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tv   WYFF News 4 530pm  NBC  January 12, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit gabrielle: continuing our 8 weeks, 8 issues series. tonight, we talk about climate change, and its current political presence in the race for the white house john: a few clouds ahead of the cold front. looking southbound into downtown greenville, the camera is bouncing around.
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it will only get colder. nigel: one spartanburg county town has the money for a makeover, but the plan is getting mixed reviews. >> you're watching live, local, breaking news. with nigel robertson, gabrielle komorowski, and the weather with chief meteorologist john cessarich. this is wyff news 4 at 5:00 in high definition. nigel: the clemson tiger football team is returning to the upstate tonight, after a heartbreaking loss at the national championship game against the crimson tide. gabrielle: right now, clemson football fans are eagerly awaiting their return to campus. but for now, we're waiting for their flight to land in the upstate. wyff news 4's john lyon is live and local at gsp airport. he's waiting, too. john: there are now nine buses here, waiting for the clemson university football team as theyey are winging their way back from arizona. now, some f fs have already come
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they saw a flight that came in from phoenix at the airport today, and we met some of the fans that were coming in from the game. they were excited to be at the game. they were excited, and joyful, and just, they thought it was a great experience. except for the final outcome. here is what some of them had to say. >> it was really surreal. it didn't feel like we were there at all. it was kind of, in the moment, it was breathtaking. a great game. a hard loss, but we had a great time. we will be there next year. john: each one of the fans i spoke to said they are convinced next year, deshaun watson will win the heisman trophy and next year, the clemson tigers will again be vying or the national championship. as i said, the team is on its way back to gsp. we expect them to get here
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we will have the latest for you then. live from gsp, john lyon, wyff news 4. nigel: continuing our coverage now, the clemson campus is still waiting for the football team to return there. gabrielle: and that is where we find wyff news 4's tim waller, who is on campus right now. jim, besides being chilly, what is the atmosphere like? -- tim, what is the atmosphere like? tim: it is me and a news photographer here. we know that will change over the next couple hours. here is a good view of where it will all happen when they arrive on the bus from gsp airport and finally make it back here to death valley. of course, in case you are wondering which and of the stadium you -- we are on, we are in the west zone, the side of the stadium where they have the big ones in tiger path will -- the big clemson tiger paw lit by the sun. it is chilly out here, so if you
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team, bring a coat. the wind is cold and it is brisk right now. do that for yourself. it will be a great time as we expect lots of people to welcome home their clemson tigers. tim waller, wyff news 4, lighting clemson. nigel: thanks, tim. in commitment 2016, the debate over climate change. democrats say it's one of the most important issues facing the nation. however, republicans differ on how much action the government should take. aixa diaz looks at both sides. aixa: among ththmajor issues being debated on the campaign trail, climate change is one of the most polarizing. >> for democrats, climate change, imposing regulations to reduce the amount of carbon in the environment, is the top issue. aixa: in august, president obama unveiled a plan to reduce carbon pollution from power plants. three months later, he rejected the controversial keystone xl pipeline. >> unchecked climate change can lead to serious heat waves, droughts, sea level rise, extreme weather events. aixa: greg dotson of the center
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time for action is now, >> there are solutions. they are available today, if policy makers will embrace them. >> these policies really won't do anything to mitigate global temperatures. aixa: nick loris of the heritage foundation argues, more regulations will end up hurting the economy. >> because energy is a necessary component for everything we make, everything we do, you'll be hit when you go to the grocery store, when you go to the home depot. aixa: josh kraus-haar of the national journal says, a candidate's position on this climate change issue could be a double-edged sword. >> the risk is, you get far too left on the issue, you sound too much like you're too focused on the environment over the economy. it could be a vulnerability in a general election. for the republicans, the vulnerability is, they sound like they're not talking about science and , dealing with the issue in an empirical way. aixa: in december, nearly 200 countries approved an accord to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. in washington, i'm aixa diaz. nigel: that agreement was signed
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in paris. taking a live look outside at greenville, through the paris mountain sky cam. blowing. us now. day. john: ahead of the cold front, as expected, and behind it, which is pushing through the windy. the wind will stay with us through this evening. they will diminish after midnight in the upstate, but stay pretty strong in the mountains. look at the snow showers along the north carolina-tennessee line. more than west of asheville, a couple snowflakes around the asheville regional airport. they had a trace of snow today. no watches, warnings, or advisories. a few leftover flurries, maybe a couple brief snow showers along the north carolina-tennessee line this evening. get ready for the clemson football team to land at gsp. tim is in clemson, the wind will
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53 degrees, but it feels like the low 40's with the windchill.
