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Curated research library of TV news clips regarding the NSA, its oversight and privacy issues, 2009-2014

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Primary curation & research: Robin Chin, Internet Archive TV News Researcher; using Internet Archive TV News service.


Mark Zuckerberg
CEO, Facebook
CNBC 09/12/2013
I think that the government blew it on communicating basically the balance of what they were going for. The morning after it started breaking, a bunch of people ask them what they thought. And the government's comment was, oh, don't worry, we're not really spying on any Americans. Oh, wonderful. That's really helpful to companies that are trying to serve people around the world.
Mark Zuckerberg
CEO, Facebook
CNNW 12/13/2013
Zuckerberg: I think the government has really blown it on this. You know, people want the government to help protect us but we also want the government to be transparent and tell us what they're doing and tell us what data they're collecting. And I think that they've just completely failed on that front. From what I've seen if they were just a little bit more open about what they were doing, I think they could have created a lot more trust in a better environment for everyone. But I think that they failed at that and are continuing to, which is why we're continuing to push on it as an industry.
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