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tv   FOX19 Now  FOX  February 29, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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hancock says he witnessed the shootings. what he saw, and exclusive video from inside the school. so just who is james hancock? new pictures of the suspected shooter and what we're learning about him tonight. in a time of crisis, how did the school and emergency workers respond? we take a look. a real mess coming our way... possible severe weather and then some snow! what you need to know. consumer alert! fox19 now goes undercover to show you a new place crooks are getting everything from your social to your bank statements. sot "this is fox19 now" 911 what's the address of your emergency? caller: i'm at madison high school there's a shooting. ok. he's got a gun and he started shooting people.
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what? how many people did he shoot? i'm not sure. he just pulled out his gun and started shooting. shooting interstitial it's a story.. that continues to unfold.. tonight.. a parent's biggest fear.. a student opening fire at a school. good evening - i'm tricia macke. we've been bringing you new information on this story since it broke a little before toon today.. and tonight - we're learning more about the shooter... the victims.. and the community's reaction. four students were injured... two of them shot.. two others injured... at madison junior- senior high school in butler county.. all of them - thankfully - are expected to be ok. the shooter - 14- year-old james austin hancock.. is due in court hours from now... facing a list of felony charges. and breaking now.. school officials
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have just returned from visiting the hospital and say both gunshot victims are doing very well and in very high spirits. this is video of the helicopter bringing one of the victims to miami valley hospital in dayton. hospital officials tell us they will not provide any additional updates tonight, but in a press conference earlier afternoon, a doctor described the extent of the injuries when the boys arrived. one was in the thigh, and the other in the backside. the second injury was in the flank and also another one in his upper extremitym in the left arm." both boys are in stable condition. doctors say they will be in the hospital for a couple of days, but they expect a full recovery. tonight as those victims are in the hospital recovering, their accused shooter is locked up. our megan o'rourke has been working to learn more about the gunman all day. she's live tonight at the butler county sheriff's office
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with the very latest. tricia, sheriff richard jones held a news confernce here at his offices just a few hours ago...and that's when he identifed the teen. he tells us the accused shooter is 14 year old james austin hancock. now, we spoke with classmates who know him, and say they are in shock. within minutes of the shooting inside madison...investigat ors say they had their guy. sot 3 "he was apprehended up on top of the hill, it appears still on school grounds. he was arrested at that point and he is in juvenile at this point" just 14 years old. sheriff richard jones identifies the suspected gunman as james austin hancock. these are posts from the teen's social media accounts. investigators say hancock opened fired with a 3-80, in the cafeteria...shootin g two classmates and injuring two others. sophmore jordan eslick says he was in the gym listening to headphones and was ushed into the locker room. it wasn't until later he learned the accused shooter, was a fellow
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"he's real nice, he's friendly with everyone, everyone's usually real nice to him. i don't ever see him get picked on or have a problem with anyone" eslick says one of the victim's, cooper caffery, is also a wrestler. but, he says he was unaware of any problems between hancock and anyone on the team. 15 "it was his first year on the wrestling team and we were actually pretty good friends and it didn't seem like anything was wrong with him, like he was bullied, he got along with everyone and i was really shocked when i heard it was him" meanwhile, investigators aren't saying much about hancock...or any possible motive. 13 "were they targeted, were they random? at this point we know that they're victims that were shot and don't know or can't release the reason why at this point" hancock is scheduled to face a judge for the first time tomorrow morning at 8:30. we will have a crew at court and let you know what happens. rl mo fox19 now.
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we are continuing our coverage of this school shooting... throughout this hour.. including information on the charges ... and what's next for the shooter.. and we always have the latest on fox19 now dot com ... and our free mobile app. weather now a tough story to cover... but we want to switch gears now - because we do have some weather that could impact the tri-state on the horizon... chief meteorologist steve horstmeyr..
