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tv   WYFF News 4 11pm  NBC  December 31, 2015 10:58pm-11:30pm EST

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oh we gotta turn up the crazy livin' like a washed-up celebrity shooting fireworks like it's the fourth of july >> live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 at 11:00 in high definition. >> all i know is, we're going to the natty! michael: as in, national championship. it's oficial. clemson will play for its first national championship in football in 34 years. that's where we begin. tonight the clemson tigers are , orange bowl champs, and will play for a national title. the tigers beat oklahoma tonight, 37-17. we will talk live with brad fralick in south florida coming up.rd lemcompte with the highlights. ricardo? big night for the tigers. ricardo: michael, clemson came
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sooners. but by the end, the tigers showed why they should be the favorites to win a national championship. the top-ranked team in the country, facing oklahoma in the bowl season for the second year in a row. 2nd half, tigers trailed by a point, 17-16, until wayne gallman bangs it in from a yard out, to cap a 12-play, 75 yard drive. clemson back in front, 23-17. gallman with 150 yards, and 2 touchdowns on the ground. later in the 3rd quarter, deshaun watson goes to the airir finds his security blanket hunter renfrow. , he does the rest. 35-yard score pushes the lead to 30-17. watson, 187 yards passing, 145 rushing, 2 total touchdowns on his way to orange bowl offensive mvp honors. clemson is your orange bowl champs, 37-17, and move on to glendale, arizona, for the national championship game. wyff news 4 sports director brad fralick joins us, live outside sun life stadium in miami gardens, florida. brad?
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brad: no, you're exactly right. a magical night in miami. oklahoma was the favorite coming into the game despite clemson being undefeated, ranked the number one. that the tigers -- but the tigers won. a fake punt by andy teasdall, and marc dopher caught up with andy on the field. marc: clemson tigers with a 20 point win over oklahoma, and maybe the most memorable play, punter andy teasdall with the fake punt and a bit of redemption for you. >> absolutely. it's a weight off my shoulders. we were successful. we tried to serve each other, work together.
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the champions. you are going to the national championship game. >> yes. marc: what a great night for andy teasdall and the tigers. in the orange bowl, marc dopher, wyff news 4. brad: thanks, marc. remember to the acc championship game, andy teasdall read a fake punt when it wasn't called. everybody saw debt -- dabo swinney get after him. but tonight, he executes, finds christian wilkins down the sideline. clemson runs away with it in the second half. the tigers advanced play for the national championship. ricardo is in the studioh anupdate on the alabama-michigan state game. ricardo: thanks, brad. let's check in on the cotton bowl. right now, alabama rolling, up 31-zero in the third quarter. we will have an update on this game more coming up in
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michael: there is much to celebrate in the upstate tonight. a big tigers win, and the new year as well, by the way. wyff news 4's liz lohuis is and local in greenville, with the latest on the big party. liz: michael, i am outside bar louie in greenville. of course, the big moment will be when the clock strikes midnight, but the other big moment of the night, of course, was when the clemson tigers became orange bowl champions. >> fight, tigers! fight, tigers! fight, fight, fight! whooo! liz: cautious optimism for the first half of the orange bowl. but by the time the third quarter rolled around, >> wahooooo! liz: fans were feeling confident. >> that's the ball game. liz: sure, they had faith all along. but most didn't expect this bigigf a win. >> they did a whole lot better than my prediction, so i am all for that. >> it started out as i expected, but in the end, it was gravy. it was great. >> c-l-e-m-s-o-n! liz: thomas wilson now has his eyes on the big title.
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championship. we're going to the championship! that's all i can say. liz: a great night to be a tiger. >> i just love being out here in the crowd. you really feel the momentum, and the excitement in the air. it was a wonderful game. liz: a nice sized party, but an even bigger party will be when clemson plays again in the big championship game. that will be january 11, and it is free, open to the public at bonds of her wellness arena -- at bon secours welness arena. people are really excited for the big game. liz lohuis, wyff news 4, live in greenville. michael: a look now at the mess following the recent rain. the reedy river and falls park, water is high. and cleveland park, quite muddy. the river is high there, as well. chris, beautiful night to ring in the new year. chris: getting colder, michael.
