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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 26, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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they are. that breaking news in norfolk this morning where we're staying on top of several stories first. a deadly duplex fire on kingston avenue in ocean view family till thirteen years now that one of the three people in that whole job out of the window to escape according to them telling one to people to the hospital elise brown is working that scene right now force information will have a full report for you in our next half hour of news and meanwhile over on north military highway medics rushed to people to the hospital after a bad car accident. oh yes a park in the newsroom now with the latest on this breaking story sandra what do we know about this what we know that medics transported the three people to the hospital one of the dispatch had to cut out of the car told her injuries
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be life threatening officers to shut down north military highway between international boulevard in meadow lake drive as they work the scene right there at crescent way we also learned just a short time ago that the road is now back open to take a look at this video of the wreck took out just how bad this crash was so far no word from police exactly what caused this crash but again medics rushing this to people to hospital with what we're told are non life threatening injuries mom to bring you updates as soon as i get more information. also i have some breaking national news to tell you about that's coming up right after. whether in traffic. all right sanjay thank you so much for that we got a busy friday morning and good news is right leg is not going to be too busy today that a clear sky is her off the ball away to the weekend promises and i think it was closure. full disclosure common in this morning there was a fork lock bridge that we should begin right around for sometimes a minute or two after but i got caught before
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typical ten minute left. it went like twenty minutes so i came in or hit the door race of men or good of course at three thirty to avoid others are great just going out there hides under my point is that this is going to be a more laid back morning but it hasn't been so far not talking to lucy anymore today despite her cuban coffee she brings outside temperatures are going to be held in check by northwest winds and that keeps the temperatures down we are going to fight still gusty conditions around the outer banks the temperatures today will stay in the mid to upper forties word forty five right now virginia beach are not a lot of fluctuation today forty two in norfolk is cooler out to the west it will be breezy today but not as bad as the winds were yesterday right now west windsor seven mph. skies are mainly clear here's a quick look at our data plan cdc the skies mostly sunny for most of the day our beautiful weekend upcoming chilly again tomorrow warmer sunday ten more about that right now
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years ashley craig it's still pretty early in the morning just after five o'clock but keeping a close eye on things making sure nothing unusual pops up here on the traffic network map that we do have a few alerts for you now get to that in just a moment first a live look at traffic not too far from the downtown tunnel here's to sixty four westbound traffic. i headed up to the berkeley bridge making its way to the downtown tunnel and as you can see everything is moving now chris craig got caught for doing a really long left at the berkeley but everything moving smoothly at this point of your head between norfolk and portsmouth to sixty four at the downtown tunnel a good route for you to battle the traffic network maps have been watching a few of the dot issued high wind advisories one of them has cleared that was at the jr be so we don't have to worry about that anymore. the only bridge still under the advisory is the coleman bridge. craig's been mentioning it's not going to be as windy today it was yesterday so hopefully this will clear out here in just a few minutes but as we zoom out here the rest of the area doing pretty well we'll check
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coming up next and breaking overnight nationally the man accused of a mass shooting in kansas has been identified abc news reports to law enforcement officers identified. center larry for you see right there in the screen as the man who opened fire at four different locations know right now four people are dead including fourteen fourteen others hurt all the people were killed inside excel industries at the factory that makes long nor promote products coworkers and neighbors while they are just shocked is a nice guy and the same knot disturb her semester i just can't believe that the guy that some people up live right across see for miles now police have not explained the motive for the shooting but they say quote here. there were some things that trigger this instant of the shooting comes less than a week after authorities say a man opened fired several people in kalamazoo michigan killing six they are good morning america can have more on what