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detained in north korea for attempting to steal a banner with a propaganda slogan on it, confessed to his crime. i entirely beg you and the government of dpr korea for your forgiveness. please, i've made the worst mistake of my life, but please
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act to save me. please. think of my family. that is wyoming, ohio native otto warmbier. north korean authorities detained the 21- year-old as he was boarding his flight to china last month. he claimed a member of his church offered him a used car if he could bring home the banner as a "trophy," according to the north's news agency. the church member also reportedly said the church would pay his mother 200- thousand dollars if he was caught.. and didn't make it home. breaking now animation breaking now... cincinnati police are investigating 2 shootings that happened within the last hour. in roselawn police found a gunshot victim on the 16- hundred block of summit road just before ten o clock. no word yet on the victims condition or a possible suspect. and about an hour
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before that... police say a person was shot on 9- hundred block of east mcmillan street in walnut hills. investigators say the victim was found in a nearby kroger parking lot... and taken to u-c medical center with non-life threatening injuries. as of right now no suspect has been arrested... if you know anything call police. we're continuing our coverage... of the school shooting in butler county.. still ahead- fox19 now's legal analyst weighs in on what the shooter could face.. "i feel violated because i left it in there for somebody to take." plus - a car accident... is bad enough.. but coming up - how the crash... could be the least of your worries.. steve chroma
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starting to even it out. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. including one-hour arrival windows. we'll also tell you how long our visit will take pbefore your appointment starts. several prayer services took place as people came together to express their thoughts through prayer and hope. and one teen told us his story as he was inside the caferia.. when the shooting happened. fox 19's michael baldwin kicks off our team coverage live from madison high school. tricia i asked the young man what was the first thing he did when he heard and saw the gun shots. he said he grabbed his friends and ran into the woods to safety. its a day he and this town will never forget. a terrifying scene throughout the school... here is exclusive video from inside a classroom at madison high school right after the shooting. you see police and
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emergency crews checking the rooms. police say james austin hancock opened fire injuring 4 students. drew williams told me he knows the suspect and he was in the cafertia when i saw him pull the trigger he says it started off as a normal day but things changed when out of nowwhere. i just heard one gun shot like a warning shot for everyone to leave and we look over and he is pointing the gun at the table and firing off shots two of his friends would be hit. 15 year old cameron smith and 14 year old copper caffrey. he told me hancock never said anything before the shooting no he wasnt speaking at all i was close enough to see he gun trigger and everything. and he didn't say anyting just shot. the officer came in and he ran out the door the school resource offcer that came in was kent hall. we spoke to his son tonight right after he and his church tonight got together and prayed for the vicitms in the shooting. my dad has always been one of the best hall told me he hasn't had a chance to speak to his father about what happened today. he's just gald he'll be able to hug him tonight. speaking of which, he said hugs and prayers need to go all around and now the town must move forward. it happenened its over thank god and right now
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prayers will be accepted from everywhere and we are a strong community < more team's unfortunate that school and law enforcement agencies have to plan for incidents like these, but that's the reality. and in this case, local law enforcement were informed about the shooting and sprang into action. fox19 now's frankie jupiter has this part of the story. local authorities say sadly they've been training how to respond to incidents like this one for years. today the real situation played out. "my throat swells
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sweating and you start thinking how bad is it?" butler county sheriff richard jones recounted his thoughts after hearing there had been a shooting inside of the madison jr/sr high school. "we've been training for these response to these schools shootings sadly to say for years. the school has been training. how to respond to these shooting." "i think the way the school and the officers handle it has been amazing. we've all been well informed, quickly informed." authorities says when the call went out, multiple units responded to the scene. a perimeter was set up around the school to contain james austin hancock, the shooter. a k-9 was then able to track him down in a nearby wooded area. it was during that time authorities also say the school resource officer tended to the victims. a swept of the school was done to make sure another shooter wasn't on the loose and to also check for other victims. one student who was injured in the
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shooting initially ran and hid. "when you hear there's an active shooter in the schools, the schools close down they have certain alarm systems that go off, the teachers know what to do, how they train, students actually know what to do and it's like fire drills." student we spoke to were obvious shaken up by the ordeal. but instead of flipping pages of books they paid close attention to these directions. "my teacher said everyone hide, and don't make any noise so that's exactly what i did. i sat under a little table" "they told us that we're in lock down three and we had to go hide in a room so we did that and i was really sacred and crying" the school also put out facebook posting keeps parents informed through the ordeal along with two robo calls..and website updates. gpx in face book post, posted by madison local schools. it reads. we would first like to update everyone on the crisis situation in
