated
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not be that is that he did with abu dhabi is that a baby that baby a bath in a big brown eyes and a contagious smile. ian and larry were both form of life enjoy it all the time of the jews to abandon babies were so close to that. so in that room then bam the baby bird in the cast of the day that special bond is what family members are clinging to as he tried to cope with the loss and remember their lost loved ones. he was the most a nice person i ever know. he make you smack the family members tell me that ian's mother was also hit by this tornado but she miraculously survives he was actually driving home from work and parked the car right outside that mobile home. it was so windy that
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tornado finally came through and picked up the car tossed it all the way across the road in today's date you can still see some pieces of the card and i'm told she is still in the hospital recovering we're not exactly sure what the extent of her injuries are we are praying and hoping for a speedy recovery for her reporting live in waverly and jimmy me thirteen years now yes making about what jimmy lee was just talking about there are about eight people in waverly who were injured and were told that their injuries are non life threatening so eight people injured three people dead state police they say that the damage was confined within a three mile radius alicia scott has more analysis on the actual tornado that hit it had been an emotional day here and waverly virginia and we've been looking at the damage caused by what is now a confirmed tornado. i wanna show you some of the damage that we've been saying here's


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