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deadly incident that's coming that baby right here in the newsroom bringing you updates throughout daybreak center parker continues now at level five no cleanup will continue today in waverly after deadly ef one tornado ripped through the airy see the damage right there three people actually lived in that home and they were inside when that tornado came through curfew went into effect again last night to try and keep people safe out there all this after a very emotional day people spent the day surveying the damage to their homes in mourning the loss of three people terry mcauliffe pledge to do whatever it takes to get the people of waverly back on their feet. this while walter turner tries to cope with the death of his nephew truly the mou would kill for those close to the scope of
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turner divine ching field in two year old ian lewis when a trip to the mobile home right off of the foundation will really huge scare for patients this morning after they found out that there was an posture at school with their kids details on the man who was at the top of high school class even though he's not a high school are all also lots of you have been talking about this new
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i followed nine right now and we're in for some view beautiful weather now only for today but for the weekend and even be on that monday tuesday next week look really good as well as abilities fine right now this is from atop the weston and counterpoint denied to cowboy town center the goal is friday brings a little foggy but what we're not seeing out there any problems with visibility is gonna be fine it is still breezy though up on the eastern shore and still have some rose higher when gas but in general the wins much lighter than
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is great news. very windy yesterday we do have temperatures are starting off in the thirties for most of the inlet areas forties near the coast we can expand it for a showy the cool weather up for the northeast u s it's going to remain pretty chilly up around new york and boston today as we take a look at the satellite radar images some snow still for parts in the northeast for our area sunshine beautiful for the southwest the south central u s and high pressure will come in and dominate for the next several days so we're just getting started with a gorgeous stretch of weather that will continue through early next week today skies mostly sunny i think you'll see lots of sunshine for riley in new bern forty five at richmond also attempt to stay around forty five maybe forty six from north pick up or forty friendly there is what a day yes a little chilly but not as windy and with the sun shall certainly take that next three days school again tomorrow but warmer sunday i'll tell you about next week coming up in just few minutes and check them in town right
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taking a quick live look at the midtown tunnel still very early for us to see any substantial delay out there but you can see traffic. well i was going to say was picking up i think it was a few cars out there making their way from portsmouth into norfolk but we're still moving pretty well and there's a westbound lane headed in the portsmouth again traffic in fine shape at the midtown tunnel a good route for the morning commute so back on track network maps a couple of spots of watching related to. of course the really big weather issues we've had this week. of course a lot going on we really right now but the dow has closed down mayfield at route forty specifically as crews work to clean everything up and a lot of recovery efforts take place also the isle of wight county was left standing water six twenty six eastbound at for wells based on the spot to watch out for coming here the next few minutes we had the sixty four and reach of traffic in newport news. all right ashleigh thank you all this is a way to get active and help fight cancer. all of this and hear how you can
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i we're continuing to follow
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investigators on the scene of a deadly defects fire in ocean view that fire killed one person injured four others three of them including two children were sent to the hospital early this morning no word on the extent of their injuries also in norfolk police investigated a car accident and also sent two peoples the hospital that accent close part of military highway our lease brown's work in fire scene lama continue to make awesome accent. we will both bring you breaking news updates all morning long right sandra thank you for that messina minute new this morning it's a story that really has so many parents shocked in a small town pennsylvania high school student that seems to be leading his class is now facing major charges police say he should not have been in high school at all the teenager known as asher pots is actually a twenty three year old ukrainian man police say that arthur samara was in the states on an expired visa and stole someone's identity an entire social security number and a
