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tv   WYFF News 4 6am Saturday  NBC  February 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 today in high definition. myra: it's election day in south carolina. after two weeks of campaign stops, robo calls and mail , flyers by the republican candidates, voters head to the polls today to make their selection for who shouod be the republican nomination for president. good morning, i myra ruiz. and -- gabrielle: i'm gabrielle komorowski. myra: you are really here. gabrielle: not asleep in my bed. the message from the weather is to enjoy these mild temperatures. pamela: exactly. not the sunniest of days, but quite warm.
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greenwood this morning when you walk out the door. you will does that for sure. 11 degrees warmer in greenwood. in asheville, 43 this morning early on your saturday. greenwood, really quite mild. 48. woodruff road skycam making some early poll goers this morning. we have another hour. our temperatures will warm up each hour. we will be in the 50's and getting into the 60's today. there is 46 with partly cloudy skies. the breeze is pick up across the mountains as well. temperatures will be well above average for all of us. look at all the clouds.
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overall, dry. some spotty showers later today. look at the temperatures, getting into the low 60's. quite nice. the breeze, mainly between five and seven out of the southwest. upper 50's in asheville. well above average for you as well. big changes as we get into the work week. we will talk about those, losing the warmth, and picking up the wet. gabrielle: today is the republican primary in south carolina, and the first primary in the southeast. myra: the polls open this morning at 7:00. wyff news four's aly myles is live and local in greenville at one of the many poling places.
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appearance there today. aly: this is one of the polling locations here in greenville. so far, very quiet. if you are wondering where this location is, this is across from greenville tech. very quiet out here. in just about an hour, the polls open, and voters start arriving. some have already started getting there ballots cast, absentee ballots, to be specific. 5000 were cast in greenville alone. that is a good number for primary election. yesterday, we spoke to some of those. >> it was quick and easy. >> i voted for marco rubio. finally we are getting the list
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learn something about the to bring candidates. >> i voted for ted cruz. i like what he stands for. pretty much everything key says, i agree with. aly: a lot of those voters told us they felt a sense of relief, knowing that their part in the process was done. at 7:00, that is one polls will open. also, we are expecting jeb bush to arrive and greet voters. myra: thank you. if you are heading out to vote today, we have a few reminders for you. to vote, if your voter registration card doesn't have your picture on it, you will need a state issued id or federal military id. if you have not registered to vote yet, you will not be allowed to cast a ballot today. also, in south carolina you are only allowed to vote in either the republican or democratic
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you can't vote in both. according to the last poll released before today's primary the big question tonight is who , will be in second place. but it's also shows a big swath of undecideds out there , clemson released its latest palmetto poll yesterday. a survey of south carolinians who've voted in at least two of the past three state primaries. donald trump leads the field with 28% followed by ted cruz , with 19%, and marco rubio with 15%. 13% were still undecided. last fall, the palmetto poll showed trump as the leader, with ben carson coming in at a strong second. gabrielle: as they made their last push to today, several of the republican candidates spent time in the upstate. yesterday senator marco rubio was joined by governor nikki haley and senator tim scott. they held a rally in clemson last night. rubio joked with the crowd of 300, saying they should vote for him because he's the only candidate who wasn't pulling for alabama in the college football title game. he also stuck to serious
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the audience he'll revive the economy. meanwhile, jeb bush and his mother barbara bush held rallies yesterday. bush, is looking for a jumpstart in stronger finish tonight. he says he was disappointed when long-term friend nikki haley and tourist opponent marco rubio. myra: and there was some star power in greenville last night for senator ted cruz. he was joined by duck dynasty star phil robertson. robertson officially endorsed cruz last month in a video that shows them duck hunting. he says he believes cruz is the best bet for restoring the country to its christian roots. cruz joked about making robertson the ambassador to the united nations. myra: many of the candidates are staying in south carolina today to watch the returns come in. donald trump will be at marriot in spartanburg. marco rubio, at the carolina haven in columbia. ted cruz at the south carolina state fairgrounds in columbia. jeb bush at the hilton columbia center in columbia.
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embassy suites in greenville. while john kasich will be in massachusetts. and a reminder for you, wyff news 4 is your home for political coverage. night, we will bring you the election results right here, as well as on our mobile app. gabrielle: before heading to south carolina next saturday, the democrats hold their primary in nevada today. in just a few hours, bernie sanders and hillary clinton face-off. it is shaping up to be another close one. they are in a virtual tie. both arererying to appeal to latino voters. bernie sanders: my immigration policy is to unite families, not to divide families.
