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tv   WYFF News 4 530pm  NBC  February 10, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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we have to face up to the hard truth of injustice and systemic racism. i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. marco rubio claims in a new ad.. gabrielle: marco rubio claims he is the only republican to beat the democrats, and tonight, we look at the truth on that. nigel: plus, we will show you why the south carolina primary will be very different than iowa and new hampshire. gabrielle: and a heartfelt message from a widow, months after the emmanuel ame church shooting. announcer: you are watching live, local, breaking news.
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high definition. nigel: take a live look outside, and look at traffic. seriously. heading out of downtown greenville, it is hold. gabrielle quat and we hope you have somewhere warm to be tonight, and chief meteorologist john cessarich joins us. john: we barely warmed up into the upper 30's in the upstate and only in the mid 20's in the mountains, and, in fact, 15 degrees now in boone. 26 in asheville and franklin. just above the freezing mark in toccoa, mainly mid areas across the upstate except 35 degrees in abbeville. the wind makes it feel much colder. as we go through this evening, look at these wind chills, single digits to teens in the mountains, and then we are talking 20's outside of the
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but the wind is going to die down considerably, i think, as we go through the night tonight. the wind will stay in the mountains, and the wind chill advisory runs until 10:00 tomorrow morning with wind chill's probably in the single digits or below zero, same story for the wind chill advisory for the north georgia mountains tomorrow morning, maybe as low as minus five. gabrielle: with republicans, one question has been which has the best chance of beating the democratic nominee, and some say marco rubio is the one, but what to the poll say? we have tonight's truth check report. reporter: ted cruz says donald trump boatloads of liberal positions. donald trump says ted cruz cannot beat the democrats three it, they are both right.
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that can win, and they know it. reporter: you never know who is going to win a presidential election on till all of the votes have been counted, but the super pack responsible with his political ad claims marco rubio has the best chance of beating what they refer to as the clinton machine. the ad was released before bernie sanders one b race in new hampshire. here is what the polls say about a possible matchup between rubio and clinton if they win the nomination. according to real clear politics, that is a website that takes all of the latest poll numbers and crunches them together, rubio would eat clinton 48% -- would beat clinton. but it also shows that ted cruz would win over clinton, though the margin would be smaller. it shows ben carson would run again and that chris christie would also stand a good chance at winning. but check this out.
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in new hampshire, could actually lose to clinton according to the latest polls by five percentage points, and so would jeb bush, even though he trails clinton by only 2.4 percent. and what about a matchup between rubio and sanders? the polling numbers show rubio as the only candidate to beat sanders. we believe that is a leap of faith based on polling numbers that are always changing. gabrielle: and remember, tim will put it to the truth check, and for our other once, just go to our mobile app. nigel: census numbers show south carolina has a population of just under 5 million people. almost 30% african-american, 5.4% hispanic, which, after iowa, new hampshire, is the
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good read of the minority vote, and here is a look at the political hick up of the state. the map of the 2012 primary shows it very well. in the upstate, a strong republican base, so you're going to see a number of gop candidates digging in, and republican mitt romney carried the whole upstate in 2012. the largest in the credit base in the low country and some sections of the midlands. in 2012, obama won it counties like charleston, casper, and richland counties. now, let's talk more. getting a look at how this is shaping the political landscape, according to the 2010 numbers from be religion data archives, evangelical protestants, the largest religion base in the state of south carolina, followed by mainline protestant or pentecostal, then catholicism
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gabrielle: teaming up with the riley institute for a 2016 voter focus group, and this will be an exclusive live streaming event with upstate voters who will weigh in on the upcoming first in the south presidential primaries. peter hart is a nationally known pollster which works with organizations, and you can watch this event live streaming tomorrow night on our wyff app. najibullah the survivor of pinckney, jennifer talked about what life is been like since that fatal day. her husband, as you may recall, was killed in the charleston shooting back in june 2015. she along with other pastors talk about race, gun control,
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>> clemente invited a stranger in. he did not see color. and even though this violent act happened, i think we all have to put god first. nigel: dylan ruth stands charged of gunning them down, and prosecutors will pursue the death penalty. jury selection is set to begin july 11. gabrielle: a head tonight in our consumer watch, are you looking for some extra cash? one business helps people lower their hills. nigel: and coming up tonight,
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live alligator through if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes,
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ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. in tonight's consumer watch... it's a clever idea.... hatched nigel: in tonight's consumer watch, it was a plan of brothers created a business over something we do not like, haggling over bills and more. gabrielle: as olivia sterns explains, their techniques are
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olivia: they want to travel, and they looked at their cell phone bill, which cost $180 a month, and then they discovered the bill fixers. >> we could save a couple hundred more. olivia: they were tracking it in their basement wore room. >> we kind of get it done and probably less than an hour. bolivia: -- olivaia: they started it in college. handing over birthdays, social security numbers, even pin nu mbers, and they charge what they save customers, half of it for the first year. >> just be nice, and they will
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olivia: call in the morning, ask for customer service, not billing, and start by saying you want to cancel your service. they threatened to switch to a cheaper plan, and they were shocked to find out how much they cut their cell phone bill from $180 a month -- >> to $60. olivia: paying money to save money could be well worth it. michael: coming up, a story we brought you yesterday, an effort to make sure school children do not go hungry on the weekends. >> they seem tired, and they will come in and have breakfast, but yet they are still hungry, so we tried to have extra round, because they cannot learn until they have been fed. michael: some kids who get free or reduced lunch need help on the weekend.