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nigel: state money will help a spartanburg county town upgrade its downtown. gabrielle: tonight, the plan is getting mixed reviews. wyff news 4's mike mccormick reports from inman. mike: downtown inman may look empty, but it is packed with pride. >> love downtown inman. >> anybody who comes to this town is going to be very, very happy to be here. mike: in a matter of months,
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>> this would be the first phase. mike: on monday, the mayor announced that the city got a $500,000 grant from the state. he says it has to be used for street side improvements. that means wider sidewalks, brick-paved crosswalks, trees, planters, removing overhead wires, and improving traffic lights. >> i think it's the right thing to do. mike: benny allison opened all cell wireless about a year ago. >> i think that renovation is going to bring construction people out here. they're going to spend money in this town. mike: but a few longtime business owners aren't as excited. >> it's like putting a $5,000 saddle on a half-dead horse. mike: bobby gowan, owner of fran's for less, says the city should focus on getting people downtown first, then work on the appearance. >> the final product would be great. if it could happen without disrupting business, that would be wonderful. mike: sandy green is worried that construction will keep customers away for good.
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in mid or late summer, and could take six months to a year. >> whatever construction company is chosen, we will make sure that they understand that the businesses downtown is priority, keeping them open, and keeping a space for them to have the public come in and out. mike: the hope is that the makeover will be a magnet for new businesses and customers. >> it's going to be the best for this town, so let's do it. mike: the mayor says there will be public input t ssions coming up, so people in the community can share their thoughts and learn more about the projects. the dates have not been set. mike mccormick, wyff new 4, in inman. gabrielle: i had tonight, a historic home -- ahead tonight an historic home in nebraska , and then freezes. nigel: coming up, and now that helps people find missing pets.
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same here. with xarelto there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto . gabrielle: we are getting our first look into mexican drug kingpin "el chapo"'s safe house. police raided this home on friday. six people were killed in a shootout with police. he had been n the run since he escaped from prison back in
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now, u.s. officials are trying to extradite "el chapo" back to the states, but that could take up to a year. defense officials are highlighting an airstrike on an unusual isis target. sunday's strike hit what the military called a "cash collection and distribution point," which isis was using to pay its troops. u.s. defense officials couldn't say exactly how much money was in the building. one person described it as "millions," but neither could say what kind of currency. nigel: four people are dead after a house explosion last night in northeast ohio. a couple and their two children were killed after their home exploded in northfield. that's just southeast of cleveland. emergency responders arrived at the scene, and found flames shooting from the home. the cause of the blast is not known. an investigation is underway. from fire, to ice. this historic building in omaha, nebraska, was once consumed by flames. now, it's covered in icicles. crews worked in below-freezing
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on saturday. those low temperatures then caused the water to freeze. there is now 10 to 12 inches of ice on the damaged building. officials say the old restaurant may be on the verge of collapsing, and the ice could do more damage as the temperature changes. gabrielle: pope francis' first book, titled "the name of god is mercy," has been released today. officials say it breaks no new -- of some people say it's a compelling read, and the pope calls on the church to show more compassion, specifically for homosexuals, as well as for catholics who divorced and remarried outside the church. nigel: apple says it's adding new feature to your ipipne or ipad. it's called a "night shift" mode, that changes your screen light at night. the plan is to help avoid blue light before going to bed. this is based on a study that says exposure to blue light from screens in the evening makes it harder for you to go to sleep.
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shift to warmer colors. gabrielle: a new app called "finding rover" helps you find missing pets. here's how it works. once you download the app to your smartphone or tablet, you take a picture of your pet, and it's scanned into the system. using facial recognition, it searches for thousands of images of old and recently added pictures to try to locate missing pets. the app is currently being used in california, and has helped ten families find their missing dogs. nigel: so, this is where i grew up. gabrielle: don't you love this? nigel: northeast ohio is weather today. the national weather service snow began falling overnight along interstate 90 in mayfield. temperatures are also expected to dip this evening, with lows in the single digits and sub-zero winds for tomorrow morning. no, thanks. >> now, your live super doppler
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john: nigel just loves cleveland. like effect snows and a storm system moving through, producing snow. it is all part of a front pushing through our area. we have had snow showers along the west facing slopes along the tennessee-north carolina line. a dusting to a half inch. there is a chance of a few snowflakes through the rest of the mountains of north carolina as the front passes by this evening. a couple sprinkles here of flurries possible. we will zero in her western north carolina. even a couple flurries possible into the foothills of north carolina, certainly possible in marion. especially along the north carolina-tennessee line. this is the best chance of snow showers. maybe a half inch to an inch possible especially on the high peaks. asheville, waynesville,
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note the expected in the upstate. you can see the waves on lake hartwell, because of the strong winds gusting as high as 30 miles per hour out of the west as the front comes down off the mountains and into the upstate. a couple clouds around. mainly clear skies for the upstate. it is cold. temperatures not too bad, 48 in spartanburg, 53 in clemson, 52 in greenville, 51 in anderson and greenwood. northeastern georgia, the cold air starts to come in. 49 in toccoa, and livonia. lookout chilly it is. 30's in the north georgia mountains and raven county -- raybun county. 47 and clarksville and cornelia. 57 in elberton. the cold air is coming in from the northwest. 52 in atlanta, 51 in chattanooga.
