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tv   WYFF News 4 530pm  NBC  January 11, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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he keeps the chip on his shoulder, ricardo: he may lead clemson to the national title. wayne gallman will make sure he is reliable. >> always gives me a chip on my shoulder. i'm a laid back guy, truthfully. everybody wants to get out there nationally, and hopefully, we will see that. brad: wayne gallman will obviously have a huge say in the game. the tigers with two 1000 yard rushers. deshaun watson, wayne gallman. wayne gallman, the single-season record holder for rushing yards and a season at clemson. should be a great matchup tonight.
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gabrielle: before the game, make sure you watch our hour-long special, "road to the title," live at 7:00 where we bring you up to speed and take a look back at how the tigers got to the national championship. we have our livewire, a collection of social media posts on our wyff 4 app and, michael: and we want to see your allegiance. take our now poll. it simply asks, who do you think will win the national championship? vote on or our facebook and twitter pages. the tigers haven't so far. i don't remember the number from 5:00, it may be that the tide is waning a little bit. or waxing, who knows. we want to hear from you. gabrielle: waxing or waning? michael: we will figure it out. a live look at greenville from our paris mountain skycam, a beautiful picture.
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gabrielle: it feels cold, too. john cessarich is watching it all. john: 38 degrees in hendersonville, 36 in asheville. a live shot from paris mountain, mid 40's in greenville, spartanburg, and anderson. clemson, right now 47 degrees. with clear skies, in the clemson area, a couple clouds moved in. clear to partly cloudy. let's head to arizona, glendale, a suburb of phoenix. sunny and beautiful. warmer there, they had a cold start to the day as expected. 59 degrees in phoenix with plenty of sunshine. two hours difference, so it will be 6:30 tonight mountain time the table kick off in arizona. temperature will start off around 53, cooling to 46 degrees with ainley clear skies. perfect football weather. now back to you. michael: south carolina state lawmakers go back to work in columbia tomorrow, kicking off a brand-new legislative session. but the number one issue they hope to tackle this year, is the old issue of fixing the state's roads.
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here, with a preview of what we can expect. tim: michael, think back to exactly one year ago, when road repairs were the number one issue in columbia, but nothing happened. this year, house majority leader bruce bannister tells me, the legislature has to do something. 41,000 miles of state roads, now in desperate need of repair. >> all in favor of tabling the motion. those opposed. tim: last year lawmakers seemed , close to a solution, but opposition to raising the state's gas tax and demands for reform at the state d.o.t led to an impasse. this year, bruce bannister of greenville believes a road plan will come together. >> the one thing we know is, if you leave the roads like they are, it's going to be a negative effect on the economy. we know we have to do something, and figuring out what that is, is hopefully what we'll do this year. tim: helping matters is a $1 billion surplus in state tax revenues, which could be
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some lawmakers have vowed to oppose any bill that calls for a tax increase. this being an election year, bannister says that could be a roadblock. >> you can't wait for the next election cycle to govern. we've got to engage, to solve the problems, and you've got to do the best you can. >> what can you do besides recording? tim: another big issue on the legislature's radar, an increase in funding for k-12 education, especially in the state's poorest districts. and an issue that seems to be gaining momentum is bannister's bill to shorten the legislative session by a month, which could save taxpayers millions. >> i have not seen a poll yet where the majority of voters didn't want us down there less. tim: debate could begin as early as this month. add to that, the dozens of house and senate bills that will be introduced in the legislature this week. it's going to be a busy year for lawmakers. michael: thanks, tim. coming up remembering a legend.
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>> 20, 30, even 300 ordered at a time. we're talking about tiger paw biscuits here in clemson, and why these guys are the
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welcome. how you doin'? good how are you? so today you're gonna choose a mobile office. you can choose this chevy silverado which offers built in 4g lte wi-fi. or you can choose this ford f-150, which doesn't offer wi-fi. but to make up for it, we added a trailer, a satellite antenna, and dolores. hey fellas! (group laughter) what? so, which one do you want? i pick the chevy. definitely. or, get this dependable silverado all star edition with a total value of seven thousand two hundred and fifty dollars.
