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tv   13 News 5  ABC  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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may have been intentional sae sae sae our town doesn't have very many tragedies and this is certainly one of the ec the flag flying at half staff already i mean that's you know that's kind of our town the quiet town of urbana touched by tragedy excess stock and devastatingly sad day for everybody. flames engulf those years marine overnight destroying more than twenty boats in the north may explode in sailboats are on fire and claiming the lives of two people really do have to confirm today counties in its ongoing criminal investigation friends say the victim's husband and wife were sleeping on the boat when the fire broke out a fire investigator say maybe our sin. they were wonderful people experienced boaters i just can't even imagine
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cause this kind of devastation. it's just unbelievable. the docs at this marina now housing nothing but memory even in the face of adversity. carter know i was walking up this morning at the well of living a life neighbor say urbana will bounce back once the shock wears off we're pretty resilient town now and then there was a m prayer service here at a local church for those victims this afternoon but at this point again a lot of people just in shock and the investigators as far as they're concerned at this point they're trying to figure out exactly what caused this fire and they say until they have reason to believe otherwise they are investigating this as arson live in urbana marcella robertson thirteen years now huge group effort went into putting out this fire the coast guard the virginia department of emergency management the york county fire department and the virginia state police responded to the scene this
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handle the criminal investigation the coast guard is checking to see if that fire damage the environment in any way a newport news hazmat team is helping the coast guard this picture was posted on the department's twitter page told the newport news team is working to contain all of the runoff fuel in from all that stuff from those burn votes. charges are pending after two kids were shot in portsmouth police say both cases were accidents the first shooting happened yesterday morning inside a home on lancer drive a mother says her seven year old son shot himself in the hand police say minutes later a nine year old got shot in the leg after another kid found a loaded gun on the ground and more gateway receiver jake go talk to police about how the shootings could have been avoiding a plea from on force minute we need to exercise fire and safety. it's a conversation that is being prompted by two accidental shootings that happened minutes apart and left two boys injured in portsmouth
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to understand what it means to truly understand farm safety and to make sure that our children understand that message. detective mystery hollywood portsmouth police department says that although the circumstances around the two shootings are different the message for parents remains the same if your child is at home you know tell them we don't have guns here but if you see someone with a gun into a fine adult right away is very very important don't handle a farm don't touch it off with a conversation with my children monica reddick lives are more gay lane in portsmouth. it was just two doors down from her home with a nine year old boy was accidentally shot by a juvenile boy was playing with a gun he found outside for redick was a gun owner herself. this is a reminder that kids should be educated on gun safety is very important even to my guns don't touch it you know in the mix i keep people out of sight any adult who has been in town and their life that they see that they care about that they know it's important for us to spread the word and
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important is not to play with firearms. i'm told that improperly storing weapons can not only cost lives but also could when people in jail coming up at six we talk about a free tool that's available for gun owners to help prevent accidental shootings. christopher j cohn thirteen years now. georgia still are pending in another accidental shooting weeks ago police say three year old boy shot himself inside his suffolk home. investigators say the bullet hit the toddler in his shoulder he is expected to make a full recovery. please tell us the commonwealth's attorney is still deciding if the child's mother will face charges. jesse matthew junior is expected to plead guilty to killing uva student hannah graham and morgan harrington who went to virginia tech this afternoon albemarle county commonwealth's attorney said matthew will enter those guilty pleas on wednesday anagram disappeared and twenty fourteen police later found graham's body at an abandoned property in albemarle county in two thousand nine morgan harrington disappeared after a metallica concert count on
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on this developing story just one day until virginia voters go to the polls the presidential primary is tomorrow. today gop candidate ben carson spoke at regent university in virginia beach my getting his live there now with more on the top issues for carson. jenna ben carson talked about a whole number of issues that he began by talking about the mood of the country said americans are frightened and angry he talked about the need to overhaul obamacare he said we need to return christianity to the public schools and perhaps most importantly made clear that he's not going anywhere the doctor and the car saying ben carson says he's sticking around one day before the virginia primary and super tuesday republican presidential candidate appeared at the christian broadcasting network in virginia beach. he spoke before several hundred people there and was interviewed by seven hundred club host pat robertson
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obamacare. afterwards he told me his stay in the race despite having lost i would have to nevada and south carolina making jasmine and two to three or four contests why do we even bothered to have the process can do that is a major figure in the so as long as long as i have support comes across the most intelligent candidate out there and he says everything that we all want to hear there's always hope you know that expression is not over til the fat lady sings the fat lady has not signed i don't want my hope in numbers and statistics on and there's there's still hope of course only four states have been contested thus far there's eleven up for grabs tomorrow including virginia carson says he believes he will get his fair share of delegates tomorrow if he does he says that will reshuffle the deck. reporting live in virginia beach by getting thirteen years now. well tonight democratic presidential candidate