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not said how he found out his real identity though at five fifteen our nurse at a pennsylvania veterans affairs hospital is now facing charges for allegedly being drunk on the job nurse richard p reportedly drinking and gambling before being called into work here to help with emergency surgery while intoxicated police say he's charged with recklessly endangering another person d y and public drunkenness the hospital also removed him from giving patient care this morning a lot of you have been talking about this online malware scam popping up on your phone's internet browser while you're trying to surf the web it looks like this for iphone uses it there on the screen saying you want a new phone but don't fall for it so hard to get rid of the bug first completely close your browser then click on settings for iphone users go to the safari icon clear history and website that that
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it's a similar process for android users we got that information on thirteen is not about com if you need to see it again all right and craig is coming on in here the like and yet i do have you. the avocado was a stellar was so shallow as to how we still like this to me was still in the know and the good with the pronunciation go do you stand stand by as we do and that now and say the method above the set now for going out or show my gosh they're good and i would get into the forecast now you know what the weekend looks good without it is also very good i usually have our going to see sunshine today temperatures of mid forties a little bit on the cold side or cult of deutsch kal tea yeah think that's right anyway four years of german and this is what you get
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the day a few passing clouds temperatures around forty five as we take a look here are going through the afternoon and really through the weekend you to see. i think just a little bit of wintry weather far to the north for our area the sunshine is going to abound and eventually those snow showers off to the north are going to go away as well we're going to enjoy the mostly sunny skies to may be partly sunny from time to time a little later today and the northwest winds still coming in but they're going to get lighter and lighter so the winds really not the issue that they were yesterday and even last evening it was still pretty breezy what we're finding now lighter winds in those wins will eventually shift around as we go through the weekend back to the southwest tomorrow night into sunday so we can see a big warm up coming sunday into monday today and tomorrow. it stays little bit chilly so look for highs today in the mid forties maybe mid to upper forties and then about the same tomorrow looking for a weekend no more sunshine
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the west as well just a big ridge of high pressure is going to provide the beautiful weather pattern into early next week right now the temperatures are chilly and when we have temperatures in the thirties close to the coast with the forties and you can see still a few winds gusting up around twenty five to thirty mph north and eastern shore little bit breezy day on the outer banks is well downtown norfolk looks great right now his abilities excellent west winds at seven temperatures today staying close to forty six degrees mostly sunny so breezy and cool. tonight's low near twenty nine mainly clear chilly and tomorrow forty five sustain cool but pleasant with the sunshine tomorrow night a little bit milder mid to upper thirties and beyond that you can see the warm up coming for sunday sixty sixty two on monday and is reading the middle part of next week. chances for showers return was he was going on right now around newport news will check the roll up there with ashley all right greg going to head up to the peninsula now we've
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the south side but as we head traveling to newport news let's give you a live look now still looks very good traffic heading eastbound in the direction of hampton passing jefferson avenue. you can see all four lanes are open and not too many cars out there at this point just making its way in the direction of williamsburg right now traffic in newport news is in fine shape so let's head back to the traffic network maps and keep the good news going so i had one last b got issued high wind advisory. working at the coleman bridge just a couple of minutes ago that advise be cleared so we now have no high wind advisories working across the area coming from the dot a bit of good news they are coming up in the next few minutes will stay on the peninsula will hampton to norfolk at sixty four eastbound at the age are bt all right ashleigh thank you all as we wrap up our revisit your resolutions week were taking a look at one of the most popular promises
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life of chesapeake indoor five k is this weekend
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tell you about in norfolk this morning elise brown is live at the scene of a fire that killed one person and sent to others the hospital she is a live update when we come back. also breaking in norfolk a while seen there take a look at these pictures here car accident sent two people to the hospital you see the damage those vehicles are said to parker in the news working on that story plus just days ahead of super tuesday presidential hopefuls are descending on
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so you can love cereal...