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one to call out donald trump. gabrielle: pulls in south carolina give clinton a strong, double digit lead. again, the democratic primary in south carolina, is next saturday. longtime south carolina lawmaker, jim clyburn endorsed , hillary clinton. congressman clyburn says clinton is a fighter, and has solid plans to handle important issues. >> hillary has devoted her life to early childhood education and affordable health care for all. hillary clinton's proposals for accessible and affordable higher education will relieve the crushing debt of college loans and preserve the value and viability of historically black colleges and university. gabrielle: he said he has had the opportunity to work with both clinton and bernie sanders in congress, and has enjoyed his
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myra: coming up after being , blamed for several fires, the federal government is commenting on how safe, or unsafe hoverboards are. and the literary world is remembering the life and work of author harper lee. pamela: a cloudy start to our saturday.
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temperatures mild. >> you are watching live, local, breaking news with myra ruiz and
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myra: we are back now with a traffic alert for you can expect some lane closures. overnight, one lane of traffic in both the north and south-bound lanes, between mile markers 63 and 67, are closed. that's between the exit for highway and highway 129 in 290 spartanburg county. the road work will continue through tomorrow afternoon. drivers should expect delays, and are encouraged to take another route if they can. gabrielle: there will be no social media postings from jail. that's from deputies in pickens county after three suspects accused of murder, turned to our cameras in the courtroom this week, and asked people to follow them on twitter and other sites. albert taylor, jamari fair, dennis gibbs, and a 15-year-old are accused of shooting kejuan brown in the tri-city lanes bowling alley parking lot,
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deputy creed hashe told wyff news 4 that inmates have no access to computers or cell phones in the detention center. he said, the only way they could post on social media, is if they call someone from the jail, and have that person post for them. myra: officers are investigating the theft of prescription narcotics, from an upstate high school. anderson district three officials say a nurse at crescent high school noticed the missing medicine. now officers tell us they're investigating a substitute teacher at the school. that person's name has not yet been released, but she has been removed from the approved sub list. this morning the literary world continues mourning a massive loss. nelle harper lee died today. she wrote the pulitzer prize winning novel to kill a mocking bird. she was 89. she originally submitted her manuscript for to kill a mockingbird in 1957 and was asked to rewrite it. the novel, which defined the racial troubles of the deep south, was published three years later. it became a reading requirement for generations of students.
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when it came to the media. but friends describe the author as friendly and social. coming up, we'll have more on the search, for whoever opened fire inside a crowded mall in alabama. and a reminder for you this morning, polls in south carolina will be open today. (church bell) (bear growls)
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>> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. pamela: inside a morning -- good saturday morning. hardly cloudy. much milder than yesterday morning. many areas 15-18 degrees warmer than yesterday. here we are. a little bit of traffic out there this morning. it will be a nice day overall. even with the clouds. not brilliant sunshine, but temperatures mild. 48 in greenville. 36 would be the average for the lows. well above that.
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we can count on that to keep us mild again today. 48 in gree greenwood, abbeville. that is the temperature of choice across much of greenwood and abbeville counties. lawrence, 45. the same in clinton this morning. we find low 40's and western north carolina as well, well above the norm. today, temperatures will be above average. look at where we are. it is cooler in charleston at 42 than it is in asheville. our clouds and southwesterly flow helping to keep things mild overnight, holding and some of the warm from escaping. 49 in columbia. overall, as far as voting goes today, whether it is not going
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it will be cloudy and mainly dry. mainly today and tomorrow. the rain chances will pick up as our sunday goes on. there is a very slow-moving front on the way. ahead of it, we will continue to warm up through the weekend. very warm air is the story all the way up the east coast talking about highs in the 50's and 60's. in the middle of the country, look at this. 66 in dallas. very mild with moisture and warm air in place in the coming days, in fact, through next week. we could see severe weather in parts of the deep south. as far as here at home, some spotty showers this afternoon,
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count on rain at times especially in western north carolina. as the front gets closer to all of us, the rain chances will pick up on sunday, and especially to start off the work week. 61 today. greenwood, spartanburg, and anderson. for this evening, the temperatures again stay well above average and even a warmer sunday on the way, even with the clouds and shower chances. the temperatures go down about 10 degrees on monday. that puts us in the upper 50's in the upstate. a good chance for rain. then, we shave off more with only the 40's for the highest on tuesday -- the highs on tuesday.
