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tv   WYFF News 4 5pm  NBC  January 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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arraigned on feburary 9, according to court records. of course, this is the last thing dabo swinney wants to talk about, with the national championship game on the horizon monday night. dabo is scheduled to speak after practice today at 5:30 this evening. he declined to comment for the original article. gabrielle: thanks, ricardo. we will keep you posted on the latest with that. meanwhile, police at clemson university are working to catch whoever vandalized tillman hall. this past year, there have been both rallies to both change and keep the name of the building. wyff news 4's corey davis tells -- talked to students. corey: many stududts here at clemson university say they were notified through email that tillman hall was vandalized. they were shocked after we showed them pictures like this of the damage. the bell is rung every day from tillman hall's iconic clock tower. but down below, these messages, "stop honoring tillman" and "rename tillman hall," are now spray-painted on the building.
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expressing their opinions this way? >> i don't think it's the right way, but they're getting a lot of attention over it. corey: campus police covered the graffiti near the building's entrance with this sign thursday morning. >> disappointed, very much so. corey: the university police chief says a staff member reported the damage on the way to work. >> i think it is unfortunate that student voices can't be organized in a more productive way. corey: students rallied last year on both sides of the argument, over whether to change the name of the building. ben tillman was a known white supremacist, and that has stirred up emotions on campus. here's a look at graffiti that was painted on the building in july, the same week the confederate flag was removed from the state house grounds. >> i guess i understand the frustration behind the name, and who the guy was, but i don't think that's the way to go about it. corey: a university spokesperson said in part, quote, "we understand that there are strong opinions about tillman, but vandalism of an historic property is a crime, and we have to treat it as such."
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signs promoting school spirit, as the football team heads to the national championship. coming up at 6:00, we spoke with a student who organized rallies to change the name of tillman hall. we'll have his reaction for you tonight. corey davis, wyff news 4, in clemson. nigel: in simpsonville, people near rocky creek missionary baptist church say their car windows were shot out the same night the church was vandalized. wyff news 4's aly myles spoke with some of those neighbors. >> it's just unbelievable. people like this, they're capable of anything, and i think this is just a start. aly: tracy reed has lived here for 20 years. he says he's never dealt with maliciououdamage like this. his truck, less than a year old, with a destroyed window from what deputies believe was a pellet gun. >> the people that done this, i hope they don't take this as a
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i will do everything in my power to eliminate such a threat upon my family and my home. aly: we're less than a mile from the church right now. tracy says his truck was parked out here. that's where he says it was shot, but he also says his neighbor over here had their window shot out, as well. and that neighbor over here, a few houses down, had their car vandalized, as well. greenville county sheriff's office says they had 7 or 8 reports of broken glass the same night the church was vandalized. outside of greenville county, but still in simpsonville, two other churches also had their windows broken this week. residents say they want justice. >> just frustrated that someone would be out creating that kind of mischief at that hour of the night. >> i think police really need to take this seriously, and do everything they can, and use all means necessary to them to bring these people to justice before someone like me has no problem doing it. aly: aly myles, wyff news 4, in simpsonville. nigel: greenville county sheriff's office says so far, there have been arrests.
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to call 23-crime. gabrielle: in horry county, the cause of death of baby grace cruz has officially been ruled a drowning. you may remember, the body of baby grace was found by rescue divers back in november, in a creek in socastee. her mother claimed she lost her in the rushing creek water. a deputy coroner announced later that week that the manner of death was homicide. the mother has been charged with homicide by child abuse. and denied bond. nigel: police in hendersonville say four people are facing charges. this, in connection with the death of a man found alongside a road. police say 24-year-old shawn hall and 31-year-old crystal hernandez face accessory after the fact charges. yesterday, police charged 23-year-old shawn hollifield and 20-year-old savannah walker with murder. police say they found 28-year-old deque taylor's body on ninth avenue, back on december 3. that's near hendersonville high school. gabrielle: an upstate man
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custody. albert bowen stood accused of shooting former pickens high school football coach bill isaacs and dickie stewart back in september. deputies say bowen was flown out of state for a psychological evaluation. he suffered a health issue on the way back to south carolina. bowen died this morning. nigel: the savannah suites hotel in greenville county is back open. a manager there says it was only closed for 4 or 5 days. as you may remember, the building was condemned last december. today, a spokesperson with greenville county says the fire alarm and sprinkler system were inspected. he says the condemnation was lifted, and the building was able to operate as a business again. many rooms inside were found to be cleaned and repaired, passing inspection. to the weather now. take a live look outside it greenville through our hilton sky cam. yesterday at this time, traffic was at a standstill. cars are moving along.
