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tv   WYFF News 4 530pm  NBC  February 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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any grilling this evening. it is pleasant temperature-wise. john, how is it looking for this evening? john: we will see thunderstorms of the next hour or two, in the northeastern part of the upstate, moving into spartanburg county, off to the northeast. we had a few showers with embedded heavy thunderstorms march across the area. nothing strong were severe, just heavy rainfall, a bit of lightning from time to time, maybe gusty winds. a front is pushing through and it has stalled out because of a low developing along it. when the front settles to the south overnight, the wind will shift out of the northeast area that will drive in cooler temperatures and more stable conditions. here is the front tomorrow morning. we will be wedged in with showers, rain, drizzle, fog. this will produce severe weather in mississippi tomorrow afternoon and will move right between this front and that front. very unstable air.
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morning, here comes a line of heavy thunderstorms a will march across the area. they could be severe, depending on how fast we actually erode this wedge on top of us, the cooler air, because these two friends mean we could see severe thunderstorms across the area, especially south of i-85. nigel: donald trump was the clear winner in saturday's gop primary. however, some would say governor nikki haley was, as well. her late endorsement of marco rubio, as you are about to hear, may have played a big influence in the senator's second-place finish. on saturday night, while marco rubio was celebrating a second-place win in south carolina, standing beside him was governor nikki haley. she, just two days before, gave rubio a big endorsement. >> politics, much like comedy, is all about timing, and certainly, right before the election, it's in all the news cycles. that was a stroke of campaign genius.
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groover, the head of the greenville county gop, is talking about. he was not a rubio supporter. >> i did endorse governor bush for the white house. nigel: but the final numbers show rubio beating senator ted cruz by only 1,091 votes. donald trump carried almost the entire state, except two counties. rubio carried those. they were both charleston and richland county. >> the governor's endorsement, how big was that? >> i think it was huge. jeb would have performed much better than he did, had governor haley endorsed him rather than rubio. and i certainly think it helped rubio considerably in his fight with cruz for that second place spot. nigel: rubio did not win. however, the numbers may show, governor haley''s influence may have. >> it showed that governor haley is a very important figure in south carolina politics. she is a very influential figure
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to her in the middle of her second term of governor, as being quite a force in our state. and she is truly a great leader, and rubio was very fortunate to have her endorsement. nigel: greenville mayor knox white, congressman trey gowdy, and senator tim scott all endorsed rubio, as well. gabrielle: a north charleston pastor is challenging senator tim scott in his bid for re-election. pastor thomas a. dixon announced his decision at a news conference today. dixon says he is a tireless advocate. dixon is a community activist and democrat. scott is a republican, and has served since 2013. he was appointed by governor nikki haley following the resignation of jim demint. the senatorial election is coming up this november. nigel: the upstate homeschool co-op delivered donations to the greenville children's hospital today. officials from the co-op say they raised money, and made blankets and tray liners, for the children in the hospital.
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club worked on the project. a volunteer we spoke to says, blankets are needed the most during the winter season. >> we decided that doing something like blankets to the hospital would be something good for us to give, that they can use a lot, that wasn't something specific. nigel: volunteers say they held to pay for the fabric for the blankets. happening now in north carolina, electricity regulators are deciding whether to allow a $1 billion project. it would allow duke energy to convert an asheville coal-burning power plant to burn cleaner natural gas. the north carolina utilities commission heard details of the project today. duke energy would pass along the costs, plus a profit margin, to its customers. environmental groups say duke energy is overstating the future electricity need in the north carolina mountains to get the
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gabrielle: georgia lawmakers former president jimmy carter's cancer treatment. it will prevent insurance companies from limiting coverage of drugs for stage 4 cancer patients. the 91-year-old president announced he was diagnosed with skin cancer last august. officials say a newly approved drug helps his immune system , and in december, carter said his brain detected no signs of kind -- cancer cells. the bill says nobody with cancer should have treatment limited by insurance. it goes to the state senate for review. nigel: coming up, airport travel can be stressful, some airports are using the power of puppies to help make it better. gabrielle: plus, some of the first gender-neutral restrooms will be available at the university of california.