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cold the start of the week. myra: not pleasant, but better than the ice. gabrielle: covering the nation this morning, police want to know who opened fire inside an alabama mall. two people were shot. both are expected to survive the shooting that took place in the western hills mall in fairfield, alabama. police believe one of the victims was directly targeted, while the other was an innocent bystander. three other people were injured during the incident, but not shot. the five people hurt range in age from teenagers to their early 20's. a 15-year-old boy was critically injured and two others are in serious condition this morning after a sightseeing helicopter crashed at pearl harbor. the aircraft was salvaged yesterday. these are pictures of that. it took divers and other crews about an hour to float the downed helicopter using inflatable bags. the ntsb will now inspect the chopper. the investigation is expected to take months.
6:22 am
florida this morning, showing a boat on fire. firefighters responded to the boat fire in largo, near tampa bay yesterday. the boat was estimated to be between 27 and 34 feet. officials say, people on the boat were able to escape. one transported to the hospital suffered minor injuries. no word yet on what started the fire. myra: a somber day on capitol hill. the d.c. community said goodbye to supreme court justice antonin scalia before his funeral later today. president obama and the first lady paid their respects yesterday. as you may recall, scalia passed away last week. he was 79. scalia's body lay in repose yesterday at the u.s. supreme court building. republican presidential candidate ted cruz plans to attend. authorities in oklahoma say a car chase came to a fiery end. officers with the marlow police department attempted to stop a 17-year-old for a cracked windshield, but the teen refused
6:23 am
the chase would end with both the suspect p's car and the police car, burning in a field. no one was injured. police believe the teen led officers on a chase because he did not have a driver's license. wind left people looking for cover in chicago, it may seem like fun to some, but it was dangerous yesterday with wind gusts potentially reaching upwards of 50 miles an hour. chicagoans know how to make the best of any weather condition, but on days like this walking down the street can be a struggle. several downtown buildings were evacuated after debris started getting tossed around. the high winds also knocked down power lines leaving nearly people without electricity 100,000 gabrielle: hoverboards were a hot gift this past holiday season. keyword, hot.
6:24 am
home in january. two teenagers at home at the time, barely escaped. firefighters say the cause, was the family's hoverboard. >> the fact that a toy caused this kind of destruction to our lives, it's just wrong. ,>> hoverbards have been implicated in at least 50 other fires in 24 states. the consumer product safety commission thinks the problem is how the devices' lithium-ion battery packs interact with circuit boards inside the units. the cpsc has sent a letter to companies that either make or sell the tech toys, saying any hoverboards that don't meet federal safety standards will face a recall or be seized. >> i do not know of any at this point that would comply with the standard. >> at new york's jfk airport last december, customs agents seized nearly 1400 counterfeit hoverboards with potentially dangerous batteries. they'd been shipped via air
6:25 am
>> i would stop using them and i would contact the retailer or the manufacturer who made it and demand proof that it complies with the standard, and if it doesn't i would demand a refund. >> last month, amazon announced it would give full refunds on all hoverboards purchased through its website. nbc news has attempted to contact organizations that represent hoverboard manufacturers, so far, no response. myra: underway right now this morning, another grueling stamina test at penn state university. it's thon weekend. the annual 46-hour dance marathon kicked off yesterday. more than 700 dancers take part in the event and can't sleep or sit during the entire time. thousands of other students volunteer in supportive roles. thon is billed as the world's largest student-run philanthropy and is a yearlong money raising effort leading up to the dance weekend. the money raised benefits pediatric cancer patients and their families at the penn state
6:26 am
caps on thon raised over 13-million dollars last year, bringing the total to more than 127-million dollars since 1977. the dancing doesn't stop until sunday afternoon. gabrielle: how much would you pay for a comic book featuring spider man? how about $454,000? the comic book is from 1962 and features the first appearance of spiderman. this is a record price for any public auction of a spiderman comic book. the man who sold the comic says he first bought it for $1200. myra: time for your wyff news 4 timeline. on this date in 2003, 100 people died and 200 more were injured in a fire at "the station"
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the band g hillary clinton: i do not believe we live