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have a great weekend. and that's out of norfolk we just got this new picture in your news we see right there flames tore through a duplex in ocean view and we now know one person died four others injured the fire officials just gave us this photo of the duplex that consumed in flames. crews have been on kingston avenue since around two this morning charlie brown joins us there live with new information elise wheeler the morning and remove the people who live in
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flames are just in shock they are still out here watching this is actually one of their tracks you can see it's heavily melted and the back now they say they just can't believe that there are things whether things are gone but more importantly they are just a grieving the loss of their elderly neighbor they said they called her grandmom and that she was a wonderful person i spoke with the time she tells me that woman was found in the second floor of this duplex in that scene unit neighbors tommy a woman in her two kids jumped out of the windows are now at the hospital getting treatment. i sewed down calhoun and his wife both want to let family know they're ok because they haven't been able to contact him. they live on the first floor and tommy another neighbor saved their lives by banging on the door waking them up. it was crazy over the front door and a slender ford or merely because the heat wave knocked me back and we got to go another way i realize there was no other
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through the fire to get our world j that's all that matters. his wife does have some minor injuries and minor burns to her shoulder but she decided not to go to the hospital again at the hostel right now we do know is that woman and her two children there's no word on the extent of the injuries we will be out here throughout the day and will keep you updated live in north aka lisa brown thirteen years now and there's this breaking news. medics to two people to the hospital after this serious car crash officers had to shut down north military highway between international boulevard and meadow lake drive as they work that scene at crescent way right now it is reopened no sin to parker just got off the phone with dispatchers would tell her that the two driver suffered non life threatening injuries she's going to bring you an update in our next half hour of daybreak and people in both of those stories and bring you any updates as we
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say good morning to you right now i'm on three senior despite thirty one and this past monday we are in for a very cool and breezy day how to scribble are tracking a warm up though as we head into the weekend although it is a crack the warmer the second half for the weekend chilly today and tomorrow and when you contrast this with the storm hits we had wednesday at the catalog my forecast for the over the next five days or so right now things are looking good over virginia beach that's a view from town center still breezy up on the eastern shore. if you're just waking up and wondering are we doing this again today the answers know it will not be as windy as it has been but still you could see an occasional gust close to twenty or twenty five mph today especially near the coast most areas are reporting much lighter winds and that's a good thing right now the temperatures are in the thirties for many in locations including chesapeake and elizabeth city kirk tuck even down there at tech or tech maple their thirty nine forty five in
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as we take a look. skies are mainly clear now today were to see temperatures in the mid forties through the afternoon mostly to partly sunny and just quickly the headlines here the highlights are going to see cool conditions saturday warmer sunny and nice early next week stating more on that coming up right now check the major bt with ashley. all right craig we take a quick look here at traffic leaving hampton and making its way to norfolk is a nice shape but never show it to you then tell you so here's a live look now at traffic passing mallory street just a few cars out there you can just pop out them at this point has passed mallory approaching the bridge headed to the title everything moving very well also nice if you're headed westbound further into hampton one that rapid network maps a couple of things just to watch out for this morning. of course we've been paying a lot of attention focusing on recovery and restoration in waverly. the dot has a specific closure. i've mayfield and forty which is of course main street and then of course is due to
5:34 am
there so be extra cautious also reported standing water in isle of wight county six twenty six eastbound at for wells bay the coming of the next few minutes out to watch another jeremy is set to open at one o'clock. so forget about that and then coming up in the next few minutes we'll check traffic onto sixty four in virginia beach aren't exactly ten us five thirty four fresh off a fiery gop debate presidential hopeful brings his campaign the hampton roads today by ted cruz is scheduled to participate at regent universities candidate forum doors are set to open at six o'clock tonight. the event will begin at seven we're told will be simulcast from the chapel on regions campus that event is free but registration is required for an alright and ted cruz isn't the only candidates squeezing in campaign stops in hampton roads before the primaries next week on sunday night marker ruby will host a rally at the virginia beach convention center. democrat hillary clinton makes a campaign stop on monday but details of her visit have not been released let you know
5:35 am