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li the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done.
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...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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travel.....especially ai nigel: travel, especially air travel, can be stressful. gabrielle: but the airport in minneapolis is trying to lighten the stress load for fliers. bryan piatt has the story. >> he likes to be pet right here. bryan: patti anderson and her dog are not flying anywhere. they are lifting spirits in terminal one.
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bryan: they are part of putting man's best friend in touch with travelers. >> there is solid research that petting a dog or a warm-blooded furry animal reduces stress and lowers blood pressure. feel how soft. bryan: they volunteer at local hospitals, but she says their first day at the airport caught her off guard. >> one of our first customers stayed for about 15 minutes, crying. she had just buried somebody, a family member. she did take she could make it across the airport. she saw my dog and hugged him and cried. bryan: travelers say the dog is a breath of fresh air is they had to the gate. >> relaxing, to see a dog at the airport. perfect timing. it was nice to be able to feel a little middle -- bit of love. >> when you have the dogs, there
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i am really happy and excited to be a part of the start of that gift. nigel: the therapy dogs are not at the airport at any time. gabrielle: there are about 20 different pets filling various shifts right now. michael: coming tonight, all new at 6:00, a look at two development projects up for discussion at the spartanburg city council meeting that's happening now. >> everybody is just anxious, because we don't exactly know what's gonna happen. and that's just the way life is. michael: two buildings are proposed for downtown spartanburg. they'd offer places to live, shop, and work. why some of the existing business owners are excited and concerned d the same time. don't miss this new at 6:00, , right here on wyff news 4. >> just keep movin' nigel: i could watch this video all day. coming up, the white house received a very special visitor, who was so excited she had to dance. gabrielle: plus, if you're a
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have noticed a change in their rewards system today. we explain the difference. john: the live super doppler showing a little batch of heavy thunderstorms rumbling across northern spartanburg county, a couple lightning strikes
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they served our country. our country should serve them better. bernie sanders cracked the gridlock with john mccain to help clean up the mess at the v.a. and strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders has always stood with our veterans, and that's why he'll never rush to put our men and women in harm's way. judgment. integrity. bernie.
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apple's c-e-o... tim cook... gabrielle: apple's ceo, tim cook, sent an email to his staff today, thanking them for their support. cook is refusing to help the fbi hack into a locked iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. apple received the court order last week. cook says, "this case is about more than a single phone," and says, "breaking into the phone would set a dangerous precedent." but the fbi's director says this is about giving the victims justice, and providing a thorough investigation into the december shooting. apple now has until friday to respond to the court order. nigel: starbucks is overhauling its rewards program. the goal is to speed up service at the checkout. under the old program, members got one star per visit, and it didn't matter how much was spent. as a result, customers were asking baristas to ring up a series of items as separate transactions. the new program is based on how much a customer spends, not on the number of transactions. gabrielle: the irs is warning
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for tax-related email scams this tax season. the irs says that tax-related email scams have surged 400% this tax season. the e-mails look like they are coming from the federal agency, but the irs once you to know that they normally reach out to taxpayers to regular mail, not e-mail. nigel: toys r us has decided to pull all hoverboards from its website. the company said it stopped selling the hovertrax hoverboard out of an abundance of caution. the move comes after the consumer protection safety commission said no hoverboard on the market meets its safety standards. they say the toy poses an unreasonable risk of fire. gabrielle: a class-action lawsuit has been filed against amc theatres, claiming the chain makes it hard for blind people to enjoy going to the movies. according to the lawsuit, amc, quote, "supposedly offers audio-description devices to blind customers. however, amc rarely provides appropriate, functioning audio-description devices to
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those listed in the lawsuit say the devices are often unavailable, have a low battery, or play the wrong audio descriptions. amc has not commented on the lawsuit. nigel: she waited all her life to see an african-american in the white house, so when 106-year-old south carolina native virginia mclaurin finally did it, she couldn''t contain her excitement. take a look. >> virginia mclaurin. >> would you like to say hi to michelle? yes! >> i am honored. >> you are not. nigel: i love that video. that is amazing. she was at the white house to celebrate black history month. during her short visit with the obamas, mclaurin repeatedly
