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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 26, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> have a great weekend. it. you are the flames are ripped through a duplex in norfolk one person or least two people right now we know if taken to the hospital this week responded to the home on kingston avenue in ocean view that happen around two o'clock in the morning charlie brown joins us to live with the late breaking details elise good morning andrea. i just spoke with finney tells me the person who died in an elderly feel that was down on the second floor of this duplex right behind me. they rescued her out of that spot they're trying to figure out what room she was in right now in that same apartment williamson tells me a female adult and two children were able to escape they're also trying to figure out how that happened now are told on the first floor and i don't
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south of baghdad again there's been about thirty firefighters out here were told the fight to call the fire came in around two this morning. there are lots of police and fire investigators out here right now just trying to figure out what happened what caused this fire and we'll keep you updated as the story develops live north of the lease brown thirteen years now or leases more breaking news to tell you bought a while the record never take a look at that since two people to the hospital. check out this mangled mess on north military highway and we're told that the road is closed to northbound between international boulevard and meadow lake drive will investigators on scene comb for any clues. no word on the extent of the people's injuries are sandra parker is working to get information from police. she's going to bring us back in the next we're following both those stories for you bring you updates as we learn more right now though we like say good morning to you is for thirty one. i'm undressing and alyssa bustamante thank
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can begin with a check of your road of ashley snapped him or nash or a good morning lucy andrea good morning to you at home as well as a quick live look attractive because i'm actually still following some high wind advisories issued by the dod now course cradle being in just a moment to kind of explain exactly what we can expect for the day in terms of the weather right now you can see the james river bridge one of the bridge under those advisories a little bit of a shift back and forth in the camera so certainly something to think about is you plan the morning commute traffic not an issue if you're headed to newport news are making the way tyler white county still very calm still very early at this point in the morning remember keep your hands on the steering wheel and watch folks left in the right of you and you should be in fine shape on the traffic network map one more bridge still under the advisory from the dock and that is the coleman bridge to another spot to watch out for if you're traveling between yorktown and gloucester just a minute we have and advise with them on demand back that has since cleared so we don't have to worry about that traffic is shaping up on six sixty four in just a moment
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craig of course a little bit of a wind issue out there still this morning can get more to that now on to talk about the wins they are not nearly as strong as they were yesterday that is good news and when to check those guys for you in just a moment doubt the oceanfront pretty good start to the day with a live sky view down the dq and seventies the atlantic you'll notice at the gus still over twenty mph on the eastern shore down on the outer banks a little breezy down that way as well made a late morning early afternoon we were looking at gusts even for the inland area is in the thirty five to forty mph range occasionally in the good of those for whom our progress at the coast so the winds much lighter this morning then they were yesterday morning and to the middle part of the day temperatures are chilly or the military's upper thirties we have low to mid forties near the coast and it's really neck and a warm up a lot today it is going to be a cooler day. west wind right
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through the day. skies are going to remain mostly sunny for most of the day should be very nice as you can see temperatures topping out in the mid forties maybe mid to upper forties analysts say to them that great news for you we can learn to talk about that are attracting so much fresh off a fiery gop debate a presidential hopeful brings his campaign the hampton roads today by ted cruz is scheduled to participate and regent universities candidate forum the doors are set to open at six o'clock tonight the event starts at seven we're told that it will be simulcast from the chapel on regions campus. the event is free but registration is required all right ted cruz isn't the only candidate squeezing in campaign stops here in hampton roads before the primaries next week now on sunday night marker ruby will host a rally at the virginia beach convention center. democrat hillary clinton makes a campaign stop on monday but details of her visit had not been released as yet look what happens there. ben carson meantime is expected to participate in
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forum on monday and now to the showdown in houston if in doubt field of gop presidential candidates took to the stage for the final debate last night before the voters head out on super tuesday. it was a very fiery night on cnn as marco rubio and ted cruz aggressively went against donald trump there were several heated exchanges immigration of very early focus of that to be the only person on the state it's ever been fined for hiring people to work on your projects illegally hired some of the building one of the state of tired people who have a high it is worth looking at that entire exchange when you can with fourteen states up for grabs on super tuesday be other gop candidates are not buying into the idea that trumps nomination is inevitable and good morning america is going to have an interview with presidential hopeful marco rubio to hear his thoughts on the debate starting at seven o'clock right after daybreak on the docket today we expect
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evidence and who will testify in the norfolk murder case corinne turner is set to appear in court for pretrial motions hearing. norfolk police say turner his cousin roy turner and joshua wood shot and killed thirty five euro day one. glover and to live twenty fourteen were told corinne turner is set to begin his trial next week but will likely be continued will update you after today's scheduled hearing after several delays iraq in march is finally expected to take place at wall of silence today the multiple users to request the sub orbital mission and carrier or music as they call it will carry several engineering projects and experiments from west virginia university. nasa has tried to launch this rocket since december but it keeps getting delayed for one reason or the other additional backup launches has been set for march first and second art for thirty six now. a seaworld secret to why the theme park had professional spies on its
