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tv   13 News Daybreak  ABC  February 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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political season heating up in fits and olivia pope. stay with us more news weather traffic right now go to that breaking news is in norfolk this morning where people we are staying on top of several stories affecting many people across our area. first the deadly duplex fire on kingston avenue in ocean view really tell thirty news now that one of those people in their home jumped out of the window to escape according to battalion chief one person died and medics rushed a mother and two children to the hospital treating the fourth person at the scene elise brown is working that scene right now she's one giving us those new details just told you about and will have a full i report about a half hour from now meanwhile over on north military highway. medics rushed to people to the hospital after really bad cracks yet take a look at the scene here said of parker's in the newsroom with the latest on this breaking story said we learned that it really was an incredible crash early this morning honoring the sea. we know
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those two people to the hospital one of them have become the car were told or injuries though are not life threatening officers to check down with military highway between international boulevard and beverly drive as they work that seat was a crescent way and we just want a short time ago that that look at this video of this wreck you can really see just those crumpled cars and how bad his accent was so far no word from police exactly what caused this crash but again no trashy two people the hospital with non life threatening injuries. are you an update as soon as we get it also got some breaking national news to tell you about that's right after weather traffic on the aisle threatening injuries that amazingly made it out like that all right sandra thank you so much we got a busy friday morning ahead for us but we do have some good news to tell you about like rag is not to be too busy today such an assumption right now is not clear skies for us all throughout the weekend i agree that you know even if it is a little slower from a forecast standpoint there's a
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straighten up the drawers here in the hope we'll stay busy today i write now skies are mainly clear it is a straightforward forecast and some great news i know there are a lot of people that were very inconvenience frustrated yesterday with the winds were gusting up thirty to forty mph we have in the forecast you knew they were common today the winds are going to be lighter so great news there still breezy on the eastern shore town on the outer banks is well that most areas finding a way is much much lighter and that's always going to be today and tomorrow the winds even lighter so good news coming as we head to the weekend thirties in line this morning a white jacket low forties near the coast is forty one at the airport the skies are clear right now we are going to see a lot of sunshine not only today but for the next several days things are looking really good for so here's the data glance temperatures hour by hour taking up into the afternoon with temperatures officially the mid forties upper forties in our dashing good looking traffic right now another update good morning ashleigh good morning craig and good
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the official start of the morning rush hour but much of the watch though in most places you can see behind me here on the traffic network mass was still a pretty good selecting a look now at thirteen is now trapped the camera a little pickup in volume in chesapeake sixty four around greenbrier parkway eastbound and westbound lanes just not the same at this point traffic has picked up just a little bit but still moving very well here on both sides to get around greenbrier parkway. so now back in that rapid network maps here's one continuing to watch this morning in terms of alerts and advisories. of course we have been very busy following the effort out in waverly to recover and restore the dot has a specific closure and mayfield and route forty two i just wanted to alert you of that of course there's a lot that will continue to follow out in waverly at those efforts continue. isle of wight county six twenty six eastbound at for wells bay road standing water report to be very careful in that area and don't forget the gop opens at one o'clock then coming up next we'll head
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traffic and sixty four at the high rise bridge and i want to get that national news breaking overnight the man accused of a mass shooting in kansas has now been identified. abc news reports to law enforcement officers have identified eccentric larry ford as a man who opened fire at four different locations at no four people dead including fourteen fourteen others are hurt ten of them critically all of the people killed were inside excel industries as a factory that makes long nor products. now ford was an employee at excel according to the sheriff he was armed with a long gun and a handgun coworkers and neighbors were just in shock he is really nice guy and saying not this time per semester. i just can't believe that the guy that some people up live right across see for miles now police have not explained the motive for the shooting but they are saying that there are quote some things that trigger this incident the shooting comes less than a week after authorities say a man opened
