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Files for forgingcapitalis02gros


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logs/ 19-Feb-2021 19:08 -
__ia_thumb.jpg 20-Feb-2021 06:55 8.7K
forgingcapitalis02gros.pdf 20-Feb-2021 06:53 11.8M lock
forgingcapitalis02gros_chocr.html.gz 20-Feb-2021 05:41 6.6M lock
forgingcapitalis02gros_dc.xml 04-Feb-2021 18:30 2.0K
forgingcapitalis02gros_djvu.txt 20-Feb-2021 05:43 525.6K lock
forgingcapitalis02gros_djvu.xml 20-Feb-2021 05:43 6.4M lock
forgingcapitalis02gros_events.json 20-Feb-2021 03:33 56.0B lock
forgingcapitalis02gros_files.xml 05-Mar-2021 05:04 9.6K
forgingcapitalis02gros_hocr.html 20-Feb-2021 05:42 11.6M lock
forgingcapitalis02gros_hocr_pageindex.json.gz 20-Feb-2021 05:43 2.2K lock
forgingcapitalis02gros_hocr_searchtext.txt.gz 20-Feb-2021 05:43 177.2K lock 20-Feb-2021 04:51 68.7M lock
forgingcapitalis02gros_marc.xml 04-Feb-2021 18:30 5.5K
forgingcapitalis02gros_meta.mrc 04-Feb-2021 18:30 2.0K
forgingcapitalis02gros_meta.sqlite 20-Feb-2021 03:33 14.0K
forgingcapitalis02gros_meta.xml 05-Mar-2021 05:04 3.2K
forgingcapitalis02gros_metasource.xml 04-Feb-2021 18:30 305.0B
forgingcapitalis02gros_orig_jp2.tar 20-Feb-2021 03:33 194.0M lock
forgingcapitalis02gros_page_numbers.json 20-Feb-2021 05:44 35.1K lock
forgingcapitalis02gros_scandata.xml 20-Feb-2021 03:33 306.5K
forgingcapitalis02gros_toc.xml 20-Feb-2021 05:43 12.5K lock