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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  February 14, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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state... making travel conditions snow covered mitchell... and there are more interstates. thank you for spending your with us ... i'm tricia macke. we have team coverage for you tonight, as parts of the tri-state are under a winter storm warning. but first - let's get straight to chief meteorologist steve horstmeyer... and steve -- this snow has bad timing..... maybe ruining some valentine's day plans! weather alert steve cam
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engineers in if you don't need to stay home. so its not just us out... we have you
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fox 19's michael baldwin is out there and michael whats it like now. tricia most of the roads are still snow covered so don't let the snow letting up fool you. the folks in hamilton county tell me they have to tend to about 1800 lane miles. in other words, thats a lot of road. tonight hamilton county will be taking care of 54 snow routes. and good thing they are. check out this car we found sitting on the side of the road stuck. as we traveled a ltttle further down hamilton ave in mt. healthy we saw this vehicle driving with there hazzards on. hazzardous roadways will do that to you. don't take it from me. listen to theresa curtis. slick, and sliding all over she said even taklng precautions
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your not trying to drive fast? no, im driving slow and im still sliding> maybe mother nature didn't like last years she sure thereas boyfriend so tell me about valentines day what was suppose to happen? she to gold star chilli but you know we didn't want more than we have too. get spagehtti i guess dinner i guess but she already told me i have to make it how is that a present if you have to make it. she paid for it. hamilton county enginners tell us the roads are passable, they plan to have their crews working at least till midnight. the thing they are fighthing now is the cold temps. dipping below 20 degrees makes there job tough to get the snow melted. speaking of which. there are people that like this stuff yeah i like it it doesn't bother me to much not at all. no i kind of like it
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right now we're learning that i-74 in decatur county is back open after five different crashes involving 30 to 40 vehicles. the accidents happeend between the 127 and 132 mile markers at around 4:00 this afternoon. this is a picture from the scene.there were no life threatening injuries reported. the highway was shut down fore more than four hours. switch now over to kentucky where there are some snow covered road ways. right now crews are working get everything cleared fox19 now's frankie jupiter joins us live with the progress. over the past hour we've plow after plow moving through the area right here off of 71 at dixie hwy. nancy wood tells crews have been in since 7 this morning
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continue..until they see the pavement. 130 trucks district are out in district 6. she says the snow came fast and furious this they were having a hard time keeping up with it. but snow is quitting in some counties. crews will plow and salt throughout the night and in to tomorrow. remember guys you want to take precautions on the road. live in fort mitchell frankie jupiter fox 19 now. matt holiner is live tonight... matt, what are the side roads looking like there? keep on top of the just download the
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to four-19-19... families wondering school tomorrow with this snow-- remember there are several school districts that are because of presidents day on but many schools -- have class. if those schools call off...... we will
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and.... you can find a full list of already out on fox19 now dot com. new at ten new tonight... an officer firing a suspect... during a chase.. cincinnati police morning - a suspect refused to stop for a traffic stop... a short chase ended when the suspect crashed into a parked car on linwood avenue.. this is a look in mt. lookout... after that chase.. police say the suspect then took off on foot... during the foot chase, the officer shot at the suspect once but didn't hit him... after the shot was fired- the suspect stopped... and was taken into custody.. no one was hurt. . the suspect's not been named. developing now developing now, a northern kentucky father is putting up a 10-thousand dollar reward for information on his missing daughter. 31-year-old tara turner is a mother of three and has been missing since january 31st. a man, who family members say was her boyfriend, reportedly dropped her off at the california
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double-a highway in his black truck. seen or heard from... since. the family is offering the reward for tara's safe return or for information leading conviction of her. if you can help, call pendleton that number is 859- 654-3300. rememberming a reds legend.. how the clubhouse manager bernie stowe was memorialized today.. treasure in northern flames. how the rabbit hash community plans to rebuild... coming up. on the run-- this fire chief--suspended following a fox19 investigation. we'll tell you why--coming up. live wx tease at i-275 at route 32 be safe out there... we'll be right back..
