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Ephemeral Films

Ephemeral films are non-fiction films usually made for educational, industrial, or promotional purposes. The two classic ephemeral film collections found on the Archive are the Prelinger Archives and AV Geeks.

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by Germeinnuttziger

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This German propaganda movie was part of a U.S. Navy archive compiled during WWII, and acquired by Periscope Film. In this film, the Battle of The Atlantic is seen from the German perspective as Kreigsmarine U-boats converge for a wolfpack patrol, hunting Allied merchant ships.
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Topic: German World War II (WWII) Propaganda film.
Educational Films
by Gramatky, Hardie, 1907-1979. Hercules

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SPANISH DUB OF ENGLISH FILM Based on the book of the same title by Hardie Gramatky A filmograph story. After a number of motor-driven fire engines break down on the way to a fire at City Hall, a proud horse-drawn fire wagon and its faithful three-man crew emerge from retirement to victoriously fight the fire Kodachrome
Topic: Children's films