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michael: the music world's morning a legend. david bowie, known for his unique performances died on sunday. he was 69. >> the shocking news of david bowie's death came as a surprise. his facebook page announced he died surrounded by his family after an 18 month battle with cancer. his son duncan confirmed it on twitter. >> this is ground control to major tom >> his rise to fame began with "space oddity." city stardust solidified him, mixing genres and personas. bands from his hometown are remembering the icon. >> complete confidence. he has influenced me. >> people gathered at his star
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>> it's like he went to another planet to find this resource of creativity. >> hollywood elite remembering have after the golden globes. >> he is an icon. he was a gift. >> his influence as an artist is amazing. >> what might be the most amazing is his final album, released last week. with a single "lazarus," and a haunting image of the biblical figure rose from the dead. like lazarus, his music will live on and he will remain a hero to his fans. dan scheneman, nbc news. michael: david bowie was married twice. gabrielle: he is survived by two children. michael: still to come, we have the remarkable pictures from a lava explosion in hawaii. gabrielle: plus, some amazing, and not so amazing, football plays from the playoff weekend.
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same here. with xarelto there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto . an update now... the accused jewel thief in an eight-month, gabrielle: an update now the , accused jewel thief in an 8-month, 5-state crime spree had her first appearance before a judge. fbi agents arrested abigail kemp on friday in georgia. this is an old mug shot from 2011. the fbi says kemp and an
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stores in five states, including the carolinas and georgia. kemp is accused of threatening employees, and zip-tying their hands in some of the heists. investigators say they tracked her down through social media. michael: take a look here. new videos of the egg island in hawaii a -- the big island in hawaii you can see the large , explosion of lava. officials say it was caused by a rockfall, which plunged into the lava lake. volcano watchers say explosions like this occur more frequently high. look at this. as bad as it looks nearby threatened by the explosion gabrielle: the federal government is falling short in making sure airline pilots keep up their flying skills. that is courting -- according to a watchdog group. accident investigators have recently raised concerns that pilots' skills are becoming rusty, and they get distracted when watching instrument screens for long periods of time. an faa official says they are aiming to give airlines specific guidance on pilot monitoring by january of 2017. michael: ride-sharing company
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more than 100 cities in the u.s. and canada. it's a bid to stimulate business, as it tries to beat the "winter slump" in people ordering rides. in some cities, this is the third straight year uber has dropped prices at the start of the new year. the amount of the discount will vary, city by city. the price cuts went into effect over the weekend. gabrielle: musicians, dancers, and other members of a brazilian samba school rehearsed in rio de janeiro's sambadrome yesterday. just one month ahead of the famous carnival. samba schools are associations or social clubs representing neighborhoods of rio. like soccer, the samba schools are divided into first, second, and third leagues, depending on their performance. the 2016 carnival of rio de janeiro kicks off february 5th. michael: we knew it would happen. winter has finally caught up to the midwest. ohio getting its first major snowfall. cities and government agencies started operating under various levels of snow emergency.
