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tv   WYFF News 4 5pm  NBC  February 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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then on friday, we'll preview the big game with our special program, "chasing a championship." p.m. friday, right here on wyff nigel: and let's begin tonight with brad fralick. they are live in san jose. guys, how's it going so far? you? we are finally on the west coast yesterday. we have our credentials and are ready to rock 'n roll. we are in san jose outside the sap center, where media table take place tonight. this should be fun. marc: one thing clear from the get go, as we did the fan fast and rome san francisco, everything about this is bigger covered. there are more people, more step to shop with, more celebrities here.
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that will extend into tonight, media day, when it should be the fans are not quite. it we have not se influx of pampers and broncos fans. her the week, you can bet they will be here. tonight's media night. both teams. we have in our with both of them. they let anybody in this thing. we will have mort at 11:00. brad fralick and marc dopher, wyff news 4. gabrielle: and it's time to "keep pounding" with the panthers live wire. it's a collection of the latest tweets about the panthers and broncos, and fun posts from our staff. you can view the livewire by going to our wyff 4 app, or, and look in the "right now" bar. nigel: in commitment 2016, caucus day is here. tonight, tens of thousands of iowans are heading out to begin the presidential nomination process. gabrielle: aixa diaz has more. aixa: nigel, gabrielle, tonight, iowans are meeting in churches, schools, libraries, to choose
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their picks for their party's nomination. >> by 10:00 tonight, w be out of you hair. aixa: with time running out, >> i'm counting on you, and i trust you, and i ask for your support to caucus for me tonight. thank you all very much. aixa: prs their final pitches to iowans. >> i'm the only one who i think would actually balance the budget. aixa: hillary clinton visited her des moines campaign headquarters to thank volunteers. >> bernie! bernie! aixa: bernie sanders did the same, as the two democratic candidates fight for delegates in iowa. >> we're going to try to get as many people to caucus as we possibly can. aixa: a new quinnipiac university poll shows sanders with a three-point lead over clinton. >> this is where we start. this is day one. we're going to take back our country. aixa: that same e ll has donald trump ahead of ted cruz by seven points, >> we have now been to all 99 counties in the great state of iowa. aixa: and marco rubio in third place. >> i feel very positive about what's happening here in iowa, and ultimately, around the country. aixa: at stake tonight for the candidates, 44 delegates at the democratic
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national convention, 30 at the rnc. in iowa, aixa diaz, wyff news 4. nigel: so, what is a caucus? well, a caucus is really a gathering of people at a school, community center, or church. they gather, they hear from the candidates' surrogates, and then they vote. for the republicans, it's easy. they hear from the surrogates, and then they cast their ballot. whoever gets the most votes gets the most delegates. but for democrats, a caucus is a little more complicated. caucus-goers gather, and then they literally break off into different sections of the room. you've got a corner for clinton, you've got an area for o'malley, and a section for bernie sanders. each area has to have at least 15%. so, lets say the o'malley group is less than 15% . what happens then? they literally have to decide wether
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-- whether they are going to go to the clinton corner, or the sanders corner. whatever corner they decide, that is where they then stay. those votes are then tabulated, and then, from there, the delegates are then awarded. so let's turn to the weatherer now, and we want to stay in iowa, because we want to shthis is drone video shot outside of des moines, earlier this mornin they're expected to see some blizzard conditions later tonight. it looks like it will hit after the voting is cogabrielle: of course in iowa, they are used to the cold conditions. will that affect things tonight? we shall see. john cessarich joins us in t studio, tracking the latest. john, how does it look right now? john: rain moving into the southwestern part of iowa. a couple sprinkles around des moines. they will
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later this eit will be in good shape, because the heavy snow and blizzard conditions will occur late tonight and during the day tomorrow. they could see in des moines from 6-12 plus inches of snow. that will occur late tonight and during the day tomorrow. a good thing the caucuses were not later this evening or during the day tomorrow, because it most likely, even for people in iowa, they may have to cancel that. it will be awful tomorrow with heavy snow and blowing snoin iowa. in our area, a cold front will push through. that will bring us cooler temperatures as we get into tomorrow. today, absolutely gorgeous. i will show you the temperatures in a moment. the front will settle to the south. high pressure builds in from the northeast. we will have a northeasterly wind during the day tomorrow. areas of drizzle, fog, and light rain across the area. a few showers will march across the mountains with the front overnight.