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kalamazoo michigan killing six. good morning america can have more on what could have led up to this deadly incident that is coming up at seven o'clock until then i'll be right here in the newsroom looking for updates and bringing them to you throughout daybreak art center back to the story at six o five cleanup will continue today waverly. after that deadly ef one tornado ripped through that area curfew went into effect last night to try keep people safe and this morning a very emotional day had given that's right people spent the day surveying the damage to their homes and mourning the loss of three people governor terry mcauliffe pledge to do whatever it takes to get those people back on their feet in waverly this while walter turner tries to cope with the death of his nephew truly the mou would kill for those close to
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larry turner divine string fields and two year old ian lewis won a trip to the mobile home or ripped it off its foundation. be sure you go over to thirteen years now dot com for complete coverage including a slideshow of the damage interviews. excuse me with the storm victims and details on just how strong this tornado and two other confirmed tornadoes actually wore a very huge scare for parents this morning after they found out that there was in pasir at their children's school detail the man who was at the top of a high school class even though he's not even a high schooler also a lot of you been talking about
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. good morning welcome back what a great start to the day i love the horizon here you just made these very vibrant colors and skies are clear right now we're going to enjoy a lot of sunshine. it's not just going to be today i mean your friend is going to be beautiful but it's going to continue to be nice tomorrow and sunday have on monday and tuesday as well keep it rolling for us as we get the kids ready for the bus stops temperatures that many areas in the upper thirties but think of the next hour so we pretty close to a forty maybe forty one degrees as a kid to be picked up around seven thirty eight o'clock but every time
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northwest winds about five to fifteen mph so a little breezy out there near the coast. plenty of sunshine through midday temperatures in the mid forties and not warming up much at all afternoon temperatures in mid to upper forties across the region. you can see right now temperatures are in the thirties for those in low spots to mention that and we still have a few wins dressing up from twenty to twenty five mph eastern shore them on the outer banks is while most areas though the wins much much wider system good news here we are dry with the radar and the forecast today the mansion mid to upper forties across the south side peninsula for the most part mid forties little warmer back towards williamsburg chile on the eastern shore northern neck middle peninsula captures their mid to upper forties it down south north carolina. upper forties for the outer banks through the interior parts of north carolina just a cool tomorrow but warm up on sunday i'll talk more about that and the full extended outlook coming up. ashley all right craig traffic hasn't
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hopefully it stays that way right now are taking a very nice look at traffic crossing the high rise bridge in chesapeake eastbound headed toward george washington and west bow making its way toward for sixty four both moving steadily. this morning i do have an update on your bridge looks though as we head back to the traffic network maps the gilbert and bridges going to be busy this rush hour has three openings seven o'clock seven fifty and eight o'clock so you might want to use the high rise with the jordan bridge during those times just the point that out that that stoppage the gop is going to open this afternoon at one o'clock so something else to make note of for later on today and coming up next we'll head to fifty eight and will track a little slowdown portsmouth into norfolk at the midtown tunnel or ashley or to be pretty busy this weekend as usual for her though to get active help fight cancer. all the same energetic as is the energizer bunny sure is
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. we were the follow breaking news not fire investigators on scene of a deadly duplex fire in ocean view that killed one person and injured four others including two children early this morning. also in over police investigating a car accident that sent two people to the hospital tax to close part of north military highway at crescent way for quite awhile this morning but it is now back open. brown's working the fire scene longer to continue to make calls on
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morning all right interesting chilly this morning is a story that a shocking parents in a small pennsylvania town high school student that seem to be leading his class is now facing some very serious charges. that's because he wasn't a high school student the teenager known as asher pots is actually a twenty three year old ukrainian man with an expired visa. police say that arthur samberg was in the states on that expired visa and stole someone else's identity complete with a fake license and a fix the social security card. they haven't said how they found out his real identity though she amazed and have a lot more the charges that he is facing that is at seven o'clock right after daybreak. well new this morning at six fifteen a lot of you have been talking about this a malware scam popping up on your phone's internet browser while you're trying to surf the web it looks like this rifle user saying you've won a new phone but don't fall