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says 1.5 inches of snow fell in toledo. the snowfall came after rain showers and decreasing temperatures caused slick road conditions throughout the area. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: some of that cold air is on our -- on the way for us. chilly outside, this arctic air will arrive later tomorrow afternoon in the mountains and tomorrow night across the area. clouds from time to time across the area, we don't expect any precipitation. a beautiful picture, live over lake hartwell, look at the clouds. some oranges and yellows make the cloud cover, otherwise a little breezy outside. fairly light winds. 36 in asheville, at the freezing mark in franklin and andrews, and in northeastern georgia, 43 in toccoa. the cold spot in the north georgia mountains, 37 in
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40 in clayton, 43 in clarksville , 43 in carnesville, 49 in bowman, 51 in elberton, livonia at 42. hartwell, 40 six. 46 in abbeville, greenwood, laurens. 47 in clemson. cold temperatures through the deep south. 38 in chattanooga. at the freezing mark in -- in bristol, tennessee. 40 in greensboro, upper 40's along the grand strand in myrtle beach. cold high pressure dominates. most of the country starting to look more like january. bitterly cold here with off and on snow showers from the dakotas, montana, all the way into the midwest into the great lakes with lake effect snows as the extremely cold, dry air sweeps across the road -- across the warm waters of the lakes and pushing moister downstream. lake effect snow is going on
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showers coming off lake ontario between watertown, new york, and syracuse, new york. a belt of heavy snow, and some of those could make their way through the mohawk river valley all the way maybe over into albany. negative two degrees in international falls, minnesota. it has warmed up in minneapolis to five degrees. they barely hit zero yesterday. i don't know if you watched the vikings-seahawks game, third coldest nfl playoff game on record. i think it was between negative four and negative six degrees at the start of the game. it warmed up to zero degrees by the time the game ended. bitterly cold here it through chicago, 80 degrees. 15 in cleveland. boston, 31. a piece of cold air in cincinnati, 38 in denver, 48 in new orleans, 59 in orlando. they are bundled up.
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59 in phoenix where brad is with his live reports. tigers getting ready for the game tonight. 62 in los angeles, 54 in san francisco, 41 in seattle. most of the country is looking more like it should be headed towards the middle of january. 59, a nice warm-up. pretty chilly this morning in phoenix. it will probably be chilly tomorrow morning, but then warming back up to temperature below average. normal highs in phoenix should be 66. for us, 29 degrees. below average temperatures for overnight lows. 29 in the upstate, clear to partly. in the mountains, quite cold, overnight low in the low 20's. cold front passes by. ahead of the front, the pressure gradient will be strong. quite windy across the area ahead of the front and behind the front. stronger wins behind the front in the afternoon tomorrow in the
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flurries in the asheville area with snow showers north-west of asheville towards tennessee. sunshine and windy, high in the upper 40's to may be around 50 in the upstate. a cold they with sunshine on wednesday. a warm up on thursday, then rain moves in on friday afternoon and evening into saturday morning. now back to you. michael: nice tie, john. now to our ulocal shots of the day. take a look at this retro picture. the photographer says this is her and her brother, getting ready to watch the tigers play in the 1982 orange bowl. gabrielle: and a couple familiar faces in this picture. this is one of our directors, matt cooke, in the front in the gray shirt and his family at a , clemson game a few years ago. you may recognize john cessarich in the back there. you may recognize matt from carol goldsmith's videos she posted on her facebook page last
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for the big game tonight. great to see matt and john. keep those pictures coming. all you have to do is upload them to the ulocal section of wyff we may show them right here on the air. an upstate family is enjoying a big surprise. the clemson basketball game brought fans to their feet and a family to tears yesterday. take a look. >> ladies and gentlemen. gabrielle: captain trey kennedy shocked his family, who thought they were there to get recognized for military appreciation day. kennedy, a marine, has been in afghanistan for eight months. >> i am extremely excited he is back. this is the best start to the year i could have hoped for. >> i am so proud of him, and what our government is doing for us abroad. but i am even more thankful and proud to see that young man here
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gabrielle: kennedy, his mother and his girlfriend all graduated from clemson. welcome home. michael: check out this circus catch during the bengals-steelers game in the third quarter. the quarterback threw us to the end zone, and you have to see this again. that is mark amos bryant -- mar tavis bryant. he pins the ball behind his knee, then does a somersault, keeps the ball, touchdown. it's bird went on to win, 18-16. -- pittsburgh went on to win. >> and the catch is no good -- the kick is no good. gabrielle: the minnesota vikings lost a heartbreaker yesterday to the seahawks. it was during the wildcard playoff game. the vikings' kicker says it was his fault. the historically cold minneapolis temperatures reached -6 degrees at kickoff, and that's with a -25 windchill.