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liquid precipitation, 61 in asheville, 52 inabbeville, low 70's in elberton. humidity is up. feels nice outside. it will be cooler, but it will become springlike than it will get colder again. up and down we go. now back to you. gabrielle: just into our newsroom an update on the north , carolina man accused of planning an isis-inspired attack. federal prosecutors say justin sullivan also offered to pay someone to kill his parents. we rep sullivan, who is from burke county, north carolina, was accused of planning assassinations and violent attacks in the u.s. he's currently in federal custody, awaiting trial. an indictment, just unsealed today, alleges that sullivan believes his parents would interfere with his plans, and offered to pay an informant to kill them. nigel: two pickens county now. we know the namendied in pickens county this morning. daniel epps was killed this morning.
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it happened at the intersection of and ireland road. officials say a freightliner hit on. the man was pronounced dead at the scene. police say they're not ruling out additional arrests in the shooting death of a teenager outside a bo investigators continue to collect evidence, and look for answers. wyff news 4's myra ruiz and local in greenville. myra? myra: we're outside the greenville county detention center, where three teenagers, a 15-year-old girl and two 19-year-old boys, were taken after being charged with murder in the death of savon allen. >> my condolences go out to his family, that he lost his life in this way. i'm very sad that he lost his life this way, but hopefully, other young people will see this. myra: police say the shooting death of 19-year-old savon allen was ththresult of a drug deal and attempted robbery, with what's believed to be stolen guns, outside a bojangles restaurant saturday night in mauldin. >> it is not unusual nowadays. those types of students, or individuals, are getting involved earlier and earlier with each other, and getting involved in illegal
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activity together. myra: 19-year-olds william newton and trevonte watts were both charged with murder over the weekend, along with a 15-year-old female suspect who was a student at hillcrest high. >> we're trying to look at the relationship between the 15-year-old and 19-year-olds, to see what type of relationship that was. myra: savon allen's stepfather told wyff that he was a young man with a big heart, but he got tied up in the wrong things. allen's aunt says, "he was just trying to find his way in the world, but he got lost." meantime, police say the ongoing war against drugs continues in the community. >> we're reaching out, trying to explain to the young persons that this is what you want to avoid, and not get involved in. myra: coming up at 6:00, what -- we will tell you what mauldin police says it takes for a teenager to get a hold of a gun. myra ruiz, wyff n greenville. gabrielle: now to a new
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help inmates adjust to life on the outside. wyff news 4's mandy -- has the story from oconee countymandy: the mess left behind will be cle up making room for , inmates who are released. the organization will offer a safe haven for those interested in getting their g.e.d. it'll provide life skills and financial budgeting courses, recovery groups, and teach inmates how to have a good resume. >> we're going to stop that cycle. we want them to know that, when they do come out of the detention center, that they do not have to go back to where they come from. mandy: the space will also provide temporary shelter and a meal to those with no o ace to go. gabrielle: our mandy gaither reporting. comingn officials hope to have this ministry up and running. nigel: coming up, agencies across the upstate are working on how to better help the homeless in our areas.