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this bug first completely close your browser then click on settings rifle uses go to safari icon clear the history and website data that will take your problem it's a similar process for android users. we got the information on that on thirteen years now com if you need to see it again new this morning come june and there will be eighteen fewer coal soars across the u s retail chain announced plans to close stores across the country after which locations will close the company is expected to announce that by the end of march. they also plan to test out smaller versions of the store in seven different markets across the country a federal judge ruled volkswagen has until march to plan to fix for the six hundred thousand cars affected by faulty emissions software in september the epa discovered software that lowered emissions levels on some of the automaker's vehicles during testing making the cars seem cleaner than they actually were. pw later admitted to using
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emissions tests for one day only the restaurant famous for its meat is going vegetarian. in honor of leap day arby's is turning its menu upside down all the veggie sandwiches will cost the same as their meaty counterparts. don't worry their regular protein packed menu leap day is of course on the twenty interesting the amount given a shot see what it's all about when a concept that the three of the uae is a really pretty we didn't have to say it does look really good i just couldn't on social media you know the weekend is gonna be awesome to see a lot of sunshine a year we celebrate tgif right when the weather which is good through the weekend there's a little extra bounce in our step temperatures are going to be a little of the cool side so deftly want to cook this morning especially inland areas many spots in the thirties but look at the skies clear right now clears the bells we look off to the south the shia slum
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the elizabeth river traffic moving steadily on bramble to no problems as we get the day started the winds are not going to be as big an issue yesterday sixty five officially that's misleading though because that took place right after midnight temperatures were much cooler to the afternoon we typically average fifty three were going to stay below that today and tomorrow we're talking mid forties and upper forties and one for the next couple days as far as the rainfall those we are above normal about four point seven inches above normal and we don't need anymore rain at any time soon. high temperatures imagine topping out mid forties officially inland areas will be a little bit warmer snow showers off to the north but not a problem for us again we're going to see the sunshine if you're traveling up towards d c to see a few light returns on the radar don't know that all this is actually making it down there might be a few stray flurries up that way through parts of maryland into pennsylvania few more light snow showers chilly for parts of new york state is
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atlantic we're going to see the sunshine and really is a lookout to the west. it's very quiet picture will enjoy more sunshine through your weekend when to come in from the northwest so and that's going to keep the temperatures down a little bit not nearly as windy as it was yesterday and yesterday there were some real issues out there is very inconvenient when you stepped outside you could really feel that when cutting three a as we go through the weekend the winds get lighter and eventually shift to the southwest and that's going to warm things up as we finish out the weekend so get ready plenty of sunshine as i mentioned temps chilly today and tomorrow and much warmer sunday into monday thirty for most of the area we have low forties near the coast still a bit breezy up in the eastern shore at the outer banks as i mentioned skies are clear right now forty one degrees at the airport west wins and six the pressure will continue to rise. highs today officially around forty six upper forties for inland areas los nineteen twenty nine and then tomorrow forty five mostly sunny cool but
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pleasant sunday mostly sunny and sixty one today to get out and enjoy a sixty two on monday chances for showers again wednesday into thursday i will see what ash is watching right now this is the tom of the morning where the traffic really tends to pick up ever starting to see a little bit of a color change on the traffic network maps now a whole lot but certainly a little bit of yellow especially in seeing them on fifty eight around the midtown tunnels let's take a live look now at the midtown and you can see in our eastbound lane leaving portsmouth headed into norfolk forgetting that steady stream that were used to seeing at this point in the morning so if you're about to head out. add a little bit more time to the community making a way to norfolk to the midtown tunnel there's a westbound lane which is moving much much better so now it's about the maps again the rest of the area right now still in pretty good shape. route seventeen in chesapeake a good example of that so if your head in the direction of north carolina passing corn right there making way for
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the other side of the road you're headed toward sixty four passing douglas also at fifty five so nothing to worry about their own seventeen in chesapeake coming up at six thirty will head to sixty four and will check traffic making its way to the peninsula at the chart bt right ashleigh thank you as we wrap up our revisit your resolutions we can take a look at one of the most popular promises people make for themselves really are made and this is the year i get in shape. craig has