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rally in norfolk he said lake taylor high school. doors open in an hour and here's a live picture outside the school you can see people lining up look for a live report on the rally coming up on thirty news now at six on super tuesday republicans in eleven states will vote to five hundred and ninety five republican delegates are at stake in virginia there are forty nine gop delegates up for grabs on the democrat side eight hundred and sixty five delegates are up for grabs in eleven states ninety five are virginia delegates and polls close at seven tomorrow even counted thirteen is now to bring you the results on air and online why live team coverage with political analysis to check results as they come and go to thirteen years now but com slash elections. breaking news just in from norfolk that's where police tell us a vehicle hit two kids this happened at about four o'clock along chesapeake
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police say emergency crews took those kids to the hospital. those kids are expected to recover but there is no word at this point on what led that vehicle to hit those kids have a crew heading to the scene and we will bring you the latest information as soon as we get that's a problem many in our area can relate to that say they're getting the run around at local va hospitals investigative reporter laura geller joins us now with an issue causing outrage across the country and right here in hampton roads. well tonight were telling just one local family story but theirs is indicative of what that's a it's a much larger problem at the va a problem that's across the country are facing the process of our story might seem tedious because the process but say they have to go through to get answers is tedious and i will show you how bats are continually put on hold pass from office to office and department to department one saying the next will be able to help only to be pointed back to
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to hit yet another roadblock me every time we have so many new clothes and new information just another dead end for taking the complaints to our local va and even up to the national office for answers. our special investigation. waiting in vain is tonight at six. laura geller thirteen years now and in humans ride to the hospital can cost hundreds of dollars. southern fire department are trying to spread the word about an annual ambulance fee that could save you money and a virginia beach based navy seal awarded the highest military honor today hear his reaction to the recognition and the national attention plus supersonic passenger jets are closer to a reality masses timeline for the futuristic travel and we're going to be talking about temperatures not as
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if you've ever taken an ambulance to the hospital you know the ride can be expensive the suffolk fire department wants to help people who may not be able to afford that big bill they're trying to spread the word about an annual fee option jimmy lee explains how that program works the return in the wind to cool down and fell for it could cost anywhere between four hundred dollars and eight hundred dollars a ride but unfortunately they're just so many people who need the services that are in a situation at times with a canon forty d c and stuff and wants to help out with the ems passport subscription service without light we can
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would help a lot of elderly patients who don't have the money to pay for a four day hundreds don't have health concerns. this just helps them out year you get as many ambulance rides as you need without any added cost to you live in the city covers everyone within your household also covers of you have elderly parents grandparents who are living facilities and are sometimes covers as well as long as there wasn't a case last year deputy fire chief franklin hot and steamy his mission to get as many people on the program has the space in the program was really loved making clothes for fat people to get twenty more people enrolled in twenty fifty and this year as an even bigger bowl. well we got was um laughter that's going to be our goal to bypass that for next to him like this the thirty forty minute we get now the fire department is not profiting off of this program the money goes
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service company that handled ambulance fees for the city deputy chief adam says the city of southlake is one of the only cities in this area that has a passport program like this one. jenny be thirteen years now and demand is behind bars accused of literally stabbing his friend back. police tell us larry blackwell got in a fight saturday night inside a home on west queen street. if i got a hand an officer say blackwell pulled out a pocket knife and stabbed the victim a fifty eight year old newport news man in the back the victim had to go to the hospital but we are told he should recover right now deputies in southampton county are searching for a deadly hit and run driver last night thirty four year old lori go and her husband pulled over to the side of the road near the intersection of south hampton parkway in three creeks road in cape ron n go back out of the car and that's when a driver hitter he kept going. she died at the scene and investigators think the suspect drove
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hyundai sonata place on the scene of a shooting in portsmouth this is a picture from mina drive where the nine one long phone call came in just before three thirty this afternoon officers tell if someone shot a man in the arm the victim we're told will recover there's no word at this particular point on the suspect in the shooting today president obama awarded the virginia beach based navy seal the nation's highest military honor. senior chief special warfare operator edward byers jr received the medal of honor fires is part of seal team six that rescued american hostage in afghanistan in twenty twelve fires was the second navy seal to enter the building containing the hostage the fur seal who entered the structure was shot and killed virus as this award is about more than just him this award represents more than just me represents everyone in all her hard work and i can tell you how many times
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i know people have saved my life on different missions byers is the first living active duty member of the navy to receive the medal of honor in four decades only five other navy seals have ever received that award affordable supersonic air travel is one step closer to reality. nasa is designing the first in a series of so called x planes. here's a look at the low boom aircraft right there this is what it will look like nasa administrator charles bolden says it will make slight faster greener safer and quieter. this project is in the very early stages nasa doesn't expect to start test flights until twenty twenty and that also depends on funding a beautiful evening course we had a nice weekend lol chilly saturday nice yesterday but today even warmer tomorrow we start to slip back the other direction
