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tv   WYFF News 4 530pm  NBC  February 24, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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michael: how about a look from our greenville skycam? we cannot see the wind, but moving. still moving, and our chief urologist john cessarich -- chief meteorologist john cessarich is in. john: it will be a slow process, and the wind will pick up again with some strong, gusty winds. we are very fortunate in that we have the bands of showers move across the area, but we were just stable enough with that wedge overnight last night to keep most of the severe weather to our south and to our east and to our west as we went through. now, rain showers changing over to snow showers in the southwestern mountains.
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mile-per-hour gusts -- very windy conditions. high pressure to our south west spartanburg and anderson, 46 mile-per-hour wind gusts, and 41 mile-per-hour wind gusts officially at the asheville regional airport. this is across the entire carolinas, most of them not even associated with the thunderstorms. we have the high wind warning that will continue from 7:00 until midnight tonight with a wind advisory, so we will even see even later this evening wind gusting as high as 40 to 50 miles per hour, and this is a winter weather advisory that goes through seven :00 friday morning. now back to you, michael and gabrielle. gabrielle: thankfully, they did not get hurt. mike mccormick is live in
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mike: the wind is still strong on main street in downtown spartanburg, and take a look. that is the roof of that building. the wind took it off, and there were people inside those three businesses, and they were not hurt, but they were shaken up. also shaken up was the woman driving this suv. a tree fell on it as she drove through a boulevard with west main street, and a downed power line cost that detour. the three shattered her windshield. shattered glass blew into that car, scaring the driver, but she is also ok. coming up tonight at 6:00, you will hear from the woman who was inside that car when that limb came down, getting her window,
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mike mccormick, wyff news 4. michael: moore the 24,000 outages in the state of south carolina, and many of them are in the upper date -- more than 24,000 outages in the state of south carolina. pickens county outages have dropped, as you can see there, and there are 4500 outages in spartanburg county. gabrielle: 1300 in buncombe county, almost 1400 in henderson county, and 3200 in rutherford county. dozens of people were injured, at least three killed after severe weather blew across the south, with multiple tornadoes. chris has more from raleigh. chris: a powerful storm system sweeping across the southeast spotting tornadoes from louisiana to south florida. -- spawning tornadoes from the
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>> this is probably the worst area that it could have hit. chris: one popular area took a severe hit. >> we barely made it to the bottom, the bottom floor, and then we started hearing things ripping apart. we are fortunate to be alive. chris: more than a dozen tornadoes were reported across the region, destroying homes, overturned nine -- overturning semi trucks, and ripping apart brick buildings. >> it was scary. it was unreal. you did not know what was going to happen. chris: the indiscriminate nature predict, their destructive nature hard to comprehend, even seen it all before. >> tornadoes have a mind of their own. they will jump over housing areas, or they would jumped over the house that you are into
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that is what this tornado -- did. michael: celebrating the years of volunteer work done, and today, the vice president of the lions, bob corlew, and fellow lions made a stop in the upstate to the south carolina school for the deaf and blind. the group is making 26 stops in nine southeast states to unveil plans for the association's 100 and diversity -- 100th anniversary. >> we have as our goal to serve and to make each community better. michael: they are looking at how the lions can best serve the
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gabrielle: holly wild -- ho llywild animal park in spartanburg county once to make improvements, and they are asking for public support. there were a list of issues, and they say they need to raise $500,000 this year. >> in 16 years, we have never asked like this before, so we are trying to establish us for the future. gabrielle club the park, which is a nonprofit, has never done a full-fledged fundraising campaign, and they say it is important that they are forthright about their issues. he says they have hired a new chair rater, and she is asking people to come out and support the park -- she says they have
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pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies.
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dn't stop people from coming out to the battle of the gabrielle: well, the rain did not stop people from coming out to the battle of the badges, a competition to see who could donate the most. michael: and this is about so much more. reporter: the winner of the
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take home a trophy, and they say it is more than a trophy. it is about helping the community. when we talk about campaigning, it is usually not these guys. >> everybody loves a firefighter. reporter: but this is different. this is battle of the badges. this is the annual drive to see which agency can get the most blood donated. the winner? >> they get bragging rights for a year and a trophy filled with you, little red blood cells. reporter: and the weather was not going to stop anyone. >> that is the best time to come out. what are you going to do? watch television the whole time? get some snacks, enjoy fellowship, and be giving. reporter: the trophy might be in reach, but they have not lost
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>> come and get your juice and cookie and do something good for the day. reporter: and remember, every time you donate, you save three lives. michael: coming up, nothing wrong with your eyes. you are really seeing this. a robot. in paris. look out. john: severe weather that we had this morning is racing very quickly off to the. there is a confirmed tornado over fayetteville, north
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pharma gabrielle: pharmaceutical company johnson and johnson has been ordered to pay 70 $2 million to the family of an alabama woman whose death was linked to baby powder. they say she got ovarian cancer after using the talc, and a jury agreed to avoiding them the money. the company is facing other lawsuits, for failing to warn people that it could cause cancer. michael: a plan to sell cars.