expected to participate in reading university's candidate forum on monday hiding out in a showdown that happen to use and very thinned out field of gop presidential candidates took to the stage for the final debate last night before the voters had out on super tuesday. it was a fiery nights on cnn as marco rubio and ted cruz aggressively went after frontrunner donald trump now there were several heated exchanges immigration a very early focus of the debate. the only person on the state it's ever been fined for hiring people to work on your projects illegally hired some point the children one of the state has hired people to have a high the fourteen states up for grabs on super tuesday the other gop candidates are really buying into the idea that comes nomination is inevitable and good morning america is going to have a lot more with presidential hopeful marco rubio hear his thoughts on the debate starting at seven o'clock
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the dock into five thirty five we expect to find out today what evidence and who will testify in an orphan murder case. corinne turner set to appear in court for pretrial motions hearing police say turner his cousin roy turner and joshua woods shot and killed thirty five year old. they want glover and lightly fourteen were told corinne turner is set to begin his trial next week but it will likely be continued will update you after today's scheduled hearing time now five thirty six a seaworld secrets right way the theme park at professional spies on its payroll means but first the video what national a college professor asking for
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good morning welcome back that's a live look right now from not to kiss our sky view up there hampton looking back towards the hampton river to see that you can see so nicely across the river there no problems at the oceanfront things are pretty quiet as well not nearly as windy as it was but still a little breezy as we check things out right now around not a case we've got a pretty good look back across the river towards portsmouth no problems there and the downtown area looks good is well read a good check in on the temperatures and across the area basically right now we're looking at temperatures in the thirties for most errors we give low
5:40 am
forties around virginia beach as i mentioned still a little breezy up on the eastern shore wallop styling you'll notice they're at thirty mph gusts reported mouth i guess to twenty two also breezy down around the southern part of the outer banks but even up around kill devil hills and doppler looking at gas close to twenty mph so at their outer banks again south towards hatteras you get maybe a few more cars but in general the winds are lighter than they have been as we take a look right now the radar sweep in clear skies are mainly clear afternoon temperatures upper forties chesapeake suffolk wakefield smithfield in virginia beach around forty eight i think the official high close to forty five maybe forty six degrees was going to see mid to upper forties ron matthews in newport news hampton fifty eight williamsburg little cooler over on the eastern shore and for northeast north carolina to see the temperatures here in the upper forties we will find temperatures call him tomorrow but warming on
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to it should be a beautiful weekend. time for looking virginia beach and the traffic rolling in their looks really good right now craig to sixty four traffic here right around independence boulevard headed westbound in the direction of norfolk you can see is moving very well. apple's traffic it is found in the direction of the oceanfront. let's take a look at a couple more of your travel times this morning. if you take in the chesapeake bay bridge tunnel from the eastern shore to virginia beach. it's taking you the usual twenty minutes and in williamsburg sixty four eastbound headed toward newport news taking the normal thirty minutes from old stage to route one ninety nine so we do look good in both of those areas which can trap of newport news this up look at the monitor merrimack coming up next i think you're weird two months in two twenty sixteen yeah so we are revisiting your new year's resolutions start this journey. anytime it doesn't have to be january first ahead are correct most spoke
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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i picking up the pieces this morning from a tornado that tore through mathematics county covering a ten mile path of destruction the national weather service confirms the ef three tornado killed one person seventy year old edward harris and tap a headache a severe storm
5:45 am
serious damage all over the place to see the lumber bikes all this mess right now the destruction of course governor terry mcauliffe to clear state of emergency and he also paid a visit to the affected areas. yesterday the newport news fire department and the hazmat team to tap a hand to help assess the damage there were tow their main job will be to test the air quality to make sure it's a new information and the battle between a tech giants and the federal government school says it will back apple in its court battle with the fbi the government wants apple to i phone that belongs to one of the san bernardino shooters. apple filed a formal objection in the case yesterday. meanwhile fbi officials argue that the case is unlikely to set a legal precedent as mobile phone technology will continue to evolve and good morning america will have a lot more on the story in a live report from fbi headquarters in washington dc starting at seven o'clock right after daybreak for forty five time a new this morning university
5:46 am