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the economy is rigged in favor of the top. americans haven't had a raise in 15 years. but i want to go further. whether it's poison in the water... hardworking immigrant families living in fear... racism holding people back... wall street and big financial interests along with drug companies, insurance companies, big oil companies... the indifference, the negligence. that's what i want to take on. i'm running for president to root out all of these barriers... because i think america can only live up to its potential when we make sure that every american has a chance to live up to his or her potential. i'm hillary clinton,
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pamela wright. myra: a big day in south carolina as voters head to the polls for the republican presidential primary, and they won't just be looking at who finishes first. we have a very special guest. gabrielle: i'm very honored to be with the two of you on this important news day. it will be a pleasant day. pamela: no excuses weather-wise. that is for sure. we are starting out so much warmer than we were yesterday morning. you can't miss it. 18 degrees warmer in greenwood. 17 degrees warmer in abbeville. a shift in the winds and some clouds. that puts our numbers in the
6:31 am
47 and clemson. 45 and hendersonville. that is mild. closer to freezing would be the norm. highs today getting into the lower 60's in the upstate. a study trail of traffic there. temperatures in the low 50's by 11:00. in spartanburg, starting out much milder at 46. pleasant, as far as the temperatures go. more of a south-southwesterly wind later today, bringing in a few isolated showers. temperature wise, you are in the upper 50's, maybe even 60's here and there.
6:32 am
it could be a popular place. slowly increasing moisture and bringing up the rain chances for sunday. we will talk about that and help you plan for a wet week ahead. myra: thank you. today is the republican primary in south carolina and the first primary election in the southeast. the polls open here at 7:00. aly myles is live and local in greenville at one of the many poling places. ad-lib current conditions & jeb good morning. aly: happy republican primary day and saturday for that matter . we saw the workers getting the equipment set up. this is south pleasant byrd drive just across the street
6:33 am
it is just one of the many polingling locations that people can go to. we are expecting jeb bush and about an hour, greeting voters. take a look at this. the folks casting their absentee ballots yesterday. more than 5000 ballots were turned in in greenville alone. that is a good number for a primary election. >> i went in there. i was probably in line for five minutes. it was quick and easy. >> i voted for marco rubio. finally we are getting the list down to the point where you can learn something about the different candidates. >> i voted for ted cruz.
6:34 am
aly: several of those voters told us they felt a sense of relief that they are part of the process was done. the polls open in just about half an hour. we are expecting jeb bush around 7:00. myra: if you're heading out to vote today, we have a few reminders for you to vote. if you have not registered to vote yet, you will not be allowed to cast a ballot today. also, in south carolina you are only allowed to vote in either the republican or democratic primary. you can't vote in both. also, we have posted a sample of today's g-o-p ballot and next week's democratic ballot on our
6:35 am
gabrielle: according to the last poll released before today's primary, the big question tonight is who will be in second place. but it's also shows a big swath of undecided voters. clemson released its latest palmetto poll yesterday. it's a survey of south carolinians who've voted in at least two of the past three state primaries. donald trump leads the field with 28 percent, followed by ted cruz with 19 percent, and marco rubio with 15 percent. 13% were still undecided. myra: today, weighing in from washington with details. >> in nevada, bernie sanders and hillary clinton duke it out as the democrats caucus. >> nevada will be helpful in maybe assessing kind of how the rest of the nation maybe feels about the democratic race because its demographics are fairly similar. >> minorities make up a larger portion of the electorate in the silver state compared to earlier contests in iowa and new hampshire a key test for both
6:36 am
comes to hispanics who make up about 24% of nevada's potential voters, according to the census bureau. >> we've engaged with partners through a very aggressive voter-registration campaign to ensure that latinos who want to participate are registered. >> meanwhile, in the south it's , the evangelical vote that could decide the palmetto primary. a pew center study finds 35 percent of south carolina's christians make up that bloc, creating an all out battle between ted cruz and donald trump for the religious right, >> if trump does well amongst those voters it will be a good sign for him heading into super tuesday because again there are a lot of states that kind of look like south carolina that vote on super tuesday. >> and in a few days, both parties will do it all over again. democrats hold their primary in south carolina next saturday, feburary 27th, while republicans will caucus in nevada this coming tuesday. myra: many of the candidates are staying in south carolina today to watch the returns come in. donald trump will be at marriot in spartanburg.
