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Files for CAT90250032

Name Last modified Size
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CAT90250032_archive.torrent 16-Jun-2021 16:14 6.4K
CAT90250032_dc.xml 16-Jun-2021 16:07 1.5K
CAT90250032_files.xml 16-Jun-2021 16:14 7.2K
CAT90250032_marc.xml 16-Jun-2021 16:06 5.5K
CAT90250032_meta.sqlite 16-Jun-2021 16:06 10.0K
CAT90250032_meta.xml 16-Jun-2021 16:13 2.2K
__ia_thumb.jpg 16-Jun-2021 16:14 12.8K
cat90250032.djvu 06-Jun-2014 16:22 1.8M
cat90250032.gif 06-Jun-2014 16:02 187.9K
cat90250032.pdf 06-Jun-2014 16:00 7.2M
cat90250032_abbyy.gz 06-Jun-2014 16:19 2.7M
cat90250032_chocr.html.gz 16-Jun-2021 16:08 2.2M
cat90250032_djvu.txt 06-Jun-2014 16:22 187.8K
cat90250032_djvu.xml 06-Jun-2014 16:20 1.5M
cat90250032_hocr.html 16-Jun-2021 16:10 4.0M
cat90250032_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 16-Jun-2021 16:12 944.0B
cat90250032_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 16-Jun-2021 16:13 61.1K (View Contents) 06-Jun-2014 16:02 37.5M
cat90250032_page_numbers.json 16-Jun-2021 16:09 14.8K
cat90250032_scandata.xml 16-Jun-2021 16:09 25.8K