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tv   WYFF News 4 5pm  NBC  February 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:29pm EST

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gabrielle: wyff news 4's chief meteorologist john cessarich is in our studio right now tracking the latest. john: the damage on top of paris mountain. high winds gusting at 50-60 miles per hour. in the major cities, we had winds gusting from 40-46 miles per hour. we still high gusts at 35 miles per hour across the area. we still have wins gusting to around 35 miles per hour. that will diminish as we go upstate. still winds will gust from time to time in the mountains. rain in the valleys. snow in the higher elevations. this is even d dn into raven county and northeastern georgia. the weather advisory continues into tomorrow morning.
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plus inches of snow. but even asheville, you could end up with a dusting to a c ouple of inches of snow by tomorrow morning. we have had ice, we have had snow. it has been a bizarre week. chris: sunshine and the weekend is a must here. look for clear skies and warming conditions. a little bit of a cool day on saturday. by sunday, we are in the mid-60's. the mountains could use a warm-up. we are going to get it after a chilly friday. we will be in the upper 40's by saturday. that is what the latest model is showing. there is a price to pay every time you get warm air. you know cold air will try to move back in and that clash will
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the track of this low and the energy associated with it could provide for more severe weather. john: this looks like more west and more north. this should track to our west and our north. let's hope so. we are still about a week out. we are at about that time of year. severe weather threat always there for us in the deep south. nigel: john and chris, thank you very much. the winds may have died down,but the damage from yesterday's storm is still all around the upstate. gabrielle: wyff news 4's allyson powell spent the morning with crews working to clean it up. allyson: now mosier says most of the damage theyre seeing is pretty severe, it's like this not just a branch here and there but the entire tree being uprooted from the ground. mosier says that's why this storms clean up could take longer. dan paquin lives on sanora drive in easley and says he's been without power since 10:30 yesterday morning.
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his power will come back on. many of you saw the damage from the storm too. these ulocal photos show trees on roads, cars and houses. mosier says his crews are working around the clock, and asks that people be patient. >> it's the type of damage we're seeing whenever you have broken poles or wire down that takes a lot longer to repair incidents where damage from trees and poles are impacting equipment on homes, when meter boxes become separated that just more work to be done. electricians need to be involved and that just takes time. allyson: mosier says over all, more than 40,000 people lost power. crews are working restore it to everyone before the weekend. he says in the future,they will continue to trim areas with older trees so storms can't cause as much damage. allyson powell wyff news 4 in greenville. nigel: here's a look at how many
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tonight. according to duke energy, over 1900 people are still without power in greenville county. over 1700 in spartanburg county. more than 100 in anderson. just under 35 in pickens gabrielle: and in western north carolina, henderson county nearly 350. and nearly 100 in polk county. while hillary clinton focuses on other parts of south carolina leading into saturday's primary, former president bill clinton is doing his part in the upstate. right now he's in spartanburg county on the campus of usc upstate. let's go ahead and listen in. >> inspiring republicans to join democrats in getting rid of the confederate flag. [applause] and it proves one we all act like grown-ups and listen to each other, we can all actually do something good together. you cannot have people dying
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i am not diminishing it. it was beautiful. i still think, and hillary really believes, we have to pass universal background checks before we give people guns. we have got to check their mental health records. gabrielle: that's former president bill clinton campaigning for his wife hillary clinton at usc-upstate today. wyff news 4's patrick hussion is covering this event for us. and he will join us live in a little bit. nigel: now to a news 4 exclusive. just days before the south carolina democratic primary, hillary clinton gave me an exclusive one on one interview. one of the questions i asked had everything to do with her opponent bernie sanders and his supporters. for those supporters of bernie sanders if you get the
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president, what issues that they care about that he has brought to the forefront can they count on you to follow up on. >> well, they can absolutely count on me enforcing the law against any big bank that poses a risk to our economy. i've said no bank is to big to fail, no executive to powerful to jail. they can count on me to do everything i can to reverse the affects of supreme court decision on citizens united which opened the door to dark secret unaccountable money. and i've said i'd so as far as appointing supreme court justices to reverse that but even to look for a constitutional amendment if that is what it took. so on the issues that i know he has been passionate about and campaigning on, i want his supporters to know i am with you on that, we are going to go after them. i think we have much more to do in the country. that is why i say i am not a single issue candidate, we are not a single issue country. but they can count on me to go after income inequality the dark unaccountable money in politics, and prevent wall street from ever wrecking main
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again. nigel: i also asked her about her trust issues, the supreme court her south carolina push and her relationship then and now with donald trump. her answers coming up in less than 30 minutes. gabrielle: bernie sanders is fighting an uphill battle to keep his nomination hopes alive. a large crowd in ohio turned out for sanders at baldwin wallace university. this was his first campaign appearance in the buckeye state since last november. while sanders is lagging behind clinton in recent polls, he says he is confident that he can still win many states as he seeks to get delegates toward the democratic nomination. >> i believe that our nation , when we stand together, when we don't allow the donald trumps and others of this world to divide us up, i believe that there is nothing that we cannot accomplish. [applause]
