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today's groundbreaking was really a ceremonial one. take a look at the video. governor nikki haley joined officials for today celebration. it was the official welcome for the tokyo-based company to the area. it was one of the largest investment in central and history and will bring at least it will make carbon fibers, which will become supply to boeing and other corporations. carbon fibers being used in everything from airplanes to ho this is one more time south carolina has really put its name map for the fact that not only do we build things, we built them well and the investment that is made in south carolina is really something. mike: the expansion here with such big news that news crews fr were here in spartanburg county to govern the groundbreaking an interview
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the jobs we talked about, look for the link in the story about toray on state officials today said this is one of the essential building blocks in the state's manufacturing future. we will talk more about that tonight on wyff news 4. live in spartanburg. gabrielle: let's talk about the cold weather now. this is a live look outside at kings the in boone -- street in boone. if you look closely, maybe you can see a flurry or two. dale: and snow on the roof in the foreground. it has been a cold morning across the entire region. cold and clear in the upstate. with the clear skies overnight, temperatures dropped into the teens. it got down to 16 this morning at gsp. now it has rebounded but just up
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anytime the breeze has been blowing this morning across the region, it has just felt supercold. asheville at 21 right now but look at the breeze out of the north at 12. that will continue to be the story this afternoon. wind chill advisories out till noon. now they have been replaced with winter storm advisories. we will see the potential of one to two inches of snow to fall into tennessee and north carolina mountains. we will see a few flurries tomorrow. starting early afternoon tomorrow into the evening. there might even be a little snow across the upstate and parts of the piedmontts next tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening also. theythe regulation will primarily be in the mountains and could create slickiowe will talk more about that and run the future was forecast in a few minutes. from the mountains to the piedmont, it is a cold day today. upper 30's maybe the best we see. we will talk more about a potential for snow in just a few migabrielle: see you soon.
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tonight, miracle hill's greenville rescue mission will be open tonight to provide shelter for those living on the street as the temperatures drop. workers spread mats onto the gym floor at the facility. up to 125 can come in from the cold and get a snack, drink, mat, and blanket for the night, giving them relief from the cold temperatures. the mission opens whenever temps temperatures get below 40 degrees. now to the search for 12 missing marines off hawaii's coast. one is from the upstate. a u.s. navy ship equipped with underwater search for the two thursday while carrying the marines. search crews have recovered three life rafts that were on the helicopters. some were inflated, but the coast guard says it's unclear how they became inflated. some debris has also been the types of aircraft that are missing. >> very difficult time for all of us involved. this is a nightmare for all first responders, something that you never ever want to have to do, but we want the families out
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everything that we can. gabrielle: right now there are , no signs of the 12 marines, but officials say it is still possible that there are survivors. 22-year-old sergeant jeffrey sempler from woodruff is one of the marines. a vigil for semp his hometown yesterday around . dozens gathered outside of woodruff city hall to pray. family members fear the worst as they wait for answers. >> the worst thing is he's not gonna have a future. all the things that he would have done in life, it's not gonna happen. there's gonna be a hole there. gabrielle: jeffrey sempler graduated from woodruff high school four years ago. his grandfather says his grandson loved his country and always wanted to be a marine. the coast guard and marines are working together to determine how much longer the search and rescue mission will continue. a greenville man is charged in greenwood after authorities say
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women's shelter. reports officers responded to meg's house shelter for abused women and children last august after a bomb threat from an unknown caller. a woman staying at the facility told officers that rahim abdullah had been stalking and harassing her for some time. continuing our coverage of the upstate now, police say a man was found dead this morning in a cherokee county park. 82-year-old howard lee talley was found by police this morning at mccluney park. that's on granite drive. you are looking at video from sky4 on his way to the scene. the coroner says talley appeared to have been there since late last night. officials believe he suffered a medical condition. they do not think the cold weather played a role in his death, and they do not susct foul play. stay with for updates. in columbia, crews spent several hours working to rescue a man from a hole at a construction site. emergency crews were called to the site yesterday morning for a construction worker who had fallen into a hole. the construction site is where the new costco is being built near interstate 26.
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16 feet. his condition is not known at this hour. in myrtle beach, the eagle nest golf club in little river should be the longest golf course in south carolina by summer. the new back tee boxes are being added to the layout, increasing its length by 1,000 yards. the course will then play at about 7,900 yards. golf course officials say golfers who like the challenge of a long course should be catered to as well. in greenville county, a $100,000 prize is waiting on a tayl player. the palmetto cash five player bought a ticket from piedmon petro corner mart on locust hill road in taylors. the winner matched all five numbers drawn to win the $100,000 top prize. the winning numbers are on the right there on the screen at the bottom. the winner has 180 days from the date of the drawing to claim the prize. good luck. if you know a member of the military who is engaged, there is an opportunity for him or her to have a dream wedding for free. upstate warrior solution will
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historic wilkins house in greenville. right now, the house is still being renovated. the wedding will take place july on sunday, july 3. the flowers, food, music, dress will all be provided by local vendors as a way to say than you. to be eligible, applicantst be post-9/11 combat veterans who were honorably discharged, and they need to have been engaged before january 1 of this year. to apply, we've posted a link in the story on panthers fans can still get their hands on tickets to sunday's nfc championship game, but the tickets might be costly. according to ticketmaster , many tickets were being resold online for steep prices. officials say 220,000 people tried to purchase tickets online sunday night when they went on sale, but only about 7,000 tickets were made available for purchase. we found tickets that are typically sold for $100 going for more than $800. don't bring your hoverboard to work. that is the instructions handed
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ron rivera. he's banning the scooters from m from the team's facility after recently catching a couple of players racing them in the hallways of bank of america stadium. rivera says he doesn't want to see his players get injured before sunday's nfc champion game against the arizona cardinals. it is time to keep pounding with the panthers live wire. it's a collection of the latest tweets about the panthers and fun posts from our staff. you can view the livewire by going to our wyff 4 app or and look in the right now bar. still to come this afternoon lunch plate problems. , the new rules lawmakers are considering that could affect what your child eats at school . dale: about this time tomorrow, it may start to get active in the mountains of north carolina. i am talking about snow.
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marco rubio. he ran for senate saying he opposed amnesty... then he flipped, and worked with liberal chuck schumer to co-author the path to citizenship bill. he threatened to vote against it. and then voted for it. he supported his own dream act and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa
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tylenol 8hr arthritis pain has two layers of pain relief. the first is fast. the second lasts all day. we give you your day back. what you do with it is up to you. tylenol . gabrielle: continuing coverage now in turkey county where a man was found dead in a cherokee county park. sky4 has arrived on scene in these are live pictures from the
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man was found dead thimo82-year-old hohord lee townley was und in the park ungraded drive. he appeared to have been there since late last night. officials told police he suffered a medical condition. they don't think the cold weather played adeath. they are suspect foul play -- they don'suspect foul we will have more on in in your commitment 2016 coverage, the republican national committee announcing it cut ties with nbc news for super tuesday debate. instead, the rnc will partner with cnn. this comes after the committee suspended its partnership with nbc following the cnbc-host debate back in october. the party was critical of how the debate in boulder, colorado, was handled, saying the moderators took a mean-spirited tone and asked gotcha questions. next month's debate will be the last before super tuesday on march 1, when voters in 14 states will head to the polls and caucuses. covering the nation now, a firefighter's helmet camera catches a dramatic rescue. take a look. this happened early saturday
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firefighters found a mother and her infant trapped inside second story. they had to take the baby first, which was lowered to another firefighter. then they got the mom and six , other people out. thankful 70 more national guard troops have now arrived in flint, michigan, amid the ongoing water and issue the 5,000 homes to provide free bottled water and filters for families. the city has been grappling with toxic lead contamination in s drinking water following a cost-saving measure by t government that involved switching the water supply from lake huron to the flint river. researchers discovered the river water was 19 times more corrosive than the water in lake huron. president obama has declared a state of emergency in flint. in pennsylvania, a woman has been arrested and charged with driving under the influence following an accident that injured six children who were riding in the car with her. police said raelynn thompson crashed her car into a concrete barrier after she failed to make a sharp left turn at an of
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they say the children, who range in age from six to 13 years old, suffered minor to moderate injuries. the woman's driver's license was crash for a previous dui she also faces charges of reckless driving and endangerment. now to a puppy pursuit. it happened in california. officers were left trying to track down six dogs which wein the suspect's car. >> third dog jumping out the window. it is almost a circus atmosphere with the dogs running up and down the freeway, jumping . gabrielle: the chase started late last night when the driver failed to stop for police. at one point, speeds got up to 80 miles per hour before the driver slowed down to around 40 and was spun out by officers. when the vehicle stopped, th as you saw him those pictures
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, and onto the freeway. police managed to wrangle up the dogs. the driver is now in police custody, and all six dog are being cared for by animal care services. there may be a truce in the food fight involving first lady michelle obama and school nutrition directors. a bipartisan senate bill was released yesterdg e current healthier meal standards. the bill would give schools more flexibility in what they serve and ease requirements on whole grains. the rules phased in since 2012 set fat, calorie, sugar and sodium limits on foods in the. schools had complained that rules backed by the first lady are burdensome. >> snow falls from the sky, and . [laughter] and it blankets everything. [laughter] gabrielle: she thinks it is so funny. this is one father trying to explain the concept of snow to his father.
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, wasn't buying it. this video was uploaded friday one million times. announcer: now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. dale: good afternoon. it is a beautiful day today, isn't it? look at the clear skies, but look at the cold temperatures hartwell. we have callcalm conditions now. the asheville skycam. it is 21 degrees. it got down to 11 for a low this morning with winds out of the northern 20. make that 21. the latest advisories now listed for madison county as you can see. haywood and macon and jackson included in this. a winter weather advisory has been issued any time you see the potential of snow, which would
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conditions area not happening today. it will happen starting tomorrow about this time, continuing into the afternoon. right now, we are seeing snow in parts of missouri and a little bit to west. it will take a little while for this to get here. by tomorrow afternoon and evening, that is when we will see snow action in the mo carolina. some of this will impact the mountains of south carolina. we might even see a flurry or two in the month, but most of the regulation -- a delivery or two in the piedmont, put most of the acumen motaa few communities in the upstate here. it has been a cold day. anytime the breeze blows, you can circulate.
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1218 mile-per-hour wind -- 12-18 mile-per-hour winds. cold in the upstate. much colder in the mountains. here is the computer model called the future plus. see clouds build in early tomorrow. around noon time, we will see flurries of snow come quickly through and start developing rig the tennessee-wonderland of quarter continuing into the afternoon -- tennessee-north carolina border continuing into the afternoon. some snow in the mountains of in nor county. south. tomorrow evening. we will start to see flurries of snow before it tapers off. then on thursday, we will start to see rain coming in. we will see rain on thursday. a lot of rain on friday. each morning, the mountains will have a chance for a flurry or to know.
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looks like the bulk of this will happen tomorrow afternoon. we will be watching that closely with our forecast tomorrow morning. normally this time of year, 52 would be an average high. not today. more like 38 for the upstate. for the mountains, 28 may be the best we see. much colder than normal today. precipitation in the forecast starting tomorrow, continuing for the next couple days. a rainy friday on the way. we will see improvement saturday and sunday for the upstate. the rest of this afternoon, 38 droppingngo 28 by midnight. it will be cold tomorrow morning. just not quite as cold is what we saw this morning. we will see cloud cover building into the area. therefore, it will not be quite as chilly. 15-24 for lowe's tomorrow morning. -- lows tomorrow morning.
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gabrielle: we've got something i think is very good to sit inside on a cold day and munch on. popcorn day? dale: yeah. micro wave of an. happy national popcorn day to you. gabrielle: here are some fun facts about popcorn in case you are curious. americans eat about 13 billion. i believe that. man, woman, and child. gabrielle: the letter stuff is good. this is delicious. thanks to our producer.
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gabrielle: governor nikki haley recently chose four chefs for her south carolina chef ambassadors program. one is from the upstate. wyff news 4's aly myles got the introduces us. aly: hello everyone. i'm here with chef teryi youngblood. she is the head chef here at passerelle, and she's givi a cooking demonstration today. talk to me about how you'll be doing a lot of this over the next year. chef youngblood: ok. the mussels passerelle is a signature mussels dish. it is the most popular mussels in greenville from what i understand. everyone loves our mussels. i can't blame them. they're fantastic. we start out with a little toasted garlic in the pan. in go our mussels. give it a nice little shake.
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a little salt. some white wine. get that steamy. aly: this is a pretty fast dish. talk to me about the importance of being able to do something pretty simple at home, not always going out. chef youngblood: absolutely. mussels are one of the quickest cooking dishes ever. so if you want to run by the store, grab mussels on the way home, grab a baguette, and some a little bit of white wine, you have a meal already. literally, in less than five minutes, you can have your muscles ready as long as you have them nice and clean and ready to go to this point. you have all of your meals on plausse in front of you. got some pepper, diced roma tomatoes, and this is our prepared saffron cream sauce, and it has saffron, white wine,
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and lots of heavy cream. get that down in there and warm. as soon as those mussels start totopen up, you're almost there. aly: so now i know governor haley's given you quite the honor. talk to me about what you just got chosen with. chef youngblood: t tt is really exciting for me. i've been selected as one of four chef ambassadors for south carolina. i'll represent the upstate and all the amazing places you can go, things you can do, farmers you can frequent, and all the amazing and wonderful south carolina products we produce here like creek farms goat cheese. amazing things. greenboro farms, pork, we've got some awesome things here in south carolina. we have beautiful places to go, lots of restaurants to turn major heads. we win awards every day. our upstate and greenville so i feel like we're growing leaps and bounds, and i feel like all we have to do is shine that
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everybody knows what's going on. it's amazing. aly: there you go. she showed you how easy it is to , but you're not going to get it quite like chef youngblood, so
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the highlighted counties in north carolina and northern geord tennessee all under a winter weather advisory. we will get a few flurries tomorrow through drivetime tomorrow evening. and then some flurries in the upstate. we get a good bit of rain. gabrielle: thank you very much. stay with us on the air for updates and also on have a great afternoon. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, le caption vi i wiwi not be at the academy awards. and i can't help but ask the question. >> who else is joining jada in her oscar boycott? i'm billy bush. you may be surprised to hear who she's calling out to take action on the diversity issue. >> that is the place of true power. >> i feel like a different person. i always felt -- >> hayden panettiere's first red carpet since her postpartum
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and forget the look on her
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