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the low is moving up into canada. there is the cold front. lots of energy. this is a band nigel was talking about their northeastern ohio that could see 1-3 inches of snow. enhanced by the great lakes, some areas could see 5-10 inches of snow. you get a lake effect snow. downwind from lake michigan, same story. they could see good snow showers with the cold arctic air of the great lakes. it downstream. unsettled weather to the west with rain, snow from the mountains in the cascades, here comes the rain moving into northwestern california. a few showers down here, mainly offshore but miami saw showers off and on during the day today. that cool them off. 65 in miami, 62 in orlando. cool temperatures for the people
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60 in new orleans. starting to look like january across the country. negative six in international falls, minnesota. that is the actual temperature, not the windchill. nine degrees in chicago, 18 in cleveland. that is where nigel wants to go right now. 18 degrees in cleveland with snow showers. that is rough. mostly clear and cold and breezy this evening, low 26 in the mountains. a few early snow flurries in the mountains, wins diminishing but not until late. tomorrow, bright sunshine, chilly, high 47 in the upstate. a cold breeze out of the northwest in the mountains, high only in the upper 30's. the for-day plus, a quick warm-up with sunshine on thursday, a beautiful day. it gets colder with rain coming in on friday, friday afternoon in friday night. northwest flow over the weekend could produce off and on snow showers for the western north carolina mountains, especially the closer you get to tennessee.
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saturday night and sunday morning, if a storm comes out of frozen precipitation in the upstate. we will watch that closely and now back to you. pictures. one viewer sent us their clemson pictures. this one reads, "tired -- i will tell you what i see right here. it is a mug that says, "clemson mom." nigel: and here is these cuties, cheering on their team. gabrielle: oh, i get it. tired, but proud was the caption. gabrielle: keep those pictures coming. all you have to do is upload them to the ulocal section of we might chill the right here on the air. with the super bowl less than a month away, levi stadium is undergoing a makeover. grounds crews spent yesterday
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it will be for super bowl 50. the game will be played next month, at the home of the san francisco 49ers in santa clara. 75,000 square feet of fresh grass was laid on the field. temporary structures were being put in place to accommodate the larger crowd. nigel: space-x has already had one successful up right rocket landing. now, the company is hoping for a repeat performance on the open ocean. that's right, on the ocean. officials say they're planning to launch this weekend, and land on a drone ship. space-x pulled off its first successful vertical landing in december. they tried a drone ship landing earlier this month, but the rocket crashed into the ocean platform. landing rockets upright is , what you see there, is crucial to cutting the cost of space travel, since the rockets can be reused. gabrielle: here's a new view of saturn. yesterday, nasa released this image of the ring planet taken by its cassini spacecraft last year.
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more than 1.5 million miles away. the photograph reminds us just how large saturn is, around ten times the diameter of earth. and a little white. you saw in one of those pictures is one of
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the sheriff's office in dane nigel: this sheriff's office in wisconsin is hosting a program that pairs shelter dogs with jail inmates. lauren winfrey explains how the initiative, known as "a new leash on life," helps inmates get a fresh start. >> she looked like she gained some weight since she left. yeah. lauren: jeff ulleweit is talking about bella, a former shelter dog who was the first to find a new home. >> definitely, when they get adopted, that's the best. we just had four puppies like, six weeks ago, and that was a lot of fun. four at one time. >> sit. sit. lauren: jeff, along with a few other selected inmates, works to train and care for former shelter dogs at the dane county jail work-release center. >> oh, it's great. you learn a whole bunch. you know, you have to put yourself in the dog's position to know how they're
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that. lauren: the program started almost a year ago, and since then, has helped eight dogs get adopted. >> the outcome has just been phenomenal, of the support that they've had to rescue the dogs and to give them a second chance. lauren: a new leash on life pairs pets in need with people in need, allowing the dogs a better chance to be trained and socialized. >> we have hundreds and hundreds of dogs who come through our shelter every year. a lot of those dogs are adoptable when they come to us, and that's great. some dogs, though, need a little bit of extra help. lauren: the dogs are provided by the humane society. volunteers from the badger kennel club visit the jail to help with training. >> here at the jail, the sheriff, the staff, the inmates, they are those people who care. and that's making, not just a big difference for our shelter, but for these individual dogs. lauren: frazier says training the pups gives the inmates a purpose. that's something he hopes they
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longer behind bars. nigel: thanks for joining us for the news at 5:00. news four at 6:00 starts right now. >> live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 at 6:00 in high definition. >> i just can't say enough good things about them. gabrielle: heartbroken, but proud. tired tiger fans talk about the game the day after. michael: it was a day of paying tribute, and looking ahead for south carolina lawmakers. the capital. gabrielle: we continue to follow breaking news, greenville county deputies are invested -- investigating the death of a toddler. the death of 26-month-old destiny jackson a homicide. the sheriff's office has charged michael latimer, jr. with child abuse. he's the child's mother's boyfriend. gabrielle: the coroner says the little girl was brought to the er on january 4 and died yesterday. he tells us the cause of death
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