6:37 am
haven in columbia. ted cruz at the south carolina state fairgrounds in columbia. jeb bush at the hilton columbia center in columbia. ben carson will be at the embassy suites in greenville. while john kasich will be in massachusetts. and a reminder for you. wyff news 4 is your home for political coverage. we will bring you the results here as well as on the mobile app. gabrielle: i had this morning, a warning for you from the irs. the irs is talking about how many different scam attempts they have seen this tax season. pamela: your saturday morning starting up mild. rutherfordton at 45.
6:38 am
chance change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability. bernie sanders. he was there when dr. king marched on washington. unafraid to challenge the status quo to end racial profiling, take on police misconduct, and take down a system that profits from mass imprisonment. there is no president who will fight harder to end institutional racism. education. opportunity. reform. bernie. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. jeb bush's campaign has cratered, now he just slings mud. but, it's made no difference. the state endorsed john kasich saying voters should, "ignore the blather of candidates without real credentials to lead the country." the usa today poll said kasich was the most likely republican to beat hillary clinton, beating her by eleven points. john kasich is presidential.
6:40 am
why monopoly's paper money.. will soon go away in some versions of the famous game. and if you are myra: we've all heard of the superheroes who wear masks, but our guests are with a group of local ladies who do what they can for the community, usually without the mask. let us welcome them from the junior league. thank you for being here. you are going to be doing something fun coming up. >> yes. our black-tie event is coming up next saturday, the 27th. it is a masquerade. myra: the night of fun does a lot of good for the community, dozen that? >> it does. all of the funds raised will go back to the junior league for the programs and products we
6:41 am
myra: there's so me things that the junior league does, you may as well be wearing masks. >> we have our community placements where we put volunteers into community agencies each year. the junior league. junior league. myra: the 85th year -- this is the invitation for this event. there are some photos from last year. who is the musical entertainment this year? >> the band is still cruising. we always have a live band. there will be fun things going on with the auction. myra: what is this? >> are well of giving.
6:42 am
can pull a prize off the wall. myra: it's great. gives you an option of a different price range. >> this year we have the ball of giving, a silent auction, and this year we are doing mobile bidding so that people can log on, even if they are not at the event. myra: that's great. you cover a range of agencies. a lot of things that people may recognize. u2 at the baseball field. >> greenville county schoolchildren come for a free field trip that teachers them to make healthy choices. myra: certainly, a lot of people familiar with the children's
6:43 am
>> pendleton place, and several other agencies in greenville. myra: another great thing is you are training other young ladies to use their skills to help out where they can. >> we are training organization, and we train our members to be wonderful community volunteers. myra: people need to get the addresses because this is a black-tie event. tell us when and where this takes place. >> next saturday down on main street. we have a vip reception at 6:00 and general mission beginning at 7:00. information. myra: all proceeds will go to your efforts to help out. anything of particular that people need to know to get
6:44 am
>> we would love people to don a massk. it is a black-tie event. join us. gabrielle: thanks to those ladies for coming in. coming up, we will explain why monopolies paper money will soon go away in some versions of the famous game. myra: and, if you're heading to the polls today, you can find a sample ballot on our website to there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place
6:45 am
to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay d a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our conscience and our hearts and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
6:46 am
4 hd weather forecast. pamela: good morning to you. winds this morning only about
6:47 am
up, stronger winds coming in. the breezes out of the south and southwest. they will be lighter ones. 48 degrees in greenville. we start you out in the 40's in westerernorth carolina as well. a good 15 degrees warmer than we were yesterday morning. across the carolinas and georgia, starting out warm. only 42 in charleston. we're much warmer in greenville at 48. 49 in columbia. not the sunniest of saturdays, but for a february saturday, temperatures will be quite comfortable. you will see the clouds
6:48 am
again, the warm air moving into the southeast is a big part of our story. we will find highs in the 50's and 60's. this frontal boundary will get bogged down. showers and thunderstorms as we look to the next week could be tracking. we will keep our eye on that. again, clouds thickening through the day. try in the atmosphere. by this afternoon and tonight, we will bring in a little bit of the rain chance. they will be spotty, and not very heavy, but moving in a little earlier. 65 in memphis. very warm air. this will continue to move in our direction.