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from shock to disbelief. >> you know, i work real hard, and i worked real hard to get myself to a place where i was very, very consistent for this team all year. and in that moment, the moment they need me the most, i wasn't. that stings, and i'll be working hard to erase that from my career, but it'll take a while. gabrielle: seattle got the win, and moved on to next weekend's divisional round of the playoffs. michael: where they will play the panthers. automakers are showing off their latest vehicles in the motor city. the north american international auto show is underway in detroit. many say the show is the most impressive auto show in the world. this year, automakers debuted 45 new vehicles, from muscle cars to minivans, and compacts to concepts. you name it, it's there. the biggest buzz is all the technology inside the vehicles. the show will be open to the public beginning on saturday. gabrielle: it's the end of an era for the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus. the show elephants are retiring this summer. officials say the elephants will stop touring in july, a year and a half earlier than first
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the 11 touring elephants will join the rest of the herd at a conservation center in central florida. officials say many cities have passed anti-elephant ordinances, making it difficult to plan tours. >> potentially your last chance to get a tiger paw biscuit. we'll tell you how long these guys have been doing this, and how they're keeping up with the demand. marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty...
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and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa
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michael: anybody for a biscuit? clemson's chick fil-a became a trendsetter this seaean, with their tiger paw biscuits on orange friday. today, an allowance, purely for the game. gabrielle: wyff news 4's aly myles was there as the line wrapped around the block. aly: they are all in here at chick fil-a. that's a bit of an understatement. this has been quite the undertaking to do these tiger paw biscuits. they've been doing this for orange fridays. now, today, a special, possibly last time ever doing these. >> 1, 2, 3, 4, clemson tigers! fight, tigers! fight, tigers! fight, fight, fight! wooooo! aly: no one is going to accuse herb tyler of jumping on the bandwagon. >> people ask why we're doing
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, their fresh made, -- they are fresh made they're rolled out. , were doing this more for the pride. aly: in fact, herb has two reason to celebrate. >> 1981 is when my wife and i met. we went to all the games. we were at the orange bowl, and then we got married. aly: past and present tigers filled up this place many times this season, all for these. >> i said, it's the national championship, and they have tiger paw biscuits. you can't miss that. aly: and future tigers? they can't resist them, either. >> they're just pretty great. they're getting that clemson spirit into your mouth. >> thanks for coming out today. we appreciate it. aly: the demand hasn't been easy to keep up with. it's been all hands on deck at chick fil-a. >> we've had people come in, pick up 300, 200, 100, 20 at a time. aly: obviously, everyone here's hoping for another big w. >> hopefully, we'll do it again next year, and it'll become a tradition. aly: but the real question is, will we see these biscuits again?
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turn out to be national champions, and this helped, i'd do it every day if that was the key. however, we'll wait and see. aly: herb was telling us they are not the only ones doing this. however, he says they're the originals, they're not the posers. but there are a couple of other places in the upstate where you can get a tiger paw biscuit. the thing is, limited time left. so make sure, if you're gonna go, you go soon. aly myles, wyff news 4, at clemson. michael: i think you will see that biscuit again. michael: thanks for joining us for the news at 5:00. gabrielle: news 4 at 6:00 starts now. >> live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 at 6:00 in high definition. gabrielle: 14-0. and tonight, they want one more. michael: that's all it takes. the clemson tigers and alabama crimson tide, just a couple hours away from kickoff for the college football playoff championship. gabrielle: wyff news 4 sports
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the middle of it all, in , actually what we will do first is head to downtown greenville of the bon secours wellness arena. michael: a big watch party, 5000 strong. mike cormack, what do you say? mike: we are saving you a seat at the well. well, we don't have to, there are about 13,000 open seats. they are ready for you here. that is how many people they hope for the official watch party. doors open at 7:00. again will be on the big screen. taking a look at the floor, you can see the team is preparing prizes they will be giving away. there will be contest, games, lots of things to do. it is free to get in. there will be concessions, food, drinks to buy. the point is, according to the well, to bring the community together. >> we are a community building. it is great to be able to open it up for something like this, to invite everybody in and come in and be part of this great
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