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now.. we'll get to the forecast in just a minute.. but first... last july--we told you about allegations of this switzerland county fire chief--faking fire training records. days after our report aired--state investigators launched their own investigation. now--months later--this case is closed. investigative reporter jody barr broke this investigation--and jody--multiple violations leveled against this chief? yes-- seven separate violations--all detailed in this report. tonight-- chief chris see--who heads the jeff craig fire department--is under a one year suspension of his license to teach firefighters. "mr. see...we'd like to talk with you about this suspension..." this is what happened when we found jeff craig
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last week. we wanted to ask him about the multiple fire training violations the state says he committed between 2011 and 2014. last summer--we reported allegations see had faked fire training records--and had done it for years. "this is the one i earned and this is the one given to me." last summer--cody miller told us--he is a victim of this. it happened in his basic fire training class chris see taught. miller told state investigators--chie f see "pencil whipped" his certification. barr: "so, he gave you all the answers to the test?" miller: "yes." barr: "was he supposed to do that?" miller: "no." state investigators found--see violated multiple state regulations during miller's fire course. the report shows some of the violations include: see used decade- old training materials--and see failed to properly oversee the course. when chief see showed up for an
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state investigators last summer--the report shows--see handed over training pictures--he said proved he did the right thing. but we found--one of the pictures--was posted on the department's facebook page--two days before state records show the class even started. barr: "did you ever ask chris see why this happened the way it happened?" miller: "no, never brought it to his attention because i didn't want to get kicked off." investigators also found two more courses where see violated training rules. a 2011 pumper truck training course where investigators found see finished the course in a single day--when it was supposed to have taken at least 69 hours. and--in a 2012 basic firefighter course--the state report shows--see finished this course in a day--when the minimum time to do so was 156 hours. last july--we had to track chief see down to ask him about the allegations: barr: "are you guys falsifying certifications in this county." see: "no
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want. thanks for your time." we had to track him down again last week--to ask him about the state of indiana stripping him of his license to teach. barr: "mr. see? see?...covers face with jacket and truck drives away." indiana's department of homeland security suspened see's fire instructor certification class i, ii, and iii--for a year. chief see will be on probation through january 2018. what is the state of indiana saying about this--does the state believe this chief is fit to continue to lead this fire department? i'd like to be able to give you the state's perspective on this--but the along with chief see
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state department of homeland security also refused multiple requests to explain the the level of severity of what is documented in here. and tonight--we still cannot get i- d-h-s to go on camera to explain this to tax payers. a wild scene out of new zealand. check it out!! you can see an earthquake shaking the ground!! there were no reports of any serious damage. but the magnitude five-point-eight earthquake did rattle some nerves!! a who's who of former reds back in town tonight to remember a friend. fox19 now sports director spent the day at elder high school for bernie stowe's visitation. barry larkin - sean casey and aaron boone... are just some of the big names back in town tonight. bernie stowe worked for sixty- seven years in the reds clubhouse... and after a sad week with him gone... those who know bernie best - today
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sounds of snow outside through a driving snow - they drove here. the shadows of so many years of reds baseball... with their final respects for a man they say they respected like a father. ron oester: "he was. he was like our dad coming in there. he took care of us. nobody took care of you like bernie." at this private visitation at his old high school... the old reds remembered bernie stowe through old stories they can't forget. scott williamson: "he had a tendency to hide in places. he came out of the bathroom on me, under a table, out of my locker. that's just the kind of person he was - a lot of fun." bronson arroyo: "i don't know what you call it, but it was like this box. and, guys would come in and it was a trap door box where some sort of rodent would pop out of it and bernie would bring this thing in and he would put it near guys' lockers and say, 'hey, check this thing out. i'm going to feed it.' and, then the trap door would fall out and this thing would land on them and, you know, for
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be around." former red sean casey drove from pittsburgh in the snow... but forgot a dark belt for his suit. just so happens - casey still carries his old uniform belt - given to him by bernie stowe. sean casey: "bernie gave me this belt years ago. it's my reds leather belt which is pretty awesome, so what the heck. it's a great tribute. it's a tribute to bern. bern, i've still got this belt. unbelievable." bronson arroyo: "in baseball, you need classic characters like bernie to be around because it's such a grind and to have the ability to kind of bounce stuff off of him and pull pranks and just be lively, you know, it better." bronson arroyo said bernie and joe the reds version of abbott and costello. those two are now causing trouble again. some folks didn't mind the cold... and braved the
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with their date... plenty of couples downtown to skate... and love was in the air. the ice was even dyed pink for valentine's day... did you go out for valentine's, stay in with your special someone? or... did your sweetie forget today was the 14th? let us know on our fox19 now facebook page. adlib to weather wx anchor/ in wx center tricia cam a supreme court justice's death..
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battle.. replace antonin scalia... coming up.