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honor." then, look at this. they all started dancing. look at her go. she will celebrate her 107th birthday this upcoming march. gabrielle: what an inspirational lady. wow. take a look at this snub for wrestling and movie star john sina -- john cena. fox sports reporter jamie little was doing a live shot before the start of sunday's race. then, she unknowingly walked by john cena. what is that song? i with my hair back and forth. nigel: a dramatic rescue, caught on camera in the sacramento area. what started as a minor collision led to four vehicles crashing. one of them was a budget moving truck. it flew over the edge of the causeway, landed 35 feet below, and caught fire. >> first engine company got a hoseline from up here, kept the fire in check. we could see the driver was
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a rescue operation to get him out of there. nigel: highway patrol officers say the 58-year-old driver suffered a broken leg and burns. >> now, your live super doppler 4 hd weather forecast. john: a strong storm system comes out of the southern rockies as we go overnight, then move along the southern part of the country. it will affect us possibly wednesday with a potential for severe weather. as is from the storm prediction center out of norman, oklahoma. mobile, alabama, so than alabama, southern mississippi, moderate risk for severe weather. severe like -- severe weather likely, tornadoes a possibility. the gulf coast and even an tomorrow night, a risk in the
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as it heads towards us, we will be w wged in with a front. hopefully, that will -- that will protect us. but it will be a close call. on wednesday, the southeastern and eastern part of the upstate, union come all the way back to greenwood counties, you have a chance of severe weather and a risk of an isolated, brief tornado. we will watch this closely. it could had with her northwest or further southeast, depending on a lot of ingredients coming together. we will keep you updated. right now, showers and even thunderstorms rumbling across the area. the front stalled out to our north. a low developed on the front, slowing it down. the thunderstorms with heavy rainfall and gusty winds, nothing severe, not expecting severe weather. the lightning strikes will come to an end in the next hour or two. the sun goes down, and so will thunderstorms.
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county, rutherford county, heavier showers now with lightning strikes in through swain county north of bryson city. those moved through earlier. heavy rain in pickens and showers and thunderstorms in the northern part of spartanburg county, now over into western cherokee county. heavier showers around elbert county close to elberton. the front will finally push through, and as it does, the wind will shift to the northeast and that will get us into the stable layer. no more thunderstorms. we will see the rain, drizzle and fog tomorrow. there is a live shot from on top of paris mountain looking south. there is downtown greenville. cloudy skies with showers around the area, 58 degrees. 63 in anderson, 65 in abbeville, mid 50's in asheville and hendersonville.. 64 in columbia, 71 in charleston. a touch of spring south of the front.
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the system will pull in and it will get stronger texas. it will move our way through the next few days. fairly mild in the southern half of the country. getting us that transition to spring. showers and thunderstorms of the next hour or two, then steady rain and fog later. temperatures in the 40's. tomorrow, breezy and cool with a northeasterly wind in the upstate, rain, drizzle and fog. same in the mountains. overture's in the upper 40's, droppers -- dropping slowly tomorrow afternoon. showers and thunderstorms on wednesday, may change over to snow showers wednesday night for the mountains of north carolina. when he had colder as we end the week. now back to you. gabrielle: thanks, john. we want to show you our ulocal shots of the day. take a look at these dogs. a lot of them voted. -- both of them voted. nigel: and take a look at this beautiful sunset picture. the photographer says this was taken in laurens. keep those pictures coming. all you have to do is upload
5:52 pm we may show them on the air. daytona 500 is in the books, and the great american race has a brand-new winner. denny hamlin took the checkered flag, in the closest finish in this race's history. hamlin edged martin truex, jr. at the line for a photo finish. the margin of victory was 1/100th of a second. it was the first daytona 500 title for team owner joe gibbs since 1993, and he becomes the first person to win a super bowl title and the daytona 500. he 13 super bowl says coach of the washington redskins. >> i didn't know we had won. i knew it was close, and so i saw the pylon change and blink at the last second with the 11. and so i just i heard on the , radio, people were all crazy excited, so i assumed we won when that happened. but if not, i was gonna be pissed. gabrielle: the nascar tour heads to atlanta this week, nigel: no goalie, no problem.
