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The Official Dreamcast Magazine

The Official Dreamcast Magazine was a video game magazine for the Dreamcast published in the United States. The magazine's initial issue "0" was released in June 1999, a full 3 months before the launch of the system. This issue featured Sonic the Hedgehog on a black cover, along with the launch date and some of the system's unique features. The magazine then ran for twelve issues from the September 1999 Dreamcast launch to March/April 2001, shortly after Dreamcast was discontinued. Each issue ca...

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Date Published
Official Dreamcast Magazine, The - Special Issue (1999-10)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
Topics: dreamcast, games, sega, game, arcade, sonic, official, sonic adventure, console, magazine, gaming,...
Official Dreamcast Magazine, The - Issue 12 (2001-03)(Imagine Publishing)(US)
Topics: game, memorable, dreamcast, hook, arcade, mode, unlock, moment, sega, gameplay, memorable moment,...
Official Dreamcast Magazine, The - Issue 00 (1999-06)(Imagine Publishing)(US)
Topics: dreamcast, sega, sonic, game, shenmue, games, arcade, online, adventure, virtua fighter, sonic...
Official Dreamcast Magazine, The - Preview Issue (1999-08)(Dennis Publishing)(GB)
Topics: dreamcast, sega, games, game, console, gaming, online, magazine, official, expendable, official...
Official Dreamcast Magazine, The - Issue 01 (1999-09)(Imagine Publishing)(US)
Topics: dreamcast, sega, game, chao, sonic, games, official, arcade, adventure, magazine, official sega,...