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The Sound of Young America: The Collection

Jesse Thorn

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I'm Jesse Thorn. I created The Sound of Young America in 2000, as a college student at UC Santa Cruz. I produced the show for over ten years, and it great from college radio show into nationally-syndicated public radio program, making me wildly rich in the process. (Except the last part.)

As of this writing (January of 2012), we're changing the show's name to Bullseye with Jesse Thorn. We'll still podcast the show for free, but I thought we'd share this torrent of our complete archive for all the archival completists out there. This is literally every show I have in digital form. Ten years of my life (and plenty of hard work from my colleagues, as well). I hope you enjoy it.

You'll find most shows in the "Podcast Era" folder, which has a .txt index. That has every show since we started podcasting at the end of 2004. You'll find some older stuff, from our college days, in the "College Years" folder. There are also two other folders, one with a few old video files I found, and one with the audio from our old streaming archive. There may be a few items duplicated between the streaming archive and the College Years folder - the College Years version will probably sound better, because at least some of the pre-podcasting stuff has been transcoded from Real Audio.

If you like the show, remember that it is supported by donation. Please support us at . You can subscribe to the show at

All this content is free to download and share non-commercially. Please: share it! It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs License - CC BY-NC-ND*. If you'd like to remix or re-use it or share it commercially, please contact me for permission ( If you share it non-commercially in some significant way, let us know, because we like to hear about that kind of stuff.

Special thanks to Alex Liebowitz for creating the text indices, and to the thousands of people who've donated money to us over the past ten years to pay for the production of this show. You rule.



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