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pembroke meadows location on independence boulevard in virginia beach. doors open at seven forty five it is freeing the show starts at eight thirty we will have games prizes and a foot oscar statue for all the self easy one to take the seating is limited he may want to get a little bit early. you can also watch the show live on abc thirteen we've got some breaking news in norfolk this morning elise brown is live at the scene of a duplex fire that killed one injured four other people she has a live update right after that who is new information on this breaking story out of norfolk sandra parker will have an update on the conditions of the people who were in these vehicles are now just a mangled mess plus just days ahead of super tuesday presidential
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i will deliver breaking news now just over an hour ago we got this picture flames tore through a duplex in ocean view killing one person injuring four others. fire officials actually provided that photo of the duplex
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have been on kingston avenue since around two o'clock this morning are elise brown has been there as well all morning long gathering the very latest on this lease will he tell us about this and really there's a lot you can see from the street but not the sun comes up in time to get a better look actually the fire department escorted us to the back of this building let's go to that video it's astonishing a very sad scene you can see just how serious the fire was and what went through each level of the duplex i spoke with a tangy tells me that an elderly woman was found in the second floor of this duplex and died here at the scene in that scene you were loudly woman was found neighbors tommy a mother and her two children jumped out of the window. i spoke with allen koon and his wife they live on the first floor of the duplex couple tells me another neighbor saved their lives by banging on the door waking them up it was crazy
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slammed the front door merely because the heat wave knocked me back and we got to go another way i realize there was no other way out so we had to run to the fire to get our world j that's all that matters. allen's wife does have minor burns to her shoulder but she refuse treatment. i did not go to the hostel we do know that woman in her two children were taken to the hospital live in norfolk. elise brown thirteen years now. the other story we're following for you this morning is this take a look at these two vehicles medics took two people to the hospital after this very serious crash officers shut down north military highway between international boulevard and meadow lake drive as they work the scene kristen way of the road has been reopened the two drivers suffered non life threatening injuries. hard to believe after seeing what happened those two cars house will keep following the stories and bring you updates as we learn more that we like to say good morning to you right now is six thirty one and we are in for a very cool and
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regular tracking warm about as we headed to the back. oh yeah guys we are going to see warmer conditions later in the weekend for now. for now we're just seeing a cool start to the day temperatures in the thirties and we do have temperatures at the coast a little bit milder in the forties now winds are not going to be as big a deal we had the wind still gusting twenty to twenty five on the eastern shore down around the outer banks have seen some gusty winds but in general the winds are much much lighter that's a good thing i know yesterday was very annoying having those winds up from thirty five to forty mph times a few higher gusts than that as an age of thirty for most low forties right now in virginia beach norfolk skies are clear though and we are going to enjoy a lot of sunshine today the pressure will continue to rise and we're going to see the temperatures rising later in the weekend for today it highs in the mid forties upper forties and one and again a gorgeous upcoming weekend i'll talk more about that just a little bit right now let's check in with ashley for lecture i alright
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traffic in that spot starting with the hampton roads bridge tunnel and take a live look now at thirteen years now traffic camera here sixty four eastbound traffic passing fourth view this traffic here is making its way toward bay avenue further into norfolk maybe eventually toward five sixty four westbound traffic headed toward the hampton roads bridge tunnel about three a half or four miles to go i should say before this point moving very well no delays report. if you're headed for the peninsula and alice took a look at a fast five trappings that this was just you can see a handful of areas across hampton roads the only area i'm giving you the yellow light right now is at the midtown tunnel leaving portsmouth and headed into norfolk as you can see traffic on one sixty eight and chesapeake moving well seventeen and soccer at harborview in fine shape sixty four round stage in williamsburg and six sixty four around military and our skill in chesapeake also another check and see if we have any more delays to add to the list will give you