the center of controversy is now on the job today assistant communications professor melissa click. she has been criticized for confronting journalists during a protest on the mizzou campus last year you remember that you see the video there the university said it based the decision on hundreds of documents and dozens of interviews. no word on whether she'll peel determination here this morning a shocking admission from seaworld to the ceo admitted that the company asked employees to pose as animal rights activists and spy on their critics. he says the company urged workers to infiltrate the ranks of pita to get information about protests and tactics. the ceo says the program is dangerous and unethical. so he's going and eight. good morning america can have a lot more on this developing story starting at seven o'clock right after daybreak purse for thirty six in the countdown has begun preparations are well underway for hollywood's biggest night the eighty eighth annual academy awards are scheduled to take place
5:47 am
foot long red carpet was rolled out wednesday for the star studded event it will be surrounded by reporters photographers along with more than seven hundred fans in bleacher seat open to get a glimpse of a famous face and if you need a place to watch the big show can watch it with us you're invited to a free thirty news now viewing party has come out the cinema cafes pembroke meadows location in virginia beach at seven forty five on sunday there will be games prizes plus an eight foot oscar statue see you can take a selfie with a seating is limited so make sure you get there early you can also catch the oscars live right here on abc thirty looking forward to seeing everybody oh yeah the countdown to oscar sunday continues on good morning america i think it's a live report from the dolby theatre in l a starting at seven o'clock this morning right after daybreak moved just a couple moments ago under you are mentioning was the apple macs tornado he said he and three right. the f three tornado
5:48 am
open up your look with the app makes it that was the u three tornado that maddox count i want to share a little more information hundred and forty mile per hour maximum while without one so that was the strongest of the three confirmed tornadoes it was on the ground for about twenty eight miles at such a long duration tornado and again the width of that about four to five hundred yards now the one in mecklenburg that was an ef one on one in mecklenburg as well. maximum winds eighty five two hundred mph only on the ground for five and half miles and about a hundred and fifty yards wide and then the one out in waverly that too was an ef one yes i was and that one had maximum winds one hundred to one hundred and ten mph on the ground for about nine miles so this is what we get with the national weather service goes out and surveys those damn excited to get these official reports and we like to share that with you what we have right now across the region skies mainly clear much calmer conditions as we look forward to our temperatures yesterday sixty
5:49 am
shortly after midnight afternoon temperatures were much cooler and of course it was windy we're going to be below the normal high fifty three today to see temperatures in the low forties for most of the mid forties through the afternoon so it really doesn't warm up much and off to the north you can see some snow showers flying at that weight we don't have to worry about that we will enjoy a lot of sunshine over the coming days and through the weekend. you see this northwest flow the wings easing today and eventually the winds are going to shift around a little bit so still northwest winds today tonight and early tomorrow but you see the winds become more variable during the day to mark a shifting back to the west and eventually begin this sunday to come around to the southwest and that's going to drive our temperatures up later in the weekend and i just can't get over that you take a look here here to saturday afternoon. not only do in the sunshine here but it's sunny out to the last out across the midwest and beyond so a big ridge of high
5:50 am
means smooth sailing for us through the weekend and into early next week is eventually we'll get a warmer flow of air coming in sunday temperatures sunday close to it's chilly though in when there is in the thirties. we had temperatures a little bit what milder a little bit warmer here because forty two in norfolk forty five in virginia beach we still have some winds gusting up on the eastern shore and enron the outer banks but the wins in general much lighter across the region so we won't have the same issues we had yesterday. still a little breezy but not nearly as bad sustained winds seven mph the pressure continues to build as a high pressure sets up over our area so forty six friday mostly sunny breezy and cool twenty nine the low tonight we're going to find temperatures tomorrow you're forty five mostly sunny a little bit warmer and one and then thirty six for tomorrow night is look at the seven day forecast you can find the temperatures topping out near sixty on sunday low sixties on monday what a great end of the weekend into
5:51 am
staying mild but a chance for showers wednesday in cooler on thursday ashley. all right craig and take a quick look at traffic right now we have about ten minutes before the morning rush hour really is you look behind me a lot of the area still doing very well by this point just a few advisories and alerts in place but even a few of those have wrapped up since earlier this morning so let's start with a look at the monitor merrimack one of the areas where we had advisory for high winds from the dot earlier this morning everything has cleared out in terms of that and here are the lanes headed southbound toward the monitor merrimack and you can see not much to deal with at this point in the morning northbound traffic also in fine shape selected back to the maps now and take a look and some cooking fuel. if you live beyond fifty eight this morning you'll like the ride at least as of right now if anything changes i'll let you know but if you're headed eastbound as making your way towards six sixty four passing hobby richard forty four making their way west passing pigs cattle and fifty seven so we do look good
5:52 am