6:49 am
cloudy once again, even warmer. high-pressure is slipping off to see. we will more more get the south wind today, and more out of the southwest. again, the frontal boundary goes nowhere fast. the clouds will continue to thicken for us. for your sunday, no more than some breaks in the sun. the showers will be mainly light in the mountains. overall, the story for the weekend really is our temperatures. they will be well above average, getting into the upper 50's. in anderson, low 60's for the get some outside time. i hope you can this weekend. just a few showers around for
6:50 am
with lester on the increase, fog forming, especially in the mountains. nice temperatures tomorrow. 67 in the upstate. only mid 40's for tuesday. of course, a bit colder in asheville, hendersonville. most of the precipitation is liquid for the days ahead. gabrielle: thank you. now to our money matters. the irs has issued a new consumer warning. they want to warn people that email and texting scams have surged a whopping 400 percent this year. according to the irs, more than phishing and malware schemes 1000 were reported in january.. that's an increase of 254 during the same month l lt year. and so far in february, 363 incidents have been reported,
6:51 am
reported for the entire month of february last year. the scams are designed to trick taxpayers into thinking they're official communications from the irs or others in the tax industry. myra: ford motor company has plans to take some of the bumps out of your daily commute. they are expanding the availability of its pothole-detection technology by cluding it in the new 2017 fusion v-6 sport. the pothole-detection tech detects when the car is running over a pothole and instantly adjusts the shock absorbers to keep the tire from dropping down. the feature has previously been available in ford's expedition and its lincoln luxury cars. gabrielle: say goodbye to the banker in the new monopoly game. hasbro has released a new version of monopoly. it eliminates both the game's signature paper money, as well as, the banker position. instead, players scan special bank cards on a hand-held banking unit.
6:52 am
games to be played today, as we come down the stretch of the
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>> now, wyff news 4 sports. brad: i'm brad fralick. good morning. college days all season is here. monti league coaching in his first game. he is just the third head baseball coach since 1958.
6:55 am
hosting main, trailing three to two. wilson beats to first. top of the seventh, still tied at three. to center field. night, they lose the baseball in the run comes in to score. the bottom ninth, clemson down. 4-3. bases-loaded. main takes the game for-three. >> in tight ballgames, it is the little things s at will get you beat. we made two errors tonight that cost us two runs. again, you have to give them credit. they outplayed us tonight. brad: the same two teams this afternoon. the gamecocks opening the
6:56 am
one-nothing. joan strides in all three runs -- drives in all three runs taking a 4-3 lead to albany. chad holbrook says he was pleased with how his guys played. he said the most difficult part of the night may have been filling up the l leup card. >> i walked in my office, look to the board, and saw 5-6 different lineups. eventually i had to pick one. i picked a good one. brad: moore re college baseball scores from opening day. wofford beat kentucky. tomorrow is the daytona 500 and the nascar team decided to move one to north carolina in the off-season.
6:57 am
>> during nascar's infancy spartanburg was considered the , racing capital. over time, that shifted north to north carolina. that trend continued in january. the last team to call south carolina home has moved to north carolina. >> there are a lot more resumes that show up on the desk because guys can make a 20 minute drive the to not want to make the hour and 20 minine drive. i think it opens the doors, brings more resources. our parts guys are lot of happier. >> it makes their lives easier. it makes it easier for them to compete. think of this. every time they needed apart, one of those guys had to get in the car and drive to charlotte. brad: thanks so much. the clemson men's basketball team is in the triangle for
6:58 am
they want to stay in the hunt. they have a chance to get back to the ncaa tournament for the first time in five years with a strong finish and start against n.c. state. >> n.c. state will be a tough one. cap barber is unbelievable. they have strong guys inside that are physical. they have all week to get ready. we anticipate a tough game. brad: three of clemson's fofo -- final four games are on the road. the gamecocks will try to get back in the win column today. south carolina lost to mizzou on tuesday night. columbia comes today. now to the high school playoffs. berea hosting union county.
6:59 am
is radium williams junior -- raymond williams junior. license to run. they are very good at it. berea running the break again. berea wins 70-57. a girl's second round game. greenville high hosting richland. the red raiders running the break. she eliminates greenville high, 67-63. for the rest of the scores from around the state, check out the


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