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Files for tsp2022-10-08.aud1

Name Last modified Size
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01-Atum (tape).afpk 27-Oct-2022 14:33 41.7K
01-Atum (tape).flac 27-Oct-2022 11:19 20.7M
01-Atum (tape).mp3 27-Oct-2022 12:49 4.7M
01-Atum (tape).png 27-Oct-2022 14:11 24.2K
01-Atum (tape)_spectrogram.png 27-Oct-2022 14:26 303.3K
02-Empires.afpk 27-Oct-2022 14:35 44.0K
02-Empires.flac 27-Oct-2022 11:33 25.8M
02-Empires.mp3 27-Oct-2022 13:50 4.7M
02-Empires.png 27-Oct-2022 14:00 38.9K
02-Empires_spectrogram.png 27-Oct-2022 14:22 301.5K
03-Bullet with Butterfly Wings.afpk 27-Oct-2022 14:36 58.9K
03-Bullet with Butterfly Wings.flac 27-Oct-2022 12:31 34.2M
03-Bullet with Butterfly Wings.mp3 27-Oct-2022 13:45 6.7M
03-Bullet with Butterfly Wings.png 27-Oct-2022 14:09 40.2K
03-Bullet with Butterfly Wings_spectrogram.png 27-Oct-2022 14:22 305.4K
04-Today.afpk 27-Oct-2022 14:36 42.1K
04-Today.flac 27-Oct-2022 12:31 24.4M
04-Today.mp3 27-Oct-2022 13:44 4.9M
04-Today.png 27-Oct-2022 14:01 36.7K
04-Today_spectrogram.png 27-Oct-2022 14:21 306.8K
05-We Only Come Out at Night.afpk 27-Oct-2022 14:37 49.5K
05-We Only Come Out at Night.flac 27-Oct-2022 12:31 27.8M
05-We Only Come Out at Night.mp3 27-Oct-2022 13:52 6.1M
05-We Only Come Out at Night.png 27-Oct-2022 14:08 31.5K
05-We Only Come Out at Night_spectrogram.png 27-Oct-2022 14:18 302.0K
06-Cyr.afpk 27-Oct-2022 14:33 74.0K
06-Cyr.flac 27-Oct-2022 12:45 42.3M
06-Cyr.mp3 27-Oct-2022 13:44 9.0M
06-Cyr.png 27-Oct-2022 14:08 33.2K
06-Cyr_spectrogram.png 27-Oct-2022 14:12 316.4K
07-Once in a Lifetime.afpk 27-Oct-2022 14:32 64.3K
07-Once in a Lifetime.flac 27-Oct-2022 12:46 38.3M
07-Once in a Lifetime.mp3 27-Oct-2022 13:51 7.5M
07-Once in a Lifetime.png 27-Oct-2022 14:05 38.9K
07-Once in a Lifetime_spectrogram.png 27-Oct-2022 14:29 315.1K
08-Solara.afpk 27-Oct-2022 14:33 91.8K
08-Solara.flac 27-Oct-2022 08:55 50.5M
08-Solara.mp3 27-Oct-2022 13:57 10.0M
08-Solara.png 27-Oct-2022 14:07 39.8K
08-Solara_spectrogram.png 27-Oct-2022 14:19 304.1K
09-Eye.afpk 27-Oct-2022 14:32 60.6K
09-Eye.flac 27-Oct-2022 09:04 34.9M
09-Eye.mp3 27-Oct-2022 13:59 6.8M
09-Eye.png 27-Oct-2022 14:06 43.0K
09-Eye_spectrogram.png 27-Oct-2022 14:25 288.9K
10-Ava Adore.afpk 27-Oct-2022 14:30 81.6K
10-Ava Adore.flac 27-Oct-2022 09:08 49.2M
10-Ava Adore.mp3 27-Oct-2022 13:59 9.9M
10-Ava Adore.png 27-Oct-2022 14:10 35.3K
10-Ava Adore_spectrogram.png 27-Oct-2022 14:26 310.9K
11-Tonight, Tonight.afpk 27-Oct-2022 14:31 50.1K
11-Tonight, Tonight.flac 27-Oct-2022 09:09 31.0M
11-Tonight, Tonight.mp3 27-Oct-2022 14:00 6.9M
11-Tonight, Tonight.png 27-Oct-2022 14:11 22.6K