the top of the morning rush hour headed to sixty four and checking traffic in chesapeake. all right ashleigh it's a revisit your resolution week on daybreak you know each december get ready for the new year many people make the resolution that this coming year this is the year i will really get in shape. you know how that goes right the first few weeks in january jim parking lots are packed some time yet to stand around and wait a few minutes for a machine or a treadmill open up as we get the february those issues always seem to fade away many people find reasons to stop going or they simply lose interest or motivation christi mass for pass wa who heads the why change program in hickory great bridge ymca says don't lose hope in time to recommit we went to yourself come on back and you can start this journey anytime it doesn't have to be january first. yet don't you need to pick that day or that special time to start do it now coming up in our next
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important tips to help me stay or maybe get back on track some good stuff we come right craig thank you for natalie wanna remind you about our daybreak contest because today's the last day to enter every day this week we have given away one five hundred dollars visa gift card to one lucky viewer here's how you can enter to win one of your own watch daybreak are in the six o'clock hour to hear the key word will be giving out then go to thirteen years now. com click on the features tab and enter the keyword for a chance to win you'll find official contest rules on our site a pair of sisters have created quite the scrapbook yet had the reason they set out to take a selfie with every presidential candidate and we're staying on top of breaking news in norfolk. two people are now in the hospital after a really
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hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love
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. if i write you a gal just in time for the oscars. yes jimmy kimmel release a new edition of is mean tweets series this time all the actors nominated for the oscars where the targets through his really just doesn't dive with one hundred and fifteen extra pounds court shall forget you can catch the oscars write your
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night. the award show starts at eight thirty. you can also join the bidding is now teamed for our virginia beach details on that coming a little bit later she was late that day through the task force learned that our guests next up here we have the self the sisters two teams have gone viral online because they've done something that probably no one else in america as she and ian and with no cell from new hampshire had the lofty goal of taking a photo with every major two thousand sixteen presidential candidate and they succeeded they took a picture with all of them except for virginia senator jim webb spoke with her sister station in dc via skype and here's what they have to say about the progress from his heart for i was surprised that he is moving where it and that he took his time nationally that i change my knee is slightly on him please
5:58 am
get very close to hillary harper hasn't hillary clinton we don't stay the course perspective yet but their mission for sophie's was about much more about them that much more but the pictures are more than pictures rather the girls learn about the candidates what they stand for and the current issues playing a role in the elections are three very solitary probably wants to be called held by the millennial through the taking. absolutely especially bernie sanders day and the connection that they have to have a new way to show support for their quote hero you can now pre order of bernie sanders action figure action figure of seventy four year old man is the amazing part is i made this mini sanders complete with the iconic his furrowed brow of the toy is twenty dollars one dollar of every quarter goes to the senator's camp incredible live in the bernie
5:59 am
there are few new superheros in town and none of them arm and a new line of female super hero characters will be hitting the target shelves in march when our superior dc super hero girls fly features supergirl batgirl poison ivy wonder woman just to name a few high after nearly one year in space astronaut scott kelly is returning to earth kelly held his final news conference from the international space station yesterday the fifty two year old says that he plans to return to his houston home and jump into his pool. the worst that is after he goes to several medical tests. he is set to return home on march first what they're trying to do is compare his physical body appearance taste was twin brother in rome are so yes the water flow drill was the one other quick thing scandal last night amazing they got their own president reagan i know some of you are
6:00 am
political season heating up in fits and olivia pope. stay with us more news weather traffic right now go to that breaking news is in norfolk this morning where people we are staying on top of several stories affecting many people across our area. first the deadly duplex fire on kingston avenue in ocean view really tell thirty news now that one of those people in their home jumped out of the window to escape according to battalion chief one person died and medics rushed a mother and two children to the hospital treating the fourth person at the scene elise brown is working that scene right now she's one giving us those new details just told you about and will have a full i report about a half hour from now meanwhile over on north military highway. medics rushed to people to the hospital after really bad cracks yet take a look at the scene here said of parker's in the newsroom with the latest on this breaking story said we learned that it really was an incredible crash early this morning honoring the sea. we know


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