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because we feel like we've been long ignored over here. gabrielle: they're calling it huge news for this part of greenville county. an upstate beverage company announces it's expanding in the area known as the poinsett corridor. john: a live shot looking down clemson boulevard. partly sunny skies. increasing clouds with a front, and then it will be cooler over the next 24 hours. more in detail coming upgabrielle: now, here's a look at yournun the south carolina education lottery,
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nigel: islamic extremists attacked a villlage in northeast nigeria on saturday. the attack was carried out by nigeria's homegrown militant gr officials said 86 people, including children, were killed in the attack. one witness said the nighttime attack lasted four hours. a soldier at the scene said the attack continued when three female suicide bombers struck people who fled to a neighboring village. >> as they saw the flalas of fight, then they alerted us. and i informed the soldiers at konduga 3 battalion. and that's how they checked. and in the process of their coming, that is how boko haram rush out of the village. nigel: nigeria's six-year
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about 20,000 people, and driven 2.5 million from their homes. right now, agencies and right now organizations across the upstate are spending the week counting the homeless in their counties. gabrielle: wyff news 4's aly myles explains why, and how you can help. >> i push that buggy. i pick up scrap metal. that's how i make my money. you know what i mean? but i clean the streets up, too, at the same time, so i'm doing something positive. aly: for 10 years, john jones has been on and off the streets. agencies like place of hope have helped him, and many others. >> they helped us a lot, and nick even got a lot of people from tent city, the old tent city, off the streets and into places. aly: like jones, these are just a few of the folks who are being asked, where did you sleep the night of january 27th? it's a yearly nationwide count the department of housing and urban development asks each state to do. >> this helps the homeless. this goes back to hud, shows whats needed in the county.
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aly: according to data, the homeless count went up in the upstate between 2014 and 2015, but place of hope's manager, nick bush, doesn't think the amount of homeless people went up. >> i always think the homeless numbers are way undercounted. it really is. what that shows is, we as the community, and the counties, are getting better relationships with the homeless, so they're more willing to come and talk to us about their issues. aly: the count volunteers will ask the homeless for their first initial, last name, birthdate, and the last four digits of their social surity. bush says he knows it might not be an accurate count, but he does know it makes a difference. >> these people do need help, and this is a way we can help them. aly: and for john jones, place of hope has made a difference for him. >> i love this place. if they close this place down, it'd be something they're taking away from me. aly: aly myles, wyff news 4, in greenville. nigel: place of hope's manager says they desperately need volunteers, as do other organizations and agencies.
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gabrielle: they say if you want to help, people's time is one of their biggest needs. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: carolina panthers getting geared up aner bowl on sunday. we just saw marc and brad live from san jose, which is right to santa clara, where they will play the game itself. this is our model. they are in good shape. current temperature in santa clara, 54. pretty nice outside. it is three hours difference there, so it is to: 16 in the afternoon right now. clouds of the increase as a storm system comes in off the pacific. they will see rain come in late tonight and early tuesday moshowers continuing through the day, mos ending by the afternoon. a few patches of driy sky -- cloudy skies expected.
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wednesday, 30% chance of showaround, fairly light. most of them will be in the morning. a warming trend through thursday, friday, into saturday, pushing possibly 70 degrs with plenty of sunshine on friday and saturday in the santa clara araverage high, low 60's. average low, 40's. it will be chilly at night, but temperatures warp nicely. super bowl sunday, 65, warming up to maybe 71 degrees with plenty of sunshine for the kickoff. 3:40 in the afternoon pacific standard time. looking goodbrad and marc will be live all week. the showers back home are mainly right along the north carolina-tennessee line. the moving east. showers will arrive in asheville shortly. you will see a few showers through the evening, then they will taper off. he will see patches of drizz fog arming later. a live shot from hendersonville, looking out over the chas golf course. there is still snow on the
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e valleys, where the suntan get to it. a few spots still have snow.61 in asheville and hendersonville, 64 in fran boone, springlike weather outside right in northeastern georgia, 68 in toccoa. 71 in bowman, 73 in elberton, 68 in livonia, 69 in hartwell, 67 in carnesville, mid 60'and cornelia. 66 in dillard. clayton, 67. just beautiful weather outside. 73 in floren columbia, 72 currently in charleston, 70 in raleigh. big storm system coming out of the rockies, snow in denver will move into nebraska and eventually into iowa and into the mid atlantic, 30 upper midwest. luckily, the caucuses in iowa,