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our district today by thanking our students and staff for immediately reacting to the event in exactly the way we have practiced and planned. additionally thank you to the parents and community for your patience and cooperation during a stressful time. i spoke with authorities earlier on the phone who tell the execution of this training went very well. live in madison township frankie jupiter fox19 now. new video.. also coming in.. cell phone video - posted to youtube... shows parents nearby... as the school was on lockdown - reacting to news that their children were safe... god are you ok? yes. levi? they won't let him. levi? are you on the phone. are you ok? they got the shooter. they did. praise god. school is closed tomorrow after
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school is closed tomorrow after that shooting at senior high school we know two students were shot.. two others injured... but all are expected to be ok. we've been covering this story all day for you... the shooter has been identified as 14 year old james austin hancock... all of those details on fox19 now dot com. thanks megan - and we have much more on this story coming up... and you can get the latest updates on fox19 now dot com.. and on our free mobile app. we have another story to bring you involving a student and a gun... and we want to point out- that as of now... this incident and the incident art madison local schools are not related. the city of
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middletown tells us that a middletown high school student is in custody.. after authorities say he brought a gun to school. again - as of now... this is not related to the shootings at madison local schools. a falmouth family is in mourning tonight... as they try to gather the details of their daughter's death.. after she was found in a creek. fox19 now's ben katko joins us live tonight. ben... an unfortunate ending to this story. i just finished speaking to tara turner's father here in falmouth an hour ago. it is most certainly unfortunate. but... he told me it's the ending they expected when she disappeared on his birthday last month. this is the scene last night in snag creek off of route 8 in bracken county. that's where the body of 31-year old tara turner was found yesterday. she's a mother of three. police say the body was found by people fishing near the bridge at the
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missing since january 31st - her father's birthday. her father told me she hadn't been shot or stabbed... and is waiting to learn more from investigators. while her family mourns... i'm told this is the ending they knew was coming. "there ain't been a day go by that we haven't thought about her. ain't been a day gone by that my wife hasn't cried. what broke my heart the most was her youngest child would say to me every morning when i go to work, 'papaw, you going to bring my mommy home today?' it broke my heart." family members have told us that she hadn't been seen since being dropped off at the california market on the aa highway last month. dan turner tells me that people were out searching for his daughter as they have done day after day. he said yesterday they called it quits for the day... only 75 feet away from where she was found last night.
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as for police... they're still investigating. live in falmouth... ben katko... fox19 now. a man is facing 31 years behind bars... after being sentenced today on aggravated robbery and burglary charges... take a look... this is randal connolly.. connolly was arrested back in august... after a series of home invasion burglaries.. the judge... didn't take it easy on him.. you broke into someone's home, which is their home, their safe haven. if you're not safe in your home, where are you? you broke into their homes and put guns to their heads. i really can't imagine anything worse other than a rape or murder. that's the worst thing you can do to somebody. judge luebbers - sentenced connoly to 31 years.. behind bars. consumer alert we're learning a cyber hack into i- r-s taxpayer accounts, is worse than initially thought. the federal agency says scammers gained access to more than 700- thousand accounts.. that's more than double the previous estimate. the information stolen.... includes data that could be
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used to file a false tax return and collect a refund. if you are impacted, the i-r-s will send you a notice in the mail. you will also be elligible for identity protection services. sot stormtracker stinger steve cam after the break... a 14-year-old
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judge. only on fox19 now.. the likelihood he'll be tried as an adult. a fox 19 now undercoer investigation. how your personal records are open to thieves. and an unlikely hero... how honey saved a life. we've continue to cover the developing news of the madison school shooting that left 4 students injured tonight. now the focus turns to the alleged shooter... 14-year old james hancock and what charges he may face. fox19 now's megan o'rourke joins us live with that part of the story. megan? right now, the teen suspect is behind bars at the juvenile detention center here in butler county.
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we talked with the sheriff just a few hours ago who laid out all the charges 14 year-old james austin hancock is facing. here's how it breaks down. right now, 2 counts attempted murder, 2 counts felonious assault, inducing panic and making terroristic threats. the sheriff tells me all of those charges are juvenile counts, but he says that could change. investigators will be meeting with prosecutors to decide if hancock should be tried as an adult. now, in the meantime....he is expected to make his first court appearance tomorrow morning in juvenile court. we will be there and will keep you posted on what happens. rl mo fox19 now. hancock currently faces those charges as an adult, but our legal expert, mike allen believes he could be bound over to adult court. you know there is really no precedent locally for this that i know of, it's a really tough call because apparently the young man has no prior records, no contact with the juvenile court system. so normally
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weigh that against the sheer seriousness of the act i think there is a good chance that they might. there's already an outpouring of support for the victims.. restauranteur jeff ruby... says he is also extending an evening at his steakhouse carlo and johnny for dinner for the victims and their families as soon as the kids recover. again this is a story that will keep developing with new information coming out over the coming days. we'll be sure to bring you all the latest details, developments and more along the way. you can follow along on air, online and on the fox19 now mobile app.
