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Swedish Radio P3 Live

Radio recordings from Swedish radio (mostly live performances from festivals). Not officially endorsed by Sveriges Radio.

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Swedish Radio P3 Live
by U2

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Artist: U2 Venue: City: Sarajevo Country: Bosnia-Hercegovina Source: Swedish national radio Show: P3 Live Genre: Rock, Pop Date: 23-09-1997 Quality: 221 kbps VBR mp3 Source: Analog radio -> tape -> wav -> mp3. Notes: This recording originally was compressed to 160 kbps, but it had a high-pitched noise which has been filtered out. Also the treble has been increased before re-encoding to mp3 at the highest VBR setting. Note that this is not the full show since the radio channel only...
Topics: U2, Live in Sarajevo, 1997, Bono, The Edge, New Year's Day, Pride (in the name of love), I Still...