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the snow will probably take place afterwards. especially after midnight, they will see heavy snow blowing andlook how warm it is across the country east of the continental divide. tonight, overnight low 51, a mild night. partly to mostly cloudy skies, 51 is close to where we should average for the high. not complaining. a few showers this evening in the asheviarea, fog and drizzle behind the front. low 44. cooler temperatures with the northeast win the upstate developing a 5-15 miles per hour. areas of drizzle, fog, and light rain. highs in the upper 50's. 53 the high and mountains.the for-day plus, a cooler day tomorrow w skies and areas of fog, drizzle, and rain. the warm front passes to our north. cold front comes throughspringlike showers and possible thunderstorms, potential for
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l it gets cooler and dry into the upcoming weekend. earl week, could be a storm system right now, i am pu clouds there. we'll watch that closely. it may come out of the gulf of mexico. some models say it will not develop. umbrella winnerichard abel from abbeville. gabrielle: did he just say what i think he said? this summer here yet? gabrielle: where is june? several school districts have announced make-up days, after students missed school due to snow and ice. greenville county students will now attend on friday, april 22nd, and monday, april 25th. spar students will attend school monday, february 15th, and friday, march 11th. cherokee county students will attend school next friday, february 12th, and monday, march 7th. and of course, there are a lot of makeup days. if you want to list check out, , or our mobile app. nigel: ahead, the world health organization is issuing new warnings about the zika virus.
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gabrielle: plus, a new study of who is most
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carol: in tonight's 4 your health, the world is talking about zika virus. in fact, the world health organization today declared an international emergency over the spread of zika. the disease has been linked to microcephaly, small brain, small head, in brazil. the w.h.o. calls the spread of the disease "an extraordinary event." it could be 6 to 9 months before officials definitely know the virus is spread from human to human by mosquitos, but they say there are steps that can be taken now. >> the most important protective measures are the control of mosquito populations, and the prevention of mosquito bites in at-risk individuals, especially pregnant women. carol: the last time an emergency designation was used was in 2014, over the ebola outbreak. the world health organization was criticized over what was called its slow response to ebola. the w.h.o. estimates the americas could see up to 4 million zika cases over the next year. if you've had a heart attack,
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discussion about exercise with your doctor. a new study reveals, higher fitness can reduce the risk of dying after a heart attack. researchers at johns hopkins university followed over 2,000 men and women who underwent a treadmill stress test. those with the highest fitness scores were 40% less likely to die after a first heart attack, compared to the rest of the patients. a third of patients with the lowest scores died within a year. experts say fitter patients still had heart attacks, but were more likely to survive them. paramedics are much more likely to be assaulted on the job than firefighters. researchers at drexel university school of public health analyzed national data for the study. both male and female parademics were more likely than firefighters to encounter violent patients and others when responding to emergencies. many of these workers say they never got any training on how to handle potentially volatile situations. gabrielle: greenville county officials call this announcement huge. we now know what's going
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into this old good will store on poinsett highway. nigel: plus, see the ways you can utilize the safety features
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during emergencies. the son of a polish immigrant who grew up in a brooklyn tenement. he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors.
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and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over two and a half million contributions, tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay, and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. gabrielle: county leaders say the news is huge for this part of town. an upstate beverage company is expanding in a part of , greenville coue say has long been ignored. nigel: plus, we take a look at
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some of the merchandise available for panthers fans in the bay area, ahead of the super bowl. gabrielle: and, a pair of local high school students hope they can help victims of domestic violence through a new app. >> you're watching live, local, breaking news. with nigel robertson, gabrielle komorowski, and the cthis is wyff news 4 at 5:00 in high definition. gabrielle: an upstate beverage company ist of greenville county that some say has long been ignored. wyff news 4 was the first to bring you this announcement this morning, on our wyff 4 app. county officials say the news is huge for this part of town. this empty goodwill store building on poinsett highway near the corner of furman hall transformation. greenco beverage company will build their new flagship distribution center here. greenco distributes well-known brands like samuel adams, thomas
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