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tv   WYFF News 4 530pm  NBC  January 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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he talked about how proud he was to be a clemson alumni. >> i'd like to think maybe we had a small, small piece of the foundation laid there. but coach swinney and the staff there have done a tremendous job with the guys there and they've done it the right way. so, i'm very proud to say i'm a clemson tiger. i hold my head up high in the locker room and hopefully i'll win some wagers i've placed in the locker room for the game. there's some alabama guys in the locker room talking some crap, so we'll see. [laughter] brad: part of the teams that started this one for clemson, a guy that ultimately walked on at clemson and worked his way into the starting role as a kicker. he had some big kicks down the stretch. he has quietly become one of the best characters in the nfl. -- best kickers in the nfl. pefully we will have a chance to talk with him, will be in the stadium. live in phoenix, brad fralick, wyff news 4.
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we follow the tigers out to arizona. but we want to talk about weather, and here is a live shot of lake hartwell. gabrielle: dark and gloomy day here. john cessarich joins us now. where brad is in phoenix looks pretty nice. john: those are some of the clouds producing a few isolated showers. he might see a brief sprinkle or two. otherwise, partly sunny skies and cold temperatures where brad is right now in phoenix. in the mountains, it's snowing. in this area, my family and i used to go some trout fishing in summer. flagstaff had a ton of snow over the next several days. but that's only the mountains, no snow in phoenix. in glendale early next week, temperatures running below average. overnight lows in the upper 40's. it will be dry, slight chance of a brief shower on sunday. for the championship game on
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cleared to partly cloudy skies.temperatures rather chilly . rather chilly temperature for us. it will be colder towards the latter part of the weekend. nigel: continuing coverage tonight. donald trump is in south carolina at winthrop university in rock hill. gabrielle: that's also where we find wyff news 4's patrick hussion, who has been there all day today. patrick, what's the latest? patrick: folks are still waiting to get in, so dreary and cold out. and the latest winthrop poll from december, trump lead with eight points over second-place senator ted cruz. with me is a political science fetzer from here at -- political science professor from here at winthrop. when you take a snapshot of the latest poll, what does that mean going on into the primaries? >> donald trump has a lead, but things could quickly change
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is coming in with a bit of an edge. if he loses in either of those contests, that veneer of invulnerability will be pierced, and he will have to settle down if he plans to keep those voters. ben carson has been sliding. one of the big questions has been will ben carson voters go to cruz, trump, or someone else? he will have to scramble if trump loses iowa or new hampshire as he rolls into south carolina. patrickl,: quickly, what are these crowds like in comparison to someone like mike huckabee? >> a lot of the other events have been forums, with talking and polite clapping. this is much more of a rally circus like atmosphere. patrick: thank you dr. huffman. in. we will be back at 6:00 with trump supporters. live at winthrop university, patrick option, -- patrick
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nigel: meanwhile meanwhile, carolina republican party is speaking out against donald trump. first this week congressman trey gowdy endorsed marco rubio. sen. lindsey graham said trump is hurting the republican party and would lose to hillary clinton. now the gop chairman of one of the largest counties in the state is speaking out as well. >> historically the chairman of the county party have remained neutral. nigel: but not this time. and not this election. greenville county chairman chad groover has decided to go public with his endorsement. >> i chose jeb bush and i am proud of that decision. nigel: groover says he believes that jeb bush is "a true conservative." he points to his record as governor of florida his , knowledge of the issues and groover believes he is ready to lead on day one. but i wanted to know why this year he decided to endorse.
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the state party is neutral. i just think that that i need to come out with a voice of leadership saying that jeb is our guy. nigel: he went on to say he believes front runner donald trump is not. in fact the greenville county gop party chairman says he needed to "take a stand in its election before the south carolina primary." >> i went into this campaign season purposely staying neutral with the idea in mind that i would always be neutral, but the events of 2015 have been such that i can't be neutral anymore. >> this is a tough business. mr. trump: oh i know, you are a tough guy, jeb. >> the rise of the trump campaign has really caused me to take stock in who do we want in a president, who do we want to party? mr. trump: we are out of control. >> some of things that donald trump has said and stood for or
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nominee i just couldn't support. nigel: jeb bush is in the upstate tonight for a political event. much more on that tonight at 11:00. gabrielle: a follow-up to a story we brought you earlier this week. one of greenville county school's administrators had a chance to shine on "the today show" this morning. don alewine was playing to win a chance to attend the golden globes. and it all started with a 50 cent jacket and a can of spray paint. wyff news 4's allyson powell has more on what happened. >> i went to goodwill and got a jacket for 50 cents, then i went to wal mart and got a can of gold spray paint and i sprayed it. allyson: a gimmick alewine used to be chosen as one of three finalists on "the today show." and this morning, he made his debut. >> don alewine from south carolina. allyson: alewine competed against two other contestants in a chance to go to the golden globes. >> which media company leads the nominations this year?
