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Stock Footage

A collection of stock footage clips submitted by Internet Archive users. These clips are designed to be used in other videos.

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Stock Footage
2006 Gordon McDowell

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Four kids were using MacBooks outside a hotel in London. It looked pretty impressive, in a Steve Jobs alternate reality sort of way. I got a verbal ok to video tape them (no signed release forms). If anyone who knows them spots this, please forward so they can indicate if it is less ok to post this than in 2006-07 when I captured it.
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Topics: Stock, Mac, Kid, Macs, Kids, Laptop, Timelapse
Stock Footage
2006 Gordon McDowell

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Thought this was a really cool visual, so I asked the kids if I could timelapse them, they said ok. There's no singed release, just a verbal agreement. I've silenced the audio of them talking.
Topics: London, Mac, Macs, Kids, Kid, Laptop, MacBook, Stock, Timelapse