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Poster: Dupenhagen Moonbat Date: Mar 26, 2015 9:20pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: OK - The new Graphic user interface wins

Whew. I'm back, and hopefully the cross-threading of my head is less pronounced. I'm glad to hear the Bob & Ray material on the Archive will remain. I must confess, I'm far more archivist than connoisseur, but I'm getting closer by the day to checking out your Bob & Ray collection. Thanks for sharing them with the world. Are you familiar with Gary Burbank, the hall of famer of WLW Cincinnatti? He was Sports and Talk, but I'd swear he were the inspiration for the Rock jock character in that other 70's show, WKRP in Cincinnatti, Johnny Fever -- if not for the show itself. Amazing talent, Burbank. Wonderful characters, like Earl Pitts, Gilbert Gnarley, and my favorite, Howlin' Muddy Slim, Your 60-Minute Jelly-Belly Toejam Man. Burbank signed off from WLW in December of 2007. I don't know if eight years qualifies as OTR, but by gum, there ought to be a Burbank collection. Check out #GaryBurbank on YouTube. What a trove! tc
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