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Curated research library of TV news clips regarding the NSA, its oversight and privacy issues, 2009-2014

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Primary curation & research: Robin Chin, Internet Archive TV News Researcher; using Internet Archive TV News service.


Alex Abdo
American Civil Liberties Union, Staff Attorney-Speech, Privacy & Technology Project
CSPAN 09/02/2014
Broderick: but with regard to what is actually being captured, which is the number assigned, are you saying that, because the government is collecting that in bulk, in other words, for 7 years, whatever, of your client, that that is unconstitutional? Abdo: That’s right. I think that if in 1979 the state of Maryland had investigated Michael lee Smith, not through the targeted use of a Pen Register, but because it had from the moment of his birth created a data base that every phone call he ever made or received. And kept that data base in the government coffer, I think the Supreme Court would have understood that case to stand for a very proposition. And I wager they would have found that collection unconstitutional.
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