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Animation & Cartoons

Whether you want to watch classic cartoons from a bygone era, Brick Films made with your favorite building toys, Machinima patched together from video games, or the artful computer animations selected for the 2001 SIGGRAPH competition, this library of free animated films and movies has something to keep you entertained!

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A recam of a one-on-one deathmatch (Quake2) betweem Immortal and Rix at the CPL Extreme Annihilation tournament in 1999. This 20 minute contest was the finals match, to win the elimination tournament. 720x480 DivX video. Trailer available at Immortal was recognized as one of the most formidable competitive Quake2 opponents in the United States, his control of key regions and resources were complimented by his amazing aim. Could he solidify his reputation as one of the...
Topics: Quake II, id Software, Overman, Zarathustra Studios, deathmatch, recams, CPL Extreme Annihilation...
by Overman

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All men of the world can find common ground in these simple rules of “evacuation” etiquette. A Zarathustra Studios Production. More information available at: A machinima film made with The Sims 2, Sim City 4, MOHO, and other tools.
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Topics: The Sims 2, SimCity 4, Overman, Zarathustra Studios, Rice, Phil, Electronic Arts, Maxis
by Overman // Zarathustra Studios

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A classic returns. One of the first machinima “hits” - before it was called machinima - is now available in a variety of video formats, as well as the original in-game version. Video versions are a mostly faithful conversion of the original, with only a few minor tweaks and fixes. Synopsis The war against the vicious Strogg was a tremendous victory for all of humankind. Despite the loss of thousands of brave soldiers — more due to bad planning than the commanders want to admit — a brave...
Topics: Quake, id Software, Overman, Zarathustra Studios
by Overman // Zarathustra Studios

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A recam of a one-on-one deathmatch (Quake2) between Psychotron and JesusFreak at a LAN tournament in Alabama in December 1998. This contest was one of two finals matches, to win the elimination tournament. This is an actual live recording of a Quake match that took place between the two opponents, each playing from separate computers hooked into the same local area network (LAN). The first-person-perspective recordings were then recammed for a more cinematic look and feel. This is an edited...
Topics: Quake II, id Software, Overman, Zarathustra Studios, Psychotron, JesusFreak, Fragfest II,...