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Poster: CartoonMan Date: May 5, 2014 9:33am
Forum: prelinger Subject: My Jam Handy History Documentary Kickstarter Campaign

Hello fellow colleagues, my name is Jonathan Boschen and It brings me great pleasure to share a kickstarter campaign I am doing to make a film history documentary on Jamison Handy. Jamison Handy (1886 - 1983) was a man who pioneered visual learning and contributed immensely to the areas of motion picture production, film technology, and telecommunications. These contributions and his passion for improving communication and visual learning greatly assisted in shaping our American society throughout the twentieth century.
I have admired Handy since high school, and I am making a documentary to recognize this iconic individual. This project is about thirteen years in the making. However, while I do have the knowledge and the video production skills, one thing that I do lack is the funding. Due to this, I am doing a kickstarter campaign to raise $27,000 to make this vision possible. All contributors and investors for the documentary will receive an award, or several awards for the amount they donate to the film. Each award will be associated with my film and/or the Jam Handy Organization. I greatly appreciate any contributions invested into the film and if I reach my goal of $27,000, I will be able to make this documentary and in doing so recognize an iconic and inspiring American. However if I am unsuccessful in raising the $27,000, all the funds will be returned to the contributors and Mr. Handy’s impressive resume will remain forgotten. So please contribute today.

Kickstarter Link:
Facebook page for my documentary:
The Jam Handy Fan Club Facebook group (started by me, but not affiliated with this production):
Other samples of my work: