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a live shot on top of the hilton in greenville. 63 degrees, but will this nice weather last through the weekend? we will talk about it next. >> you are watching live, local, breaking news with nigel robertson, gabrielle komorowski, and weather with chief meteorologist john cessarich. tjos is wyff news 4 in high definition. gabrielle: let's talk about the weather now. here is a live look outside at spartanburg through our wofford sky cam. we've had a sunny day. the weekend is here. and what a difference a week makes. nigel: seriously. think about it, a week ago we were talking about snow and ice. let me rephrase that -- ice, and then snow. then snow again...and ice. thing. [laughter] but let's talk about this nice weather, and the heat. john: do you really need to
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i finally got enough sleep where i am starting to feel normal. don't say anything nigel and gabrielle. normality is not me. very cold wind in the mountains as expected. plenty of sunshine, we warmed up nicely into thee0's. it only reached the 30's and 40's in the mountains. the high is going to shift farther to the east, allowing for winds shift out of the south instead. that starts our warming trend not just in the upstate, but in the mountains. 34 in boone. 43 in asheville. wind out of the northwest 15-20 miles per hour, making it even colder. 63 in greenville. us. i will talk about it a little bit later on. nigel: right now, panthers fans team. gabrielle: thousands of them rallied today for a huge
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wyff news 4's corey davis is live in a charlotte's tonight. panthers pride today. corey: this place was jumping with excitement today. the vibe is entirely different in charlotte as the team preps for the super bowl. take a look at this guy. we saw him dancing his way around the park out here in uptown charlot many others were right there with him having a good time. all. check out these fans. they dressed up as superheroes and everyone wanted to take a picture with them. the fans are flat out excited. they gathered only a couple blocks away from here at the football stadium. kids and adults came ready to show off their pan >> i have on my panthers sweater. my panthers shirt, my panthers hat and my spirit for the panthers.
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>> super excited. right? >> we wish we could go, but we will be cheering here. corey: that family was also joined by construction wor at the top of a nearby b blding. those guys probably had the best view during the rally. a few panthers players and the head coach made appearances today. not everyone was here to root for the panthers. at 6:00, hear from one of the only broncos fans we spotted at today's rally. corey davis, wyff news 4, live in charlotte. gabrielle: ahead of the big game next week wyff 4 will bring you , a special show next week, brad fralick and marc dopher will start our live team coverage monday in california. geoff hart join them thursday. then we'll have our special called "chasing a championship" at 8:00 next friday, february 5 right here on wyff 4. taking a look at other headlines. today is the seventh anniversary
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ledbetter fair pay act, an effort to ensure that unequal pay in t workplace can be effectively challengedit allows unfair pay complaints to be filed within 180 days of a discriminatory paycheck. lily ledbetter discovered that her employer was paying her less m m for doing the same job. she was at the white house today and talk about how unfair pay hurts everyone. president obama talked about it prt data in an effort to help businesses insurance they are treating employees equally. >> unequal pay is not personal to hurts us , it hurts our families, and it hurts our economy. pres. obama: oftentimes folks are doing the same jobs and differently. it means that women are not getting the fair shot that we believe every single american deserves. gabrielle: president obama signed the lilly ledbetter fair pay act in 2009. nigel: the new oconee county dissensions enter begin
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detention center began operations today. inmates have been moved from the old detention center to the new one which is located near the law enforcement center. the new $17 million facility can hold more inmates. the sheriff says the new facility comes with policy changes too. there will be no more face to face visitations. instead inmates will have to talk to visitors through video phones. the sheriff hopes that will eliminate some contraband problems. tonight, monster jam kicks off at the bon secours wellness arena. gabrielle: did you see aly myles riding this scooby-doo thing earlier today? that was impressive. today she introduces us to some of the drivers, includof the newest on the scene. aly: it's not exactly your typical desk job.>> 10,010 -- 10m,,000 pound monster truck, entertaining these people out tonight -- it's
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aly: 1500, 2,000 horsepower running on 66 inch tires. >> we jump upwards of 200 feet. i saw someone go over eight 737 boeing airplane before. ally: typically it's not a sport when you will see too many women. linsey read is making moves to change that. >> i'm called the wheelie queen. aly: one of the newest drivers on the scene, you will see her zipping around bon secours in scooby-doo. her message to all the girls watching, no matter their age -- we deserve to be here too. >> i'm doing this for them. i want them to come out and see that we can do this.i want them to have a blast. they should be able to enjoy a male-dominated sport just as much as anybody else. aly: aly myles, wyff news 4 at
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nigel: you can see linsey and the drivers tomorrow night. tickets are still available. gabrielle: you can meet the drivers and get up close to the trucks. nigel: if you're thinking about heading to the movies this weekend, we have a sneak peek at what is new in theaters. including one about a daring rescue in coast guard history. gabrielle: the latest on how people are getting ready for 0 out there in california. but first, a look at tonight's