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that is coming up on wyff news 4 . gabrielle, plus, just in time for valentine's day, the world's largest diamond, and where you can find it. nigel: and how horses can read human emotion. john: outside, mostly clear
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and low w she spent a lifetime making a difference for people. winning healthcare for 8 million children. benefits for families of reservists and the national guard. standing strong around the world for human rights and women's rights. hillary clinton. she'll raise the minimum wage. take on the drug companies to lower the cost of prescription drugs. and give everyone the opportunity to go to college without going into debt. she'll get the job done... for us. i'm hillary clinton
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in germany. emergency workers started removing the wreckage nigel: in germany, emergency workers started removing the wreckage from a head-on train crash. they were trying to figure out why multiple safety measures failed, allowing two trains to travel on the same single-line track and smash into each other. they are considering possible technical errors and human failure. about 100 emergency workers were helping with the debris removal. and a man is removed from a flight in what alaska air officials are calling customer service issues. a disruption was so big that the flight from boston to san diego had to make an emergency landing in denver. one passenger recorded video of the man being detained, and other passengers started applauding after the man was removed from the plane.
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where a man is accused of stealing money from a photo booth and making it easy for police to find him. take a look. they say the photograph was snapping away as the man took the $75. he left behind several head shots, and police are now asking the public to help identify him. nigel: so who is the driver of the driverless car? the national transportation safety commission sent a letter to google, saying a computer controlled vehicle should be legally defined as the driver, and that is significant for google and others wanting to make self driving cars a reality. gabrielle: well, here are the signs that mardi gras festivities have ended. officials made their official street suite at midnight last night, and the mayor even joined the officers on horseback. the move is largely symbolic
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more than a million people come to new orleans usually for mardi gras. nigel: new data shows colorado's marijuana businesses sold nearly one billion dollars of recreational and medical cannabis last year and also the state collected more than 134 is -- 135 million dollars in marijuana taxes. some of that money will go toward school construction projects. gabrielle: and there was this incredible time left showing lightning strikes from space. this was taken at the international space station as it went over turkey towards russia. it has viewed -- been viewed more than 330 thsand times on facebook and twitter. announcer: now, your hd weather forecast. john: that was pretty cool, and speaking of satelelte pictures, of course, they are of higher, but our said light picture with the weather, shooting down on
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you can see some high, thin clouds, and this piece of energy swings on in, and it will produce more snow. it is snowing in nashville and up into st. louis. the computer models have this thing kind of falling apart, but i think it will produce some flurries for the north georgia mountains and the mountains as we go through this evening, and then after that, i think it just kind of falls apart. things are quiet, but this batch of snow is moving in with a couple of flurries for you folks in andrews and cherokee county and the extreme southwestern mountains. there is some snow along interstate 75 northwest of atlanta. i still think atlanta will end up with a couple of flurries. the big problem with this system in place is the wind chill advisory. dangerous wind chills, again around zero by tomorrow morning, and the wind chill advisory starts around seven across this
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they are forecasting plus 10 p.m. up minus five degrees. this is our live shot. this is headed northbound, and you can see the mountains in the background. you can see the high, thin cirrus clouds, and to the northwest, that is what we are talking about, some of the snow flurries and showers coming in from there. 30 three degrees in toccoa, some pretty cool temperatures in northeastern georgia, the entire area. just above the freezing mark. toccoa, 32 right now. below freezing in clarksville, and the wind making it in, 29 degrees in dillard, 49 degrees in elberton. 15 currently in boone. there is the wind out of the west or northwest depending on where you live. either where -- way you slice