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the fox19 now team going at it.. after the break. and a look at i-75 at union center blvd. you're watching fox19 now. live now
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sent us today... matt? alright.. steve, joe, jeremy and myself... couldn't help but
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the snow.. we had an old fashioned snowball fight right here in the fox19 now parking lot.. joe and i both landed a face plant. pretty fun... you can check out the full video on the fox19 now facebook page. triciagfx thanks steve... this winter weather taking a toll on valentine's day, but will it impact schools or work tomorrow? we'll keep you updated through the fox19 now weather app. download it now for free. tricia cam fire devestates the rabbit hash community.. how residents are planning to rebuild.. vo plus - republicans vowing to block the president's supreme court nomination.. the power struggle in d-c .. coming up. a live look on the roads.. in clifton we've got our crews..out there.. a live report after the break. sot
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(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
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a live look outside... on this cold and snowy valentine's day.. chief meteorologist steve horstmeyer... here now with another check of conditions.. steve cam some people are
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or should we say "snow check" on valentine's day plans. then there are some who brave the elements to show that special someone how much they love them. fox 19 nows frankie jupiter caught with some couples. frankie did you have to cancel plans? no, i didn't have a valentine's this year, maybe next year. but for those that did, some decided to brave the snow. over at newport on the levee. i saw one
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guy....he was dancing in the snow. he and his girlfriend have been together for a couple months. the snow didn't stop them. another couple grab a bite to eat before heading to the movies. "i didn't know it was going to snow this bad but i maybe driving home tonight depending on how my girlfriend feels about it and i think we had a great date. it was beautiful. the river looks amazing with the snow," it was snowing all day. this is our first valentine, so it was worth it. we've been together for about 7 months now so . now that second couple, they got a bite to eat at 5 guys. so it doesn't matter where you eat, as long as you're with the one you love. reporting live frankie jupiter fox 19 now. keep on top of the weather - just download the fox19 weather now app by texting snow to four-19-19...
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delays... you can get them several school closings and delays...
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instantly - just head over to fox19 now dot com. night in the small rabbit hash. take a look!!! fire officials say the cause is undetermined, but they have ruled out arson. the nearly 200- year-old building caught fire saturday night leaving some in the community stunned broken.... fox19 now's shawn lanier spent the day in rabbit hash... story... don clare: "i've heard the word devastating all my life, but i've never really realized what devastating was until i saw this." devastation and smoke filled the sky over the historic town of rabbit hash, kentucky. this was the fiery night. the historic rabbit nearly burnt down ever in its 185 year
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in the store when i was a kid and it be water in the floor from where it always flooded" danny freeman remembers this store surviving multiple floods. it even survived the great flood of 1937.. but this fire did not only burned this building but it burned the hearts of those in the community. danny freeman: "it's just really sad." don clare: "this is part of my heart, it is a part of all of our hearts." the community's heart so heavy with sadness some didn't not even want to talk about it. they only wanted to remember the good times it brought. danny freeman: "just think about, you know, having come down here and set and all your friends. it was like a gathering place." while the cause of the fire has been ruled undetermined, whether or not they can save the building is still up in the air. danny freeman: "i hope they can rebuild and save it." but for many like danny they'll have to save this snapshot of the original storefront in the minds and photo albums reporting from
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lanier fox19 now. there is a go- fund-me account open to help raise money for the building. currently they've received just over 31-thousand... dollars. if you want to help go to our website we have a link for you. new information on the death of supreme court justice scalia. a texas coroner says the supreme court justice died of a heart attack. scalia was in west texas on a hunting trip. his body will be flown back home tuesday to his family in virginia. scalia was 79-years old. you decide 2016 and in you decide 2016... a bitter battle is brewing over when to replace the leading conservative on america's most powerful court. but democratic president barack obama wants to name scalia's replacement -- many republicans however are infuriated he plans to submit a nominee at all - saying it's not the place of an outgoing commander in chief. this supreme court vacancy - is important because it will shift the
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"a moment of silence for justice scalia." it did not take long for the death of supreme court justice antinon scalia to get political in the republican presidential primary debate. donald trump, u.s. republican presidential candidate "i think it is up to mitch mcconnell and everybody else to stop it. it's called delay, delay delay." one by one the g- o-p candidates-- payed homage to the conservative lion-- and predicted that any obama nominee to replace him would be unsuccessful. jeb bush, u.s. republican presidential candidate "there is no doubt in my mind that barack obama will not have a consensus pick when he submits that person to the senate." but president obama is pushing forward... promising to nominate someone quickly and warning senate republicans to not play politics with the court. president obama "there will be plenty of time for mine for me to do so and plenty of time for the senate to fulfill its responsibility to give that person a fair hearing and timely vote. these are responsibilities that i take seriously as should everyone." senate majority leader mitch mcconnell called on the president to wait... and leave the decision in the