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and the binghamton senators out of new york decide to pull their goalie towards the end of the game. then, someone takes a shot into the empty net, and bud holloway manages to deflect the shot. the diving save was incredible, but the senators ended up losing anyway. gabrielle: here's one way to wake up, with a face full of fresh snow. nigel: oh, yeah. gabrielle: the toronto zoo posted this adorable video of giant panda da mao last week. he woke up, tumbled out of his cave, when down the hill. he liked it so much, he did it again. nigel: pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. only flonase is approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms.
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to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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to gender neutral facilities is nigel: a project to convert restrooms to gender neutral facilities is underway at the university of california, davis. gabrielle: by montnts end, 120 of its single-stall bathrooms will be unisex. dana griffin reports on -- reports. dana: it's hard enough being a college student, worrying about grades, social life, and what to do after graduation. aiden leong has even more on her plate. >> for me, i identify myself as she/her, he/him. dana: that's why leong says, changes to restrooms at u.c davis couldn't come at a better time. by march, 10% of the restrooms will have gender neutral signs, and locks for individual use. >> we definitely feel that somebody staring at two restrooms, and deciding, do i go into this one, or do i go into that one?
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to be confronted with. dana: leong has dealt with that before. >> there's always this sense of danger, like, oh, what are you doing here? are you trying to be a pervert, or whatever? but really, i just want to go to the restroom. dana: leong's been questioned about being in specific restrooms. >> and at one point, they'll ask me, are you sure? and i felt very uncomfortable, very unsafe. so i got out of there, like, fast. so i would hate for future generations to have to go through that. dana: so no more trouser and dress figures to tell you where you belong. >> i think, when we look back at our work on this project, we're gonna feel really good that we were so forward-thinking, and removing what's truly an unnecessary division between male and female in these single-stall spaces. dana: although many students support the idea, some are not ready to use it themselves. >> if it's there for the people who feel like it's safer for them to use those bathrooms, then i guess that's good. >> but you're not gonna us them? >> i wouldn't use them, no. dana: but if you think this change, that all uc schools are
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about a restroom, you're wrong. >> sometimes, people don't have the thickest of skin, so having younger kids know that, oh, hey, this university is able to have a restroom for me. i can go to college now. >> live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 at 6:00 in high definition. >> i'm a military member. i was on duty all day. it is my right to be able to vote. michael: she showed up at the wrong polling site. say we should learn from the >> the cross brings me comfort. the organization is opening up the wound. carol: the fight to remove a and father. tonight, when seneca officials are expected to discuss a request to remove this cross
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michael: first, unusually warm today. the rain is upon us. we begin with team coverage of severe weather threats. carol: meteorologists john cessarich and chris justus are tracking our forecast. michael: let's check in with john first. john: we have had heavy thunderstorms rumble across the area. the cold front is kind of stalled out to our north as a low has developed along the front, slowing it down. that keep this -- keeps us in the warm sector. not expecting anything severe, but we had lightning and gusty winds and heavy rain, and street flooding associated with the thunderstorms as they rumble through the east-northeast. the main threat for severe weather is potentially, for us, will be during the day on wednesday. tomorrow morning, the front that pushes through tonight will stall out to our south. in texex, coming out of the four -- the four corners, that is the main system that will produce severe weather. we will have a northeasterly wind tomorrow. we will be wedged in.
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look what happens. when will the wedge breakdown? a line of heavy thunderstorms, one thing is a guarantee, we will see heavy thunderstorms move across our area, whether or not they are severe is another thing but i think we will see 1-3 inches of rain associated with the heavy showers and thunderstorms. tomorrow, the storm prediction center has a moderate risk of the gulf coast. chris joins me. the road. this is a dangerous situation along the gulf coast. chris: they have issued this area, which they don't do a lot. the threat is high from hattiesburg to montgomery, south of jackson, mississippi. that area means if there is a tornado, it will have a long track and it will be ef-two or stronger. e-cig ethic and risk -- a significant risk. the threat lose our way on wednesday.


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