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bluetooth technology to open a car, and more automotive companies are offering key less opening. gabrielle: a social media site has overhauled its trademark like button, with these reactions you can use. you can now choose from like, love, ha-ha, angry, and sad. that sums it up, doesn't it? these are now available to all of the facebook users around the world. michael: express yourselves. listen to this. selfies are not just for fun. now, you can use them to pay for things. mastercard said unlike passwords that none of us can remember, they created an app that allows you to take a selfie each time
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even if thieves hack you, they will not be able to get in. gabrielle: and check out this highlight from the 76ers' game last night. he comes down on his back, but as he is falling to the ground, he throws up the ball, and it goes in. it was, of course, the major highlight of the night, and another crazy sports highlight to show you, this has got to be one of the best buzzer features ever. vanderbilt senior center josh henderson had only taken two three-point shots in his entire college career. it goes the length of the court, and vandy would go on to win,
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michael: check this out. a robot that can learn artificial taste to judge whether or not he likes the art on display at a paris museum. it is programmable, and then it uses data to develop its own unique taste. >> when he likes something, it goes in this direction and smiles. when he does not like it, it goes away, and he frowns. michael: gabrielle, what does his voice sound like? gabrielle: i do not know. michael: there is the multicolored web, much like no
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like you ron's -- neurons in the human brain. john: let's hope he does not start doing the weather, because i would be out of a job. these are none -- non-thunderstorm winds. wind gusts across the entire area, and the high wind warning continues through the entire area for about the next hour and 10 minutes, until 7:00, and then from 7:00 until midnight, it changes to an advisory, the wind not as strong, but still lasts up to 50 miles per hour, but probably only 50 miles per hour in the mountains of north carolina, especially about 4000 feet. a winter advisory continues until 7:00 a.m., and we will see standard rain and snow showers across the area, expecting one to four plus inches of snow over the next 36 hours, and this will be mostly along the higher
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southeastern on can county -- buncombe county, you could see more. maybe even a few rain/snow showers as far southeast as hendersonville. so we will watch this closely for you. winter is hanging tough across the area, so now we have the rain showers moving in. severe weather. this line is really starting to intensify. we are getting a lot of rotation with this. look at these red boxes. these are tornado warnings. we have been watching these over the next hour or so. this is the south carolina line. and this could see some rotation. this is a tornado warning.
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in bennington phil -- benningtonville, you will not have much time. luckily, this is just to the east and southeast of fayetteville. this has developed right over the raleigh area, a tornado warning in raleigh, and this goes up into virginia, so a very dangerous situation. and looking at the rain showers, this is changing over to snow showers in the mountains. sustained wind of across the area, gusts up 35 to 45 miles per hour. 42 degrees in chattanooga, 48 in atlanta. very warm, very unstable, and our cool, chilly, stable air that we had overnight and into the morning really protected us.
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warm up. look at the snow. this is snow in lower michigan and into canada. 32 degrees in chicago. the forecast tonight, a few showers off and on this evening, and colder and windy conditions. 33 in the mountains, rain and snow showers, strong winds continuing. then, unfortunately, the winds will pick up again tomorrow, very windy tomorrow afternoon, and scattered rain and snow showers tomorrow. with those strong winds gusting to 40 miles per hour, it will feel much cooler than that. still breezy and cold, and it will be chilly for the rest of the week, and then maybe a warm up by sunday afternoon. now, back to you, michael and gabrielle. gabrielle: if you love lapse, --
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the american kennel club has declared the labrador retriever as america's most popular dog breed for the 25th year in a ropey at they say they are popular because they are intelligent and very family-friendly. michael kohn you support these numbers, because rounding out the top five, golden retrievers, your favorite, german shepherds, bulldogs, and beagles. all dogs are wonderful. and shooting for the new "star wars" movie in croatia. it is the eighth "star wars" film. they will be running and fighting on the city walls of the beach and in the city square.
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gabrielle: a ninie-year-old girl is going through her own "rocky" story. they say she has more heart and soul that competitors twice her age. reporter: jesselyn has been boxing since she was seven years old, after her dad took up the sport to lose weight. she begged to put on ap or of gloves -- to put on a pair of gloves. >> i was surprised. reporter: how does it feel when people tell you you are phenomenal and special and so talented? >> it makes me feel happy and that i am not just doing this for myself. this is so i can become
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reporter: she works out four days a week for nearly two hours, but when very few female boxers her age are there, she usually spars with older boys, like the 10-year-old in this video. >> when i won my first match, it felt so good when they put my hand, because it was my first match, and i won. i am undefeated, but it is only one fight. reporter: her coach is a former pro boxer with nearly 30 years experience, said he has never seen a talent with her discipline at this age. >> sometime she is right on me. "coach, what do i do next?" at nine years old, to want to be different, she has that work ethic.
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>> yes, i have girl following me around. announcer: live, local, breaking news. this is wyff news 4 at 6:00 in high definition. >> they were basically trying to bully us. carol: a group wants to have a cross removed. they say they feel bullied. >> people who would cut your head off without a trial. eve: guantanamo bay, and the fight against terrorism. carol: thousands were without power. now, 78 hundred still without power in greenville county, more than 3200 in spartanburg county, nearly 1900 in anderson county.
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carol: chief meteorologist john cessarich. john: it will be a slower process as far as diminishing the wind in the mountains, and then the wind will be there. the showers are already starting to change over into some snow showers, where they will be under a winter weather advisory. get the the line of thunderstorms that came through, and we warmed up briefly. we were just stable enough with that wedge of cool air last night into this morning, and by the time the thunderstorms moved up, they were off to our east, thing it is, and that is where they are -- thank goodness, and that is where they are. 43 mile-per-hour wind gusts, and 43 mile-per-hour wind gusts this afternoon at the asheville regional airport.
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the high wind warning will continue, and then the wind running continues. we can see tests as high as 35 to 40 miles per hour, especially in the elevation -- we can see gusts as high as 35 to 40 miles per hour. michael: it was dangerous today. carol: and we have the video to prove it. mike mccormick. mike: that is the roof, and if you think that is scary, you should see what happened blocks from here. tina was driving this car when a limb fell onto the windshield. >> i was watching the car in front of me, and all of a sudden, it was like 3-d. mike: she and the driver of the suv were following a tour caused


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