10:35 pm
voters" and the winner of the race for the white house. rank and file republicans like linsdey graham said any obama nominee will have a rough time being confirmed. lindsey graham, u.s. senate republican "the practical consequence is that no one will be appointed that is not a consensus choice," and as the president and senate leaders squabble it will be against the backdrop of an increasingly divisive presidential election. hillary clinton, u.s. democratic presidential candidate "elections have consequences." hillary clinton rushed to support obama's right to pick the nominee... and pushed the senate to confirm.. hillary clinton, u.s. democratic presidential candidate "it is outrageous that republicans in the senate and on the campaign trail have already pledged to block any replacement that president obama nominates." the republican candidates vowed to stand in the way and once elected nominate a conservative in the mold of scalia. ted cruz, u.s. republican presidential candidate "one of the most important judgements for the people of south carolina will have to make is who on this stage has the background, the principle, the
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strength of resolve to nominate and confirm principled constitutionalists to the court. that will be what i will do if elected president." setting the stage for a rocky few months in washington.... with the future of the supreme court --- and the white house---- in the balance. one high schooler... making valentine's day extra special... for every girl in his school... the good deed going viral - after the break. live now
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hundred girls in northern utah... this valentine's day is one they probably won't soon forget. and it's all thanks to a very generous a classmate. a high school senior's good deed has quickly become the talk of the town... he bought eight hundred flowers - one for every girl at sky view high school ... hayden godfrey/bought flowers for classmates "i don't think a girl should be left out during valentine's day." hayden ordered the flowers himself... and just before school ended for the long weekend -- passed them out. it cost him nearly $500 dollars to pull off.. now if you think hayden did this to get the ladies... he's alreaady taken... his girlfriend says she's proud of his generousity. check out these valentine's day babies! newborns at pennsylvania's washington
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hats and tucked in envelopes... created just for them. volunteers from the american heart association knit the hats for all babies born in february--at participating hospitals. the program is called "little hats, big hearts." it raises awareness for heart disease, in addition to celebrating valentine's day. still ahead... more legendary reds share stories of bernie stow. vo plus, a former bengals quarterback talks about his hopes of making the hall. that's coming up with joe d. live wx tease sot "steve open"
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we'll keep you updated through the fox19 now weather app. download it now for free. sot "sports open" bronson arroyo's
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bronson arroyo's face turned about as red as the color on this screen. tell us some good bernie stowe stories we said... and he said - i don't know if the stories i can tell can go on the air. bronson - barry larkin - sean casey... so many big name reds back in town today for bernie stowe's visitation... and to share stories that we can air. aaron boone and
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it here tonight and are expected at the funeral on monday in price hill. it is private. a final goodbye to bernie stowe. road game for the cyclones tonight at evansville. and did you hear gene hackman is now the cyclones new coach? four passes. well - it's only three - but you get the point. nick heard scores. clones are driving home with a 4-3 win in o-t. kind of how i feel tonight... i didn't get my wife a valentine's present. o-g ana-noby. that o-g for oh gosh.
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michigan state. and - i know indiana - you hate the hallmark irony... but... i know... it's just valentine's day. sparty wins by nearly twenty. power at the 1-9. too. if you think he should be in the hall of fame - we'll talk about that next. great story today
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win the pole for the five-hundred. ken anderson stopped in cincinnati this weekend for an autism awareness event. and the former nfl mvp stopped by our station to chat. one of the topics? anthony munoz telling everyone at the super bowl his old quarterback needs to be in the hall of fame. so - does ken think he should be in the hall of fame? he answers that and his take on andy dalton. and his take on andy dalton. that's coming up on sportswrap at 11:15. be right back. tricia 2-shot steve's tracking the next 24 hours..
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o'clock news starts right now. stop state... making treacherous travel conditions on many roads -- this is a look at the snow covered roads in northern kentucky.... but there are more problems -- on our interstates. thank you for spending your valentine's night with us ... i'm tricia macke. we have team coverage for you tonight, as parts of the tri-state are under a winter storm warning. but first - let's get straight to chief meteorologist
10:57 pm
snow was bad timing..... maybe ruining some valentine's day plans! weather alert steve cam
10:58 pm
engineers in hamilon county say if you don't need to be on the roads stay home. so its not just us telling you. if you 'do' have to venture out... we have you covered. fox 19's michael baldwin is out there and michael whats it like now. tricia most of the roads are still snow covered so don't let the snow hamilton county to tend to about in other words, thats a lot of road. tonight hamilton
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