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you're in an accident, your car is totaled. it may end up at a salvage yard, where it's sold for scrap. but if you didn't clean out your glove box... you could be at risk for identity theft. fox19 now investigates went undercover at a local junkyard yard and found personal documents littered in wrecks. reporter jessica brown has the story. within minutes, our cameras found all kinds of personal documents... receipts, a debit card, even records with social security numbers. everything a potential i-d thief would need to ruin your financial life. "we got it..." a job application with details crooks would love to get their hands on. a social security number, birth date, contact information. now, no one would willingly leave this lying around but we found it a cincinnati salvage yard.... on the floor board of a wrecked car. a fox19 now producer and photographer told the salvage yard employee they wanted to look around and got right onto the
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lot...acres of scrapped vehicles. there were no signs or verbal instructions warning not to take personal items from vehicles. they walked around, unsupervised and rummaged through dozens of cars. they found a debit card, a child's medical records...even bottles of medication, filled with pills. damon eberle's name and address were right there on the bottles... "i was in a car accident in december..." we tracked down the new richmond man and showed him video of what we'd found. he was stunned his personal belongings had been left out. eberle said after the crash, his insurance company settled and he'd assumed everything in the car had been removed and destroyed. "i would have never thought of that, somebody, they just go in there to get parts for their car. i don't think they'd go in there to ransack your car and get your personal information." "bessler's u-pull
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dollars for entry to the lot. customers can then look for parts on hundreds of scrapped vehicles. bessler's general manager said our discovery didn't surprise him. but unlike the lot where we found all that personal information, bessler's has a strict policy -- employees remove all items from vehicles and shred all documents. "stuff with names, socials, everything again is disposed of, nothing goes to the field with the vehicle so that a customer can't steal an identity." "it's something i hadn't heard about before." fox 19 now legal analyst mike allen said he couldn't identify any current law in the tri-state that addresses this issue. "i cannot locate any regulation or statute that required them to pull anyone's personal papers out of the vehicle." allen said the only way to protect yourself from this is to be pro-active. make sure you never leave any records with sensitive information in your car.
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and that's exactly what eberle plans to do from now on. "i feel violated because i left it in there for somebody to take." "if you are are a victim of identity theft, the ohio attorney general's office has a special unit dedicated to helping consumers. we have more information on our now-dot-com. jessica brown, fox19 now." we reached out to the owner of the salvage yard where we found all those personal records. he told us they don't have a policy about removing paperwork from vehicles, but said it would be impossible to police. breaking news now in covington. a transformer has blown leaving more than 2-thousand people without power. we're told the transformer is located at ace and russell. the areas affected are north and west of ace ave. it's also knocked out power to some of the lights on the roebling bridge. no word when power will be restored. you decide 2016 presidential candidates are making their final pitches to voters ahead of
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arkansas, georgia, massachusetts, minnesota, tennessee, texas, vermont and virginia will hold primaries or caucus tomorrow. in all, more than 15-hundred delegates are up for grabs. the latest c-b-s news battleground tracker poll shows hillary clinton and donald trump leading in key states... despite recent controversy.. for trump.. sen. ted cruz/r presidential candidate there was a very disturbing story that broke today. that apparently there is a secret tape the new york times editorial board has of donald trump saying that he doesn't believe what he's saying about immigration. that all of promises to secure the border are not real. and if he's president he doesn't intend to do what he said. that allegation.. follows a photographer... at a trump rally... caught on camera being roughed up allegedly by a secret service agent...
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chris morris says he stepped outside the media pen when the agent put his hands around his neck. ohio governor, john kasich, is looking past super tuesday.... tomorrow he'll be in virginia.. before heading to mississippi for the central mississippi republicans gala dinner... where at 9:30 our time he plans to make a speech about his super tuesday performance and the future of his campaign.. the republican presidential hopeful though doesn't appear ready to call it quits.. he released a schedule today.. that has him campaigning all week in michigan.. kasich does say.. if he doesn't win ohio's upcoming march 15-th primary, he'll be calling it quits! gov. john kasich/r presidential candidate "i will beat donald trump in ohio. head-to-head, i beat him by 18 points in the last poll. and, by the way, i beat hillary by more than any republican candidate." in the most recent polls, governor kasich trails donald trump by five points in the
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we'll be on at 10 tomorrow night as super tuesday results come in.. we'll be updating you throughout our newscast.. as state's are called.. and candidates lay out plans for their future. we've all probably heard about the rumors.... are new ipads and iphones on the way? coming up next we'll break down what.. could be on the way for apple. and talk about a sigh of relief... a missing toddler in california is found... by a hunting dog! hear more on the bizarre store next.... plus... are the bengals about to lose a couple of big name players? that story is coming up.
