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tv   WYFF News 4 530pm  NBC  January 6, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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front-runner, donald trump. >> first, he wanted to say his decision to drop out of the presidential race was not easy. senator graham: i decided in september i did not see it happening for me. nigel: one person he does not plan on helping his current gop front-runner, donald trump. senator graham: he's run a very successful campaign, but he stands no chance of winning. the current nomination could be the worst thing because he's not a republican. at a time when we need summary to bring the world and the country together, i think he is the worst possible choice. my suggestion is if you want hillary clinton to be president,
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if you want to beat her, support someone who can beat her. nigel: when asked if not trump, who, and if he is willing to endorse -- sen graham: jeb bush is a great person at a time when we need steady and ready. marco rubio's traffic on national security. john kasich has been a good governor of ohio. chris christie. nigel: he says he's looking at not someone who could just beat hillary clinton, but someone who could be commander-in-chief. in fact, he says the gop primary vote in south carolina is crucial to the presidential race and the future of the republican party. gabrielle: since south carolina third in line, he says voters here will decide what direction the party will go. nigel: governor nikki haley will give the response to president
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reporter: governor haley says this will be less of a response and more of an address to the nation. she's currently america's youngest governor and being chosen for this means she will be the third woman in a row to speak on behalf of of gop after the president speaks. speaker of the house, paul ryan and mitch mcconnell say governor haley is one of the most popular governors in the country. as is the customs of 1966 with lyndon b. johnson in office, the opposing officeets its chance to talk after the state of union. the person chosen to do so has played into presidential politics. senator marco rubio delivered the 2013 response and is now running for the white house. this year, governor haley will
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to give the address and she will follow j ji ernst, who responded last year. >> americans have been hurting. >> after that, it was rodgers. >> we hope the president will by empowering people. reporter: she's currently the highest-ranking woman in the gop conference. tuesday night will not be governor haley pass first time on the national stage. in 2012, she spoke at the republican national convention and champion mitt romney for president. now we wait to see where this opportunity takes the governor. >> if there is a time a presidential nominee wants to sit down and talk, of course, i will sit down and talk. reporter: governor haley will be gearing up to watch her all a matter -- a championship game on monday night.
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continues to climb. it is at an estimated half $1 billion. people across the country andd here in our area are flocking to stores to try to win one of the biggest prizes in powerball history. the drawing is tonight and today , we ask people what they would do if they won the grand prize. >> the first thing i would do if i won, i would let the boss know i won and i will continue working a little, until i won't be able to work no more and then just take trips and have a good time. gabrielle: the jack hot ranks as the six largest offered in north america. the winner could claim the $500 million prize through an annuity over 29 years or a single pretax
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nigel: if i won, i would spend a lot of that money at the consumer electronic show now in full gear in vegas. cv guess it -- the gadgets and gizmos that are all the talk at this year's show. >> i will get much better. >> the fact that he is still alive is a miracle. a football player survives a medical scare and he has a message for everyone who prayed for him. first, here's a look at
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nigel: trying to get it all together in my mind. the latest in technology is being unveiled this week at the annual consumer electronics show in vegas. gabrielle: that is where jay gray was today. he has more on the latest and greatest gadgets at this year's show. reporter: the rush is on -- close to 200,000 industry insiders poring over 2 million square feet of the future. stuff like virtual reality, which for the first time seems
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>> this has been the stuff of science fiction for years and has been in the experimental realm, but this year is when we will feel a lot of concrete products at the market. reporter: a market that continues to grow from a wearable tech and workout gear to connected kitchens, drones reality, self driving cars. and the latest and greatest tvs -- ultraslim, altra hd and hk. and the newest way to enjoy an adult beverage while you watch. >> it can be so intoxicating. especially when you are at the center of the technological universe with every gadget and
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>> five days until clemson gets another chance. we sit down with the only coach to win the whole thing -- he's never seen their video from that night until 1982 until just now. >> we should have scored that. >> you can still remember? >> yes. >> so who will get the support monday night? alabama or the school that made him a national champion? you don't want to miss it, next at 6:00. nigel: coming up, a pennsylvania high school basketball coach shown allegedly headbutting a referee during a game. gabrielle: fire crews called for a rescue in arizona were a cat was found in between two walls. john: cold temperatures in
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take a look at this shocking nigel: take a look at this shocking video -- a referee -- a coach sought -- coach cauaut assaulting a reverie. the coach gets upset about a call and is given a technical
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the coach received a second technical. he was ejected. the referee was not seriously hurt and remain on the court. gabrielle: authorities are asking for the public path help after jewelry stores across five states. a female suspect is believed to have two believed to have committed all of the robberies with a male partner helping her out. the suspect held employees in an point and forced to employees into a back room and sit tied their hands before taking off with merchandise. nigel: a starbucks barista is out of a job when a confrontation with the customer does while. she pulls up to the drive-through window at a starbucks in bellflower, california. at the window, she confronts the barista, accuses her of stealing her credit card information and
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she e id she became suspicious when on new year's day, the worker took a long time with her credit card and her suspicion was confirmed when a $212 fraudulent charge showed up on her bill. >> i was really angry and my husband was trying to calm me down. when i went to the drive-through , she knkn it was me once i handed her the card. nigel: the barista has been fired. gabrielle: toxic tapwater flowing out of the faucet in flint michigan is contaminated with lead. cheaper water system but state employees assured people the water was fine. >> the water is not safe yet.