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went viral a college professor asking for muscle to remove or a reporter from the protest the options
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. our eyes we start the day it's still a little breezy out there but we're in for a lot of sunshine really excited about today and the upcoming weekend after the storms that we had a couple days ago it's going to be a very welcome change to just see the sunshine through the weekend and it will be pleasant it is going to be little chilly though especially today and tomorrow temperatures staying close to the mid forties will get back up close to sixty on
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breezy up around an elf and wallop silent little breezy down along the southern part of the outer banks even up to kill devil hills and doctors you come north along the outer banks she still had some got there around twenty to twenty five mph as far as the national picture goes still beautiful for the southwest us hot around phoenix eighty eight sixty two and allison orleans right now shooting friday of about sixty. it does get cooler up in new york but nice for new york and boston in terms of the sky conditions. st louis looking at forty eight today across our media region the temperatures remain cool is that mention forty five in richmond forty one while patterson forty seven and you could see temperatures here expecting to be in the mid forties i think upper forties away from the coasts little color to the north williamsburg may reach fifty and will see temperatures in the upper forties for northeast north carolina have an early look at the monitor merrimack bridge tunnel will check in now with ash at craig really is doing a lil bit better than it was
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minutes or so ago. not related to traffic per se but we did have a high wind advisory issued by the dot at the monitor merrimack that has since wrapped up so at this point i don't have any alerts for you and obviously no delays if you're headed northbound toward newport news or southbound ford suffolk on the track network map said to have a couple of weather related spots watch out for. of course all of waverly been following that for the last couple of days or so here but the dot wanted to kind of focus on mayfield avenue which at route forty is closed of course rob forty that's on main street was asked to be really careful if you have to travel through waverly this morning. now white county also standing water six twenty six eastbound at burwell pharaoh something else to watch out for coming up at four fifty will head over to five sixty four west was the traffic is shaping up around the base all right ashleigh think you are here two months into twenty sixty. yes so we are revisiting your new year's resolutions start this
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have to be january first expert about how you to
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yet are you picking up the pieces this morning after that tornadoes tore through mathematics county covering a ten mile path of destruction
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confirms it was an ef three tornado that killed one person seventy eight year old edward harris in tampa handed a severe storm into least twenty five people and left major damage in that area as well. the destruction forced governor terry mcauliffe to declare a state of emergency and pay visits to the affected areas the newport news area now with the fire department there said a hazmat team to tap a hand to help assess the damage we're told her main job will be the test the air quality to make sure it's a new information in the battle between a tech giants and the federal government once again google says it will back apple in its court battle with the fbi the government wants apple to help them hack into phone that belongs to one of the san bernardino shooters apple filed a formal objection in this case yesterday. meanwhile fbi officials argue that the case is unlikely to set a legal precedent as mobile phone technology will continue to revolve. good morning america has a lot more on this continuing story in a live report from fbi headquarters
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o'clock right after daybreak it's coming upon four forty university of missouri employee at the center of controversy is now out of a job today. university officials fired assistant communications professor melissa click click has been criticized for confronting journalists during a protest on the mizzou campus last year the university says it based the decision on hundreds of documents and dozens of interviews. no word on whether she'll appeal that termination. new this morning a shocking admission from sea world the ceo admitted that the company asked employees to pose as animal rights activists to spy on their critics. he says the company urged workers to infiltrate the ranks of pita to get information about protests and tactics. the ceo says that the program is dangerous and unethical. so he's ending it. good morning america that have a lot more on that developing story starts at seven o'clock right after daybreak and new details but
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seas a new study finds that sea levels on earth are rising at a rate several times faster than they've risen in the past twenty eight hundred years researchers at rutgers university sale to the eighteen hundred the fastest seas rose about an inch per century since nineteen ninety three the rate has soared to a foot every one hundred years and by the year twenty one hundred scientists predict the world's oceans will rise between eleven and fifty two inches a century but in four new sheriff's office is sending a message to the future. deputy seal the time capsule and a first floor wall of the newport news city jail yesterday. so inside are a few of the shares catches a letter to future employees and yesterday's newspaper the jail is currently undergoing renovations the sheriff's office says that they don't really know when that time capsule will be open. those are really cool underwear those in middle school was in seventh grade so i think it's possible for another fifty years allowed to carry it very well and i know ah my
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were really little i think there was like some fifty year anniversary or something when actually open up and remember that big deal and what's really funny is my and my youngest son somehow got on this kick of taking a little old metal lunch boxes and burying stuff in the yard so if you don't get her a little time capsules all of three of the dog keeps taking the other's dates back to last april. actually i did today were to take a look back to yesterday sixty five little misleading we look at the official high that was official for the twenty four hour time period. midnight to midnight but that occurred yesterday shortly after midnight and temperatures through the afternoon were much cooler. we did see the cooler weather in the windy conditions settle an average fifty three were going to be below average today for the year were four point seven inches above normal so we are really in good shape on rain we can look forward to a very nice weekend and enjoy the sunshine. it's going to