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right ashleigh think you are fresh off a fiery gop debate a presidential hopeful brings his campaign the hampton roads today by ted cruz is scheduled to participate at regent universities candidate forum doors are set to open at six o'clock tonight the event begins at seven we're told will be simulcast from the chapel on regions campus that event is free but registration is required and cruz isn't the only candidate here in hampton roads before the primaries next week on sunday marker ruby will host a rally at the virginia beach convention center. democrat hillary clinton makes a campaign stop monday but details of her visit have not been released in the one they are though ben carson is expected to participate in reading university's candidate forum on monday and now to the showdown that happen in use and a standout field of gop presidential candidates took the stage for the final debate last night before voters head out to super tuesday so it was a fiery night at cnn as marco
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aggressively went after frontrunner donald trump there are several heated exchanges immigration was a very early focus was the only person on the state it's ever been fined for hiring people illegally hired some point has hired people who have a high is so worth googling this entire exchange. oh and fourteen states up for grabs on super tuesday the other gop candidates are not buying into the idea that trumps nomination is inevitable good morning america going to have a large interview a long interview with presidential hopeful marco rubio hear his thoughts on the debate starting at seven o'clock right after daybreak on the docket six thirty five one of three men charged in connection to a murder set to face a judge. corinne turner set to appear in court for pretrial motions hearing norfolk police a karim turner his cousin roy turner and joshua wood shot and killed thirty five euro day
6:36 am
twenty fourteen were told corinne turner set to begin his trial next week but it will likely be continued we'll update you after today's scheduled hearing and after several delays the rocket launch is finally expected to take place at wall of silence today the multiple user sub orbital instrument carrier or music as they call it will carry several engineering projects and experiments from west virginia university. nasa has tried to launch this rocket since december but it keeps getting delayed for one reason the other additional backup launch dates have been set for march first and second six thirty six is your time. a secret world. i was soo we'll see whether via the seeker on that theme park add professional spy hunters payroll interesting reverse the bill is hard to forget a
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learn more at appointments available now. . are going to do a little skyview weather wimp here you can see this guys at the oceanfront beautiful looking bad just gorgeous at the oceanfront the birds flying the winds are lighter looking good from to partly cloudy not it's also looking good as we take a peek across the elizabeth river back towards portsmouth downtown norfolk looking good in you know what things are beautiful upper peninsula
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with those clouds just reflecting a little bit of sunlight loving this right now. beautiful this morning for our tree to take a look at the weather for today mostly sunny this morning temperatures starting off upper thirties for most unless there is low forties at the coast mid forties by midday and then the afternoon highs staying close to forty six degrees has been to be mostly to partly sunny as we check out the temperatures on the eastern shore we have thirty for you mid to upper thirties with a cooler on the northern neck middle peninsula upper thirties for the most part we'll check out the peninsula upper thirty s and you're forty or add your canned seafood as we come south side we also had temps in the low forties norfolk international to large pot naval station norfolk portsmouth upper thirties right now chesapeake in the thirties low forties for virginia beach little cooler in suffolk and for northeast north carolina opportunities to low forties temperatures through the weekend with our stay cool today and tomorrow is a mention mid forties but it will turn warmer on sunday and i have a more detailed
6:41 am
coming up here's ashley. all right craig grabbing a new delay to the listener to believe that we expected that to do anything unusual but i've started a bit of a headache if this is your route for the morning commute sixty four eastbound in hampton at settlers landing road mile slow down as you head with the hr bt and out to norfolk the good news though your alternate routes the monitor merrimack in the g or b are both clear to the south side of the traffic network maps am watching a few things here fifty eastbound traffic into norfolk is slow at the western freeway drop down to fifteen mph and a couple of alerts for your further out west of course working team in the fall the effort in waverly. the dot has a specific closure on mayfield at route forty which is of course main st. also watch out miley by county for standing water. six twenty six east and for wells bay coming up next the latest on your delays and were checking traffic in south norfolk. all right thank you ashley we just wanna let you know we got the word that your county school division has a power outage at broome high school
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will be closed for the day i will wear two lines into twenty six the mayor revisiting your new year's resolutions can start this journey. anytime it doesn't have to be january first. as greg bo spoke to an expert about how you can recommit to your fitness goals to get
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look, i know you're a cow and all.