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it's been called the most daring nigel: it's been called the most daring rescue in coast guard history. 64 years ago, a huge tanker ship broke apart in heavy seas. the 30-man crew would have been doomed, if not for the efforts of a small rescue team. gabrielle: here's raphael seth with a look at "the finest ho urs" and other movies you can see at the box office this week. raphael: chris pine weathers the perfect storm in "the finest hours." this story of a real 1952 coast guard rescue takes place in waters off of massachussetts. a wicked nor'easter tears a cargo ship in half. so pine and his crew set out in a tiny wooden boat with no navigation to rescue the stranded and sinking sailors. "the finest hours" is rated pg-13. >> justice is about to be served. raphael: a portly warrior gets a belly full of ju fu panda 3." jack black is back as the voice of the plumpy panda po. he's reunited with his long lost father, who leads po to panda
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but when a powerful villain threatens their bamboo utopia, it's up to po to make an army out of his soft cousins. "kung fu panda 3" is rated pg. >> i need a gunslinger. raphael: natalie portman exercises her second amendment rights in "jane got a gun." she's an old-west vigilante, going after the notorious outlaws who shot her husband. but in order to survive, she has to turn to a past love to make her last stand. "jane got a gun" is r red r. >> i exercise control in all things. rafael: marlon wayans washes the gray away in "fifty shades of black." this comedy spoofs the soft-core phenomenon "fifty shades of gray" and other films with wayans playing a demented dominant with a magic mike past. "fifty shades of black" is rated r. that's the box office preview. raphael seth, nbc news. john: take a look at this live shot. what a beautiful son shot over lake hartwell in anderson county. temperatures in the upper 50's to around 60. it will get better in the weekend.
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next. gabrielle: the chicago police officer charged with murder in the shooting death of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald returned to court this morning. this is the first time jason van dyke has been in court since pleading not guilty to a charge of first degree murder. van dyke did not speak in court today or answer questions when
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van dyke has been formally indicted on six counts of first degree murder, and one count of official misconduct for the shooting in october of 2014. >> i want them to go into the fraternal order of police contract and rip it apart and come up with some language that would prosecute policemen who kill and brutalize black people in their community. gabrielle: the next court date is scheduled for march. one of the two popemobiles that shuttled the pope around during his trip to philadelphia last september is going on the auction block. pope francis rode around the city in two fiat 500-l's. one of those cars will be auctioned off today in philadelphia. the other fiat will go on display at the philadelphia auto show until february 7. proceeds from the auction will benefit select ministries and missions of the archdiocese of philadelphia. nigel: after a closer look at his will, scholars at the uk's national archives have discovered new insights about
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they are piecing together a timeline of the will's drafting. they are using specialized photography that will determine when each part of the document was written. the documents are on display in london until may 29. after that, they'll be put into storage for another 25 years. >> at the national archives we have about 120 records relating to shakespeare's life and his work. we've brought together here about nine documents that tell a specific story about his life in london, where he lived, where he possibly performed, and of course, the last will and testament. nigel: the documents also give an inside look at shakespeare's life i 1500's. gabrielle: consumer news now. new york's attorney general is shining a new light on why it's so hard for people to get concert tickets to popular shows. according to a new report, investigators found that in some cases more than 70% of tickets
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were reserved for promoters, venue employees, and credit card companies that offer tickets exclusively to holders of their cards. that means the tickets are never available to the general public. the report recommends increased regulation of the ticketing industry. take a look at these cars slipping and sliding. this is in azerbaijan in asia. a cold snap there left car's breaks use spinning. very dangerous at that intersection. amazingly there were no accidents, despite the ice.. the country is not used to a lot of ice, and cars and roads are not prepared to deal with it. nigel: wow. >> now your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: i have to say it -- slow down there, bus. did you see how fast that was going? when you have icy roads, slow down.
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that bus gets me all riled up. alright, enjoy your weekend. [laughter] i will, once it starts. take a look at this live shot on top of paris mountain. we melted away the snow from last week. downtown greenville in the backgroundnot a cloud to be seen. this beautiful weather will continue through the weekend. the nice warming trend. even next week looks good. through the western carolina's and northeastern georgia, 56 degrees in dakoa. 60 in hartwell. farther north, a bit cooler temperatures. 52 in dillard. 54 in clayton. even outside, 54 in clarksville and camellia. 56 in dakoa. temperatures in the upper 50's to 60's throughout the upstate. a cold wind out of northwest making it much chillier. 34 in boone.