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we are cooling down. over the past 24 hours, seven degrees cooler. the air is getting chillier looking closer, over the past 24 hours -- bank, 12 degrees cooler, 15 degrees cooler in andrews. it will be so shocking, because we have had several record-breaking warm days. it is slow to do so, but it is moving out of the mountains. current temperatures, moving through the mountains, down into the valleys, in the northern upstate. 60 in clemson, 44 in asheville. greenville falling to 46 degrees. asheville falling to 37. we will see clouds. on new year's day, we will see the full force. a cool day, 44 degrees to start, 52 to end the day. i will tell you about the weekend of the cooler air headed our way in a few minutes. michael: in upstate new york, an ex-convict was arrested for planning a new year's eve terror
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federal authorities say emanuel lutchman claimed to have received direction from an overseas member of isis. he planned to carry out the attack today, at a bar in the rochester, new york, area. he is 25 years old. authorities say he bought knives and a machete for the attack. he was nabbed in an fbi sting operation. and in germany, a terror threat has shut down train stations in munich. police there say they have attack threat. two busy train stations were evacuated this new year's eve. people are also being asked not to gather in crowds. paris and brussels cancelled their new year's eve celebrations, following last month's attacks in paris that killed 130 people. in dubai, new year's eve , a highghise building caught fire. but the city let the fireworks fly nonetheless. the fire engulfed the 63-story high-rise hotel and an apartment building.
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about 15 minutes before midnight, large explosions were heard from inside the building. what caused those, and the fire, is still unclear. back in the upstate now, extra a ficers are on the roads, weekend. is underway in south carolina statewide right now and this law enforcement. with the orange bowl watch parties leading into new year's eve parties, officers are expecting to stay busy. they call on people to get a designated driver or, just stay home to celebrate. this year, 946 people have died on south carolina roads. >> when you start think about that, you u art t inking, 946 lives. that's the size of an average high school in south carolina. that's how many lives we've lost on our roadways this year. michael: the extra officers on the roads will also be looking for speeding, seat belt use, and distracted driving. president barack obama is expected to announce a new executive order on gun control. white house sources say the goal
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show loophole." it allows certain gun sellers to skip the background checks for buyers. gun control advocates expect the president will reveal the plan at the state of the union speech. that is all set for january 12th. an upstate police officer says one thing saved his officer's life after she was attacked last my -- last month. new holsters were bought for anderson police officers, by money seized in drug cases. those holsters have a combination of moves that user must know to release the gun. in november, a s black hoodie and black skeleton mask attacked an officer, forcefully throwing her to the ground, trying to get her gun. but he couldn't get it out of the holster. >> there is no doubt in my mind, with the struggle that took place over this weapon, that his intention was to kill her. michael: two suspects were arrested the night of the attack, at a nearby apartment on miracle mile drive.
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both face drug charges, but the chief says both had ties to the scene, and he believes they know something about the assault.a $1,000 reward is now being offered. you don't have to give your name when you call crimestoppers at 888-crime-sc. now to spartanburg county. damage caused by potholes is dollars these days. in fact, one particular pothole opened up again after it was filled. this is on anderson mill road, in front of the londonderry subdivision. several people go flat tires and -- got flat tires and damaged rims after hitting this thing. road crews say they had to fill the hole four times this week, because the material is being washed away by the rain. >> i think that they could have maybe put up signage, just to alert other drivers that that pothole is there. michael: she tells us she is paying more than $700 for repairs. the dot says you could file a claim on their website to be reimbursed for damages caused by potholes. we're told they typically
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already knew about the pothole. medal of honor recipient kyle carpenter has been arrested he is charged tonight with hit and run and making an impr left turn. you may remember him. carpenter received the medal of honor in 2014 for his actions as a marine in afghanistan in 2010. police say carpenter hit a pedestrian earlier this month in columbia. authorities say the person was treated at the scene for scrapes and a leg injury. carpenter is a university of south carolina student. chris: it's here. the rain is gone, the cold air has moved in and it will stick with us for a wild.
