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Animation & Cartoons

Whether you want to watch classic cartoons from a bygone era, Brick Films made with your favorite building toys, Machinima patched together from video games, or the artful computer animations selected for the 2001 SIGGRAPH competition, this library of free animated films and movies has something to keep you entertained!

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Animation Shorts
by Konstantin Dmitriev

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This animated short is created by the group of 9-12 years old kids with open-source software: MyPaint (drawing), Pencil (frame-by-frame animation), Synfig Studio (animation and compositing), Blender (editing), Remake (rendering). This work is published under the CC-BY license. I'm looking for someone who can offer me webspace to upload the full sources of this animation. The sources will be released under the same free license (CC-BY). The size of the sources are around 300Mb (without rendering...
Topics: synfig, pencil, remake, open-source, school, kids, lesson