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Files for currentmeterdata00birdpdf

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__ia_thumb.jpg 06-Jul-2018 07:42 9.8K
currentmeterdata00bird.djvu 05-Oct-2015 12:07 6.3M
currentmeterdata00bird.gif 05-Oct-2015 10:41 225.5K
currentmeterdata00bird.pdf 05-Oct-2015 09:57 10.2M
currentmeterdata00bird_abbyy.gz 05-Oct-2015 11:32 941.3K
currentmeterdata00bird_djvu.txt 05-Oct-2015 12:08 70.1K
currentmeterdata00bird_djvu.xml 05-Oct-2015 11:32 1.3M (View Contents) 05-Oct-2015 10:40 75.9M
currentmeterdata00bird_scandata.xml 05-Oct-2015 12:07 98.0K
currentmeterdata00birdpdf_archive.torrent 06-Jul-2018 07:42 6.9K
currentmeterdata00birdpdf_files.xml 06-Jul-2018 07:42 4.1K
currentmeterdata00birdpdf_meta.sqlite 05-May-2016 07:47 9.0K
currentmeterdata00birdpdf_meta.xml 29-Jan-2017 21:59 1.4K