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Etched Traumas

Etched Traumas is a net label oriented to noise /electro / experimental / ambient / breakbeat music genres.

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Etched Traumas
by Jan-M. Iversen

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We are honored to release the work titled 'Pair' by prolific Norwegian artist Jan-M. Iversen."Pair" is a two-track drone-piece. The main idea here is to present two sides of the same story. Both pieces are mixed with the same base of samples recorded during an evening in the Bjerga/Iversen-studio. "The One" was mixed/finalized early morning, straight after the morning coffee, while "The Other" was mixed/finalized late that same night. So in a sense: a morning-mix...
Topics: Norway, Experimental
Etched Traumas
by Jimmy Watt

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Etched Traumas is happy to welcome Jimmy Watt from Chile. Watt's work methodology focuses mainly on the capture, extraction, editing and storage of audio samples from different sources.  He transforms, relentlessly, curtails, beheads and sews sound works  from different backgrounds and authors, providing the glue that  comes from analog-digital instruments and audio processors and  resulting in a "sound narration" split into parts.  His sound works do not drop below 20 minutes...
Topics: Chile, ambient