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terms of our aiden pictures here over at least the next week anyway as you can see there's nothing showing up on radar so what's that green was actually a warning for out of some of the rivers out west of franklin and the same thing down in north carolina waters to whittle the high out there. meanwhile right now sixty nine does that feel good to calm conditions rising arab air mattress pressure twenty nine point nine zero inches of mercury and the reason for all this warm westerly winds right now but terribly strong but twenty in franklin twenty also in chesapeake twenty three in richmond. so even the inland areas often it's when you're at the coastline not so much so in this case virginia beach is a little bit higher twenty six hampton twenty three but definitely quite breezy across the region were going to continue to watch that tonight as readings again are running a little above yesterday yesterday was nice but today even warmer for five degrees in most cases warmer. here's that westerly wind continues this evening but because it's pretty dry once the sun goes down that's
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the temperatures to drop not terribly far but will drop pretty quickly back into the fifties and then we'll see a lot of forties with some upper thirties actually by morning most of us in the metro areas will be lower to mid forties we think the notice a slightly different slightly hundred eighty degree different when direction out of the east tomorrow morning instead of out of the west like we have today with the water temperatures cool this time of year. that's why we're talking about temperatures not as warm tomorrow if they were just a easterly we never even get above sixty but because they eventually goes south easterly late in the day. that's why we think we'll see some this captures back up into the lower sixties and again that's cooler than today but still way above where we should be tomorrow. a southerly wind so a mild evening and then once we get into wednesday we're going to see actually tuesday night. even some showers moving and just some scattered showers me with an isolated to scattered meaning not as many on wednesday a
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a few spots and then we get a north westerly wind that starts the temperatures dropping not so much during the day i think this or to hold steady during the day and then i'll really begin to fall wednesday night thursday effectively to an interesting forecast friday. nothing out there in our immediate vicinity on radar so tonight forty five clear breezy and chilly near forty year the lower forties and what areas you can see tamara sixty three great day for super tuesday to get out vote fifty five with the possible morning shower a few area on wednesday that only forty five on thursday that sets the stage for thursday's overnight on friday and as the moisture with the next system comes in should be a cold rain in hampton roads but we can't rule out a little bit of snow especially for the inland areas will pin that down for the next few days and then back up of pretty close to where we should be again by the end of next weekend on sunday at fifty three and the same temperature on monday so overall little bit of a roller coaster like you would expect in hampton roads this
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jeff. well kids eating lunch had to duck and cover after a gunman opened fire today for students were hurt the latest on their conditions and that suspect and new information on a story we broke this morning on daybreak what happened moments before this deadly house explosion in do you think when you are president you'll be paid as... much as if it were a man- male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same.
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we have eliminated the extra steps and created a direct line from our factory to you.
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. updating breaking news out of north chester police tells a man in a maroon four door chevy vehicle hit two boys this happened about four o'clock this afternoon along the chesapeake boulevard at dudley avenue police said the driver tried to make a left hand turn and hit the boys as they were in the crosswalk. emergency crews took the seven a nine year old boys to the hospital both are expected to recover told police cited the driver for failure to yield the right of way for having a suspended driver's license and no insurer saw a pickup truck driver could face charges after causing a
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north carolina we first brought to this story is breaking news on daybreak the truck slammed into a propane tank in cleveland county overnight that caused a nearby home to explode. two people were inside the home and did not make it out that couple right there and neighbors say they've been worried something like this what happened on the street this curve has been an issue for years a lot of years and i had even talked to the state about this for three months ago to coloring into jordan. he just barely got his feet sticks back from that i leave the trolls say it says twenty four year old thomas pruitt of kings mountain was behind the wheel of the pickup truck investigators will work with the district attorney's office to determine if charges will be filed a fourteen year old is accused of opening fire inside a high school cafeteria. this happened in madison township ohio roughly thirty miles
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say two students ages fourteen and fifteen were shot two others were hurt by shrapnel or while trying to get out of the way detectives say the fourteen year old suspect ran from the scene and threw the gun down officers caught a nearby police are not releasing a motive for the shooting of virginia beach city councilman wants the state to take the money back. this is the newest development in the fight over light rail why john moss as the extension isn't worth the one hundred and fifty five million dollars and the man accused of killing a northern virginia police officer faced a judge today rotisserie-style chicken raised without antibiotics? it's what we do. that same chicken pulled by hand? it's what we do. freshly-baked bread and crisp veggies? it's what we've always done. the new rotisserie-style chicken sandwich from subway.
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subway. eat fresh. shock after a rookie police officer is shot and killed on duty tonight police departments in hampton roads are reaching out and changes in the works for our us navy details on a potential make over for the sailor fitness test. just in new developments about former governor bob mcdonnell is corruption cases isles lawyers filed their opening brief with the supreme court and questions what constitutes an official action by an elected official
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federal corruption charges he accepted gifts and loans in exchange for five official acts. lawyers say those official acts were part of nicole's routine activities as governor including arranging meetings and attending events us supreme court agreed last month to hear bob mcdonnell's appeal a virginia beach city council and once the state to take back the one hundred and fifty five million dollar grant for light rail are a cane was in virginia beach all day learning the latest on this funding fight terror david the councilman says it's irresponsible of the state to offer money on what the counts and considers a failure and the councilman is also asking the city manager to stop spending money on pushing forward with a project that has been approved yet. virginia beach councilman john moss calling on transportation secretary aubrey layne to withdraw the state's hundred and fifty five million dollar offer to


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