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critical battleground state of ohio go to the polls on march 15. now to the gop. the five candidates meet on the stage in houston, texas. sally kidd has more. reporter: this is really a crucial night for the gop contenders. it will be their final opportunity to debate before super tuesday. the candidates walked onto the debate stage on tuesday afternoon. texas is one of the 12 states to make their pick on tuesday. donald trump has momentum from three primary wins in a row. he is predicting the rhetoric will heat up between him and marco rubio. ted cruz is leading the pack in texas. with consecutive third-place finishes and a recent staff shakeup, tonight will be especially important for cruz as he tries to regain some lost
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>> the criticism of cruz playing politics 30 has stuck. south carolina, you can look at his numbers overall. reporter: joining rubio and cruz on stage tonight will be ohio governor john kasich and ben carson. nigel: gop frontrunner donald trump's wife spoke to m.s.-nbc after his big win in nevada this week. melania trump, the former fashion model and immigrant spoke about her husband's controversial proposal to temporarily ban muslim immigrants from entering the united states. take a listen. >> when he talked about a ban on muslims, do you ever worry about it? >> well, what he said is it will be temporary and it's not for all the muslims. it's the one, we need to screen them who's coming to the country. he wants to protect america. nigel: if trump wins the presidency. melania would be america's first
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two centuries. gabrielle: impaired and distracted driving, dangerous for drivers. we will have some updates. nigel: hear more on some sheriff free elections greenville and anderson county. john: i am in anderson right now. partly sunny skies. still breezy to stay the least. when will the winds died down? gabrielle: here is a look at your midday numbers from the
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number i think that if one were to look at the qualifications of the candidates and really reflect upon what our country can be, and look at who can best get us to that place.
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hillary is the only candidate i trust to fight the injustice too many feel and build on the president's progress, not rip it away. my heart has always been with hillary clinton.
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south carolina governor nikki haley doesn't believe donald trump has what it takes to win a nigel: south carolina governor nikki haley does not believe that donald trump has what it takes to win a general election. we have more. reporter: hilly still believes that marco rubio can win it all, even after donald trump won the south carolina primary. we asked him if he would back trump if he won the nomination. quite we have always said that we would support the nominee. if it comes down to trump, we do not know if he can win a general
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reporter: according to real clear politics trump has a 13 point lead over ted cruz. with a wider spread over 3rd place marco rubio the candidate haley is backing. >> i believe rubio can take over trump. i think rubio has really shown strong passion and fight but not only that if you look at the crowds that rubio is getting, it's young people, it's old people, it's all races and all religions. reporter: haley will be campaigning with rubio in the days ahead. the governor says we'll have a better outlook on who will have traction after super tuesday on march 1. >> i think that obviously mr. trump has continued to do well, but nevada really wasn't a test state. it's a small state with a caucus. it doesn't count. reporter: haley has been getting praise on the campaign trial. rubio said she'd be on every candidate's short list for vice president. >> i have said to all of them that my plate is full, that i am perfectly content. for now no interest in being a
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reporter: the governor is asking voters of north carolina and georgia to take a serious look at rubio before their primaries. haley also weighed with strong opposition to president obama's plan to close guantanamo bay in cuba. at 5:30 we'll have more on why she's worried south carolina could be affected. nigel: now to an update tonight. a lawsuit has been filed against the greenville county's sheriff's office and sheriff steve loftis. charles rosemond senior was fatally shot by deputies after they responded to a report of a robbery at spring grove apartments in taylors in december. the sheriff said a man standing inside the apartment fired a gun hitting a deputy in the head. another deputy then returned fire, hitting the man, later identified as rosemond. greenville attorney fletcher smith filed the lawsuit on behalf of rosemond's estate. the suit says deputies broke into rosemond's house and never mentioned that they were law enforcement. now to anderson county, where the sheriff is running for re-election. john skipper made the
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family and supporters today at tucker's restaurant in anderson. he told the crowd he wants to continue to work to get salaries competitive with other nearby agencies in order to retain deputies and reduce response times. >> i think the biggest issue at the sheriff's office right now is our manpower issue. our calls for service continue to go up and we need to work with our county council about having a progressive plan to be able to add so much personnel every year so that we can try to keep up. nigel: chad mcbride who used to be the public information officer in the sheriff's office. and jeremy pickens a former highway patrolman. are also running for anderson county sheriff as well. gabrielle: and in greenville county tonight, there will be a sheriff candidate forum at the mount pleasant community center. it will feature four out of the 5 candidates running for the position. the incumbent sheriff steve loftis will not be in attendance. bruce cannon, will lewis, hobart lewis, and sam manley are running for the position, and they will attend tonight's forum. the election will be in november.
