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Poster: Dupenhagen Moonbat Date: Jun 13, 2015 12:47pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Parade of Oxymorons

"I would still like to see the actual data on user satisfaction."

This is not going to happen. Opacity is the new watchword for the waving queen on the front float of a parade of oxymorons: mp3/vorbis "audio;" Beta "progress;" "transparent" Archive -- look, there she is -- the one wearing a lead (rhymes with red) dress.

On a positive note, however, let me laud your promotion of the restoration effort at .

The farce which is the dysfunctional Beta of the Archive, and the counter-effort to restore her to her original beauty, brings to mind an analogy. I saw an auto auction not too many years ago, featuring both restored and replica classic cars. There was a disturbing pattern during the auction: the replicas sold for far more than the restorations (think thousands of hours of loving labor per automobile). Could a Beta Believer ever understand a labor of love? Well, first of all, they would have to understand, for instance, a blueprinted, close-tolerance restored engine versus a sloppy, barely-within-tolerances replica engine in one of those automobiles. How about hand-stitched upholstery that will last decades, versus factory schlock which will give you a few years, if you're lucky? Try several layers of paint applied by a seasoned craftsman, versus a 40 mph factory special. They don't, won't, can't. We must face the fact that we are up against a dominant culture who shun substance, quality, and above all, work.

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Poster: R Pal Date: Jun 13, 2015 3:01pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Parade of Oxymorons

I'd suggest we move this thread to the Beta Suggestion Forum, but oh yeah, they did not make one available due to the fear of the communities opinions. In fact several Forums that would be useful such as "Administrator of your own Collection" were seemingly stopped about the time this thing started.

By the way, the first car I purchased brand new, a 1976 model still gets me to work due to my mechanical abilities. Yes, I push it to work each day, thanks.