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his portrayal of a savage chain-gang convict in the 1960s classic "cool hand luke," has died. he died yesterday in idaho. he was 91. kennedy was one
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most recognizable supporting actors.... he had parts in several action flicks in the 1970s, played leslie nielsen's sidekick in the "naked gun" spoofs and was j.r.'s business rival in the final seasons of "dallas." one of his strongest supporting roles was in the hit 1970 film "airport." a new principal... for the elder panthers... the elder board of trustees announced mr. kurt ruffing... as the next principal of elder high school. mr. ruffing will assume the duties of principal in july... following the retirement of long time principal, mr. tom otten. ruffing, a 1981 elder grad, has worked at the school for the past 30 years.. most recently serving as assistant principal and dean of students. ready or not ... apple may soon be releasing a new i- phone ... and i-pad. according to multiple media reports, apple will debut a new phone and tablet on march 21st.
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4-inch i-phone s-e is said to have a faster chip than current iphone models. the new i-pad pro is said to have a 9- point-7-inch screen and a handful of new features. the release would come one day before apple is scheduled to meet with the fbi about a motion that would require apple to unlock a phone of one of the san bernardino shooters.
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all right, 3:15. k, you better watch out boys, i'm on a hot streak today. what's that? wait. what's that? man, that's just the ice cream truck. you ain't got nothin. we got time. you don't got time. i've got time. no you don't. [arguing] look at that! ahhhhhh! we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. we no longer offer an excuse to bet on when we'll arrive. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. not only will we give you a one-hour arrival window, but our new tech tracker feature will alert you with the exact time we'll get there.
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narcotics agents have arrested this man, charles crossty in a 3- month long investigation. officials say he is a main supplier of heroin to the village of new richmond. police say they intercepted 25 grams of heroin and 20 grams of crack. he's locked up right now and scheduled to appear in court tomorrow morning. a mother and an entire community breathing a sigh of relief tonight ... after a missing boy is found safe -- thanks .. to an unlikely hero .. three-year old eli alcock of florien , louisiana disappeared
10:46 pm
tuesday night. police and volunteers jumped in to help look for the missing boy. but it was this hunting dog honey -- who stepped up to the plate, using his keen sense of smell to track down eli -- just an hour into the search. doug downs / honey's owner "the pressure is on because you are asked to come perform something that you have never done before." eli's mother says the toddler doesn't remember much about what happened that night but she does plan to tell him. when he's older. how honey saved his life. sot "steve weather animation" steve chroma key
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count - and save the fake cough... you aren't calling in sick for this one. but... the reds do play their first spring training opening day tuesday with all of these new guys. don't expect the boss to baby the young ones. bryan price: "that's the difference - i think people say, 'well, you're conceding the season.' we're not conceding the season. we're going to
10:50 pm
give our young players an opportunity to develop which means i will not throw the life ring out. those are things that we have to do if these players are going to develop into the type of players that can win a world series." jon moscot will throw first pitch at three o'clock cincinnati time. joey votto and brandon phillips are expected to play. devin mesoraco and zack cozart will not. joe hplaz/gfx new top twenty- five is out tonight... and xavier is still fifth. next game is saturday - on fox19 now. live post game coverage with us from cintas center. players cheering this is a basketball team - but that's a golf clap. i guess there isn't much selection monday suspense when you're the number one team in the country and a guaranteed number one seed. the thomas more women will start their national title defense on their home floor. madison temple: "it's
10:51 pm
going to help a lot, i think. we always get a good amount of fans at our games, so that usually helps with our excitement levels and everything and, personally, i think i play better at home and i think we all do with the support of our fans." still ahead... is this bengal about to walk? which team wants two of cincinnati's starters? let's talk bengals next. it's opening day - cincinnati. the reds are on the field this
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high profile bengals. mo sanu and pro bowl safety reggie nelson. both players can sign anywhere they want starting next week. joe hplaz/vo the hardware is back on campus tonight. the mount saint joe basketball team won their first ever conference tournament... and will now play tournament. femi thompson: "me being from cincinnati - i know a didn't even know where now everybody knows is. so, it's just like a hometown thing." kentucky's champions. holy cross with a tester in the round. what up - zo. for the highlands freshman. you think that's
10:56 pm
good? malaysia chames is an eighth-grader. think how good she'll be as a senior. but... holy cross didn't score a point the final two-and-a- half minutes... and highlands is celebrating a regional win. the champs are out. tricia 4-shot we're contiuing to update the latest details on the school shooting in butler county... right now on fox19 now dot com.. the very latest - including the shooter's first court appearance ... on the morning news starting at 4:30. tricia cam don't forget we're always tracking the weather on
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