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mainly windchill's in the 20's, and it will only get colder. the good news in the upstate is the wind will diminish. but they will stay up in the mountains. 38 in atlanta, 39 in myrtle beach. a dip in the jet stream. on the southern edge, here comes a piece of snow that will fizzle out. a lot of lake effect snow into the great lakes, where it is very cold, 19 in cleveland, 13 in minneapolis. 70's and oklahoma and also in texas, 60 five in denver, not too bad. a very cold breeze tonight, overnight low 22 degrees, a bitterly cold wind in the mountains, maybe a light snow shower, especially the close you get to the tennessee line and the north georgia a untains. lighter winds in the upstate with mostly sunny skies, not as cold in the mountains tomorrow with partly sunny skies, but still, a cold breeze but not a cold wind.
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about 10 to 15 miles per hour. still, unseasonably cold all of the way through the weekend as another surge of arctic air comes in for the weekend, and that sets this date for some frozen cetacean starting sunday night and into monday, and now it looks like monday night and into a. we will have to watch it closely. the computer models are still undecided. we will keep you updated. now, back to you, gabrielle. gabrielle: thank you. the second largest diamond ever found, and the canadian company who owns it held a public competition to find the perfect name for it. look at that thing. the name for it is "our light," in the natural language of botswana, where it was found. nigel: i do not have to worry about by that.
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something more adorable than this. the panda cub lives at the zoo in washington, not quite six months old, so you need to cut him some slack as he tries and tries and tries to climb the pine tree. the u.s. government pays about $500,000 a year to host the giant pandas at the smithsonian, and the money does back into research and conservation efforts in china. gabrielle: according to researchers, horses are able to distinguish between happy and angry human faces. scientists found the mastic horses responded negatively to negative faces, and domestication may have a loud horses to by daft and interpret human behavior.
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hearta florida man faces criminal charges for a prank he pulled. he thr nigel: a florida man is they say criminal charges for a prank he pulled.
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through the fast food window at a restaurant. gabrielle: what started out as a joke ended up with not so fun the assault charges. >> we were hanging out, and we stumbled upon an alligator. reporter: as soon as he walked out of jail, josh was not bashful about explaining himself. >> we are just like outdoors kind of people, so anything we find, we catch, and then one thing led to another. reporter: the creative process led to him and a buddy driving this gator to the restaurant. >> we were going to throw it at them through the drive-through window. reporter: he said when they drove up, there was a woman working at the window, but they went ahead as planned. they are not sure what happened next. >> i don't know. we just took off, and i think
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i am sorry what i did, and i found doubt about the consequences. reporter: even though the prank happened in october, he did not know how much trouble he was in. he turned himself in on a three- count warrant, including assault with a deadly weapon. >> i figured out, wow, i am really in trouble for this. i think my pranking days are over. nigel: thank you for joining us for the news at 5:00. gabrielle: the news with michael and carol and carol starts right now. announcer: this is wyff news 4 at 6:00 in high definition. mr. rubio: south carolina will be definitive and affirmative, and i need your votes. michael: a couple of guys in costumes were attracted. >> i don't like it.
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carol: a north carolina company makes a push to dump toxic waste in an upstate community. michael: but first, this dangerous cold. a look from our camera. it looks cold, doesn't it? carol: chief meteorologist john cessarich is here. the wind is a story by itself tonight, isn't it? john: yes, it is, and that arctic air is so cold and sewed dance, when it hits you, especially with gusting up to hurting miles per hour, you know that it is here, and it is going to stay here at least through tonight. we only warmed up into the mid to upper 20's in the mountains and only the teens in boone. then, by the way, had a wind chill of seven degrees below zero. this goes across the tennessee and north carolina line as a possibility. temperatures outside ranging
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