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we have continue protectingngur youngest kids. >> we want people to be held accountable. gabrielle: the city switch back to its previous water source. the department of justice is investigating. nigel: chick-fil-a is taking away a southern favorite. they are introducing a superfood side salad of kale, brock laney, dried cherry and roasted nuts. that is the same day they will retire the popular coleslaw that has been on the menu nearly 50 years. the new salad is much lighter than the item it is replacing. gabrielle: torrential rainfall caused flooding in parts of australia, leaving towns overwhelmed at people have had to evacuate. about 25 people have been
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emergency crews received nearly 2000 calls for assistance. >> we believe most of the areas that we need to evacuate, we had gotten most of them out of there. gabrielle: almost eight inches of rain has follow across some areas. john: the next threat of rain for us won't be until the end of this week even though we have some clouds moving in from the south. a couple of sprinkles showing up between atlanta and augusta. between the base of the cloud and the ground, the air is very dry. this reciprocation is not even
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the clouds coming in, a live shot looking over lake hartwell. look at the reds and oranges. the clouds will continue to move across our area from the south. 39 and spartanburg. 30 in spruce pine, upper 30's in waynesville and silva. 42 i ibryson city. 40 degrees and whether to and. very cold temperatures. temperatures are not going to be as cold tonight as it was over the last t veral nights becausese
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myrtle beach not reporting for now. 44 in atlanta. this is typical of an el nio tight pattern in our area. in the fall months and early winter, we e e up fairly mild. as we get into early spring, this will be one of the strongest el nio's on record. it's going to get colder and colder over the next several days and a big arctic outbreak as we go through this weekend. you can see the snow moving through iowa. 73 and miami. 40 and boston. cleveland is 35 degrees.
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chile in dallas and if you are heading out to phoenix, 59 degrees. they are a couple of hours earlier, so it's almost 4:00 there. they should normally only be in the upper 60's. highs will probably be in the mid-to upper 50's, maybe around 60. overnight lows in the phoenix area would normally be in the mid 40's. you will need at least a jacket or sweater as you head out next week. 32 for the overnight low. 27 with cloudiness from time to time. mostly sunny to partly sunny skies. the four-day plus looks like this -- the rain coming in on
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we are hoping the system might be out in time for sunday but you might have to wait for it to slow down a little bit. at least it will be dry. nigel: what if you could have a pillow everywhere you go? one company is made it -- is making it possible. the city is a sweatshirt with a good that inflates into a pillow so that you can sleep on the go. they are already pulling in 100,000 dollars on kick starter. the goal was $30,000. the sweatshirt goes for $59. shipping is expected to start in march. gabrielle: the baseball hall of fame will announce this year's alexi's tonight. headlining the list is ken
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who hit 630 home runs. he's considered a lock to be a first ballot hall of famer. the induction will take place in cooperstown, new york. nigel: russian president vladimir putin is back on the ice. the practice hockey session was held at the galaxy arena in the black sea resort of sochi where the 2014 winter olympics were held. putin is a lifelong lover of the sport and also celebrated his the third birth day last year with a hockey game there. gabrielle: emergency crews were called to rescue a cat out of two walls in scottsdale, arizona. the cat became stuck in a small crack. the space was only about three inches between the two walls. fire crews were able to create a hole big enough for the cap to
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through. >> i was thinking of going to the thai food restaurant and getting some cooking oil. the cat name has to be lucky the cat. he used all of his nine lives up today in one shot. >> cooking oil so it would slide through. gabrielle: no word on who the cats owner is. ahead, a middle school student survived a medical will scare that could have killed him.
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an upstate foball player survived a medical scare... nigel: an upstate medical -- upstate the ball player survived a medical situation that endangered his life. reporter: every step, every
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reporter: is truly a miracle. >> he understands what happened and that he almost died. reporter: four months ago, she got the call to pick up her son from football practice because he had a bad headache. she took this picture of her son that they. what she thought was dehydration was much more serious. >> they said he's got bleeding on his brain and he probably needs have emergency surgery. reporter: dr. say he had a ruptured blood vessel in his brain. she thought she was going to lose her son. >> i was talking to god and said he's 13, you can take him now. i really felt like he was going to go. i was planning the funeral in my head, trying to figure out how i was going to tell the sisters what happened. reporter: but he's revived and thrived. >> i will get better. reporter: he spent six weeks in
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again like howling -- like how to say his name and how to walk on his own. but with each step, a community of thousands held his hand and lifted him up. his stories read through social media and people have made signs, t-shirts and bracelets. all of this love has worked wonders. >> they help me and support me. reporter: he's still out of school and comes to the rehabilitation hospital for therapy three times a week. >> there's a lot of potential for him to recover and get as close to normal as possible. >> enough he has a big responsibility. god saved his life and he has to make it count. reporter: motivation from so many bring some a few steps closer. >> thank you for everybody.
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and thank you for my band and everything. it was so great. nigel: my wife is his art teacher and it's amazing to see how the school has rallied around him. gabrielle: so much support. so great to see he is doing so well. nigel: isaiah will start doing his school work from home soon. gabrielle: hee does say he hopes to return to school as soon as he can. he has -- he is first trumpet and the school band and they are holding his space for him. announcer: live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 at 6:00 in high definition. ask the colder it gets, the bigger the threat. carroll: it is that time again. mike: that leaves us to talk
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carol: how long is the weather
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