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gabrielle: pleasant temperatures. john cessarich joins us. milder compared to earlier this week? john: absolutely. look at these temperatures. warmed up into the 60's, above average, above where i thought. i am not complaining. it is nice to get a quick warm-up with light winds. we got clouds coming in quickly from the west. the rain will follow, but not until after midnight. if you are headed out this evening, don't expect precipitation. 46 in boone, 57 in spartanburg, 58 in greenville and laurens and anderson. 55 in asheville and hendersonville. cooling down a little bit, but fairly pleasant outside right now. a look ahead at the storm system later on. now back to you. nigel: tonight, three people are in custody following a police chase in anderson. this is the scene of the crash, shot earlier today by sky4.
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police said the chase started on market street, when officers spotted a car that was reported stolen in travelers rest. no word tonight on what charges will be filed in connection with the chase. it caused a traffic back-up, but all lanes were reopened around noon. gabrielle: and in spartanburg county, traffic is startrtg to return to normal along i-26, following a tractor-trailer crash. these are pictures from sky4. you see a truck carrying 1,000 containers of herbicide caught fire this morning on i-26, near mile marker 3. spartanburg county emergency management said the fire started with the truck's rear brakes. crews at the scene said some of the burned herbicide containers spilled onto the road. part of the road was closed while crews cleaned up the spill. five people were taken to the hospital today. this, after greenville police say an suv rear ended a city busus , a greenlink bus, on pete hollis boulevard. police say the driver of the suv was charged with driving too fast for conditions. nigel: a longtime south carolina senator has died. according to the anderson county
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billy o'dell died in his sleep, and the greenwood county coroner believes he died due to heart-related issues. he was a businessman who had served as a republican in thee south carolina senate since 1989. o'dell served district 4 in abbeville, anderson, and greenwood counties. he was the chairman of the general committee. he was also the ceo of o'dell corporation, inc. people in the abbeville area gave us their reaction to his death today. >> every time you saw billy, you'd say, billy, how are you doing? he'd say, i'm working for the people. every single time. and that's, if you're in our line of work, that's a pretty good thing to live by. nigel: governor nikki haley also released a statement on o'dell's passing. it reads, in part, quote, "we are forever grateful for his service. michael and i ask that you lift up senator o'dell's wife, gail, and his family, friends, and constituents during this difficult time. he made south
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today, nikki haley also spoke about her upcoming duties of giving the gop response to president obama's state of the union. she says her speech will not necessarily be a response, but an address. take a listen. >> you know, i can't tell you my message, but i will tell you is, it's not a response. it's going to be an address. and the one thing i know is, the reason i didn't want it to be a response to the president is, i certainly am not one to compete against the president, or imply that i could. nigel: haley also says that to -- that the address to the country is, quote, "very humbling, and an honor." gabrielle: it may be a good week to try out a new restaurant. it is restaurant week in the upstate. many popular restaurants are offering deals and specials over the next 11 days. some of these are a three course meal for $30.
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hotel stay. >> we are marketing to outside greenville now, and bringing people in to stay in a hotel, and also h he dinner several times, and make it a package. we have 43 restaurants that signed up this year. that's up from 28 last year. and it started out six years ago, at only six restaurants. so it's growing every year. gabrielle: also new this year, every restaurant will have a q.r. code, which will be scanned by your phone while you eat. you can then be eligible for a drawing to win prizes. many restaurants are including lunch specials, as well. to see a full list of participating restaurants, and the deals they're offering, visit our website at, or our mobile app. underground for over 11 hours, were finally freed this morning in new york. nigel: plus, u.s. stocks took a tumble this morning, due to a fragile chinese economy and those dropping oil prices. >ou will notice that a lot of
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talk about are primarily aimed at middle-aged and older people. gabrielle: politicians targeting the people who are most likely to get and out vote. later, wyff news 4's tim waller on who votes in south carolina, and who doesn't. john: 53 degrees in phoenix with scattered showers around the area. a couple claps of thunder. by the time we get to monday night and the championship game, it will be perfect. good football weather. i will be right back. gabrielle: now, here's a look at your winning midday numbers in the south carolina education lottery, pick three, 1, 2, 6.