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next week chances for showers we'll talk more about that a bit. temperatures will remain though chilly today and the wins coming in from the northwest today and that's good keep the cooler air not only with us today but tomorrow is well known off to the far northwest get up in west virginia parts of kentucky ohio and pennsylvania there you find some snow its enemy that chilly around here obviously but the cool northwest winds will continue across the region. we should enjoy a lot of sunshine today expect mostly sunny to may be partly sunny conditions very nice clouds back over the mounds of traveling that way beautiful down to the south and off to the north along the coast has lots and lots of sunshine here saturday and sunday both looked to be mostly sunny as well very stable weather pattern that we will enjoy the wins are going to ease its going to be breezy today winds maybe gusting up from twenty five mph sell but the winds certainly less than they were yesterday and as we head to the weekend they will get even lighter says good stuff
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stand over here so we can look all the way to this entry us here to saturday nine o'clock and very little cloud cover over the eastern half of the country so nice weather that will continue into sunday monday and tuesday as you can see the temperatures chilly and one upper thirties we have for these near the coast including virginia beach still gusting up from twenty mph in the eastern shore dimly seen some higher gusts to around the pier in the outer banks as we take a look downtown norfolk looking good right now west wins at seven forty three degrees the high today around forty six so it's just not going to warm up much freezing cold mostly sunny skies looking ahead to tomorrow about the same mid forties and then close to sixty on sunday low sixties monday and temperatures staying a little warmer into early next week we will see the chance for showers developing wednesday into thursday. let's take a look now at naval station norfolk years ashley. all right craig still very early in the morning but you know for the folks that you have to head out really early to make their way to the basics
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a look now at five sixty four westbound here's a shot around chambers field at about halfway down five sixty four west you can see everything is still moving well no brake lights no delays traffic flowing freely for those of you that are about to head out the door and report to the base elected back to the maps now that you have one alert for you for later today. the jr b is set to open at one o'clock this afternoon and don't forget right now it is still under review not issued high wind advisories up you'll be traveling across the bridge before that point just take your time and you should be in decent shape this morning coming up at five o'clock we'll head to sixty four will check traffic around the downtown tunnel. all right isha thank you the latest oscars but is it who's favored to win a gold statue or even what they wear yes well. instead social media has been rife with oscar categories only millennials would remember and honor students just
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i well the countdown has begun preparations are well underway for hollywood's biggest nights the eighty eighth annual academy awards are scheduled to take place this sunday the five hundred foot long red carpet was rolled on wednesday for the star studded events. it's
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reporters and photographers along with more than seven hundred fans in bleacher seats hoping to get a glimpse of a famous face lucy appeared about this thanks to a comedian on youtube there's now a new hashtag trending ahead of sunday show the hashtag millennial oscar category has blown up on twitter here few of them. my final but funny best social media stock or hashtag the last three categories of this one hears those words as largest student loan payments that could be an oscar category we have this one from adam and says best opinion backed by no fax and or research. well said could be said for the political season right now sometimes and carol says it's trendy right now. hate to break it to you but there are no categories. everyone gets a trophy. there are effective and very cool i latina place to watch the show come watch with us you're invited to our free thirteen news now
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this intimate cafes pembroke meadows location that is in virginia beach at seven forty five on sunday there will be games prizes plus an eight foot tall oscar statue perfect for your healthy face seating is limited so be sure you get there early you can also catch the oscars live right here on abc thirteen get that oscar duck face go down and the countdown to oscar sunday continues on good morning america feel they have all the inside information the school would be happening there catch a live report from the dolby theatre in los angeles starting at seven o'clock right after this newscast all right well today's last day guys every single day this week we have given away a five hundred dollars visa gift card to one lucky viewer in today's your last chance to enter this i just watched a break during the six o'clock hour the six o'clock hour sixty seven remember to learn that keyword ago to thirteen is not com click on the features tab and enter the keyword for a chance to win you can find official contest rules on our side and
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breaking news as well today one person is dead to have been injured after a duplex fire in north and elise brown is on that scene working to get you more information and even more breaking news out of norfolk two people hospitalized after this look
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first
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they are. that breaking news in norfolk this morning where we're staying on top of several stories first. a deadly duplex fire on kingston avenue in ocean view family till thirteen years now that one of the three people in that whole job out of the window to escape according to them telling one to people to the hospital elise brown is working that scene right now force information will have a full report for you in our next half hour of news and meanwhile over on north military highway medics rushed to people to the hospital after a bad car accident. oh yes a park in the newsroom now with the latest on this breaking story sandra what do we know about this what we know that medics transported the three people to the hospital one of the dispatch had to cut out of the car told her injuries


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