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Files for cpm-catalog

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A-18 2003.pdf 05-Mar-2022 20:58 4.2M
A-18 2003_chocr.html.gz 05-Mar-2022 21:49 576.3K
A-18 2003_djvu.txt 05-Mar-2022 23:43 44.3K
A-18 2003_djvu.xml 05-Mar-2022 23:39 580.0K
A-18 2003_hocr.html 05-Mar-2022 23:37 1.2M
A-18 2003_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 05-Mar-2022 23:40 202.0B
A-18 2003_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 05-Mar-2022 23:41 17.0K
A-18 (View Contents) 05-Mar-2022 21:05 3.7M
A-18 2003_page_numbers.json 05-Mar-2022 23:46 2.3K
A-18 2003_scandata.xml 05-Mar-2022 23:45 4.9K
A-18 2005.pdf 05-Mar-2022 20:58 1.8M
A-18 2005_chocr.html.gz 05-Mar-2022 21:55 584.2K
A-18 2005_djvu.txt 05-Mar-2022 23:46 41.2K
A-18 2005_djvu.xml 05-Mar-2022 23:39 583.0K
A-18 2005_hocr.html 05-Mar-2022 23:37 1.2M
A-18 2005_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 05-Mar-2022 23:42 391.0B
A-18 2005_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 05-Mar-2022 23:42 15.9K
A-18 (View Contents) 05-Mar-2022 21:07 37.0M
A-18 2005_page_numbers.json 05-Mar-2022 23:46 5.6K
A-18 2005_scandata.xml 05-Mar-2022 23:46 11.8K
A-18 2006.pdf 05-Mar-2022 20:58 5.2M
A-18 2006_chocr.html.gz 05-Mar-2022 22:04 687.9K
A-18 2006_djvu.txt 05-Mar-2022 23:46 48.0K
A-18 2006_djvu.xml 05-Mar-2022 23:39 696.6K
A-18 2006_hocr.html 05-Mar-2022 23:37 1.5M
A-18 2006_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 05-Mar-2022 23:42 291.0B
A-18 2006_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 05-Mar-2022 23:42 18.6K
A-18 (View Contents) 05-Mar-2022 21:10 31.9M
A-18 2006_page_numbers.json 05-Mar-2022 23:46 3.5K
A-18 2006_scandata.xml 05-Mar-2022 23:46 7.4K
CPM 2003.pdf 05-Mar-2022 20:58 7.4M
CPM 2003_chocr.html.gz 05-Mar-2022 22:22 1.9M
CPM 2003_djvu.txt 05-Mar-2022 23:45 134.4K
CPM 2003_djvu.xml 05-Mar-2022 23:39 1.8M
CPM 2003_hocr.html 05-Mar-2022 23:37 3.8M
CPM 2003_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 05-Mar-2022 23:41 625.0B
CPM 2003_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 05-Mar-2022 23:41 49.7K
CPM (View Contents) 05-Mar-2022 21:20 87.7M
CPM 2003_page_numbers.json 05-Mar-2022 23:46 7.4K
CPM 2003_scandata.xml 05-Mar-2022 23:45 16.5K
CPM 2004.pdf 05-Mar-2022 20:58 10.5M
CPM 2004_chocr.html.gz 05-Mar-2022 22:41 1.8M
CPM 2004_djvu.txt 05-Mar-2022 23:45 135.6K
CPM 2004_djvu.xml 05-Mar-2022 23:39 1.9M
CPM 2004_hocr.html 05-Mar-2022 23:38 3.8M
CPM 2004_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 05-Mar-2022 23:41 624.0B
CPM 2004_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 05-Mar-2022 23:42 49.9K
CPM (View Contents) 05-Mar-2022 21:29 78.8M
CPM 2004_page_numbers.json 05-Mar-2022 23:46 7.6K
CPM 2004_scandata.xml 05-Mar-2022 23:45 16.5K
CPM 2005.pdf 05-Mar-2022 20:58 6.1M
CPM 2005_chocr.html.gz 05-Mar-2022 22:58 1.9M
CPM 2005_djvu.txt 05-Mar-2022 23:44 136.4K
CPM 2005_djvu.xml 05-Mar-2022 23:39 1.9M
CPM 2005_hocr.html 05-Mar-2022 23:38 4.0M
CPM 2005_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 05-Mar-2022 23:41 705.0B
CPM 2005_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 05-Mar-2022 23:41 50.8K
CPM (View Contents) 05-Mar-2022 21:35 120.9M
CPM 2005_page_numbers.json 05-Mar-2022 23:46 8.5K
CPM 2005_scandata.xml 05-Mar-2022 23:44 18.3K
CPM 2006.pdf 05-Mar-2022 20:58 10.6M
CPM 2006_chocr.html.gz 05-Mar-2022 23:12 1.7M
CPM 2006_djvu.txt 05-Mar-2022 23:44 119.0K
CPM 2006_djvu.xml 05-Mar-2022 23:39 1.7M
CPM 2006_hocr.html 05-Mar-2022 23:38 3.6M
CPM 2006_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 05-Mar-2022 23:40 504.0B
CPM 2006_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 05-Mar-2022 23:40 43.7K
CPM (View Contents) 05-Mar-2022 21:39 72.0M
CPM 2006_page_numbers.json 05-Mar-2022 23:46 6.4K
CPM 2006_scandata.xml 05-Mar-2022 23:44 13.0K
CPM 2008.pdf 05-Mar-2022 20:58 17.3M
CPM 2008_chocr.html.gz 05-Mar-2022 23:18 1.3M
CPM 2008_djvu.txt 05-Mar-2022 23:43 97.2K
CPM 2008_djvu.xml 05-Mar-2022 23:39 1.4M
CPM 2008_hocr.html 05-Mar-2022 23:38 2.9M
CPM 2008_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 05-Mar-2022 23:40 456.0B
CPM 2008_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 05-Mar-2022 23:40 35.4K
CPM (View Contents) 05-Mar-2022 21:41 23.9M
CPM 2008_page_numbers.json 05-Mar-2022 23:46 6.0K
CPM 2008_scandata.xml 05-Mar-2022 23:43 12.1K
CPM and A-18 2002.pdf 05-Mar-2022 20:57 4.5M
CPM and A-18 2002_chocr.html.gz 05-Mar-2022 23:37 2.4M
CPM and A-18 2002_djvu.txt 05-Mar-2022 23:43 173.8K
CPM and A-18 2002_djvu.xml 05-Mar-2022 23:39 2.3M
CPM and A-18 2002_hocr.html 05-Mar-2022 23:38 4.8M
CPM and A-18 2002_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 05-Mar-2022 23:39 642.0B
CPM and A-18 2002_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 05-Mar-2022 23:39 52.7K
CPM and A-18 (View Contents) 05-Mar-2022 21:47 91.9M
CPM and A-18 2002_page_numbers.json 05-Mar-2022 23:46 8.2K
CPM and A-18 2002_scandata.xml 05-Mar-2022 23:43 16.5K
__ia_thumb.jpg 03-Jun-2022 22:56 23.1K
cpm-catalog_archive.torrent 26-Apr-2023 19:34 43.3K
cpm-catalog_files.xml 26-Apr-2023 19:34 44.7K
cpm-catalog_meta.sqlite 05-Mar-2022 20:58 40.0K
cpm-catalog_meta.xml 26-Apr-2023 19:34 1.7K