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but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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yet people are left picking up the pieces after a tornado tore through the mags county carving out a ten mile path of destruction and death the national weather service confirms the ef three tornado killed one person seventy eight year old edward harris in tampa had a severe storm injured at least twenty five people and less serious damage you can see it there. the destruction course governor terry mcauliffe to declare a state of emergency and pay visits to the affected areas information in a battle between a tech giants and the federal government school says it will back apple in its court battle with the fbi the government wants apple to help the fbi pack into an i phone that belongs to one of the san bernardino shooters. now apple filed a formal objection in the case yesterday. meanwhile fbi officials argue that the case is unlikely to set the legal precedent as mobile phone
6:46 am
evolve. good morning america has a lot more on this developing story in a live report from the fbi headquarters in dc that starts at seven o'clock right after day is coming up on six forty six now new this morning university of missouri employee at the center of controversy is out of a job this morning university officials fired assistant communications professor melissa click. she has been criticized for confronting journalists during a protest on was to campus last year the university said the base the decision on hundreds of documents and dozens of interviews. no word on whether she will appeal the termination only this morning a shocking admission from sea world and the ceo admitted that the company asked their employees to pose as animal rights activists to spy on critics. he says the company urged workers to infiltrate the rankings of peanut to get information about protests and tactics the ceo says that the program is dangerous and unethical. so he is and idiot but for much more on the story ahead on good
6:47 am
morning a major role reversal by mercedes benz the german luxury automaker is replacing the robots with humans now that's a real diverse you're robots just can't keep up a visualization of some of the models that they have their way tomorrow is the twentieth anniversary of pokemon while cow in the global video and gaming phenomenon started back in nineteen ninety six and showing no signs of slowing down actually a new pokemon game is due out soon and pokemon the first bank will be held around the world the goats were eighty eighth annual academy awards party this sunday you can watch it with us must be here for the daybreak team were invited to a free thirteen is now viewing party just come out to sit in the cafes patrick meadows location in virginia beach at seven forty five on sunday there will be games prizes plus and eight
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take a selfie or two and a seating is limited so be sure to get there early you can watch the oscars though live right here on abc thirteen that night. something tells me that that sophie is going to be everywhere yes on the other waiting for today's keyword far daybreak gift card giveaway is fatness since the last day that you can enter to win a five hundred dollars visa gift card. now that you know the key word go over our website thirteen years now dot com click on the features tab and enter the keyword for a chance to win. you also find official contest rules on that site but in any for the weather forecast is going to zach's i see the sun coming up there and when your monitors in the web yet i you know i know oscars are coming up we'll take a look at our lives skyview from hampton you can be thinking golden globe and sag golden globe and sag says uniform morning i hope your prize out to a great start. not as windy and i know that in itself is going to make many of you happy is good for the weekend it's just a little cool today and tomorrow but by sunday
6:49 am
the sunshine but it's going to be a lot warmer as well so great stuff for the upcoming let's talk about today. hour by hour. we're starting off with a temperature close to forty one degrees at norfolk viewing area actually in the upper thirties right now moment you'll notice temperatures warming up into the mid forties by midday and then not really warming up much more than that at norfolk international inland areas will be in the upper forties but temperatures all across the area a little bit below normal. we will enjoy the sunshine there's some cloud cover maybe even a few flurries up around dc in to the north and west of snow showers back across west virginia but that's going to be hung up on the other side of the mountains for us here will enjoy the sunshine and there's more sunshine to come through the weekend. i do made two more cloud cover kind of breaking across the mountains so we'll see mostly to partly sunny later today but in general just a great day and last windy still some gusts maybe around twenty to twenty five mph but as we go through
6:50 am
tomorrow the winds get lighter and lighter and that's good news again for those that are really susceptible to those when she if you live in an area close to the water and you get the wins up around thirty mph it can make for pretty miserable conditions. you won't have to worry about that this week in fact we're going to shift to the southwest of eagle late saturday night into sunday and that's going to drive our temperatures up later in the week temperatures right now as i mentioned thirties away from the water at the coast the low forties virginia beach and norfolk ventures on eastern shore little cooler mid thirties there and generally upper thirty s to low forties for northeast north carolina the wins will relax as i mentioned we're seeing gusts between twenty and twenty five mph. scott is going to be mostly sunny for much of the day with temperatures topping out in the mid to upper forties lows tonight are twenty nine mainly clear and then forty five for a high tomorrow after that the wind shifting to the southwest. tomorrow night and we will see the temperatures warming for sunday sundaes high around
6:51 am