11-Tonight, Tonight_spectrogram.png 27-Oct-2022 14:12 306.7K
12-Stand Inside Your Love.afpk 27-Oct-2022 14:34 56.2K
12-Stand Inside Your Love.flac 27-Oct-2022 09:23 31.3M
12-Stand Inside Your Love.mp3 27-Oct-2022 13:56 6.1M
12-Stand Inside Your Love.png 27-Oct-2022 14:07 39.5K
12-Stand Inside Your Love_spectrogram.png 27-Oct-2022 14:28 307.5K
13-I of the Mourning.afpk 27-Oct-2022 14:37 80.6K
13-I of the Mourning.flac 27-Oct-2022 09:38 45.2M
13-I of the Mourning.mp3 27-Oct-2022 13:53 8.7M
13-I of the Mourning.png 27-Oct-2022 14:03 36.7K
13-I of the Mourning_spectrogram.png 27-Oct-2022 14:28 301.5K
14-Cherub Rock.afpk 27-Oct-2022 14:34 82.1K
14-Cherub Rock.flac 27-Oct-2022 09:45 45.6M
14-Cherub Rock.mp3 27-Oct-2022 13:53 8.5M
14-Cherub Rock.png 27-Oct-2022 14:07 38.8K
14-Cherub Rock_spectrogram.png 27-Oct-2022 14:26 304.3K
15-Zero.afpk 27-Oct-2022 14:36 67.7K
15-Zero.flac 27-Oct-2022 09:49 38.0M
15-Zero.mp3 27-Oct-2022 13:51 8.0M
15-Zero.png 27-Oct-2022 14:03 30.3K
15-Zero_spectrogram.png 27-Oct-2022 14:28 320.8K
16-1979.afpk 27-Oct-2022 14:34 58.3K
16-1979.flac 27-Oct-2022 09:57 34.6M
16-1979.mp3 27-Oct-2022 12:51 7.0M
16-1979.png 27-Oct-2022 14:06 39.8K
16-1979_spectrogram.png 27-Oct-2022 14:27 297.9K
17-Beguiled.afpk 27-Oct-2022 14:32 62.0K
17-Beguiled.flac 27-Oct-2022 09:57 36.8M
17-Beguiled.mp3 27-Oct-2022 13:56 7.1M
17-Beguiled.png 27-Oct-2022 14:05 36.2K
17-Beguiled_spectrogram.png 27-Oct-2022 14:27 305.5K
18-Silverfuck.afpk 27-Oct-2022 14:35 111.7K
18-Silverfuck.flac 27-Oct-2022 10:12 61.6M
18-Silverfuck.mp3 27-Oct-2022 13:58 11.9M
18-Silverfuck.png 27-Oct-2022 14:01 38.2K
18-Silverfuck_spectrogram.png 27-Oct-2022 14:22 307.3K
19-Neophyte.afpk 27-Oct-2022 14:37 56.9K
19-Neophyte.flac 27-Oct-2022 10:13 35.8M
19-Neophyte.mp3 27-Oct-2022 13:33 7.0M
19-Neophyte.png 27-Oct-2022 14:04 30.7K
19-Neophyte_spectrogram.png 27-Oct-2022 14:27 315.1K
20-Disarm.afpk 27-Oct-2022 14:36 45.4K
20-Disarm.flac 27-Oct-2022 10:20 25.3M
20-Disarm.mp3 27-Oct-2022 13:50 5.6M
20-Disarm.png 27-Oct-2022 14:04 29.4K
20-Disarm_spectrogram.png 27-Oct-2022 14:27 307.2K
21-Harmageddon.afpk 27-Oct-2022 14:35 86.9K
21-Harmageddon.flac 27-Oct-2022 11:10 50.4M
21-Harmageddon.mp3 27-Oct-2022 13:46 10.1M
21-Harmageddon.png 27-Oct-2022 14:11 33.7K
21-Harmageddon_spectrogram.png 27-Oct-2022 14:12 311.7K
Smashing Pumpkins 2022.10.08 Hard Rock Live, Hollywood (flac).md5 27-Oct-2022 11:10 1.2K
__ia_thumb.jpg 27-Oct-2022 14:41 2.8K
smashingpumpkins2022-10-08.txt 27-Oct-2022 11:10 1.0K
tsp2022-10-08.aud1_archive.torrent 27-Oct-2022 14:41 57.1K
tsp2022-10-08.aud1_files.xml 27-Oct-2022 14:41 44.4K
tsp2022-10-08.aud1_meta.sqlite 27-Oct-2022 12:46 132.0K
tsp2022-10-08.aud1_meta.xml 27-Oct-2022 14:40 2.9K