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michael: here we are, 13 minutes after 11. 2015 is ticking away. we are going to show you the live picture of iconic times square. as you might imagine, there is a big crowd down there. they are waiting for that waterford crystal ball to drop. people have been lining up for hours in new york city to get a prime spot for the televised spectacle. in years past, it has been cold and uncomfortable, sometimes snow. not the case this year.temperatures in times square, in the low 40's. >> now, your live super doppler
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chris: not too shabby outside your at home come either. here is the view from woodruff road. you can see downtown greenville. looking nice. clear conditions, 50 five degrees. the temperature is cooling. that is thanks to the north wind at 10 miles per hour. the live super doppler is right. -- is dry. it has been 12 days since we have been able to see that. it has been so rainy. we still have clouds locked in, and that will be the case tomorrow. the rain is south of us and it will stay that way. we had a few showers earlier this morning, totaling just over a 10th of an inch from greenville to anderson. otherwise, we are drying out and we will stay dry. the last time i will be able to show you this for this year, this is where we ended the year and departures from normal for rain. remember, a few months ago we were in a drought. we finished over a foot above normal for the gsp airport, 8.8
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while. more rain than we need. temperatures are cold. 44 in asheville, 46 in hendersonville. i say cold, it is cold compared to what we have been used to lately. a few weeks from now, this will be considered mild. it will be very cold and winter he. lows tonight will fall to around freezing in the mountains. middle 40's in the upstate. in greenville, we will see cloud cover tomorrow, topping out in the middle 50's. not a lot of movement in temperatures. cool in the morning, cold in the afternoon as well. we will see the clouds breakup tomorrow night. temperatures may get colder in the mountains is the -- as the day goes on. the high is around noon, and by 4:00, 30's and the bounds. another shot of cold air moving in as the clouds move out. the national picture, look at the clouds across the south. that is about to move out after the next peas of energy moves everything out headmans moves
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speaking of cold air, the whole country is about to be pretty cold. say good by -- say goodbye to the warm air. it stays cold sunday afternoon. in the 40's. more cold a a a moves in next week, moving us into the 20's for lows monday night into tuesday night. will stay cold, in the pacific northwest, cold moves in next weekend. the for-day plus, we will see clouds through the day tomorrow. high 54. 51 on saturday, loads of sunshine both days. if you are headed over to charlotte for the game at bank of america, looking ok. loads of sunshine and 50. early next week, highs in the low 50's on monday, another shot of cold air on tuesday brings us into the 40's in the upstate. really cold in the mountains, some areas dropping into the teens tuesday morning. that is the way things look
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rain-freberg and of next week. -- rain free through next week. brad: dabo swinney said before the season started, he wanted them to print 15 tickets for 15 games.
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>> now, wyff news 4 sports. ricardo: will muschamp, rounding out his coaching staff at south carolina today. muschamp hiring linebackers coach lance thompson froase and deoa the citadel grad named a rivals national recruiter of the year in 2008, and the number one recruiter in the nation by espn in 2014.
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longest winning streak at 16 games, and beating oklahoma in a bowl game last year, top-ranked clemson came into today's orange bowl as an underdog to the 4th ranked sooners. but that's why you play it out on the field. check this out. a cool time lapse of sun life stadium, a majority inside the stadium wearing clemson orange. second quarter, tigers down 7-0. deshaun watson, carrying it from 4 yards out, did his damage on the ground tonight. 145 yards running. game tied at 7. clemson trailed at the half by one. third quarter, after regaining the lead, clemson adds to it. watson rolls out and fires it to hunter renfrow. he goes in for the 35-yard touchdown. tigers now up 30-17. watson, 187 yards and a score through the air, on his way to orange bowl offensive mvp honors, the clemson defense pitched a shutout in the second half,
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then boulware with the interception. tigers take this 1, 37-17 to move to 14-0. the win streak is 17 straight games. clemson dominating the second half, especially on the ground. 312 rushing yards. the tigers now go from the beach to the desert for the national championship game in arizona. brad fralick is live in miami gardens. clemson's celebration will continue into the new year. brad: this is a new year's eve celebration for the ages right here. clemson is going to play for a national championship. dabo swinney, the boy from in the championship. after the game was over, he was beside himself knowing that would happen. he didn't know when. he said he would get the team to this point, and now they are here.>> it's a special time. it has been 34 years since
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national championship. seven years ago, when i got this job, i knew we would be here. it was just a matter of when. this is year seven, and we were able to knock the roof off of it , win another acc championship. in our league, it we got a chance to play for it all. and here we are. brad: and unbelievable season. 14-0, number one in every playoff cold. marc dopher caught up with jorgen leggett -- jordan leggett. marc: the tories in the orange bowl. jordan, you are headed to the championship. how does that sound? >> such a great feeling. everybody who plays college ball should dream of this. now, we get to go on. so exciting.
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all week, but you guys finished out with a victory. i heard eric maclain say, we field. >> that is what we do. it feels good. marc: jordan leggett. the clemson tigers going to the national championship game in bowl. miami. brad: thanks, marc. i want to sherry's him -- sarah some numbers. deshaun watson had 145 yards on the ground. ricardo, you mentioned 312 yards rushing. clemson held oklahoma to 67 yards rushing in this football game. baker mayfield was sacked five times, a dominating performance especially in the second half.
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live in miami gardens, florida, brad fralick, wyff news 4.
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chris: it may be cold outside, but we are keeping it comfortable. michael: really comfortable, apparently. very nice. chris: ringing in the new year, very nice. cold but drive. michael: happy new year year from the clampetts and happy 2016. sorry about the hat. be safe. good night, everybody. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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special new year's celebration.
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