also mild monday to tuesday chances for showers again wednesday to thursday. all right we're going to take another look at traffic now and take a look in traffic and south norfolk as we head over to for sixty four. you can see things our engine just a second here as we take a look at daycare and there it is for sixty four northbound near freeman that traffic headed toward two sixty four and southbound heading toward sixty four all moving very very well this morning so let's head back to the maps still watching delays right now sixty four eastbound at the age or pt starting at settlers landing you drop down to fourteen fifty east the midtown tunnel you dropped out of fifty that the western freeway and a quick update on the bridge lets the jr be no longer opening at one this afternoon it opens at eight thirty bridge opening in just a little bit at seven o'clock again at seven fifty and then again at eight o'clock so we do a few alerts and advisories for you this morning i'll have the latest in just five minutes but
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you know this week we've been revisiting your resolutions and today was the most popular resolutions folks make to get in shape. now it's easy to get excited about starting an exercise program but for a lot of folks it's really difficult to stay motivated. you become bored. the results may not come quickly enough and sometimes life gets in the way at the ymca christie master passed law helps people stay on track to a support program called why change she says you can stay on track to if you do these things number one be realistic likelihood saying before create or set an attainable goal number two talk to your friends talk about liking the change program getting your support system like minded people around you you're going to be more successful if you surround yourself with like
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don't give out snacks to have it it takes time. don't give up on yourself recommit yourself it's all about committing to creating a healthier lifestyle this is just a want to lose five pounds or ten pounds you are making a part of your life what you're doing keep your workouts fun and avoid stagnation by trying new types of workout you guys know recently i started getting into yoga and i love that really got me fired up again. even getting a couple new workout outfits i you know and maybe freshening up your playlists for your chin music you can keep you feeling good and getting you excited about building those healthy habits. that's the key not just saying hey i got a specific goal but building a life that you become such a yogi but i guess the life god has
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. she the one good morning america breaking overnight several people are dead after shooting a workplace in kansas a number of others injured the gunman among the dead. this one will hear from one of the shooters coworkers on coming up next on our top story in your morning rush is a breaking news of norfolk where one person died and four people were hurt after this. flames tore through duplex officials gave us this photo of that
6:57 am
to the fire on kingston avenue in ocean view around two o'clock this morning charlie brown human level the scene all morning long gathering latest details lease morning andrew z fire crews are starting to pack appear in this teeny been here since around two this morning working a fire at this duplex that is now the sun has started to cut you can really see the damage at this fire getting in the roof is just worn out the windows busted. also you're looking at video we also got escorted to the back of this bill the agency had a fire tore right through it on each level. now fire crews tell us that they did pull one elderly woman who had burns on her neck and shoulder areas they said she was pronounced dead here at the scene also do now a mother who had that same apartment with the elderly woman jumped out of the window with her two kids we do know that they are at the hospital getting treatment we do not know
6:58 am
and fire crews are packing up here. i did also speak with neighbors who live on the first floor they said someone came banging at their door telling them to get everyone here is just very sad pic trying to get the pieces and their heart just goes out to the woman who passed away because this fire why the north at least brown thirteen years now eight now are following this other breaking story out of norfolk look at that with those two cars medics took the two people who are in them to the hospital after this crash early this morning and this happened on north military highway between international boulevard and mentally drive as they work to the scene at crescent way the road has reopened and if you can believe that after seeing that mangled metal the injuries are considered non life threatening unbelievable their hearts ashley you been watching roads this morning looking for fortunately we don't have anything like that going on right now so good news but we do have some delay so we'll head right over to hampton if you're headed to norfolk sixty four eastbound traffic
6:59 am
mile and a half to the bridge that crosses the hampton river the shot here's at settlers landing on the traffic network maps one delay on the south side that is around the midtown tunnel as you head to norfolk. a reminder of your bracelets to gilbert and bridge opening in just about a minute or so again at seven fifty. again at eight o'clock and the jr be opening at eight thirty the course of watching closures further out west waverly of course a big issue still this morning fortunately the weekend looks good for those are helping with recovery and boots yeah things are going to be a lot better today even with last when that's going to be much nicer take a live look outside skies are sunny still a little chilly out there at the oceanfront beautiful this morning right now the winds calm at the airports been awhile since we've been able to report that's good news there still a little breezy up on the eastern shore temperatures cool. inland highs today will reach about forty six officially a little bit warmer inland but not much call again tomorrow lots of sun gently the weekend that look at your warm ups on
7:00 am
lemon at good morning, america. breaking overnight, deadly shooting. >> the gun was strapped to him. he was ready to go. >> the chase to stop the rampage. four killed. more than a dozen injured. what we're learning this morning about the gunman and the hero cop who brought him down. fireworks at the gop debate. >> this guy's a choke artist. >> donald trump targeted from all sides. >> if he builds the wall the way he belt trump tower he'll be using ill immigrant labor to do it. >> rubio rune looking to make it a two-man race overnight. is it too little too late with super tuesdays away? marco rubio joins us this morning. a bombshell in court. the shocking video that erin andrews never wanted anyone to see played in court for the jury. the "dancing with the stars" host in tears as she gets set to


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