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emergency crews worked through nigel: emergency crews worked through the night to free 17 miners who were trapped in a new york salt mine. just this morning, all 17 were hoisted to safety, in a rescue effort that took nearly 11 hours. the workers were in an elevator that was stuck 800 to 900 feet down an access shaft. a crane was brought to the scene. a basket was lowered to bring around four miners out at a time. the mine manager said the trapped miners were given radios and supplies as they waited to be rescued. a spokesperson for cargill, the operator of the mine, said operations at the mine will cease temporarily. >> extremely happy, and relieved to say that they're out. all 17 miners that were stuck in
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removed. nigel: new york's governor andrew cuomo says a state investigation is underway. turmoil in china's stock market has ripple effects around the globe, including in the u.s. it has been happening only. china's main stock index plunged again today. gabrielle: the dow jones djitte -- dropped 2.3 percent. sally kidd has more from washington with a look. sally: experts say the massive selloff in china is linked to weakness in the yuan. the government is driving the currency down sharply. the chinese market is down more than 40%, and for the second time this week, trading was abruptly halted. stocks plunged 7% within the first 30 minutes. >> we are aware of the
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over the last few days. it has impacted markets in other countries. sally: fears about the health of china's economy have sent u.s. stocks downward. >> nobody knows the answer. what degree will the turmoil in china rub off on america? we don't know. sally: analysts say other factors are at play. the fed raised interest rates and fast-growing tech companies led the market upward last year, but now, investors are looking to take profits. >> its technology, materials, obviously energy. sally: oil prices are at their lowest level at -- in 12 years. good news at the pump, bad news for traders who worry about global demand. some economists are optimistic. >> some believe the economy will grow 2.7%. that is not a recession.
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market, it probably won't be a lengthy one. sally: chinese growth is not plummeting, but the slowdown is taking a bite out of corporate profits. in washington, sally kidd, wyff news 4. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: we warmed up nicely, another 5-6 degrees above average. we have been below average for the last week or so. looking pretty nice except we are looking at mid to high level clouds moving in quickly from the southwest. this is all in advance of the storm system, not a strong storm system, along the mississippi river. the rain will arrive, but not until later tonight. a live shot from asheville, high, thin cirrus clouds skirting the sky quickly. they will lower and they can after midnight tonight. the rain will arrive, maybe fog and drizzle later.
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area, pretty nice. cooling a little bit as the sun goes down. 55 in asheville and hendersonville and spartanburg. 58 in greenville and anderson. 58 in toccoa. in the mountains, a bit cooler. 46 in boone. 47 in boone. 47 and spruce pine, 52 in turns phil, 54 in sylva, 56 in franklin, 53 in columbus. 58 and rutherfordton. temperatures a few degrees above average. a bit of a breeze out of the east and northeast, or east and southeast, 5-10 miles per hour. 37 percent humidity in greenville, 45% in asheville. cooler air to the northeast, 42 in raleigh, four-day five in greensboro. as the precipitation comes in, the air is dry but i think we will be just warm enough, even in the mountains, where we will
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here is the broken line of showers to the west, lifting along with the warm front that will arrive later tonight. look at this storm system, sitting out here. there is bermuda right there. look at this huge storm system. it is almost subtropical in nature. more in detail about that at 5:30. here is the low coming out of the rockies. snow in western kansas and nebraska, heading up to minneapolis. something interesting, minneapolis, the seahawks come to minneapolis this sunday to play their playoff game. right now, it looks like it will be zero degrees or one degree. maybe below zero for the actual temperatures. the high temperature, zero. incredible. wind chills will be about 10-20 agrees below zero. one of the coldest playoff games in history. i will definitely be watching that game. the seahawks against the vikings in minneapolis.