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>> hbo? >> incorrect. >> don? >> netflix. >> correct. don takes the lead. allyson: and he came pretty close to winning it all. tied at three a piece, it wasnt until this question. >> which film swept all major categories? [buzzer] >> final question. >> it is "one flew over the coo coo's nest." >> get out of town, whew. [applause] allyson: that left don coming up short, but not empty handed. >> you do get the basket, we have a lovely parting gift for you. allyson: a welcomed morning of excitement for this school administrator and dad. allyson powell, wyff news 4 in greenville. gabrielle: c cgrats don, we are still so proud of you. he told us before he left, even if he didn't win, it would be a treat to visit new york and the
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he would wear a clemson paw in order to stir up conversation for him and his home team. the golden globes ball air here on sunday at 8:00 p.m.. nigel: united airlines is being fined over $2 million after reports say they violated rules. gabrielle: we are taking a closer look at the golden globes. we will tell you who the nominees are, and more on the controversial returning host. all of that coming up.
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2015 was a strong year for the u-s jobs market. american gabrielle: 2015 was a strong year for the u.s. jobs market. american employers added more than two and a half million jobs. 292,000 of those jobs were added in december. it was the second best year for jobs gains since 1999. americans saw their paychecks go up as well. wages grew 2.5% in december. it matched the gains in october, which were the best in six years. nigel: fitbit has been hit with a class-action lawsuit. it is over the heart rate tracking on two of its wristband models. the suit comes from a group of customers. they are claiming the heart monitor on the fitbit charge hr and surge is inaccurate. they claim. -- they claim it does not accurately measure your heart rate. one woman says her actual heart beat during a workout was nearly twice as high as her fitbit indicated. fitbit says it stands by its technologybut it warns that
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to be medical devices. gabrielle: united airlines is facing $2.7 million in fines from the federal government. the airline is being fined for violating consumer rules put in place to protect disabled passengers, and prevent long tarmac delays. officials say the number of disability-related complaints regarding united were up significantly in 2014. a dot review found passengers with disabilities did not get prompt service getting on and off planes. united is also being fined for 5 lengthy delays that kept passengers waiting in planes on the tarmac at o'hare in chicago, and hobby airport in houston. united says it's committed to following all transportation department rules. nigel: a coin collector paid nearly $2 million for an old dime. take a look. the 1894-s barber is one of the rarest in the world. it was auctioned off in tampa on thursday. according to heritage auctions, the san francisco mint made about 2.5 million of these dimes.
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known to exist. coming up, major tech companies are meeting with the obama administration on how they can better prevent crimes. gabrielle: this year's football hall of fame nominees have been announced. we are talking about some major stars. john: a live shot looking down clemson boulevard. overcast skies, temperatures in the 40's.
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tylenol . gabrielle: firefighters in massive apartment fire. officials say the back stairwell had collapsed and flinging pieces of the building continue to fall to the ground. at least 2 people were injured. investigators still trying to figure out the cause. nigel: america's big tech companies are meeting with top white house officials in san jose, california. they will discuss how terrorists are using social media to recruit attackers. the companies include apple, facebook, and twitter. they are working together with federal policy makers to figure out a plan to address this issue. google, microsoft, and linkedin will also be there. the white house, department of justice, and the nation's top intelligence official will take part. gabrielle: this weekend's drawing for the powerball will
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in u.s. history. the jackpot up for grabs is estimated to be $800 million when it's drawn on saturday. that beats the previous record for lottery payout. it was set in 2012 by mega millions, which was $656 million. if you won the powerball, you would have more money than some of the world's highest paid celebrities. those include floyd mayweather, taylor swift, garth brooks, and singer katy perry combined. even if you took the cash payout, which is more than $496 million, you could still top the list. nigel: a north carolina aquarium is coming to the rescue of hundreds of endangered sea turtles. rescuers say the turtles are essentially paralyzed by the cold water along the north carolina coast. they're suffering from a condition similar to hypothermia. the turtles get pushed back to the shoreline by wind and waves, where they are vulnerable to predators. experts say all the turtles they've rescued are young and haven't yet learned to swim to warmer ocean water when the temperature drops.
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back to health. gabrielle: could this be hedwig? you know, from harry potter. you may recognize this owl became his harry potter movies. this majestic snow we our was briefly captured midflight by a traffic camera in montreal. the snowy owlwls rarely seen outside of the arctic. however nigel, i did live close to montreal. it's basically the arctic this time of year. [laughter] it feels comfortable to them. experts say these owls only travel when searching for food. beautiful. >> now your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: gabrielle, the arctic. plattsburgh, new york, the arctic. [laughter] oh mercy. the last couple of winters, yes, but this one, not too bad in the northeast.
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a couple of sprinkles, patches of light rain moving through charlotte. this is measurable precipitation. that has moved off to the northeast and away from this area. with left of the low clouds and fog and drizzle. drizzle will not show up on live super doppler 4 hd. in and around the mountains, a few patches of the drizzle. just a couple sprinkles here and and parts of cherokee county. live shot over lake hartwell. cloudy skies. the lights are on over the dock. maybe some drizzle and fog forming an innocent. 49 degrees in anderson. 47 in asheville. franklin. 46 in waynesville and in marion and columbus.