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the winds in the northern and central mountains are dying down pretty quickly. they are out of the west and southwest in the upstate. out of the northwest at 15. that is going to give us a cold wind chill. 30 in hendersonville right now. 38 in asheville. 28 in boone. temperature wise, 43 in in bristol, tennessee. 48 in greensboro. not bad in linda at 56 degrees. 61 in myrtle beach. 61 in augusta. low 60's and charleston and also in short -- also in hilton head. a storm system into canada producing a backlash of snow into oregon. the heavy lake affect snow heading into canada, producing a mix of rain and snow and freezing rain in minneapolis. the south looking pretty good. we will get a zonal flow,
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rest will arrive for the weekend. -- to the west will record for the weekend. this is a system that will produce the potential for severe weather early next week. out here in this area. normally in the winter months, we have battle zones going on. we could see severe weather in tennessee, alabama, even into northwestern georgia and western georgia into early next week. it depends. the waterfront might settle. -- the warm front might settle. we might have a cold rain. come tuesday night with the front pushing through, we could have one performs rumble across the area -- we could have area. we will have to watch it closely. otherwise, cold temperatures to the north. nice and mild back into oklahoma and texas. clear skies tonight with light winds. low 31 in the upstate. cold wind in the mountains early this evening. midnight.
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upstate. a milder afternoon in the high temperature 57. four day splus -- unsettled weather, but it will be liquid precipitation next week. the following week looks pretty interesting in the long-range. we might get back into winter-type weather not next week, but the following week. nigel: now to our u-local shots of the day. take a look at this beautiful sunset in townsville. gabrielle: and take a look at these little panthers fans. keep those pictures coming. all you have to do is upload them to the s wyff we would love to show them off here on thnigel: a play not to be overlooked from wednesday's purdue-minnesota men's college basketball game. the center loses his shoe on the offensive end. he corrals it with a left. one shoe on, one shoe off goes
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and gets the ball. gabrielle: sticking with basketball, and olympic gold medalist swimmer michael phelps made an appearance at an arizona game last night. there he is. instead of watching the game, he was used by asu students as a distraction. they placed in behind what they call "the curtain of destruction." during an oregon state, free throw the curtain was removed, people saw phelps and his gold medals and him doing that. he successfully distracted the player. deal with the medalist moved to arizona to prepare for the 2016 games in rio. ahead tonight, more super bowl preps happening in california.see how officials accidentally
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he was rated a+ by the nra. not for his promises, but for defending the second amendment... he's a man of deep faith, who fought time and again for the right to life. he laid out a plan to destroy isis months before paris. he'll strengthen our border and use conservative principles to put washington's broken fiscal house back in order. jeb bush. he's the conservative you can trust, to fight for our beliefs. right to rise usa is responsible
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we will watch our carolina nigel: in just over a week we won't watch the panthee broncos in super bowl 50. gabrielle: super bowl preps are well underway. >> thousands of carolina panthers fans gave their team a super bowl sendoff in downtown charlotte today.
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everything that we had to make sure that we bring that championship back to charlotte. [cheering] >> the denver broncos will have a similar rally sunday. but the players and fans are not the only one's bound for the vice stadium. -- levi's stadium. >> it's like having a child with a playpen. you need everything for him. >> everything is also what san francisco officials are preparing for. >> we have been planning for this event three years. >> from first responders training for water-based emergencies, to a secret command center hosing law enforcement agencies, officials are braced for any potentia threats. >> local, state, and federal one is meant will share information in real-time. that is critical to understanding what the situation is throughout the bay area.
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at levi's stadium excellently painted both end zones in broncos colors. a mistake quickly corrected, but quick panthers fans seized on the unintended slight. it is fuel that will have the last, because super bowl 50 is still more than a week away. mark barger, nbc news. gabrielle: don't forget, ahead of the big game, wyff news 4 will bring you a special showed next week. brad and marc will start live team coverage in california. geoff hart will join them on thursday. we have our special on 8:00 eight, -- at 8:00 date, -- at 8:00 next friday. >> live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 at 6:00 in high definition.
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and he came bearing a gift for the school. carol: we are headed for the panthers, where pride is bright and loud. michael: john will have your forecast. carol: a local doctor told us in south carolina there is at case of a child born wa birth defect likely caused by the zika virus. if you are plague and were plaintively ---- if you are pregnant or plan to be, you need to know about this virus. it is carried by mosquitoes. is believed to have caused an outbreak of microcephaly, which is a small brain and small head, in babies in south america. the most dangerous time is the first three months of pregnancy. >> if you're planning travel outside the country, don't do it in areas that are endemic for
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try to avoid that, or postpone it. if you do have to travel, use protective measures. if you have recently visited one of those countries and came home and found out you were pregnant, you should see someone who speciali in maternal fetal medicine. carol: mosquito season will start in just a couple of months.preventive measures to consider include staying inside to avoid mosquito bites in spring and summer. get rid of any mosquito breeding grounds near your home, even a couple water can be a problem. use insect repellent when you go outside. keep arms and legs covered. try to avoid areas where mosquitoes are common. the doctor has a lot of information about the zika virus. replaced his entire interview on michael: the obama administration confirming that hillary clinton's home server contained some closely guarded secrets. some of that material required the highest levels of classification.
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