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most of the country cooling down , especially the northern half and all the way out, phoenix 53 with scattered showers. in the mountains, in arizona, it is snowing. flagstaff could end up with two feet of snow over the next 24 hours. rain likely after midnight in the upstate, low 41. patchy rain after midnight in the mountains, overnight low 36. patchy fog forming, along with drizzle especially in the morning. otherwise, staying cloudy and chilly. high upper 40's across the western carolinas in northeastern georgia. unsettled weather continues tomorrow night, another storm system brings us rain. rain on saturday, especially in the morning, tapering off by the afternoon. sunday looks good in the upstate, scattered showers in the mountains. windy and colder in the mountains on sunday. umbrella winner for tonight,
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nigel: still no winner of the historic powerball jackpot. that means the winnings will only get bigger. $500 million jackpot will roll over to $700 million. the $500 million price was ranked as the sixth largest offered in north america. numbers drawn in last night's jackpot were 2, 11, 47, 62, and 63. the powerball number was 17 with a multiplier of three. the next drawing is saturday night. michael: doesn't look like gabrielle has the ticket. although at 6:00, imagine traveling across the country with hundreds of your closest friends. the clemson band is getting ready for the national championship. >> we've had to divide the band up between the two planes, and try to figure out how much weight is going to be able to go on each plane. so we're still working on that right now. michael: lots to do. you will also hear from a tiger
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clemson's last national championship game.
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this week's golden apple winner was asked nigel: this week's golden apple winner was asked last year to take on an all-boys 2nd grade class. gabrielle: it went so well, he agreed to move up to 3rd grade to teach the boys again. wyff news 4's geoff hart tonight, on how he's getting great results. geoff: welcome to bow tie thursday. next they have been -- >> they
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, feel smarter when they're wearing dress shirts and bow ties. geoff: it's just one of mr. rowland's strategies to get the best from his all-boys class, in what is an active, learning, and moving environment. >> thinking outside the box. it may not always be tied to the standards, but if they're happy and they're learning, i'm good with it. geoff: there are pedals. >> they're actually more engaged in their book. geoff: like the shirts and bow ties, they were donated to the class. >> it has really increased their reading. boys just don't like to sit still as much. it's totally understandable. i don't like to be still, either. geoff: also helping to keep distraction at a minumum, >> they can kick it, stomp on it. geoff: bungee cords across the bottom of their chairs. and these white boards mr. rowland attached to the top of their desks allow for more interaction, especially with math. and the socks make the clean-up fun, too. >> is your hand up? yes.
5:25 pm
learned about? geoff: tracy aguilar says mr. rowland has really helped her son. >> the igneous rock, exactly. geoff: with anger and learning issues. >> oh, paco likes him. he really likes him. >> seeing those changes is really good. it has really made me feel like i'm making a difference, not just as a teacher, but as a friend to them. geoff: and he's tapped in to the kid president's guide to being awesome, celebrating their achievements and anything positive. >> i definitely think this is where i belong. i know my heart is in it. i would do anything for any of those boys. geoff: mr. rowland, letting boys be boys. and boy, are they learning in his 3rd grade class at monaview elementary. nigel: you can nominate a favorite teacher of your own for the golden apple award. gabrielle: just pick up an application at any ingles store >> well, of course, i always say, "your vote doesn't matter if you don't use it." gabrielle: getting out the vote.
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elections can tell us who votes, and who doesn't. days after the paris attacks, senators came totother for a top-secret briefing on the terrorist threat... marco rubio was missing - fundraising in california instead. two weeks later, terrorists struck again in san bernardino... and where was marco? fundraising again in new orleans.
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rubio has missed important national security hearings and missed more total votes than any other senator. politics first: that's the rubio way. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. coming up... the latest from nigel: coming up, the latest from the presidential campaign trail. how gop infighting is bringing nothing but good news for democrats. gabrielle: and, history teaches us a lot when it comes to who's most likely to vote in south carolina. john: picture from on top of paris mountain, there is downtown
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clouds coming in quickly from the south. get ready for rain. i will tell you when it will arrive coming up next. >> you are watching live, local, eaking news. with nigel robertson, gabrielle komorowski, and the weather with chief meteorologist john cessarich. this is wyff news 4 at 5:00 in high definition. nigel: it's the birther battle between the top two republican presidential candidates. donald trump again today tried to keep the focus on whether ted cruz, born in canada to a mother born in the u.s., is eligible to be president. steve handelsman has the latest from washington. steve: donald trump's latest headline grab is giving away thousands of tickets for his rally tonight, at a vermont venue that holds just 1400. but trump's attack on ted cruz is a bigger headline. trump tweeting today, "ted: free legal advice on how to pre-empt the dems on citizen issue. go to court now and seek declaratory judgment. you will win. trump raised the issue,
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steve: whether cruz, born in


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