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milder even in the southwestern mountains at 51. the wedge of cold air is here and just stops here. 49 in dakoa. 50 in abbeville. there is the wedge of cold air. even cool on the beaches, with temperatures in the low and mid 50's. 53 in atlanta. 58 the warm spot in macon, georgia. severe thunderstorm watch for the houston area, southwestern louisiana, and the southeastern part of texas. this system will bring us our ring as we get through tomorrow afternoon. -- our rain as we get through tomorrow afternoon. it will get windy and much colder on sunday, especially in the mountains. would not be surprised to see rain showers change over to snow showers for a brief period of time. snow in minneapolis here. minneapolis has the big nfl playoff game going on sunday. they are going to see the snow now.
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behind the snow. in minneapolis they will lucky to be hit single digit. wind chills are going to be below zero for the game on sunday with the seattle seahawks. it's going to go down in the top 10 as one of the coldest nfl playoff games on record. that will be sunday in minneapolis. i will be watching that game just to see everybody bundled up. of course, the record is in green bay 1967 at the ice bowl game. 39 uinb chicago. -- 39 in chicago. you can see the arctic air spilling and from the north. cloudy skies for us, patches of dog and drizzle. -- fog and drizzle. more of the same tomorrow. morning clouds, areas of drizzle and fog giving way to showers by late in the day. high 50 in the upstate, 47 in the mountains. some of the ring could briefly be moderate to heavy at times. the front goes by, breezy conditions with partly sunny
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but windy in the lanterns and turning corners -- in the mountains and turning colder. a few showers, especially when u get closer to the tennessee line. a cold today with sunshine on sunday. gabrielle: the pro football hall of fame has announced 15 finalists. they include brett favre and terrel owens. fabre played for over two decades with the falcons, packers, jets, and vikings. owens played for the 49ers, eagles, cowboys, bills, and bengals. the committee will meet in san francisco to decide the 2016 hall of famer's. nigel: kobe bryant scored point in over 43,000 in sacramento. -- scored point number 33,000 in sacramento. he fakes, put ups a dfade away
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the third player in nba history to score 33,000 points, and the youngest to do so. gabrielle: a cute visitor in northern japan is getting attention online. this baby harbor seal appeared in japan's northernmost island. experts believe the seal may have gotten lost and wondered upstream. it seems content relaxing on the rosen river. -- on the frozen river. they hope the seal will safely make its way back to the ocean. nigel: the golden globes this sunday right here on wyff 4.
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2015's best in tv and movies will be hono nigel: 2015's best in movies will be honored at the golden globes. gabrielle: and a familiar face will be back to host the proceedings. comedian ricky gervais returns for his fourth time as host. >> seems like everything was 3d this year, except the characters in the tourist. mark: ricky gervais made golden globes snark- >> it must be good, because it's nominated, so shut up. mark: almost as buzzed about as its awards. >> his humor is always that one step over the line of being appropriate.
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bringing gervais back for more. >> please welcome the man who'll wear literally anything tim burton tells him to, johnny depp. >> they said i'd never be invited back. when i was invited back, i did it to show people they were wrong. mark: after turning the hosting chores over to tina fey and amy poehler for the past 3 years. >> you stay away from michael j. fox's son. mark: they've passed the torch back. >> i treat it like a gig. i treat it more like a standup show than a tv show. mark: that means sharpening his comedic knives. >> looking at all your faces reminds me of the great work that's been done this year by cosmetic surgeons. >> yes, he runs the risk of angering some people and hurting some feelings, but you know it's going to be entertaining. mark: a man on a comedic tight rope. >> i haven't even seen "the tourist." who has? mark: in front of an audience of millions. >> this could offend everyone in the world. or, they might like it, but it's the not knowing that's exciting. mark: and it is part of the golden globes' appeal.
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nigel: it's going to be good. the golden globes red carpet show airs sunday at 7:00 p.m.. gabrielle: you can watch it right here, and followed by the award show itself at 8:00 p.m. michael: blast off to their showdown in the west. tonight the clemson tigers are due to touch down in phoenix in just a few minutes. they saw a big send-off from fans in the upstate. carol: and presidential politicking, back in south carolina. donald trump and jeb bush are stumping in the state, at the same time. just into the newsroom tonight, police are beefing up security at a greenville school after a man approached a 2nd grader. michael: right now they're still trying to track down that man. wyff news 4's corey davis tells us where he might have been spotted. corey? corey: right now we are here at blythe academy just off of
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us he might have recognized the man from the area of ligon street, about a 10 minute drive from this school. the man was walking along this fence that surrounds the playground. police say he somehow handed a six-year-old girl a framed picture with a flower on it. during that time he tried to talk with the child. police say he didn't touch the child or make any sexual advances toward the girl. school officials say that all parents of the second graders during recess were notified through an automated message. right now police are doing more patrols. they say they are trying to contact the 9340 psycho to the school -- the 930 students that go to this school. they are asking that everybody
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schools in your area.
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