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northwesterly flows. we are bringing in the rain showers and snow showers in high elevations in the mountains. this is through tennessee in knoxville. even back to around nashville. as it gets colder, the higher elevation of the mountains, it turns over to snow. you get a good look. this is moving to madison county. also, it looks around hendersonville some rain and snow showers are mixed on the way back into brevard. most of henderson, except for the extreme southern part. snow showers continue to move pretty quickly off to the southeast. it does not really, the mountains into the upstate. the mountains could still see if you rain or snow showers. the bulk of the precipitation will be back here in western
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the heaviest snow will be the closer you get to the tennessee line. that is where you get this northwesterly flow. it tries to go up and over. then they keep hanging up against the western part of the mountains. that is where you will see the four plus inches of snow tomorrow morning. a live shot right now. this is starting to cut down. this is a pretty good snow shower moving in right now. also into henderson county right now. temperatures look like this. 46 in spartanburg. 37 in franklin. 39 degrees in asheville. in the mid-50's in the mountains. below average temperatures. with the strong winds, it looks like 25 mile-per-hour sustained winds in boone. it feels like 39 degrees in
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39 in franklin and also hendersonville. a wind chill of 16 degrees in boone. wow, that is cold. 44 in chattanooga. the cold air is continuing to filter all the way down. 54 in columbia. that is also in myrtle beach. northwest flow here. this storm system is moving up the eastern seaboard. you can see a pretty good swath of snow here. it is snowing from pittsburgh all the way up into eerie, pennsylvania. and to rochester and all the way over to syracuse. this is the weather that is going to spread across our area as we get into the next two or three days. 50 in boston. they have had severe weather. this moved up the eastern seaboard late last night.
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reached boston. some cloudy for -- cloudiness for us in the upstate. once the sun goes down, the gradually. not as windy as the city. here is the key in theupstate. high of 54 degrees. we are going to keep it chilly as we get into the early part of the weekend. a nice warm-up on sunday afternoon. mild temperatures next week. congratulations to carolyn sanders of easily. gabrielle: while debate continues over how to pay for road repairs in south carolina today, the house ways and means committee approved a spending plan that provides 287 million dollars in road funding. the plan also sets aside 130 million dollars for tax relief and 400 million dollars for public education.
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house, which will begin debate on the proposal next month. michael: ahead tonight, all new at 6:00, an upstate life saver, celebrates a big anniversary. >> i'm just honored to be apart of such a ministry that changes lives every single day for people. nigel: wait till you hear how many years the spartanburg soup kitchen has been serving support to the community. 100 pizzas help to mark the milestone. plus, the heartbreaking reality
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done.
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...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i approved this message. and as geoff hart shows us nigel: this week's golden apple award winner wears a lot of hats at his school. gabrielle: and as geoff hart shows us tonight his students love him for it >> he is the best and teacher you will ever meet.
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his relationship with the students is as harmonious as the sound of their instruments. >> keep things light and fun and learn. >> he is probably the most hilarious person i have ever met. nigel: humor plays a large part. >> it becomes this great, great instrument. nigel: mr. barnes owns more than 200 of them, hosting game nights at school. then there is this. a ballroom dancing class were sixth-graders. it is a tradition that he agreed to continue. it was near and dear to the former band director. the reason for all of the unicycles in the classrooms, one of his students found out that he has been writing one for
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he agreed, knowing that it is a lesson in grit. >> hop on and ride. you have got to fail a whole bunch to get there. nigel: his teaching style is harder than it looks. >> i have to down and figure out what is going on. if i come prepared, that is what makes things work. nigel: and ultimately, a lot of fun. >> if anything is to be expected here, the unexpected. nigel: loved at spartanburg day school. you can nominate a teacher who you think deserves the golden apple award. gabrielle: just pick up a form at any ingles store. >> the people who follow what i have done know that. that is what i want to do as
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nigel: hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag
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they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. coming up... commitment 2016... former president bill clinton is in sgabrielle: former president bill clinton is in south carolina campaigning for his wife hillary ahead of saturday's primary. nigel: plus south carolina governor nikki haley sounding off on the president's plan to close the prison at guantanamo
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why she's worried the state could be affected. nigel: first, to the weather. strong winds knocked out power, and is even responsible for at least one road being shut down. west washington street near the post office in downtown greenville, has been shut down since last night due to power lines and poles. needing repair according to greenville police. duke energy hasn't given an estimate for when repairs will be completed. gabrielle: now let's take a live look outside at what is happening right now, through our woodruff road sky cam. the winds were not as strong as they were yesterday. nigel: wyff news 4's chief meteorologist john cessarich is in our studio right now tracking


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